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  1. This drama is literally one of the best drama in 2020 and I you haven't started it yet then YOU should do it RIGHT NOW!! WHat's great is that it's subbed in English so feel free to watch it in HQ ! I guarantee you, it will worth your time!! This drama actually illustrate us 3 kind of woman we can be or can relate too. One of my favorite character is Gu Jia and you who is your favorite character?
  2. Awwww I can't anymore!! I AM A D D I C T E D TO THIS DRAMA!!! The plot is great and the actors are beautiful and their acting is just the icing on the cake (but maybe I already talk about that) * I just finished episode 8 and it's soooo goooood, I don't want to wait for another week to see how things will go on. I want to know it right NOW!!!!! And OMO, Seo Ye Ji's looks here is no joke guys, the clothes style suits her sooooo well, I am envious ayaaaaaahhh!!! Look at that !! She is so gorgeous, so glamour, so badaaaas ">.<"
  3. Hellooo!! I saw it on Vietnamese online newspaper, I saw it on mydramalist too but I don't know when they will air it. Me too, I missed watching her T.T, just rewatch her movies and dramas to remind her beautiful and cute face
  4. Still waiting for the upcoming drama: Tears in Heaven with Shawn Dou, the story looks sooooo interesting!! There is the trailer so why is it still not aired?!! this drama should be aired, they were so great on Princess Agent! *** ***
  5. Never saw an actor that could make me move and cry with him His scenes are perfect!!! every time I watch, every time I got the 2nd lead syndrome when he is the 2nd lead male T.T always asking "WHYYYYY T.T WHYYYYY DON'T YOU LOVE HIM INSTEAD T.T"
  6. I shipped her so much with Leo Luo, they have such a great chemistry!!! We need a drama with them as the main characters until the last episode!!! I remembered her on My Sunshine, OMO they were so cute and lovely!!!
  7. awww!! She is so cuuuuute!!! She is the queen of travel drama lmao, it suits her so well!!!
  8. Can't wait to see her on her new drama(幸福到万家), the plot seems interesting yet it's a bit risky. The drama is actually a remake of an old book I think. And there are already a lot of remake of it with different version... But in any case, I will support her !!!
  9. OMONA!! It seems pretty good!! She is one of Lee Yuri close friends, they are so funny and their role are similar too!! I am sure she will nail it like she did with her previous work!! Still, antagonist and mean role suits her better hahaha
  10. this is our unnie!! Actually, I like her so much because she is pretty, talented, smart and doesn't let anything to put a pressure on her. As an Asian, marriage is an important value for us. When we reach some ages, we somehow feel the need to get married due to our family and society impact. I am so glad that she shared with us the importance of feeling comfortable. Personally, I think that you should get married when you feel comfortable and not because someone influence you!!! In a woman's life, there is so much of thing that. you want to experience so I think we should take our time to enjoy it like she does with her friends (traveling, shopping etc...)
  11. the BTS are so cute and funny, did you guys check their tik Tok , they are so cute and funny lmao
  12. awwwww!!!!!! I directly follow it hahaha He is not only handsome and a good actor but is also a good person with a good sense of humor haha his interactions with Dilreba Dilmurat are so funny
  13. oh yeah I watched it but only skip just to see his parts hahaha, I am not a fan of the main plot but the development of his character was super interesting and funny hahaha My favorite characters among those he portrayed is Nam Sun Ho in My country new age, the plot is sooooooo interesting. I am not a fan of bromance but this ONE, this ONE I STAN FOR THIS BROMANCE!!!! If you didn't watch it yet, then go watch it!!! It will worth your time, trust me hahaha!! The second one is definitely Kim Min Joon in Mad Dog, the story itself is so freaking good, one of the best drama I've watched. It was just frustrating because back then I hoped that he can get more lovely moment with the girl T . T What about you?
  14. If you want to see more of his handsome face while waiting his comeback, then you definitely need to watch his movie where he paired with Park Seo Joon. The movie was awesome and he was just stunning and so handsome lmao
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