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  1. I dont think she was pregnant when she collapsed at family meeting. If you guys remembered she had a stomach problem which appeared on earlier episode. Both NH and GJ were from conversative family so they wouldnt do it unless they were married. In my opinion she got pregnant later and found out when they were travelling together (?) (next preview seems like she took a pregnancy test in the bathroom )
  2. Lmao so true! They obviously doing lovey dovey things at work place but their cowokers seems have no clue about it moreover they set up blind date for GJ Actually GJ wanted to open their relationship to their coworkers but NH said to wait until the end of the year cause she's little bit scandalous right now (due to their divorce and her dating history with JR) I secretly hope too but if you see the next trailer DH seems upset after met her alone .. Is because DH heard unpleasant things from her or DH found out her dementia symptom (?) but I think NH will found out it first.
  3. I dont think he will kick JS maybe Gyu Jin just scolded him for doing such a crazy actions like that without telling him and na hee as per agreement. I think the writers seems to rush things up for sadon couple arc. It's unrealistic to get married for a couple who only been dating for 1-2 months but its a drama I also wanted the writers to solve Nagyu reunion first before their siblings marriage but it seems like she wanted to drag it until the end.
  4. Im so happy for JS - DH to announce their relationship to Song's household. I cant stop laughing when i saw the scenes But im quite disappointed with them for not telling Nagyu first about their marriage attention Whats the point for their alliance??? Seems like they betrayed their siblings lmao Now Nagyu couple situation will be more complicated after Dajae revealed their relationship Ps : I laughed so hard when gyu jin got hit by baseball ball its like a bad luck will happened and it turns out his brother 'backstabbed' him
  5. Or when they were dating, they met sadon couple by accident at the cafe or resto .. It would be hillarious imagine their faces when older bro and sis saw them #wrongplace#wrongtime lmao I hope they will team up together to get approval from both of their family esp their mom.. Get ready guys
  6. IA with @emerald ox My guess is KJ will tell NH to do what makes her happy even though she decides to go to NY with JR... But I wish he will tell her to stay by his side..
  7. I think he will ask NH about her feelings toward JR and i hope she answered him honestly.. But they will make it the otherway bc in the preview KJ wiped his eyes maybe he did it after their conversation As @Nadia Muñoz said, he needs to move another hospital and maybe this way NH will realize too that she still has a feelings to him.
  8. I think that lady will trick Young Dal and market people to get money from them or the worst to happen, she pretends to be YD's fake sister (i hope not )
  9. I knew it!!! NH will dodge JR's attempt She still has a feeling to KJ.. After she ate with JR, she approached KJ to eat dinner together bc she only ate snacks (actually she already fulled) If only GJ didnt misunderstand her BY was so ungrateful toward NH i know she wanted KJ to move on but doesn't mean she can threw it away that porridge moreover NH was her doctor's son .. BY acted like a housewife enter the bedroom without permission and the result was she heard sick KJ called her NH lmao I'm glad Kyu Jin drew a line toward her and didnt use her in order to forge
  10. IA that was a big red flag to me The more I see the director, the more I hate his character.. even I feel pity to BY why his ego ruin someone B-Day? moreover he acts lovey dovey to NH in front of GJ ? Yeah why they don't give the space to NH -GJ Or GH - HS story instead? Every time we saw them in preview ep it was exactly the same amount they got on air.
  11. Every couple is sailing meanwhile NH and GJ It seems JS and DH will bring them closer so they can go back together I can't wait Na hee and Gyu Jin found out the sadon couple it would be epic and hilarious
  12. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/tvbrand/article/009/0004597641?dssid=1166536 Based on go*gle translate, KJ will confess something .... btw NH change her hair?she still pretty as always :* PS: I looked still pics at kbs insta and I notice someone sit beside KJ (isn't BY ?) Double date??? Omg ahhh cant wait for the weekend!!!! >.<
  13. Yeah BY is so useless and KJ spend his time with her only bc of her son. Maybe Lee Sung Kyung cameo as his psychiatrist ?nurse? or single mom like BY ? LOL I thought she appeared as JS oldflame but in the last ep it turns out his last blind date who is back to hunt him. I read somewhere LSK will be part of KJ NH arc and Channi will become DH friend in college I have already watch it and i love LMJ and JKH chemistry. You should watch it @jelly IA LMJ's sister is so annoying and selfish too. She was JKH's first love but she ignored him for 8 years but wh
  14. Thank you!!! I think KJ's big time will start this weekend (*finger crossed). JS will settle with DH (maybe this week) so for now he become his self again and start to care his bro (when you're in happy mood but someone around you isnt) Im sure he will help KJ to solve his desperado. I think the best way to help KJ is to move another hospital so he can relax abit or maybe out of town for a while? I want to see NH reaction if KJ is not around her anymore.
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