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[Drama 2020/2021] Get Revenge, 복수해라

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Yoon Hyun Min And Kim Sa Rang Share An Intimate Moment Over Drinks In “The Goddess Of Revenge”


TV Chosun’s “The Goddess of Revenge” has shared stills of Yoon Hyun Min and Kim Sa Rang sharing an intimate moment in the midst of drinks.


“The Goddess of Revenge” is a revenge drama about Kang Hae Ra (Kim Sa Rang), a woman who married into power and influence but whose reputation plummeted after an unfounded scandal, and Cha Min Joon, a lawyer with a heart of ice who wants revenge on those who ruined his family.


In order to discover the truth behind the disappearance of his older sister, Cha Yi Hyun (Park Eun Hye), Cha Min Joon teamed up with Kang Hae Ra, Kim Tae On (Yoo Sun) and Kim Sang Goo (Jung Man Sik) to plan his revenge. Although Kang Hae Ra and Cha Min Joon have formed a “revenge alliance” for the sake of those who cannot be protected by the law, but there is tension in the relationship as Cha Min Joon also intends to target her for his revenge. However, it is also hinted that Cha Min Joon no longer sees their relationship as purely “business,” after Kang Hae Ra gets hurt in the course of finding evidence.


The new stills show Cha Min Joon and Kang Hae Ra at drinks and dinner with Goo Eun Hye (Yoon Soy), Kim Hyun Sung (Jung Eui Jae), and Choi Do Yoon (Jang Yoo Sang). Goo Eun Hye gives off a feeling of loneliness as she quietly eats her food, Kim Hyun Sung has a happy-go-lucky expression on his face as he holds his drink for a toast, and Choi Do Yoon looks displeased at what he sees. Cha Min Joon and Kang Hae Ra are in a world of their own as their hands meet in a brief touch as she hands him a drink.




The production staff stated, “Kim Sa Rang and Yoon Hyun Min have a chemistry that even made the staff’s hearts flutter. Please look forward to the changing emotions in the ‘revenge alliance’ in the upcoming episode.”


“The Goddess of Revenge” airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 9 p.m. KST.



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Clips for episode 1.       Preview for episode 2.  

It seems like Hae Ra has a connection with what happened to Min Joon's family in the past. Hae Ra was there staring at Mi Yeon, Min Joon's sister while the house is burning. I think Min Joon has lost

@larus, thank you for starting the thread. Waives also to @jongski  @Jillia,  @rocher22 I am here for the cast. I loved Kim Sa-Rang in "My Love Eun Dong." I liked Yoon Hyun-Min mostly in "Tunne

@agenthThe episode with her being kidnapped was the first time I noticed FL's heavy breathing. Heavy breathing does not mean emotion or acting chops or life (unless you have asthma) and all I could think is you got up from a chair to talk to your audience, why are you breathing like you ran up a flight of stirs? lol

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Done EP7-8. The timeline I am trying to make it make sense. I used Cha Yi Hyeon and not Cha Mi Hyeon because her ID shows that her exact name is Cha Yi Hyeon. 


Around 13 years back


Cha Yi Hyeon is a reporter/announcer. Chairman Kim Sang Goo took notice of her and most probably because of this, Cha Yi Hyeon gaining traction with her career. Kim Tae On noticed about Chairman Kim relationship with Cha Yi Hyeon. However, it came with price and she got pregnant with Ga On.


In between, she passed her job to Hera. Hera took on the job, getting harassed then got her hand on the report about Cha Yi Hyeon. She got off grid after the report Hera made that Cha Min Joon keep watching. I assume that report is actually something Kim Tae On planned in her effort to get rid of Cha Yi Hyeon. 


Maybe during this time, Cha Min Joon went to the broadcasting station trying to defend his sister, overheard about the gossip about Cha Yi Hyeon and Hera instead.


Around this time, Cha Yi Hyeon still in contact/meeting with Cha Min Joon but I have a feeling that Min Joon didn't know that his sister is pregnant. 


Around 12 years back


Kim Tae On might know that Cha Yi Hyeon gave birth to Chairman Goo's child and order people to kill her and most probably the baby too. That is why she was locked in the burning warehouse.


Around the same time, Hera hired Papa Goo to find Cha Yi Hyeon. Papa Goo found Cha Yi Hyeon and he called Hera. Hera just lost her baby and still recuperating at the hospital went to meet Cha Yi Hyeon but end up saving her from the burning warehouse. I assume that Papa Goo sort of sense that danger looming around Cha Yi Hyeon that Hera quickly went there with her hospital clothes on. 


Cha Yi Hyeon knows that Kim Tae On's people will keep on chasing her, she gives Ga On to Hera. That is why during the burning warehouse scene, we see that Papa Goo holding a baby. Ga On most probably already a few months old but still look small enough to pass off as Hera's baby. 


Around 10-11 years back


Cha Yi Hyeon is back to her hometown living at her childhood home while Cha Min Joon away in the military. She met Prosecutor Jang during those time and help supporting him to take his bar exam. 


Kim Tae On's people found her again, capture her, but she got away for a moment and called Cha Min Joon. They put her inside the truck but the truck driver found her and releases her instead. She run away without updating Cha Min Joon. She tried to get into a boat into some island but because she left her ticket at the counter, she went there back and realize that those men still searching for her. Instead of boarding the boat, she went into hiding instead. During this time, she sent the package informing Chairman Goo that she gave birth to his son.


