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[Drama 2020] Elegant Friends/Graceful Friends, 우아한 친구들


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As the spread of the new coronavirus infectious disease (Corona 19) continued, some disruptions occurred in the JTBC drama broadcast schedule.JTBC announced on the 16th that "there is some change in the schedule of drama formation due to issues such as prolonged corona19 events.


'Elegant Friends', the sequel to 'The World of Couples', was postponed in July. 'Elegant Friends' starring Yoo Joon-sang and Song Yoon-a Song were scheduled to air in May.




Now it airs in July? The drama was pre produced.  I thought that after The World of Married couple it will air Elegant Friends. JTBC organized the airing schedules again. They know better.


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1 hour ago, jongski said:

@larus They push back this drama  because of Covid outbreak?  But have they finished filming?

Is there lockdown in Korea affecting  live shoot? Sorry off topic. Was curious.


 It is true that this drama finished shooting so the problem with Covid19 did not affect them directly. JTBC pushed back some dramas and reorganised the airing dates. Model Detective supposed to air in April after When the Weather is Fine but they pushed it back in July also and I think they filmed a lot also. Instead JTBC will air a drama that was supposed to air in SBS, Midnight Snack couple. That`s Monday- Tuesday slot. Elegant Friends was supposed to air after The World of the Married in Friday- Saturday time slot. I don`t know why they pushed it back. Probably for another drama. I really don`t know how they are planing the airing dramas. Instead of airing dramas that are still shooting (Midnight Snack Couple, for exemple), it is not better to air a drama that already has finished shooting?  Just asking.

As I said, JTBC knows better. :)

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34 minutes ago, larus said:

It is true that this drama finished shooting so the problem with Covid19 did not affect them directly


Based on another article because of Olympic Tokyo 2020 got postponed JTBC suddenly got a gap in their schedule. So they are just trying to fill up the missing timeslot. :) Also based on the article you shared they gonna air Doctor foster after World of married ends. if I understand it right. They had not planed to air dramas this summer while the Olympic was gonna take place. I hope this help to understand somewhat why this happened. So Covid19 did affect them. 

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11 hours ago, sal2 said:

Based on another article because of Olympic Tokyo 2020 got postponed JTBC suddenly got a gap in their schedule. So they are just trying to fill up the missing timeslot. :) Also based on the article you shared they gonna air Doctor foster after World of married ends. if I understand it right. They had not planed to air dramas this summer while the Olympic was gonna take place. I hope this help to understand somewhat why this happened. So Covid19 did affect them.


I know that Covid19 affected the schredules and indirectly, it affect the airing date to Elegant Friends. 

I did not know that JTBC will air Dr Foster after The World of Married. I am surprised. I thought that the online video service (OTT) Watchcha Play will air both dramas. Why JTBC will air the original too? We`ll see. But it is unusual. 

I also know that because the Olympics was delayed, they have to put something in the place. Maybe airing the original version after the remake is a way to buy time. But my question remains. Why not air dramas that are already finished shooting? Or why not air old JTBC dramas when they need to buy time?  But I am sure the people at JTBC knows how to organize everything.

Thank you for your answer.



 I re-read the article. Indeed it looks like they will air Dr Foster too. I had in mind the other article about Dr Foster and I did not pay proper attention to the article above.




Evest Investment & Securities analyzed that the possibility of restructuring the deficit business was opened by splitting the theaters for NEW.



In a report on the 17th, researcher Hyun-Yong Kim of Evest Investment Securities said NEW announced the physical division of the theater business the day before. “Surface division does not affect the fundamentals of NEW, but it is possible to interpret the meaning behind the scenes, given that the theater business is a chronic deficit business,” Kim said. It has been done, and if the sale is unsuccessful, it seems to be easier to seek various long-term survival measures such as investment attraction or asset securitization. ”


Momentum is expected to continue through 'Oh My Baby' in May, 'Elegant Friends' in June, and 'Peninsula' in July. Researcher Kim said, Starting with the TVNdrama Omy Baby (starring Jang Na-ra) scheduled to air on the 6th of next month, JTBC Elegant Friends (starring Jun-sang Yoo and Song Yoon-a) in June, and the peninsula (bound for Busan 2) during the summer season from July to August are scheduled.

