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  1. I am currently reading Kim Ji young born 1982, and I highly recommend it, maybe it's because I am an asian too so I could relate to the main character situation. This book is not only about a simple story about a woman who is a wife, a mother, a daughter in law, a daughter. No, through this book you will encounter situations of your daily life that you thought it was normal cause no one pointed it out. But, actually the situation is not that normal, why do women have to sit and listen to what men say, we are woman but we can lead a perfect accomplished career, things HE can do SHE can do
  2. omg I don't want to spoil what happened in episode 5 , but at this rate I will have an anger control issue!!!! If there is one thing you have to learn from this drama is that you can't trust anyone in this world. YOU CAN'T!!!!!
  3. I thought it too, but maybe someone just took Ro Na's necklace and put it on the victim to make people think it's bae ro na the culprit. Actually, there was a scene where you see before the ceremony for the Cheon Ah trophy, Bae Ro Na saw Seokyung paying someone to make something for her. So at this point, if Bae Ro Na really fell then the first suspect is Seok Hyun. And if it follow this way, her twin brother will surely cover for her even if he loves Bae Ro Na since he might think that all of the disaster that happened to Bae Ro Na is his family's fault. Still, I hope it will be not Bae
  4. finally it started!!! this time it's the time that devils should pay for what they did. They are devils because they know and are all willing to keep being evil. They are just greedy to the core that they can't see their crime. At least, Oh Yoon Hee felt remorse for killing Seol Ah. But other residents of the Hera Palace are just rotten to the core, they felt disgust when they see poor, but actually they already sold their soul to the power. they are demons disguised in devils. Still, in this beginning of the season 2, there is a vicious circle. .................................
  5. ~ D e t a i l s ~ Title: Thank you, Doctor Native title: 谢谢你医生 Genre: Medical Director: Producer: Episodes: 40 Broadcast Date: August 19th, 2021 Released date: ~ C a s t ~ Yang Mi as Xiao Yan Johnny Bai as Bai Shu Qian Zhen Yu as Cristy Guo as Zheng Yajie James Li as Xu Yiran ~ P l o t ~ A story that follows doctors of the newly-established EICU who rely on their medical expertise to save every patient. Overcoming differences, they pour their hearts and soul to preserving life. Returning from abroad, Xiao
  6. cr mydramalist Details: Title: 传家 English title: Legacy/ The Heritage Genre: Period, Historical, Business, Family, Romance Writer: Wang Wei Director: Yu Zheng Episodes: 40 Broadcast Date: 2021 Cast: Qin Lan as Yi Zhong Ling Wu Jin Yan as Yi Zhong Yu Zhang Nan as Yi Zhong Xiu Nie Yuan as Xi Wei An [Zhong Ling's husband] Han Geng as Tang Feng Wu [Zhong Yu's husband] Zheng Kai as Lu Pei [Zhong Xiu's boyfriend] Synopsis: Set in the late 1920s, it follows the three daughters of Shanghai department store giant Xinghua as the
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