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  1. Yes, this has happened throughout the world--Africa, South America, Central America, Southeast Asia, Europe. Just take Indonesia as an example. The government practiced something called the Jakarta method--anyone who was suspected of being a Communist was executed or imprisoned in labor camps without a trial. Other targeted individuals were ethnic Chinese, Muslims and women's rights activists. Over 1 million people were killed from 1965 to 1966. This was sanctioned by the US government because it was part of their fight against Communism. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Jakarta_
  2. South Korea is a US ally whereas China isn't. The U.S. media tends to focus on our rivals' human rights violations rather than those of our allies (see also Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc.).
  3. I only watched this show for Lee Sang Yi so watching episode 10 was hard. Why did he have to be beat up so badly?
  4. I'm wondering why the FL agreed to go along with Soo Ryeong's plan to pretend to be on the blind date. I know she was motivated by money, but hasn't she learned from the past that going along with SR's plans have horrible consequences for her? After getting kicked out of school, if I were Myung Hee, I would have cut SR out of my life completely.
  5. Kim Ji Suk's cameo as PBY's ex was hilarious! Who goes to protest their ex at their workplace after being caught for adultery? Kim Ji Suk is always really good at playing jerks. Seo In Guk--his eyes! They're slightly creepy looking and he's giving off similar vibes as his character in his previous drama "The Smile Has Left Your Eyes". I was thinking of what other actor could play this role and I thought of Lee Joon Gi because he also has such unique looking eyes...gives a lot of ambiguity to roles.
  6. I'm a little confused. I thought the ML's father wanted him to marry the secondary female lead because her family had money, but now it seems her father wants her to marry the ML because his company is on the brink of bankruptcy and he needs the support of the ML's father? Also, I hope Lee Sang Yi gets more screen time but I guess his storyline kind of detracts from the OTP.
  7. Yeah, she did deliberately mislead Hee Tae, but it was the other girl's idea. And as someone who also grew up very poor, I can understand doing things like that to pursue one's education when the odds are against you.
  8. I suppose so, but I feel like it's a victimless crime. She's not really hurting anyone doing it.
  9. I'll keep watching the show because I liked Lee Sang-Yi in "Once Again" but the leads are kind of boring me. I've only ever seen the FL in a minor role in "The Smile Has Left Your Eyes" and have never seen the ML before. I kind of like the second female lead better. So far, the FL seems like a Mary Sue. She's a great person who helps children who get hit by cars on the street. She doesn't seem to have any flaws.
  10. Yes, that's what this show reminds me of so far! (I've only seen the first episode).
  11. Some of the camera angles were odd. There's a weirdly cheesy sort of acting in some of the scenes despite the serious nature of the drama. For instance, it seemed the actor playing the ML's dad was kind of hamming it up. And they had some very intense close-ups of his eyes to emphasize how "evil" he is. I checked this drama out because I liked Lee Sang-Yi in "Once Again". His character hasn't been in the drama that much yet, but wow, his character once again starts off coming home from being abroad. I hope his character doesn't end up being a jerky second male lead when the FL ine
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