“In the second half of this year, the movie is expected to be able to produce and organize more than two films, including“ Hostage (starring Hwang Jung-min), ”and more than one drama.

We maintain our Buy rating and target price of W4,000 and W4,000, respectively. Researcher Kim explained, “At least five dramas and movies are scheduled from May to the second half, so it is clear that earnings are recovering.




The drama production is a business after all. The economy of the countries were hit by the medical problem. Who knows how much it takes to recover fully. Be safe everybody!

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] Elegant Friends, 우아한 친구들 - Fri & Sat @ 22:50 KST - Yoo Jun Sang & Song Yoon Ah - Premieres on July 10th

First poster






May 26 2020

First teaser poster for JTBC drama series “Elegant Friends”


Here’s the first teaser poster for JTBC drama series “Elegant Friends” (literal title) starring Yu Jun-Sang and Song Yoon-A. The teaser poster features 10 of the main characters: Yu Jun-Sang as Ahn Goong-Cheol, Song Yoon-A as Nam Jung-Hae, Bae Soo-Bin as Jung Jae-Hoon, Han Da-Gam as Baek Hae-Sook, Kim Sung-Oh as Jo Hyeong-Woo, Kim Hye-Eun as Kang Kyeong-Ja, Jung Suk-Yong as Park Chun-Bok, Lee In-Hye as Yoo Eun-Sil, Kim Won-Hae as Cheon Man-Sik, and Kim Ji-Young as Ji Myeong-Sook. The script revolves around friends of 20 years who experience extreme upheaval after a sudden death.

Ep.1 is now set to air July 10, 2020 in South Korea.



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une 9 2020

First teaser trailer for JTBC drama series “Graceful Friends”


First teaser trailer added for JTBC drama series “Graceful Friends” starring Yu Jun-Sang, Song Yoon-A, Bae Soo-Bin, and Han Da-Gam. Narration in the teaser trailer is done entirely by Yu Jun-Sang as Ahn Goong-Cheol. He states in the teaser trailer “Blood ran in reverse. I could not see anything. I could not hear anything. I only thought I had to protect my precious people. But, when I woke up, I found a person dead in front of me. The world was full of the smell of blood. It was just like 20 years ago.”

Get your popcorn ready for “Graceful Friends” when it first airs July 10, 2020 in South Korea.







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Will ‘Graceful Friends’ Be Another Hit of JTBC Drama?


by krishkim@zapzee.net


There is one drama that is drawing much attention even before the official release.


Recently, JTBC release a poster for their new upcoming drama that will premiere next month. Graceful Friends, which begins as soon as Doctor Foster ends, is already drawing expectations with its fabulous cast and story.


The released poster shows the faces of all characters: Yoo Joon Sang, Song Yoon Ah, Bae Soo Bin, Han Da Gam, Kim Sung Oh, Kim Hye Eun, Jung Suk Yong, Lee In Hye, Kim Won Hee, and Kim Ji Young. Their blank faces and black attires grab attention.


Graceful Friends is considered to be the next hit of JTBC, following SKY Castle and The World of the Married. It is a mystery drama that deals with the story of 20-year-old friends and couples who face the sudden crack on their peaceful lives with the sudden death of a friend.


The drama shows similar composition as SKY Castle. The story revolves around 4 couples, a divorced man and “everyone’s first love,” who has returned after a long time.


JTBC’s Graceful Friends will premiere on July 10.


Source (1)












JTBC’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama, that is aiming to continue the trend of “Sky Castle” and “The World of the Married”


A mystery drama about couples who have known each other for 20 years, but a sudden death of their friend will cause a rift in their peaceful daily lives.

Just by looking at the poster, I think that the ratings will be surpass 15%

Original post: Theqoo


1.Woah, I really like this kind of vibe

2.No but the casting is already amazing

3.I watched “Sky Castle” and “The World of the Married” and it was so fun, I hope this will be exciting too

4.Lee In Hye, I feel like I haven’t seen her in a very long time

5.I just looked it up and the director of this drama is the same as “Another Miss Oh” and “Beauty Inside”!!

6.I feel like I’ve seen this kind of plot somewhere else. What was it?

7.It feels like “Desperate Housewives”+”Intimate Strangers”

8.Oh! Sounds fun. Everyone’s good at acting…!!

