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[Drama 2020/2021] Get Revenge, 복수해라

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Clips for episode 1.       Preview for episode 2.  

It seems like Hae Ra has a connection with what happened to Min Joon's family in the past. Hae Ra was there staring at Mi Yeon, Min Joon's sister while the house is burning. I think Min Joon has lost

@larus, thank you for starting the thread. Waives also to @jongski  @Jillia,  @rocher22 I am here for the cast. I loved Kim Sa-Rang in "My Love Eun Dong." I liked Yoon Hyun-Min mostly in "Tunne

Not going to lie. The teaser/soundtrack is what brought me here. I'm not familiar with Kim Sa-Rang, but I liked Yoon Hyun Min in Witch's Court. This doesn't seem to have caught much attention, considering it's set to screen next week, and I stumbled by accidentally, too.


Well, I'm certainly going to pick up the first few episodes!

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Jung Eui Jae Is A Former Idol With Undecipherable Intentions Towards Kim Sa Rang In “The Goddess Of Revenge”



Nov 15, 2020
by E. Cha

TV Chosun’s upcoming drama “The Goddess of Revenge” has revealed a glimpse of the intriguing dynamic between Kim Sa Rang and Jung Eui Jae!

“The Goddess of Revenge” is a new mystery drama starring Kim Sa Rang as Kang Hae Ra, a reporter and writer who becomes a household name and one of Korea’s hottest influencers after marrying the nation’s top MC. Yoon Hyun Min will also star in the drama as Cha Min Joon, a brilliant but cold-hearted lawyer who is determined to avenge his family.

Jung Eui Jae will play the role of Kim Hyun Sung, a former idol-turned-reporter whose life hasn’t turned out the way he’d hoped. After receiving a mysterious offer, he seems to constantly be following Kang Hae Ra wherever she goes.

In newly released stills from the upcoming drama, Kim Hyun Sung suddenly appears from the shadows and comes to Kang Hae Ra’s rescue when she finds herself in danger while taking the subway. At the precise moment when Kang Hae Ra is about to fall off an escalator, Kim Hyun Sung dashes forward and catches her. Afterwards, he even goes so far as to kneel on the ground to fix her shoe for her.

Later, as Kang Hae Ra turns to leave, Kim Hyun Sung catches her off guard by calling her back—then tenderly tucking her hair behind her ear. As a famously married woman, Kang Hae Ra stares at her rescuer in shock, unable to figure out his intentions.




The producers of “The Goddess of Revenge” teased, “Kim Sa Rang and Jung Eui Jae’s unpredictable relationship, which will deliver twist after twist, will amplify the suspense of the drama. Please look forward to ‘The Goddess of Revenge,’ in which all of the characters’ relationships are full of mystery and intrigue.”



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Premiere Watch: Get Revenge

by missvictrix


Time slot: Saturday & Sunday
Broadcaster: TV Chosun
Genre: Mystery, melo, revenge
Episode count: 16


Subpar posters aside, being a huge fan of revenge dramas, I am definitely looking forward to Get Revenge! More than a mere revenge drama, though, it’s being classified as a “social” revenge story — and that’s because it’s the story of a heroine going against the upper crust. Kim Sarang stars as a celebrity influencer who falls from her high perch in society after a fake scandal, and then seeks revenge for said scandal. Yoon Hyun-min plays our hero, and is described as the typical hotshot attorney character we all know so well. But, when his family is ruined, he too seeks revenge at all costs. TV Chosun’s dramas are a little bit all over the map, but their recent Wind and Cloud and Rain surprised both with production quality and ratings, so I have high hopes here. Very high hopes, actually, because who doesn’t love an underdog, whether that’s a cable channel, a cast, or a story of those fighting against powerful evil-doers?



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Kim Sa Rang Shares Thoughts On Making Drama Comeback After 5 Years With “The Goddess Of Revenge”



Nov 20, 2020
by M. Kang

Kim Sa Rang is ending her hiatus with the upcoming drama “The Goddess of Revenge”!

On the afternoon of November 19, TV Chosun held a press conference for the “mystery social revenge drama” that will be taking over its 9 p.m. KST slot on Saturdays and Sundays. Director Kang Min Gu was in attendance along with cast members Kim Sa Rang, Yoon Hyun Min, Yoo Sun, Jung Man Sik, and Yoon So Yi. The conference was broadcast live through YouTube in line with COVID-19 regulations.

