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  1. IKR! I skipped around so much because I really just want to see them happy. They can never catch a break. All these traps and plots. I feel bad for him too Hopefully it's a happy ending
  2. @hello210 Thanks for the clarification! I skipped a lot and also I was going off of what I saw and understood which was very little. I edited my previous comment because I don't want to confuse anyone. Much appreciated.
  3. So this is what I got after watching some of the episodes that have released. It's not anything new, basically what @jacquelinetan said with just a few more details I guess. But yea that's all I got. Nothing new really and honestly there's a lot that I didn't understand which is okay. But anyways, excited for next weeks releases as well! I saw a spoiler where it looks like XLS ends up being pardoned? Not sure though.
  4. Yeah honestly, they need to pick up the process. It's weird they haven't consummated their marriage yet and we are at ep 30. I'm not asking to see anything but I want them to be more like husband and wife. Also @ck1Oz love by hypnotic and this drama are like night and day so I can only imagine how you feel.
  5. Ik this drama ended but I just wanted to say the ending made me sad. Lmao. I mean it's a better ending than the cdrama one where they both died but...I really wanted him to not go back to the future. Couldn't both souls just continue to co-habilitate? Lololol. That would be so funny. But anyways, despite the ending I lovedddd this drama. It was so good. And I am happy that everyone ended up alive, well... sorta. Also, I wish the spin off had more episodes.
  6. Normally I am a silent viewer on this thread but I just wanted to say that I don't know why people are shocked at how Awu is handling everything. It's very much on brand for her. If she doesn't tell XQ what she found out I'm not gonna be surprised. And although I sympathize with him and want him to get his revenge I also understand why she's doing the things she's doing. I mean, all these people plotting against her are unfortunately part of her family or former servants. If I were in her situation, I would not act the same, but I understand her. Also, I wish we got more cute scene with the ne
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