9.Since Yoo Jun Sang’s here, the rating are guaranteedㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10.It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Bae Subinㅋㅋㅋ The drama sounds interesting, and I love the cast!

11.The plot sounds like the Korean version of “Desperate Housewives”

12.I enjoyed watching “Sky Castle” and “The World of the Married”, so I’m so excited for this drama

13.Woah, it’s totally my type of drama. I haven’t seen “The World of the Married”, but this looks interesting!

14.Woah.. Look at that line-up! They’re gonna crush us with their acting skills

15.Good casting! The story sounds fun too

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A murder mystery unfolds in Elegant Friends

by tineybeanie


Upcoming suspense-mystery drama Elegant Friends is about how the death of one friend wreaks havoc on the peaceful, ordinary lives of a group of friends and their families. As a result, cracks begin to form in their 20-year friendship.

Yoo Joon-sang (What’s Wrong Mr. Poong-sang) plays the successful department head of a fried chicken franchise and a loving husband to Song Yoon-ah (Secret Mother, The K2). Although she looks like a chic, aloof career woman, Song Yoon-ah’s character craves love more than anyone else. Consequently, she’s an extreme perfectionist in both her work as a psychiatrist and at home as a wife.

Bae Soo-bin (A Pledge to God) plays a single divorcé whose emotions are difficult to discern. He’s an interesting character who hides his deceit behind an elegant smile. Han Da-gam (formerly known as Han Eun-jung from Touch) plays the first love of many men, including those in our group of best friends. Twenty years ago, her charms almost singlehandedly broke apart the group, and she appears again with a mysterious motive.


The dark teaser for Elegant Friends begins with beautiful nightscapes of Seoul accompanied by Yoo Joon-sang’s chilling narration: “My blood flowed backward. I couldn’t see anything or hear anything. Just the thought of protecting my loved ones was on my mind.” A group portrait of Yoo Joon-sang and his closest friends appears.

The screen says: “Everyone has secrets, especially from those closest to them.” A bloody bathroom is revealed, with a dead body inside. Bae Soo-bin, Kim Sung-oh (Hwayugi), and Jung Suk-yong (Never Twice) are present with Yoo Joon-sang, and they looked shocked at the horrific discovery. A flashback to the past shows a very similar scene unfolding with the four friends except the setting is in an office.

Yoo Joon-sang’s narration continues with a seeming confession: “Once I came to my senses, there was a dead person in front of me. The world was filled with the pungent stench of blood.” In the present, Song Yoon-ah clutches at her throat in her car, unable to breathe at a revelation. Han Da-gam appears at a dinner with the wives, and Song Yoon-ah throws wine at her face. The next scene shows Kim Sung-oh picking a fight with Bae Soo-bin.

more http://www.dramabeans.com/2020/06/a-murder-mystery-unfolds-in-elegant-friends/

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Hoho!! First we had SKY CASTLE, the. misty, then THe world of married life which were all more than great !!! Just blowing my mind when I watched each episodes. Just cant wait for another phenomenon like those drama !! For now the poster gives me that vibe so I hope it will be good and a hit!! The plot looks awesome too 


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stills Yu Jung sang



'Elegant Friends' is a mystery drama about the story of 20-year-old friends and their couples who broke the peaceful everyday life by the sudden death of a friend. The change of the people who faced a severe storm in a calm life gives a pleasant sympathy and stimulates thrilling suspense.

Above all, the focus is on Yu Jun-sang's acting transformation, who has been active as an'all-rounder' regardless of genre and role. Yoo Joon-sang played the role of'Angung-cheol', the head of the chicken franchise company and the husband of Nam Jeong-hae (Song Yoon-a). Among his friends, he is a member of Uripa'Insa (Insider)', a romantic husband who is endlessly affectionate to his wife, and a friend to his son. However, there is an unexpected crack that shakes Ahn's perfect happiness, and his life changes greatly.





Joo Ah Reum will appear in drama Graceful friends as Nam Jung Has in colleage years.



It is still weird when they are making cast confirmations when the drama has finished shooting already. Just announce that she will appear in the drama.


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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2020] Elegant Friends/Graceful Friends, 우아한 친구들

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