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  1. Another day another reason why CLOY is so iconic. The bridge where YSR and RJH met each other is literally a tourist place. The fact that Switzerland set this up just shows how much everybody loves CLOY except for the judges in Korea. They literally mark the exact place that YSR and RJH stood. AND they even marked the place where they stood next to each other looking at the people paragliding. I just have to say ICONIC. CLOY really did that but people still have the nerve to hate. CLOY and BinJin will always be remembered as something so iconic years down the road just look at all of the love
  2. This is the first time I have seen this video and omg I miss TN era so much . They were so carefree and didn’t mind showing the entire world that they are in love. If only we can go back to that time and witness their love story again. HB really doesn’t know what manner hand is when it comes to Yejin. He literally pulled her towards him ugh I miss these lovebirds so much.
  3. Overall AAA is relatively new and is more for idols than actors but because we’re competitive like Yejin and wants to see them on stage together again we’re fighting really hard for both of them. Also Yejin liked a fan pic recently that talked about the AAA voting so it means she knows and that’s a big motivation for us to vote even harder to win this. So honestly it’s not a big award or anything like that but it doesn’t hurt to win this for them because they appreciate and love the fans so much so this is like a thank you gift from us to them. However APAN is a bigger award and they also ha
  4. I haven’t been here in a while because CHOEAEDOL has taken over my life. Guess all those years of being a kpop fan finally paid off even though I wasn’t this extreme back then. The things I’m willing to do for BinJin haha. But I just want to pop in real quick and say SYJ is a Rich Queen. 13.9 million USD . Can’t she just adopt me please haha? To those who like to say media play this shows that she doesn’t need it because she’s RICH RICH. The true “unbothered queen” And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Baby, She just going to shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. She shake it off
  5. GUYS!! Just wanted to say intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM!!! ) It doesn’t matter if that picture was posted for work or if it was personal. What matters is the fact that we can see how happy she is. She looks so contempt with life and her smile is so genuine she’s genuinely happy. You can see that she has this glow to her that we haven’t seen in a long time and it could only mean one thing... The woman is in love. HB also have this exact glow in his thank you video earlier this week. (The one where he said he had the happiest birthday and was gifted with a bunch of BinJin related
  6. Just saw the first episode and just wanted to say I loved it. So nice to see LDW again and this episode was so intense can’t wait to see what happens next. JBA is also such a great actress I hope she gets more recognition after this drama
  7. Others can say whatever they want to try and rain on our parade but come talk to us when vast stalk your ship’s fan account . We all know who owns Vast and the fact that they consistently check on BinJin fan accounts is definitely interesting haha. Check it out everybody before it disappear it’s not just one post but a couple of IG stories that will disappear after 24 hrs. https://instagram.com/stories/cloverleafinafans_official/2413700574087630313?igshid=nsstx5x54zar In case it might disappear I posted it on Twitter to make it easier for everybody to see.
  8. Beanhandhk proving once again that they’re the best BinJin fans ever. I mean how did they even catch that? Guess HB proposed already and we’re just waiting for Yejin to answer . His little smile at the end of the video is so cute. He can’t hide it whenever he’s with her also small rant but I’ll put it under spoiler because I don’t want to ruin the mood of the happy vibe in this video
  9. Once again we're back to people doubting just because she didn't mention HB. It's like baeksang 2.0 I understand that there will be doubts because I have them too from time to time but please remember that this event was exclusive for HER Japanese fans and i'm pretty sure she was sick because she was sniffing the entire time. The people there are also very private and not all of them ship her with anyone so please understand that. If she doesn't show that she's close to HB then she gets backlash form our side and if she does show it then she'll get backlash from the other side calling it med
  10. You read about it online? Haha sure I believe you but why were you stuttering? SYJ is a great actress but a terrible liar Not a lot of crumbs today but after being fed so much this past week it’s okay P.S. Please continue to vote so we can widen the gap. Vote as many times as you want and I would suggest to use Chrome because it’s faster. https://metro.style/promos/most-beautiful-korean-actresses-votation-page
  11. I'm going to write a paragraph because it's Bin's day so I'm sorry in advance haha. This is more of a HB appreciation post but since it's his special day I hope Yejin doesn't mind. I know the chance of them reading this is very little, but I just want to say Happy Birthday to the sweetest man alive. I love you so much and I don't even know you. Thank you for making my life so much brighter and for "being friends" and taking care of my idol and inspiration. I hope you'll always be healthy and will be surrounded by the people you love once quarantine is over. You're also such an inspiration
  12. My favorite part of that interview is definitely “i think Yoon Seri is the most beautiful woman in the world”. AND the fact that he said SYJ and YSR is almost the same person in the past. He’s basically indirectly confirming that SYJ is the most beautiful woman in his eyes Why is he so in love omg I can’t handle this. So suck it haters this is proof that he only have eyes for one person. We don’t need some stupid poll to prove her beauty because she’s already the most beautiful in his eyes and that’s all that matter. Gosh he’s so whipped for her. In this fandom we don’t get crumbs anymore we
  13. I know we’re a fandom that literally celebrates every day/moment but this day, September 22 is a very special day for them and me. This day two years ago SYJ being the most secretive person ever had decided to give us a sneak peek into her life. Happy anniversary you lovebirds hope to see the great wall of HB live on for many years to come. Their heads were literally stuck together like glue and the heart filter is making me emotional haha. Today is a good day to reminisce about this beautiful love story that has been unfolding in front of our eyes for the last two years.
  14. OPPA IS CALLING I REPEAT OPPA IS CALLING. Gookie oppa? Min Tae-gu oppa? Jeong Hyuk oppa? Kim Tae-Pyung oppa? Hyun Bin oppa? which oppa is it hahaha? And the SMART saga continues. Stay tuned for the next cf to know the answer to the question we have all been asking "how do I know it's the one?" Can't wait to see "the One" with her on the next cf. Also happy 2 years to TN (since this fandom celebrates every event lol). And it's also Min Tae-Gu's birthday today too so yay partyyy Is this a coincidence? I think NOT this is fate doing it's magic right here.
  15. Ever since HB came back September has been a good month for BinJin nation. I decided to compile some of my favorite quotes from HB/SYJ. (this literally took me DAYS because there's SO much). To those that are starting to have doubts because of the drought, I hope this could change your mind. Even IF they're not in a relationship, you can see the love they have for each other in their words/action. Please don't be a two faced "fan" one day when you decide to stop shipping them and act like you were never in this ship in the first place because you were (we don't know anyone like that right?)
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