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[Drama 2021] Person Who Looks Like You/Reflection of You, 너를 닮은 사람


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Preview of Episode 1] What did I do wrong... │10/13 (Wed) 10:30 p.m. First broadcast





A person who resembles you' Kim Jae-young entangled with Go Hyun-jung and Shin Hyun-bin...




The first trailer that reveals the intense presence of Kim Jae-young, who is entangled with Go Hyun-jung and Shin Hyun-bin, of a person who resembles you, has been released.


In the trailer, Jeong Hee-joo asked Goo Hae-won, who provoked her, "Why did you come to me?" Then, Jung Hee-joo and Seo Woo-jae's intense embrace heralded a ripple.


Also, Goo Hae-won, who had a happy smile next to Seo Woo-jae in the past, repeats, "I'm going to put everything back the way it was," and Jeong Hee-joo's husband, Ahn Hyeon-seong (Choi Won-young), who says, "Is this what it means that Seo Woo-jae is dead?" Eun raised the curiosity about what kind of existence Seo Woo-jae was between the two women.


Hee-Joo Jeong, a successful painter and mother of two, poised to defend her children against Goo Hae-Won, who threatens to destroy herself in earnest. In addition, Seo Woo-jae, a man who harbors a secret as great as the two women, raised curiosity by asking, “What did I do wrong?”

(Google translate)




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Watch: Shin Hyun Been Is Determined To See Go Hyun Jung’s Downfall In “Reflection Of You” Teaser


Oct 7, 2021
by L. Kim

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Reflection of You” has released a new teaser!

“Reflection of You” will follow the story of Jung Hee Joo (Go Hyun Jung), who grew up in poverty but now lives a successful life with a happy and well-off family. Although she lives an enviable life, she still harbors feelings of emptiness about the time that has passed. Shin Hyun Been will star as Goo Hae Won, who grew up with a beautiful youth. However, she is deeply hurt from her brief meeting with Jung Hee Joo, and she discovers that the wound only continues to fester as time passes. The drama will be about the affair, betrayal, corruption, and revenge that follows their meeting.

The teaser shares a glimpse of Seo Woo Jae (Kim Jae Young), the man who is connected to both Jung Hee Joo and Goo Hae Won. The clip shows a photo that contains all three characters. Goo Hae Won is hugging Seo Woo Jae’s arm as he stands stiffly beside her, and Jung Hee Joo is standing slightly apart from him.

Jung Hee Joo demands Go Hae Won why she came to see her, and Go Hae Won’s voiceover vows to return everything back to its original place. In addition, the intense embrace between Jung Hee Joo and Seo Woo Jae foretells a dramatic incident.

Go Hae Won is determined to take revenge against Jung Hee Joo, and Jung Hee Joo takes a protective stand to defend her life, especially her children. Go Hae Won comments she’ll see Jung Hee Joo’s life get ruined, and Jung Hee Joo vehemently says, “I won’t get ruined like you.”





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Premiere Watch: The King’s Affection, Reflection of You, My Name


by missvictrix


After a brief respite from our fall premieres, there are three new shows on the way, each offering something quite different. We have Netflix’s next original (sure to get extra buzz after Squid Game, right?), our latest romance and gender-bending sageuk, and some nice juicy melo to top it off.


Reflection of You



Time slot: Wednesday & Thursday
Broadcaster: JTBC
Genre: Thriller, drama
Episode count: 16

Reasons to watch: One of the best things about autumn is that it’s melo season, and it feels like Reflection of You is our first unofficial melo drop of the season. The drama’s promos bring Mine to mind, but I’m secretly hoping this one is a little more… fun? With Go Hyun-jung and Shin Hyun-bin leading the story as rivals, and lots of gaslighting and manipulation being on the table, we could be looking at an intense tale. I hope it’s riveting, because I want a juicy, psychologically-driven melo filled with complicated affections, and I’m not going to stop asking until dramaland delivers. (Oppa bonus: a long-haired Lee Jae-young also stars here!)


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Shin Hyun Been Makes Go Hyun Jung Feel Unsettled In Tense Encounter For New Drama “Reflection Of You”

Oct 12, 2021
by S. Nam

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Reflection of You” released new stills of Go Hyun Jung and Shin Hyun Been!


“Reflection of You” will follow the story of Jung Hee Joo (Go Hyun Jung), who grew up in poverty but now lives a successful life with a happy and well-off family. Although she lives an enviable life, she still harbors feelings of emptiness about the time that has passed. Shin Hyun Been will star as Goo Hae Won, who grew up with a beautiful youth. However, she is deeply hurt from her brief meeting with Jung Hee Joo, and she discovers that the wound only continues to fester as time passes. The drama will be about the affair, betrayal, corruption, and revenge that follows their meeting.


In the new preview, Jung Hee Joo sits in the studio beneath the warm sunlight that seems to represent her husband’s thoughtful and extensive support that helped her succeed as a mother of two children, an artist, and an essay writer. However, as she looks at Goo Hae Won in front of her, Jung Hee Joo tears up although her expression appears almost as if she’s smiling.