“The Goddess of Revenge” follows Kang Hae Ra (Kim Sa Rang) as she carries out the revenge of a lifetime and stands up to authority. This marks her onscreen return five years after her role in the 2015 JTBC drama “My Love Eun Dong.”

Actor Yoon Hyun Min stated, “On the second day of filming, I had my first scene with Kim Sa Rang. Facing her, my mind went blank and I forgot my lines. I thought to myself, ‘Wow she’s beautiful’ and missed the timing for my next lines.”

Regarding her break, Kim Sa Rang commented, “I didn’t realize it had been so long. I do feel pressured and nervous, but I’m enjoying myself while filming because the energy on set is so positive and everyone is so helpful and considerate. Also, while the name of the drama suggests otherwise, the story is about the characters working together. I’m feeling less pressured than I expected in the beginning.”

She added, “Even while filming extremely violent scenes, we’re constantly laughing and having a good time. I think our energy will be conveyed to our viewers.”



To describe the drama, Kim Sa Rang said, “At first, the drama had a different name. When I first read the script, it was dynamic and far from dull. I read through to the fourth episode in one sitting. When I met the production team, I received such positive vibes from them and they seemed dependable. Furthermore, I’ve always wanted to attempt taking on a strong character. All these reasons led me to join the cast.”

When talking about her character, she added, “In all honesty, the character and I don’t have much in common. The one thing that is similar between us might be that we’re both honest and determined.”




more https://www.soompi.com/article/1439082wpp/kim-sa-rang-shares-thoughts-on-making-drama-comeback-after-5-years-with-the-goddess-of-revenge


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Yoon Hyun Min And Kim Sa Rang Exchange Icy Stares In Upcoming Drama “The Goddess Of Revenge”



Nov 21, 2020
by L. Kim

TV Chosun’s upcoming drama “The Goddess of Revenge” has shared a glimpse of Kim Sa Rang and Yoon Hyun Min as their characters!

“The Goddess of Revenge” is a new mystery drama starring Kim Sa Rang as Kang Hae Ra, a woman who unexpectedly comes across an opportunity to take part in a revenge plot. In the process, she finds herself facing off against some of society’s most powerful people. Yoon Hyun Min plays the cold-hearted Cha Min Joon, a lawyer who is notorious for his brilliance and lack of sympathy.

In the new stills, Kang Hae Ra and Cha Min Joon meet at a law firm. The room is heavy with tension, and they stare at each other with sharp, cold eyes. The two are discussing a plan for revenge, and anticipation is high for how the two will form a “revenge alliance.”




This scene was filmed at a studio located in the city of Namyangju in Gyeonggi Province. The two actors rehearsed their lines over and over again in order to perfect the confrontation. With their combined efforts, they were able to successfully film a thrilling scene in which they exchanged fiery opinions on revenge.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1439223wpp/yoon-hyun-min-and-kim-sa-rang-exchange-icy-stares-in-upcoming-drama-the-goddess-of-revenge

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“The Goddess Of Revenge” Premieres To Strong Ratings As “Delayed Justice” Returns To All-Time High



Nov 22, 2020
by E. Cha

TV Chosun’s “The Goddess of Revenge” is off to a promising start!

“The Goddess of Revenge” is a new mystery-revenge drama starring Kim Sa Rang as Kang Hae Ra, a reporter and writer who becomes a household name and one of Korea’s hottest influencers—then falls from grace in a split second after being framed in a false scandal. She later comes across an unexpected opportunity to take part in a revenge plot, and in the process, she finds herself facing off against some of society’s most powerful people.

Yoon Hyun Min also stars in the drama as Cha Min Joon, a brilliant but cold-hearted lawyer who is determined to avenge his family, while Yoo Sun plays the ambitious chaebol heiress Kim Tae On.

According to Nielsen Korea, the November 21 premiere of “The Goddess of Revenge” scored an average nationwide rating of 3.4 percent and a peak of 4.1 percent.



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So I saw Episode 1. 


