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  1. Hahahahahahahahah!!! Promise me you will not destroy your brain cells on this. I can't let you do it to yourself I love LJH too but all I can say is I hope he's getting paid a lot to just show up and be handsome, (kinda like in Stranger 2) I can't even hate watch this mess. I tried but I still don't know what's going on. I attempt to see if there is any change by doing a quick skim through but it is ridiculous. I rolled my eyes so far back in my head I pulled a muscle at the Doctor only now talking about virus', anecdotes and sacrificing for the good of all. Ugh
  2. A testicle monster would at least be interesting The Tentacle monster is not scary. But add some b@!! sacs & that would be terrifying.
  3. Mutants, zombies, alien creatures, serial killers, smoke possession, 3rd dimension hallucinations, , weird psycho shaman??!! Can anyone tell me what this is supposed to be?
  4. @ktcjrama Jien, while watching Jaehoon from afar saw him try to bury his brother and tried to strangle him. Nurse mom after that incident tried to suffocate Jaehoon when SSH stopped her. they tried to confuse the audience with both women having a similar haircut and style. That was dumb. as far as the events of Jaehoon's family being killed and what room was on what floor I'm going to rewatch those scenes then come back to comment on it. Also my theory on why Jaemin went back in the house after helping his sister was to check on Jaehoon since he saw him being carried off. He was a good cari
  5. What the heck is going on? This is kind of a mess but I'm bored and had nothing to watch. it is all over the place. I'll try one more episode then I might just drop this.
  6. Even though I always thought presidential secretary lady was behind this, not Shin's dad as he was against forced abortion with good reason or rather personal reasons, it makes no sense how intricate this 'organization' is. Let's murder innocent people to show murdering innocent people is bad. Yes then sec. lady should have herself offed first. Problem solved. I have to say, I never once thought detective Shin was a predator. The envelope passed to the person in the black car could have been getting the results of Daniel's tests on Yohan & Jaehoon. Like the pres. sec. lady. I hate that Sh
  7. I agree I don't think he is the baby's father either. Can't wait til his mom finds out. Ditto!
  8. Yay I think I finally figured this out lol. (the quote) My guess is that, that was scientist wife mom with a similar hair style as Ji-An. Baby swap; Jian saw a chance and swapped. Maybe the nurse was out of it, premature birth etc. Jian kept an eye on JH as he grew. I still think JH = HH son. I'll watch with subtitles before commenting. Sheesh getting anxious hair is styled like Jian. I'm with the *edit ignore that last line forgot to erase. Also I think boxer guy wanted revenge for his sister but waited until the right time to strike when he could cause the most damage. To get
  9. Okay so again finally. I've thought all along Song (Boxer) was likely to have killed JH's family. Yeesh From day one if it was a revenge killing , then why? Double payback. I watched this without subtitles but from what I could tell most of it is what I thought. I guess I should wait for the subtitles though. Also baby swap for sure me thinks lol
  10. Yikes @1ouise @nrlleedouble transplant? Please don't give the writer anymore ideas.Also has anybody else wanted to smack the nanny silly? No? Just me? that baby of HJ & YH is sooooooo freaking adorable!!!!!
  11. @cherriesblue I believe BR did attack Chikook and probably didn't expect him to survive and probably would have finished him off.
  12. Okay so the number one reason I thought BaReum was the 7 sin SK is what LSG said about wanting to play a totally different character. Boom! Easy peezy. 2. The writer expressed focusing on a psychopath getting emotion and remorse. 3. Waaay too obvious having Yohan being blunt and seemingly cold being revealed to be 7 sins SK. 4. BR being too good to be true as a cop in a show about psychopaths. 5. As @nrlleementioned this is the writer of God's Gift 14 (Hated that ending and had rage headache insomnia for days, maybe weeks) I wanted to punch a wall. So I have to keep reminding myself to be pre
  13. Can I just say FINALLY! Sheesh! Exactly who I thought is the 7 sins killer. Baruem = Jaehoon. He learned to mimic human emotions like his daddy the HH. Also I agree with someone having to get help for BY under the bridge. Enter Yohan. Who takes the already wounded puppy home to Ji eun. She knew what Daniel would think which is why she was nervous about him seeing the dog. I also believe the little kid tending to Jaehoon's wounds was Yohan. Hence the 'we've met three times' he said to BR/JH and the 'my mother told me about these healing plants.' He already had the temperment for becoming a
  14. I'm sticking with Ba Reum being JaeHoon and the 7 sins killer all along. Also I don't believe Yo Han killed anyone but was convinced that it was necessary from one doctor (Daniel Lee) to another (YoHan). Also realizing he was being framed and knew his history after finding out he was the real son of HH. Maybe he even felt he needed to protect his "mother". Heavy possibility of baby switch. Have a few ideas about the Aunt...orphanage connection...her address change...that kid( like is that really her son? RickRoll'D?...maybe involved or working for Daniel Lee...knowingly in charge of Psycho ki
  15. Moral of Mouse...Psychopaths are bred like rabbits in Korea. Tread carefully if you plan a trip.But seriously folks "What the What?..." How many pregnant women with psychopathic gene babies are in this show? Sheesh!
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