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  1. So I cried so much during today's ep. even without subtitles. Hope I got it all out by the time it's updated with subs. Just thinking about LDC & the cops who screwed him over sends me ricocheting between rage & deep sadness. Ugh!
  2. I actually agree with the original posters comment. It's a cop show...about injustice, corruption and lack of accountability. It happens in real life. On film. All around the world. Let's be clear. BLACK LIVES MATTER, t...hose three words, have no power to oppress, kill or determine ones worth. It is not a political issue that some people want to claim because they want to avoid an uncomfortable conversation for their own reasons. It is a Global issue. It is a human rights issue. Hurting someone because you don't like the way they look is the oppressors weak mindedness. It needs to stop. This is not a supernatural fantasy show. This happens in the real world. Everywhere! Which of course makes it easier to theorize on what could happen. Personally I did not expect LDC to die even though it was truly completely realistic. It was heartbreaking. Just as anyone losing their life to injustice is for any reason. - And yes, BLACK LIVES MATTER TOO, if it makes you more comfortable.
  3. Stay on topic? lol you mean corruption, discrimination, injustice? Bad cops making the good cops look bad? ...Or...all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Which topic doesn't apply to real life? So I know what I talk about. Thanks.
  4. Not kinda richard simmons! Straight up richard simmons! Haeun! I agree...What richard simmons me off is this was Lee Soo Hyuk's chance to get the recognition for his talent and have true leading man opportunities. He deserves it. I love Jang Ki Yong, he too is talented and yes gorgeous but he is in the running for major opportunities. LSH put his heart and soul into that character and I understand he really wants to have a serious acting career. It sucks that he got shafted. I feel more people would have picked up on the show if it went the way it originally seemed to regarding true eternal love. I usually am not drawn to romance drama's but this drew me in. Damn!..my heart fluttered lol I had seen LSH in something long ago and I really wasn't interested. I felt from the poster JKY was going to be another dreamy love lead but I was looking for something to fill in a time slot. I wish he'd continued to play against type and them not turn him into a hero. It's just so absurd. Ugh!
  5. I just have to say I'm not sure I believe they brought in new writers. Me thinks they might feel bad for the writer and made that ish up. Because it already had a too many hard to swallow moments with JB & SB. It makes no sense that they would bring in two new writers and it was a garbled, irrational mess.
  6. Bare with me 'til I figure out how to highlight a name Raziela I would watch your version any day. Also to Fluffyloaf I was obsessed with the OST. Almost looked to see if I could download it. Alas it just doesn't evoke the same deeply moving feelings anymore. I want to forget this drama ever existed. Nothing would change how great I think JKY is or my great appreciation for Lee Soo Hyuk. He is amazing.
  7. I don't know how to respond to you plummpychan but I had to copy the writers name and the directors so if I ever see it on another drama I will avoid it like Covid-19. Now I'm going to burn some sage to cleanse the air lol...and I adore JKY the actor but am cringe at how his character is treated as a hero. I actually watched Born Again at least 10 times just to swoon over Lee Soo Hyuk. The last four episodes I either muted or fast forward. This coming from a crime thriller addict. Rarely like romance because it can be cliche and cheesy. Damn this writer for making my heart flutter and believe in love again. Ugh
  8. So SH has a gangster and a previous life murderer and and current life attempted murderer telling him he's a bad guy and a killer. I don't think I'll get past ten minutes if they continue to flip the script ugh. Turning it off.
  9. I can't bear to watch anymore. I'm kind of disgusted. I thought the murder psychopath line was background for an eternal love story between HE/SB, HB/SH. I am happy I discovered the amazing Lee Soo Hyuk. I have liked JKY since Come and Hug Me. He great. I started to watch The Item with SB (Don't know her name) I must admit I cringed watching her and didn't get past two episodes. So I started Born Again with clean slate. Up until episode 9 I was as satisfied as I could be with a woman hugging an attempted murderer and still putting so much trust in him over her heart beat/love SH. Not once but twice he tried to kill someone. Unfortunately I felt it was as much the actress range in a dual role with conflicting emotions that lacked emoting. Now I have to admit I can't even stand to see her face, expressions or hear her voice. It just all fell apart with her wishy washy character. I believe with a better actress it could have worked with nuances. I don't enjoy her acting but I wish her well in something less heavy for now. She's still pretty young.
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