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  1. Hihi, the main lead are so cute >< I don’t know you but they do suit each other haha. It’s quite funny since in the drama the traditional male bossy and innocent female lead theme are reversed. Now, it’s the turn of the woman to be bossy and rich and the male lead is innocent. Anyway, this year is year for Chinese dramas haha
  2. SPOILER ALERT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The drama was well written and detailed. You actually don't need a lot of characters to get a good drama. As always, Lee Yoori did a great job, her emotions, her pain, her smile everything is very detailed and so realistic. This is why she is the rating queen, invert drama she never stop challenging herself and that is why we all love her!! ^^ Yeon Jung Hoon portrayed the role perfectly, his last drama that I have watched is Mask and I just love him in the drama. In this drama, I have to
  3. wow this year is full of surprises!! After the romance between tiger and roses, there are We are all alone, Nothing but thirty and now Go Ahead!!! They are all great drama for this year 2020!! Go Ahead just started but it is a promising drama with good actors. The plot is funny and original, I don't feel bored when I watch it, and OMG the kids look so cute! The dads are just so funny and it can move everybody's heart! They look like a dad and a mother actually LMAO X) ANYWAY JUST WATCH IT YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!! ***
  4. They look so lovey dovey, I just start the first episode and it already looks amazing. The plot looks great and the chemistry between the characters are strong! You can tell by looking at their eyes that there are some genuine feelings, even though he doesn't know what feeling is, I can see he is trying his best to be the person his daughter and wife wants to see. Some might say he is a faker but actually he is trying his best not to be normal but to show his love to his family.
  5. This drama is literally one of the best drama in 2020 and I you haven't started it yet then YOU should do it RIGHT NOW!! WHat's great is that it's subbed in English so feel free to watch it in HQ ! I guarantee you, it will worth your time!! This drama actually illustrate us 3 kind of woman we can be or can relate too. One of my favorite character is Gu Jia and you who is your favorite character?
  6. [ D E T A I L S ] English name: Boss in the mirror Native name: 사장님 귀는 당나귀 귀 Episodes: 56 (on going) Network: KBS, available on YouTube on KBS World Released date: 05/02/2019 Running time: Sunday at 17:00 (Korean standard time) [ P L O T ] This is a variety show where Korean bosses go through self-examination to create a better working environment for their employees. The show features a variety of industries (gym, model agency, restaurant, national training etc...) and include guest appearances in the form of special MCs
  7. Details: Title: 传家 English title: Legacy/ The Heritage Genre: Period, Historical, Business, Family, Romance Director: Producer: Yu Zheng Episodes: Broadcast Date: 2021 Cast: Qin Lan as Yi Zhong Ling Wu Jin Yan as Yi Zhong Yu Zhang Nan as Yi Zhong Xiu Nie Yuan as Xi Wei An [Zhong Ling's husband] Han Geng as Tang Feng Wu [Zhong Yu's husband] Zheng Kai as Lu Pei [Zhong Xiu's boyfriend] Synopsis: Set in the late 1920s, it follows the three daughters of Shanghai department store giant Xinghua as they go head to head against ea
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