The cold-hearted lawyer who isn't so ... cold-hearted after all. Actually, he seems rather like a marshmellow, just hiding his soft heart. And he buys all her books? Hmmm what is the connection there? He has her followed and all. Childhood friends? Ex-lovers? His family was ruined by her husband? The big question is: WHY?


The junior who seems like a puppy buying Haera shoes...It looks like a crush, but from the subway encounter on I had a bad feeling, even though he has a cute and friendly face that looks innocent, the way he kept following her, and pushing just left a bad taste in my mouth, even before the reveal.


BUT: I want those shoes he bought her haha!! They really do look awfully comfy. 


Also I love the PI!! Shes so spunky. And as she said, "have your senses dulled, why would they be together?" hahaha. Totally true. 


But the end of the episode (flashback) brought back the fire in Haera. Looking forward to it! 


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I am done with EP 1 & 2. Got to be honest, at first I feel like Hera is too stoic and KSR's acting a tad bit bland. But everything changed once she sets her mind to get revenge. YSY as Eun Hye is a total opposite as her action and expression feel a little bit exaggerated but it gives the right balance when she is with Hera. They are definitely a great duo to look out for. 


YHM's project can be a hit or miss for me. I always looks forward to him but the storyline can't hold my interest much I ended up dropping it. It seems like his character here to be very layered and by the end of EP 2, I am all for it. That turn of event really makes me curious with his actual plan and why exactly he approaches Hera. 


What happened to Hera seems like the starting point for a whole detailed plan to bring someone down. I wonder who sent her the initial message that lead her to Gusan Agency and is someone deliberately lead her to Kim Tae On.

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1 hour ago, joccu said:

How was the first episode? Good or bad? 


For me it held my interest enough to look forward to Episode 2. Episode 1  introduced the characters. It was not mindblowing but nevertheless enjoyable. I started watching this because of YHM, KSR is unknown to me. It is YHM's lawyer character that did well to build the story, even though this is about KSR's life. But his involvement shows that there is something like a grander thing than just her scandal. 



1 hour ago, kdramagrandma said:

I am done with EP 1 & 2. Got to be honest, at first I feel like Hera is too stoic and KSR's acting a tad bit bland. But everything changed once she sets her mind to get revenge. Y.


Although I also agree that I thought Hera was quite boring, at least until that part at the end occurred at Episode 1, as for the whole part of Episode 1 she was quite helpless and one wonders why she didn't ask for others help before the papers were  served to her etc

. I haven't seen Episode 2 yet. 

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“Homemade Love Story” Ratings Break 30 Percent For New All-Time High; “The Goddess Of Revenge” Rises For 2nd Episode



Nov 23, 2020
by E. Cha

Both KBS 2TV’s “Homemade Love Story” and TV Chosun’s “The Goddess of Revenge” soared to new heights last night!


Meanwhile, Kim Sa Rang and Yoon Hyun Min‘s new mystery-revenge drama “The Goddess of Revenge” enjoyed an increase in viewership for its second episode, which scored an average nationwide rating of 3.7 percent and a peak of 4.2 percent.



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I will watch. Watching episode one I had some doubts that I will continue to watch but there are some good points for me. I like the women friendship/ how they team up and I am intrigued by Yoon Hyun Min`s character. Let see how things will go from here.

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Hey all, thanks for the previews. Didn't realize this is premiered already. 


I finished the ep 1 and 2. It was okay.  I wasn't sure where the direction of the drama was going until the plan to use Haeara to exact revenge and using her influence as a"vtuber'. 


So the future of investigative reporting lies on influencer ..so it seems in this drama.  I mean, she regained back her followers. She was able to turned around and expose the fraud malicious infidelity of the husband.  After falling from grace from her position, she was able to bounce back with the help of the other girl (forgot the name). With some sleuthing, quick improvisation on the friend's part, the husband was exposed. Revenge is sweet. The husband's downfall amount to cancelled show and  exposed as cheating husband. Domestic abuse was left out though.  To protect the son I think.


Well Haera used to be reporter before becoming  an inluencer. So while she can't go back to to being famous reporter that she was, maybe the alternative is to use a different platform. 


I'm not sure about what is the connection of between the Minjoon and Haera. Maybe he knows her before. Could  the baby that survive the fire ( the first scene.).


After watching the episodes, I teeny weeny kind of want that foldable  galaxy phone. That  its mostly on every scene.





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