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  1. Honestly I'm annoyed at how this show is ending. Really annoyed. NWS possibly dying is soooo annoying to me as well as the Emperor possibly dying even though I don't like him much. This whole drama has driven me nuts.
  2. I still can't understand why people like the villain more. I honestly just don't.
  3. I think it's because it had to be believable that's why he did not tell her himself. Plus he was crying and I think some of it, how he was telling her her felt about her etc was real somewhat. Lol. I like the way it ended tbh. I just wish we got to see more of them together as a family.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQGIX0aD-gg&t=1904s So in this uncut version the Emperor faints...I have some guesses as to why but I was wondering if anyone knows exactly why he faints.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNPHs8MgLl8 Someone named Sandman Lee was nice enough to translate this scene on youtube. they wrote "Some brief translation. Sorry for my poor English. 0:00 ML: Anyway, he'll be exiled after autumn. We still have time to think up something. Pity I've made the royal family unhappy. General Shen and Madam Zhang said they'll help me to persuade the Empress. ChangBai: You always act after thoroughly planning before. This time you've been too anxious. 0:30 General Shen, Empress's brother: Now I have no proper man to lead the army. Wish your Majesty delay the penalty to the criminal Gu, and send him to help me to conquer the rebels. I'll watch him back afterward. Emperor: He's not the only one who's qualified for this mission. General Shen: He's a talented general with full knowledge of the geography of the border. Emperor: Shut up. 0:56 Maid Xiang: Why did the Empress Dowager suggest Wang family, to support the idea of letting Gu join this military mission? Qin: If Gu stays prisoned here, he can easily find support from all his friends in the capital. It would be hard for the Empress Dowager to hurt him. However, if he dies in the war fire, who can blame her? Xiang: So we only need to wait for his death? Qin: This rebel comes just at the perfect time. (turns around) Everything is coming to the end." So from this I think it's safe to assume that he gets out of jail and comes back home in time to stop the ED.
  6. I hope they don't succeed in killing the child. The old servant lady is asleep so I don't see who would be able to stop this person from killing the child. Wow this is so sad.
  7. Oh yay! I was like there is no way he'd do that to her just to test her love. I love them together. Honestly, best couple in a drama I've seen in awhile. I hope they catch the evil people soon.
  8. Idk I still find it hard to believe that he did all of this just to test her love. I feel like he already knows by now that she loves him.
  9. Also another question, so did Molan's servant not end up being her husbands concubine because she's always with Molan...I'm really confused.
  10. https://youtu.be/UUHfNbOd8oQ Can someone translate this? From what I'm seeing in their actions I think CB and Minglan are begging for GTY innocents but idk. I also want to know what Molan is saying. Is she coming to brag? I saw other spoilers of them accusing GTY and I couldn't bring myself to watch it. It literally makes me so sad.
  11. Actually I feel like it makes sense but all of it occurring at once is the problem. Aunt Kang has been spoiled her whole life and hates to see other she considers less than her doing better. So her hatred is understandable. Plus she killed a lot of people prior to trying to kill grandma and got away with it. So she probably thought she could get away with this one as well. Step-mother kind of makes sense but at the same time it doesn't. I kind of wish we got to see or hear about how she grew up. Her not receiving love for her husband and plotting for her son doesn't suffice for me. As for EQ, I'm not such who you are referring to. Do you mean the Empress Dowager? Or someone else. Lastly, Manning makes sense to me a little. Going crazy after losing her son is understandable but what's not understandable is her hatred for GTY and ML. Well okay I understand why she hates them but it still seems crazy to me. Honestly, from what I read I wish they stuck with the book.
  12. Ugh I love this cdrama but at the same time ahhhh!!! It's literally one thing after the other. I really hope they have a happy ending. Also, there were so many witnesses for the house fire and the stabbing so I honestly don't understand how they are still able to frame GTY. It doesn't make sense to me. It would make more sense if he was arrested for not reporting to the emperor first rather than killing that evil wicked woman. Ugh I just want all the evil characters to have tragic deaths so I can laugh in happiness. My god if I was Minglan I probably won't have the strength to go on dealing with all of this. Literally her whole life and GTY whole life people have been plotting against them. Do people not get tried? How do you make it your life's work to destroy someone?
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