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  1. @Ldy GmermI couldn't agree more with everything you said. I loved it. It was sweet. I just wish they showed a wedding flash forward and a baby but I found it satisfying. Suprisingly I came away not disliking any actor The good, bad, ugly, hot, stupid and evil. Cheers!
  2. Hi-five @nohamahamoud2002 I'm with you. The most innocent is TP & YJ and they are each others first love. I thought it was sweet. Overly simple YJ may be but you have to be pretty resilient to endure the unfair treatment by Han mama and not turn into a Han Yu Ra Also props to her for finding that baby, (not hers) and raising him with love as her own. Also I'll say it again...I don't need a passionate kiss during pandemic times. I have a great imagination. TP and YJ are the only couple that even shared a kiss. Sweet and tender was good enough for me. Funny enough if every couple had been s
  3. Also @fanofr I agree but I didn't even bother to bring it up. Never once did I think SH was a mistress. I always gathered that Lady Joo is the one that swooped in and did everything to come between them. @Secretz Right?! And the female lead looked like she would snap in two she was so thin and emaciated. I couldn't stop staring at her bones protruding through her coat. Her coat!!!!!
  4. Never said SJ was evil. You don't have to be evil to RickRoll'D things up. He was a brat for sure. To me his sacrifice and death redeemed him. Definitely the taping of his mom & Han Yu Ra. He's spent over 100 episodes crying and whining with puppy dog eyes over YJ. It was a bore. As for the main couple I give them some slack since their relationship went from innocent 14 year olds to a 7 year old grown adult that didn't even know he didn't have sex. I liked the pureness of their love. In spite of all the evil, selfish people around YJ & TP I was fine with them. TP has endured more than
  5. Wow on the um intensity of some viewers um love of SJ. Can't remember who said it but I never really liked him but I wish he didn't die. TP and YJ didn't owe him anything. SJ was clueless and useless but I liked his bromance with TP. His sad lonely life was no ones fault but his own. I also can't give him a pass regarding his defending his mom and berating comatose daddy. Even worse the begging, crying "Please Daddy don't leave mommy and me." What a waste of such a cutie pie I have to say his acting was on point in this last episode. I enjoyed the sincerity in his eyes when he looked at TP.
  6. Has anyone noticed the last couple of episodes SJ & Mama Joo were wearing couples outfits? His black coat had bat wings on the collar and Lady Joo had wings flapping around her butt on her black coat. His pastel lavender waffle sweatshirt and her pastel lavender ensemble. The cream colored combo they wore to see Mr. Kim about his 3%. Also my God SJ how are you begging and crying for everyone to excuse your psycho mom? Cut the apron strings already. Me thinks Chairman Cha has nothing to be ashamed of as a father to SJ. SJ clearly has neediness syndrome. Like me, love me, pick me...! His d
  7. I really wanted Chairman Cha to say to YJ "...um, you didn't have S.E.X. with your brother did you?"
  8. Who else cracked up (I may have pee'd a little) at SJ's reaction to finding out YJ is his sister. The Kdrama style of acting where they scream at the end of the sentence, gives me a chuckle. Then in the preview he screams at his comatose father, (though his mom would rather he remain in by the way), "Daddy you've ruined mommy and my life. Just because you don't love her? Because she's a murderer? Now I can't have sex with my sister! YOU'RE SO SELFISH!!!!!" I think I laughed so hard I cracked a rib at that scene. Not to mention him saying to YJ after she said dad, "That would make us siblings
  9. Reading all you guys comments is more entertaining than the show. I am in stitches
  10. I too look forward to TP & YJ's happy ending. I sometimes wonder if people have watched the entire series so far. Did they not see that Yura pretended to have sex with a 7 year old? Not sure their marriage was registered but it damn sure wasn't consummated or pre-consummated Yura trapped a disabled man and his dying of cancer desperate to ensure her son's well being, mom. She let him believe he was a father, aided in his mother being framed for murder. Dumped him and the kid after stealing all his assets. Left her wicked witch mom to dump the kid like trash because she thought it was TP's
  11. Off topic Q: Someone, gonna search the thread for who, mentioned Gracious Revenge, I've started it now and wondered how to find the thread to read comments about it. I've gone through pages & searches but still couldn't find it. Suggestions & help welcome
  12. So funny I never liked Seo Jun from the beginning. I thought he was obnoxious and childish running away when mommy packed him off to America. Then he comes back after FIVE years and expects to date YJ, who wasn't interested in him in the first place, after zero contact. Man people are rougher on the 'Good guys' then the 'Bad guys'. I don't get it. TP selflessly jumped in the water to save Yura and got brain damage and she still treated him like sh@t. TP loved YJ before the brain damage, with brain damage and after. At first being angry at her for her shitty treatment of him when he lost eve
  13. @Ameera AliThanks for the clarification. Believe me I didn't take it too intense. It's just that I did one of my first tweets to an old "friend" and learned what a sub-tweet was by a tweet her daughter made, who was my kids childhood friend and we did the mommy hang. When I figured it out I was all 'Well I NEVER!' Actually I was LMAO at all of you guys @nohamahamoud2002 commentary. Also I'm gonna need @Yama Yugi to write my next drama. Finally somethings happening. I wan YJ to be the heir to DL, thee older true loves to marry. TP will be chairman Cha's son in law, Secretary Ko be SJ's real da
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