Furthermore, the images emphasize the tension between the two with the sharp contrast in colors between Jung Hee Joo’s red sweater and Goo Hae Won’s dark green coat and capture the growing suspense from their confrontation.




From the first episode, Goo Hae Won’s appearance will make Jung Hee Joo’s emotions waver greatly. Viewers are curious to see how their meeting will play out in the drama’s upcoming premiere.


“Reflection of You” premieres on October 13 at 10:30 p.m. KST.




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  • gm4queen changed the title to [Current Drama 2021] Person Who Looks Like You/Reflection of You, 너를 닮은 사람 - Wednesday and Thursday @22:30 KST

Go Hyun Jung And Shin Hyun Been Talk About Their Chemistry In “Reflection Of You,” How They Got Into Character, And More



Oct 13, 2021
by C. Hong

On October 13, JTBC’s new drama “Reflection of You” held an online press conference with director Im Hyun Wook and lead actors Go Hyun Jung and Shin Hyun Been.

“Reflection of You” stars Go Hyun Jung as Jung Hee Joo, who grew up in poverty but now lives a successful life with a well-off family. Although she lives an enviable life, she still harbors feelings of emptiness about the past. Shin Hyun Been stars as Goo Hae Won, who had a beautiful youth but now carries a deep wound that occurred during a brief meeting with Jung Hee Joo.

About casting the two actresses, director Im Hyun Wook said, “It was an honor. First to work with Go Hyun Jung, who is an actor who represents Korea, and then Shin Hyun Been, who is one of the trendiest actors these days. From a director’s standpoint, this was a script that I really wanted to direct. Because there was such an amazing script and such amazing actors to work with, the results were even better than I anticipated. We filmed for eight months and now we’re in post-production, but as a director I want to show the world the project as soon as possible.”

Go Hyun Jung said, “This is a bit of a cliché, but it really was like fate. When I read the script for the first time, I was in poor health. I thought, ‘I’ll read this later,’ but once I read it, I was immediately hooked. There wasn’t any specific motivation, but I felt that this was the kind of drama that only comes around once in my life.”




Shin Hyun Been said, “I filmed this drama at the same time as ‘Hospital Playlist 2.’ It was a difficult schedule to balance, so I wasn’t going to do it, but I was really attracted to this drama. Fortunately, both sides were very understanding about it and I was able to complete both well.”

About her character, Shin Hyun Been said, “It was fun to read the script, but when it came time to expressing and understanding and persuading people about my character’s emotions, it was really difficult. From both an external and internal perspective, I thought a lot about what image would best suit the character. I’m ambidextrous, so I thought it would be interesting if the character was left-handed. I also wore the same green coat over and over again. The styling has to fit the character, so I think the stylist worked even harder than I did.”




About their chemistry, Go Hyun Jung said, “I became a bigger fan of Shin Hyun Been after we worked together.” Shin Hyun Been said, “She had a playful attitude that made it comfortable to film with her. She took care of me when I was tired and gave me a lot of strength.”

Director Im Hyun Wook said, “We filmed for eight months. We started around Chuseok last year, so it’s already been a year, and I can tell from the footage that Go Hyun Jung has really been living as Jung Hee Joo for that long.”





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Oh yes this drama and the female leads. I like.



I check premier ep 1.. tension is there! palapable like.  Hee Joo is now famous artist.  The there's Gu Haewon is pyscho scary. I wonder what's with their relationship in the past.  GH used to  teach  art to HJ then something happened.


GH aka Mimi aka Hannah aka scary.. and could be  well pyscho. Every move she made was calculated. I'm pretty sure, from becoming substitue art teacher,  to checking in to the hospital where HJ brother works and he treated her -and looks like he's going to fall for her, to going to HJ place revealing she knows HJ and fake apologizing.  HJ was scared like.. especially when she realized GH was still tthee staring.. She saw HJ the window.. but when she looked outside for her she's gone. That's when she realize.. GW did not come to apologize.


Ep. started with HJ dragging a suitcase on the fields then throwing it in the river. She was also wiping pools of blood from a murder. Because that's what it is.  The starting scene is.. I'm not sure it's flashback  or the second scenes all the way to the end scene is the present.


GH who was the substitute art teacher beat HJ daughyter  Li-sa with a book over and over, to the point that  Li Sa suffered ear drum infection. Pyscho! You never do that to a student. What GH practically an assault on a student. That type of "punishment" is not one but it's harming a high schooler.  HJ did the right thing as as mother.  But then her Mother In Law  is the typical one, who's going to be problem. I want to know what GH whispered to Li-sa. But I also want to know  what Li-sa did to make GH go Pyscho like that.


As for the HJ husband, I wonder what's the relation with Seo Woo Jae ( Kim Jae Young's character) and Hannah aka GH.  He checked on on him but was told he's gone. Woman name Hannah signed the papers to have him  discharge. From the face of HS, he might know who Hanna is.


Their  HJ GH scenes together is tension filled. Intense.....especially the end one. I actually said out loud OMG



Ep 2 coming up....