We then know that the boat sunk and Cha Min Joon assumed that his sister was onboard. At this point, I think he believes that Cha Yi Hyeon is dead and starts planning for his revenge along with his assistant who is also trying to get revenge for his dad, the captain of the sunk boat. However, I assume he only focus on Chairman Goo and know nothing about Kim Tae On attempts to kill his sister.


This is my best attempt to piece everything together. I wonder what did Cha Min Joon do before becoming lawyer. I believed that he gets into law because he wants to seek revenge and he is not one prior to that. My best guess is he was in the military. That is probably how Cha Yi Hyeon managed to go through pregnancy and gives birth without his knowledge. For now, I don't see that he knows that Ga On is his nephew. 


His view on Hera definitely soften now and he realized that there is a lot of things he didn't know about Hera and he most probably misunderstood her all this while. I guess that the case that Prosecutor Jang wants him to write against Hera is about the report she gave years back about Cha Yi Hyeon. However, I don't really want a loveline until they sort of the relationship between them. This drama is quite heavy and I don't really want any angst about their relationship to be the focus and the main revenge plot gets side-tracked. 


The way the truck of doom scene to be set up is too obvious I am totally expecting it. I guess this is where there will be huge changes in dynamic between Cha Min Joon and Hera. I just hope that just because he cares about Hera more now, his will not lose his focus on Chairman Goo in favor for Hera's safety. 


I am worried about Ga On now that Chairman Kim seems like he wants to bring Ga On in as his heir to pitted him against Kim Tae On. I am always worried about Ga On because he is always being shown in between the story and usually in dramaland, if the kid studying oversea will not play a big part in the plot, he/she will not be featured a lot like Ga On is. I hope my instinct is not right this time because I hate watching kids suffering. 

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I started this drama and i watched till ep 7! It's really a good plot and i liked the dynamics!! And i really hope MJ's sister is alive hiding somewhere. Now i think we'll se romance take place between HR and MJ and i really want to see Chairman Kim and his daughter to fall down in pieces!!:onfirex:

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4 Strong Female Characters Who Anchor “The Goddess Of Revenge” With Their Quests For Vengeance




Dec 17, 2020
by C. Hong

TV Chosun’s weekend drama “The Goddess of Revenge” centers around four powerful female characters with their own backstories, ambitions, and motives.

“The Goddess of Revenge” is a mystery drama about a woman named Kang Hae Ra (Kim Sa Rang), who married into wealth and power but hit rock bottom after an unfounded scandal ruined her reputation. To get revenge, she teams up with Cha Min Joon (Yoon Hyun Min), a lawyer with a heart of ice who wants revenge on those who ruined his family. Meanwhile, Kim Tae On (Yoo Sun) goes up against her father to become the new head of FB Group, while the tenacious detective Goo Eun Hye (Yoon Soy) takes on a case that could make or break her.

These are the four female characters who anchor the drama in their vicious cycle of revenge:

Kim Sa Rang, the titular “goddess of revenge”

After she got her own revenge via live broadcast against Lee Hoon Suk (Jung Wook), who ruined her life with a false scandal, Kang Hae Ra (Kim Sa Rang) has worked with Cha Min Joon (Yoon Hyun Min) to get revenge on behalf of those who are not protected by the law. As a result, she’s taken down people like Board Chairman Song, who used his money and power to turn sexual assault victims into perpetrators, as well as a gang that used unlawful collection methods and sold organs on the black market to suck money out of people who could not pay their debts.

In the middle of planning revenge against FB Life regarding the indemnity claims of insurance agents, Kang Hae Ra’s car flipped over in a crash with an oncoming truck. Just before she lost consciousness, she recognized President Kang (Choi Young Woo), the agent of Kim Tae On, as the driver of the truck, making viewers anticipate a whole new level of revenge against FB Group.

Yoo Sun, who combines limitless ambition and a “diamond spoon”

Although Kim Tae On (Yoo Sun) is the sole heir of FB Group, her father, Kim Sang Goo (Jung Man Sik), is loath to give up his throne. As a result, she is determined to do anything she can to get him out. 12 years ago, she noticed that Cha Yi Hyun, who worked for FB Group at the time, had caught the eye of her father. Afraid of losing her position as heir, she incited President Kang to kill Cha Yi Hyun. When she realized that her nail care attendant was in her father’s employ, she gave similarly cruel instructions to President Kang, showing that she is ruthless beyond measure.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1443910wpp/4-strong-female-characters-who-anchor-the-goddess-of-revenge-with-their-quests-for-vengeance

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This is kdrama and it has its own logic. But it's rather odd that Hera put up with physical and mental abuse for 12 years, then she became a fearless champion of the weak in a few weeks? Most women would have ditched the scumbag after losing their baby.


All characters have some serious negative trait or issue,  maybe the PI's dad is the only normal person. It's already halfway, I hope it does not become a depressive unhappy show. A little romance between the PI and blondie may perk things up.

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@maribella- Yeah, it was a good cliffhanger. This is the drama's strong point after each episode, I'm always wondering what's gonna happen next. As to your question about Ga On, not sure why Min Joon brought back Ga On to Chariman Kim. Or is this all part of his grand plan somehow??

What Min Joon doesn't know is that Tae On tried to kill his sister & baby Ga On-  that's my guess for the opening scene with the burning warehouse in episode 1.  Can't wait for more romance between Hera & Min Joon:D

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