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  1. Just watched ep 1 and I am sooo excited for this series! It's so good already and it's only the first episode! Lol also, it's the first episode and I'm already torn between the second lead and the main lead.
  2. I haven't watched today's episode yet because I can't...Did he really say that their done? Ugh... I want them to at least remain friends even if they don't date (even though I want them to date).
  3. I really want the CH and EH ship to sail but I saw the translated preview from ep 11 and I forgot what her name is but that girl that works for CH asked EH why she thinks her boss (CH) is a player. So I am feeling a little discouraged. Also I feel like EJ is a lot like her mom. And her parents relationship is so frustrating. You guys are married. Why aren't talking about these things or confronting each other about issues you have? You think he's hiding another family but you don't ask him about it. You think she invited EJ real dad to the wedding or had an affair but you don't ask her about it. What's the point of them getting married if they can't confide in each other. You might as well just be two people who co-parent. I understand that every marriage has it's own set of issues and no marriage is perfect but the amount of misunderstanding that could have been solved if they talked to each other about certain issues is frustrating. I'm still rooting for them though. Especially because it looks liked the dad is still sick. Lastly, I agree with CH, EJ needs friends.
  4. I'm curious about VP and CH talk also. I really hope this doesn't stop EH and CH from making progress because I don't like VP for EH. His situation is too messy. I really wish the preview for ep 10 had subs so that I could understand what CH said to EH when they met. Also, the brother in ep 9 mentioned a marriage meeting. I really hope he doesn't go or the brother understood it wrong.
  5. I just watched the translated ep 9 and wow... Also, the son looks older than all the other kids so maybe he was born before they got married. I can't wait till tomorrow!
  6. I feel bad for the eldest child but at the same time...I don't really like her. She is too harsh. You don't need to say everything that comes to mind sometimes you can wait. And she is not in her parents relationship so I am sure a lot of the stuff we have seen as viewers she has not seen so for her to judge her mom they way she does is honestly annoying. I understand her anger but at the same time... the bitterness (towards her family not her husband because that is super justified) is a lot. More specifically with her sister and bother. I understand that no family is perfect and everyone isn't not the best terms with their family but I kind of wish she would try to be more understanding.
  7. Omg! I'm pretty sure samsin is WJ mom. It's been confirmed that Gui is CP and I think KB is their unborn son. Omg I can't wait for next week.
  8. On ep 19 when QQ is crying with PH and she thinks he's HS is he a wear that she is drunk so she's seeing him as HS or no?
  9. Not sure what ep this is from but...
  10. Has anyone been able to find spoilers other parts of episode 20 or for episode 21? I've been looking all over. LOL, I haven't been this obsessive in awhile. HS and QQ are sooo cute.
  11. I think I am going to pay extra for the videos next week. I can't wait. I want to see more cute scenes between the two. I also want to see what HS home is like and how QQ manages. Also I am super curious to find out if HS defeated QQ city/killed everyone or not. I feel like he didn't kill them because why else would PH be alive especially when HS knows he likes QQ.