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  1. Took me a while to process all of this because ever since 1/1/2021 everything binjin related seems like a dream - too good to be true. BUT it’s not this is reality. honestly I was kind of disappointed and sad that yejin didn’t win best actress but hb’s speech made everything better. He was able to win the grand prize because his “yejin-ssi” is the best partner and did an amazing job portraying yoon seri (according to hb). I really didn’t think that he would mention her in his speech because hb has never mentioned his GF before after confirming the relationship so when he was thanki
  2. ITS SON YEJIN'S BIRTHDAY I just want to start this by quoting someone I saw on Twitter that said, we went from "clowns to champions" how does it feel everybody? I remember so many fandom mocking us & calling us delusional but now EVERYBODY wants what we have. Yejinhand liking spree 2.0 was the last thing I expected after the confirmation but she did it & this makes me love her so much more. I love that she she's not shy about showing her love I love that even though she's in the entertainment industry she's still so humble and is her true self Lastl
  3. I haven't been checking this site in a while, but has been updated through other shippers and let's just say people are really showing their true colors. BUT that doesn't matter because at the end of the day Kim Taepyung loves Son EonJin and Son EonJin loves Kim Taepyung. Thank you @cybertron for reminding me about Jan 9th 2019. Those photos led to our first ever denial but looking back i'm glad they denied because it gave us cloy, prescons/interviews, the Swoon, baeksang (during and post), smart, and most importantly yejinhand ig post about meeting a good person. This also made the fan
  4. It’s been a day already and i still can’t believe it. Is everyone ok?? No heart failure right? I have expressed my excitement/joy through other platforms but this us where i came out of my shell & started interacting with other shippers so i had to come here & scream too AHHHHH. I have thought about what I’ll say once they confirm but now that they did my mind is a mess so pls bare with me. Binjin if you’re reading this pls be happy for a long long time. No matter what i will alway love & support the two of you HB pls treat her right she deserves the world & I ho
  5. Keyword: “comfortable” HB once said his ideal type is someone he can feel comfortable being with yejin once mentioned that she’s the type to feel more comfortable when dating/in love The funniest thing about this interview is the fact that they talk so much about TN a movie from 2018 (and it isn’t even his recent movie) I guess the interviewer is also a shipper. This is to the haters that said HB is uncomfortable around yejin because guess what? HE’S NOT in fact he’s actually very comfortable being with her. Every time I want to take a break from shipping them they say nope no
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