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[Drama 2021] Monthly House, 월간 집


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YaY Ja Sung admits he likes Young Won! :gangnamstyle:

I was tired of the merry-go-round each week of will they or won't they? Though I hate to think what happens to all that furniture if they should break up?? Hopefully not LoL. :tounge_wink:

    That scrooge editor, Sang Soon is a damn fool for hanging onto his "cutie pie" :unamused: He should move on to materialistic editor but how is he going to keep her happy when she likes luxury? :sleepy:

    Looks like photographer Shin has a new admirer in the intern at the office. This is the third drama of Jung So Min where she co-habitate with a tsundere LoL. 

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ep 7

the plot becomes more interesting because YW and JS live together.

YW is slowly arranging the apartment.  :D That plant is the perfect start.

It was nice that she bought that gift for him. 









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Hurray for Ja-Seong for finally telling Yeong-Won how he feels.


I love them together but I do hope Ja-Seong spends some time making up for all the nasty things he said to her. He is great at playing a tsundere character, but I've had enough of the prickly behavior. Now it's time for him to just be nice.


Sang-Sun's "cutie" is played Kim So-Eun!

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Longtime Soompi forum lurker ! First time post :) I love Kim Ji Suk and I was a little skeptical , first couple of episodes  with all the cliches, but now really love this drama!! Hits the sweet spot every week. Today’s episode was really cute, laughed out loud a couple of times. 

Can’t wait to see how the relationship will bloom! 


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:waves: guys!


I really started watching this drama since I love the story! But I was so busy in past few weeks so only watched episode 1-2.. :sweatingbullets: I missed out everything from 3-8! But glad to catch up with this week's episode! It was so soothing! Really love the pace and finally we see our leads in love! Looking forward for the next episode! :lol:


Here are behind the scenes of the leads!








Welcome @Khaula Baloch to soompi forums and the drama thread! Feel free to join in Kim Ji Suk's soompi thread linked below and show your love for him! :)




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Just joined the Monthly Magazine Jib bandwagon and am really getting Pride and Prejudice vibes from the MLs.


Also loving the juxtaposition of those super fancy Grand Designs mansions with the reality that is NYW's life. 


Can't wait to see what happens next. 

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EVENT: Celebrity Sightings


Have you met your favorite oppa? What was he like? Was he taller than you expected? :love:

Or do you want to meet him? What would the meeting be like?

Or did you meet a local celebrity? A sports figure maybe?


Share your stories with chingus on the Celebrity Sightings thread.


Your Event Organizers,

@partyon @confusedheart326 @Sleepy Owl @agenth @Lmangla

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