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  1. The biggest kdrama this year no doubt. TWOTM's popularity in South Korea is no joke. I can't remember when was the last time a drama spawn out this many parodies and memes. This is funny considering twotm is so intense. Parodies and memes of the drama are everywhere, and these parodies are actually quality content highly recommend yall to watch.
  2. My thoughts on ep 16: Although it was sad, it was a reasonable ending. At that point, Joon Young has been through so much that he needed to run away to find himself. Sunwoo knows where he is too, but she accepted that it's better to leave JY alone hence why we saw Sunwoo talking about forgiveness and acceptance at the end. There are many life lessons in this drama as it incorporated a ton of social issues, which is definitely something I appreciate because it makes an drama/movie meaningful. The World of the Married Life Lessons: 1. Once trust is broken, things won't be the same. 2. Life isn't all pinky all the time so hang in there 3. Appreciate the things you have 4. You will still hurt by an unfortunate incident even after years 5. Karma is real 6. DON'T CHEAT!!! Cheers to one of the best K-dramas ever! Also the best remake because I think TWOM is much better than Doctor Foster in terms of direction and acting. Music fits the drama so well so props to the composers. They really helped elevating the mood of the drama.
  3. Episode 14 Ratings (05/09/2020) Nationwide: 24.301% Seoul: 26.841% The ratings in Seoul for this episode broke last week's record. In my opinion, this episode is the best episode so far. Hope to see it breaks 25% nationwide by the finale! Also, TWOTM episode 14 has been trending on top since last night. It is now trending at #3 on Naver as of 05/10 9am KST. #9 for the 10s, #2 for the 20s and 30s, and #3 for the 40s and 50s. That's the point of the show. To show the gender inequality and social inequality in South Korea... to show how easy men get away with things and how difficult life is for women. Those were topics that weren't addressed in Doctor Foster and TWOTM has been praised for including these aspects in the its storyline.
  4. I watched Itaewon Class and Yoo Jae Myung didn't impress me that much. The only impressive thing that I remember about him is the scene when he was killing that chicken. Interesting... It is a great drama. One of the best k-dramas I've watched and I've watched plenty of them. It's great to see international medias picking up on it although it's not available to stream internationally. About people calling this drama "an ahjumma-drama", they haven't seen that people in the 20s and 30s watching this drama more than people in their 40s. A makjang? Most of them didn't even watch the drama and are just pissed that TWOTM surpassed their favorite dramas in ratings. This drama is anything other than a makjang. Some of them are fans of romantic dramas and I swear most of the times the plots for those dramas although enjoyable and fun are very generic. The definition of makjang: a sylistic, tonal, or narrative element in dramas that chooses to play up outrageous storylines to keep viewers hooked despite how ridiculous the stories become (adultery, revenge, rape, birth secrets, fatal illnesses, and flirting with incest possibilities are some makjang favorites). If so, Game of Thrones would also be a makjang lmao, and Game of Thrones is one of the most acclaimed series on television. TWOTM is too realistic to even be called a makjang. I even saw some people saying that this drama is too dark and teach people the wrong things LMAO. @poppie Yeah 21% is still very high!! The series's average right now is more than 17%. That's more than 5% higher than Sky Castle's average. I hope tonight's episode will be higher and hopefully the drama will once again break its own record by the finale.
  5. oh no I disagree!!! Sunwoo and Taeoh going back together would be a disaster. I don't think people want to see her doing that and a reunion wouldn't fit Sunwoo's character as well. Would moving away from Gosan be a good start for Joonyoung? I don't know I feel like he has been through too much as a 13 year old and this would traumatize him forever. I just hope the writer won't leave the ending hanging like Doctor Foster (well Doctor Foster was supposed to have another season but the main actress didn't come back so that's why it was an open ending...)