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Reflection of You: Episodes 1-2 (Review)

by missvictrix



Reflection of You has just premiered on JTBC, and it kicked off with a complicated story that’s somehow romantic, eerie, and captivating all at the same time (melo, much?). I’ve been waiting a long time for a juicy melo to arrive on my plate, so I’m all-in and ready to dig in.


Note: This is an opening week review only.




We open with a haunting intro that features our heroine and some almost Gothic narration about living in hell but being alive. She narrates: “To me, hell is watching my loved one die for me.” We see what looks like a murder scene, our heroine wiping up blood, and then a trunk sink slowly to the bottom of a lake. If that doesn’t give you a sense of the (melo) drama to come, nothing will. *rubs palms together*

Our heroine is JUNG HEE-JOO (Go Hyun-jung), and when we meet her in the present, it’s a much lighter scene than our intro. She’s in the zone in her studio, sketching away and surrounded by easels, art, canvases, and more — it’s an idyllic scene, but it’s soon interrupted by chaos.


Hee-joo gets a call and then next thing we know she’s in the ER with her young teen daughter AHN LI-SA (Kim Soo-ahn) who’s just had an incident at school. We might assume it’s bullying, but when Hee-joo sees the CCTV footage it’s a hundred times worse: the teacher (a temporary art teacher) is seen beating Li-as on the side of the head with a book, so much that Li-sa has a ruptured eardrum.

As if this wasn’t horrific enough, what’s worse is the non-reaction from the other people reviewing the footage with her. Their connection to the school is implied, but we soon learn that the woman in charge is Hee-joo’s chaebol mother-in-law PARK YOUNG-SUN (Kim Bo-yeon). This is the first example, and then they follow in spades, of how she controls Hee-joo’s life and family.


The more we see of Hee-joo’s life, the more it’s a bit sobering. She’s a successful painter and essayist and has a family she loves, but there’s this undercurrent of tension that just doesn’t go away. Watching their family interactions is unsettling, and Young-sun is all but taking control of Hee-joo’s young son AHN HO-SU (Kim Dong-ha) by pitting him against his mother. In fact, we’re told later by Hee-joo’s sister-in-law that her mother “is trying to take your son from you since you took hers from her.”


That “taken” son is AHN HYUN-SUNG (Choi Won-young), who seems like a devoted husband, and the two seem pretty solid together. However, there are secrets between them. In particular, Hyun-sung is monitoring a man in a coma whom he’s hidden away in Ireland, and it seems like this man is an important player in their past. Because like most melos, the past is a huge component of what happens in the present.


Hee-joo’s family issues are actually the least of her problems, because the incident with the art teacher soon spirals out of control. The art teacher’s name is GOO HAE-WON (Shin Hyun-bin). During their first meeting, she is absolutely feckless when it comes to apologizing for the assault of Li-sa, and infuriates Hee-joo so much that she winds up returning the favor and hitting Hae-won with a book to see how she likes it.

After this incident (which causes much legal and familiar brouhaha), Hee-joo is left with this lingering feeling that she actually knows Hae-won, and this is when the madness truly begins. We slowly realize along with Hee-joo that the two do know each other. Many years ago there was a young art student who taught Hee-joo how to draw and basically set up the artist that she would become. From the flashbacks we see, the two were quite close, and the young student had a near-adoring relationship to Hee-joo. That student was and is Hae-won (then called Hannah).




Lest it sound like all rose petals and friendship at this point, it’s clear that their relationship has a lot of bad blood. Hee-joo references Hae-won as “a person she never wanted to meet again,” and Hae-won is constantly referencing “the incident” in the past, and talking about how forgiveness should not be given (she speaks abstractly, but it’s clear it relates to their relationship).

On top off all this drama is Hae-won herself, marvelously and psychotically acted by Shin Hyun-bin. Hae-won is super strange and comes off as having a screw loose — but in reality she’s about ten steps ahead of Hee-joo at every given moment.

more https://www.dramabeans.com/2021/10/reflection-of-you-episodes-1-2-review/

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Ep 2. 


I wonder how  WJ got into accident. How and who caused it? I def. know GH is out for revenger and she has plan that seems to involve everyone in HJ life.


I sense more knetz/viewers empathise andside with GH. I'm different. I like HJ. But from some  "reflections"  about the drama some twts seems to sugges GH disposition change from that of happy cheerful bride to be to  now a sad tired woman..no thanks HJ.   She's going to ruin her HJ or make her suffer.  It could HJ has something to do with WJ's accident.


-Finally  know the reason why GH beat  ( more like assualted) Li-sa - she  took credit for someone else's art work.

- No matter how  Li-sa did somethingg wrong assaulting student is  big NO esp coming from teacher!

-GH  I guess took Li-sa's book

 -Li-sa experience pyschological trauma- but not sure if it's fake or not.

- Hyusung (HJ husband) seems to know who Hannah not just the art teacher

-WJ obvious was in accident. Who caused it. How.. we'll probably see in coming episodes

- It's suppose to be HJ  and WJ but it became GW and WJ

-Hannah discharge WJ

-was it suppose to be to be.....


The hand dragging emphasis.  I therefore conclude.



FYI: the child actor from movie Train to Busan. Also was Along with the Gods 2


*all twt posts ctto as tag*

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