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[Drama 2021] Monthly House, 월간 집


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Just finished the first 2 episodes - Liking it so far, but they need to stop with the over the top bad luck. We get it, So-Min has had a tuff time.


Looks like we're headed for the CEO - Photographer - So-Min love triangle


As for second leads, I think Sang-Soon's "cutie" is going to dump him, and Ui-Joo is going to step in - Its already clear she likes him.


Preview says we're getting first kiss in episode 3 - seems way to early considering their relationship so far, but okay.


All in all a decent start

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Hello everyone! Waving to @LeftCoastOppa here!


Finally I watched episode 1 with english subtitles and I liked it so much. Jung So MIn is so pretty and perfect in action. She is having too much bad luck to begin with. But then again this is K-dramaland so let's expect more juice ahead. And our CEO is a handsome guy but need some character development on his hand. May be Na Young Won would do the trick! :D

And by the way, why Kim Won Hae LOLs so much??! His role seems too funny for a chief editor! :loolz:


Will drop by here again watching episode 2. Looking good already!


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Monthly Magazine Home: Episode 2

by mistyisles



In this episode, we learn a little more about each of our characters and what “home” means to them. While some may go to great extremes in order to get (or keep) one, others are content so long as they have a place to exist and feel comfortable. It’s a roller coaster of an episode, but it balances out the zanier moments with some thoughtful conversations, depth of character in surprising places, and even hints of serious darkness.


EPISODE 2: “I wish I had a house of my own”


Young-won’s solitude is broken when someone tries to key in the door code. She goes nervously to answer the door. Thankfully, it’s just a security guard. He seems unsure about her presence, even after she explains that she just moved in tonight, but he leaves after telling her to lock up well.

Young-won watches Ja-sung’s video, where he introduces himself as “Gaeryong” Yoo Ja-sung, meaning “a dragon that’s risen from a ditch.” Young-won mumbles that not everyone can succeed the way he did, but – as if answering her directly – video Ja-sung tells her to get rid of that defeatist attitude.

“Instead of cursing the darkness,” he says, “light a candle.” He promises to be that candle for his viewers. By following his methods and working their hardest, he guarantees that anyone can own a house.



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I enjoyed the first two episodes. I have always loved Jung So-min so I was excited about this show. 


I think the second lead hiding that he is rich is going to bite him in the behind. I hope that he comes clean and soon, but I feel like it will get dragged out. 


I cannot believe the CEO place is completely empty. That only makes sense if he moves often and doesn't want to bother with stuff. But if that is his place long term, I feel like he would just hire someone to fill it with stuff or copy a catalog. However, he is stingy so maybe not. But for being so stingy why get such a big place. 


I know its so Young-won can be the one to fill it with stuff/warmth. 


The preview shows a kiss, but I feel like its too soon. Prob a dream or something. 

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Kim Ji Suk & Jung So Min recently did a interview & photoshoot for Singles magazine to promote the drama:



Article Interview: https://m.thesingle.co.kr/SinglesMobile/mobileweb/news_content/detail_news_content.do?nc_no=711599&fmc_no=599684&fsmc_no=599709&fsmc_nm=star




Rest of photoshoot under spoiler cut:

















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Of course the kiss was her imagination, its only ep 3. 


With all the changes the CEO is making, isn't he afraid of people losing interest in the magazine. At some point all of the changes will affect readership. Maybe that will be a story point in the future. 


The coworker gives terrible advice, and should be ignored. I think they want us to think that she is a mistress, but I think she is a illegitimate daughter.


The houses on this show look incredible. I wonder if the houses are ads themselves, if not how did they get so many amazing houses. 


I'm glad the truth about the second lead came out early and wasn't dragged out. 


Driving slower is worse, all that honking is more likely to wake her up than him driving at normal speed. 


4 episodes in and I'm still not sure how I feel about this show, but for now I'll prob keep watching. 

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Yes, it's very full of tropes.


Yes, Jung So-Min played a character almost exactly like this before. In "Because It's My First Life," she played a down-on-her-luck writer who, despite good work ethic and good education, had problems finding housing.


Yes, Kim Ji-Seok played many tsundere characters, he could do this in his sleep.


I still love it.

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