  6. Episode 13 Ratings (05/07/2020) Nationwide: 21.087% Seoul: 23.920% Episode 13 continued to dominate its time slot. Rating dropped 3.2% from last week's record, but rating usually drops during Fridays so I wouldn't worry too much. The episode was also really heavy to watch. I even had to stop several times while watching because there were too much to take in. It was too real. Joonyoung is the main victim of all the problems between Sunwoo and Taeoh. He knows that his mom is not happy but he doesn't know how to express it so he pushes her away instead. After all, he's just a teenager (still doesn't excuse his behaviors though). He needs to receive proper punishments to realize his mistakes. Just because he has been suffering from his family's problems, he still shouldn't steal and hit people violently. I wonder how they will wrap the story up in the last 3 episodes with Joonyoung's story because the director said that the ending will be different from the original. Will Sunwoo eventually move away from Gosan? What will happen to Joonyoung? I was surprised to see TWOTM not nominated for best drama. Maybe they chose not to include it as it hasn't finished airing. Best Script is also not an option as this is a remake. I hope the director will win Best Director though. The directing and camerawork in this drama is phenomenal. Every scene was beautifully shot. If I could choose 2 things why this drama is huge, it is because of the director and Kim Hee Ae. About Best Actress, I agree this should be an easy win for Kim Hee Ae. Korea thinks the same too from the responses I've seen so far. They all agree that Kim Hee Ae is the standout from this drama. Judging from how big the drama is and the rave reviews she has been receiving, it's only right to conclude that she would win Daesang or Best Actress. The other actresses aside from IU are all very strong actresses and deserves to win. However, I've seen them acting in much stronger and more complex roles so their roles in their dramas respectively didn't impress me as much. If Kim Hee Ae won't win Best Actress, it would be only because she will win the Daesang instead. If she wins this time, this would be her 3rd Daesang at Baeksang... Impressive. Do you think Han So Hee and Kim Young Min will win? Idk about HSH but I think KYM will win. He was so good in CLOY and now this drama. His range is insane. From a coward in CLOY to a cheater in TWOTM.
  7. Some updates about how hot this drama in South Korea right now. Articles about TWOTM has consistently getting on top articles for the day, getting at least 400,000 views. The lastest trending article got more than 600,000 views yesterday and is still trending at #2 today. From what I've read from Koreans, everyone in SK is talking about this drama - its impact is huge. There's a reason why it has been getting more than 20% rating. You know that a drama is huge when the characters in the drama top search rankings! Look at TWOTM dominating the top 8 and not just 2 or 3 spots. The kiss scene at the end of Episode 12 has received 1.26 Million views as of May 4 3AM KST on Naver TV. Yesterday on Sunday, all TWOTM videos were dominating Naver TV and TWOTM has been dominating since the show started airing. The drama has also been trending worldwide on Twitter for weeks now when a new episode is released. For Episode 12, it was #1 in South Korea with Koreans trending literally every character and how frustrated they are (such as DEMANDING_JUSTICE lmao), #3 in Indonesia, #24 in United Kingdom, #3 in Philippines and probably more but these are some I could collect from Twitter. This drama would be way bigger internationally if it is available to stream via Netflix. The R-rating that the show got didn't stop people from watching at all, just like Joker. I hope the success of TWOTM and Sky Castle will encourage SK drama producers to make more diverse genres. These shows have shown that people are interested in watching dramas about dark themes and controversial topics.
  8. MHS - "Do you know why I couldn't free myself from In Kyu? Because I pitied him. He was a despicable human being, but I couldn't dump him because I pitied him. That's how I ended up here. But that's what I saw in your eyes last night. You knew it was wrong. Just as I covered for that jerk and protected him, that's what you're doing to Lee Tae Oh". Damn MHS really gave SW a wakeup call just like this and honestly, SW really needed to hear this.
  9. Well said. I think the viewers, including myself, all expected and knew where the story is going given how the story was progressing. We are just too scared to face it and were in denial because that would be too realistic and those scenes, such as SW and TO sleeping with each other, make us remember that things like, being emotionally too invested and toxic love, happen in real life all the time. I'd like to commend the writer and director for crafting such a outstanding layered story.
  10. I completely agree. Although I used to hate it when she slept with her ex-husband again, I realized that it's one of the things that actually happens in real life and this drama is just being realistic. Most women in the 30s and 40s that have been married for a long time don't even get a divorce when they know that their husbands cheated on them. The drama is about the world of the married. It's not all black and white. I respect that they don't follow what you usually see in typical mistress/cheating dramas, where the main character got her revenge and divorce and then it's all done, but they show how complicated the real world is and how flawed some people are.
  11. Well deserved! This drama is not just your average infidelity drama - I hope people know that it's the story, directing and acting that makes TWOTM different from other infidelity dramas instead of saying that many people watch it because it's about infidelity and sex sells. The way they pace the story is definitely one of the best I've seen in the Kdrama scene. This is my first time watching a Kim Hee Ae drama and she is just mesmerizing. No wonder why she has such a long successful career. TWOTM will surely sweep the awards because the directing, story and acting are all top notch. Because Baeksang considers dramas that has aired at least 4 episodes from April 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020, I hope TWOTM will snatch Daesang at Baeksang this year and KHA for Best Actress.
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