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I have an idea for the 1st poll.  I've been thinking of a couple of others.  I have not watch TKEM since it ended, believe it or not, so I may create the polls on the fly.  It's a little different since we already know the story.  


18 hours ago, Elnin Joery said:


count me in. April 17th is an ideal date. I am all up for it. Is that eastern or pacific times? 

When I participated in the Netflix party, we had people in Asia and the US.  It was a little difficult to accommodate everyone, which is why I suggested perhaps watching according to the region.  Also, you need a laptop (or I guess desktop) to use Netflix party.  We'll figure it out as it gets closer to the date.

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Hey Monarchs! I would like to thank you all for visiting, posting, liking, and lurking on this thread. "The King" has been quite a ride for all of us. Kudos to us for sticking with the drama until the

This thread will probably stay sleepless for a few more weeks....  however it's time for me to say a few words of appreciation to everyone who are here no matter if you were here since episode 1 or ju

This is the episode I've been waiting for in regards to SJ.  I don't even like him all that much - so I'm not sure why I'm so invested.    But he's been dealt the worst hand in this entire s

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Osan City resumes operation on the 27th of the drama set tour

Osan City announced on the 24th that it will operate the drama set of "The King: Eternal Monarch" in Naesammi-dong, which have not been opened due to the spread of Covid-19, as an online pre-booking system from the 27th.

The hours and gardens are up to 20 people (4~5 teams) per hour from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, and only pre-bookers of the drama set reservation system on Osan City Hall's website can enter.

In the event of bad weather, such as heat waves and rain, every Monday and August, the filming period of the video shall not be operated as a holiday. It is difficult to watch freely because of the filming location, but it will provide safe and enjoyable viewing services with the guidance and explanation of the guide.

In Naesammi-dong, Osan in 2020, the set of SBS drama "The King: The Eternal Monarch" was created.

In particular, the "Seoosan Hue Center," a tourist convenience facility, has been built on the drama set. There are exhibition and experience spaces on the first floor, and tourist rest areas and cafes on the second floor where visitors can see the set.

Osan Mayor Kwak Sang-wook said, "We will provide various tourism services for visiting tourists to expand tourism infrastructure and become a city of Hallyu, culture, education, and tourism, along with the drama set in Osan's inner Sammi-dong, Eo-Osan Hue Center, future miniature village, and safety complex experience center."



Source: https://www.sedaily.com/NewsView/22JXM414WB

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King Eternal Monarch, a review of Lee Min Ho's first drama after his military service


Anisa Widiarini




King Eternal Monarch, photo: Special


The Korean Drama (Drakor) The Eternal Monarch King is a drama starring Lee Min Ho. Even though it aired in early 2020, this drama is still in high demand among Drakor fans because it is the first film since Lee Min Ho officially wrapped up his military-bound program (Wamil).

Kim Go Eun is also starring in this film with Lee Min Ho. If you still remember, Kim Go Eun was the main character in the popular goblin movie from 2016 to 2017.

This drama follows Lee Min Ho, who played the Emperor of Korea in the past. While Kim Go Eun plays two characters at once, namely Jung Tae Eul and Luna, who have opposite characters. You can watch this drama on Netflix or other paid streaming services.

Are you interested in the synopsis? Here's a summary of the HOPS for you.

There are two different dimensions to this drama. The story of this drama begins with the assassination of the King of Korea by Lee Lim, his half-brother.

Li Lim tried to grab the Manpasikjok, a bamboo flute passed down by their ancestors. He wants to live forever and hold the world in his hands.

Li Gong, who himself witnessed the murder of his father, managed to get half of the manpashikjok, and Li Lim fled to a parallel world.

In a parallel world, Li Lim met a figure very similar to him. He killed and delivered a man to the Emperor of Korea. So Li Lim, the traitor, was pronounced dead in the world of the Emperor of Korea.

As crown prince, Li Gong must inherit his father's throne and become king at a young age. His first task was to bury his father's body.

Li Gong grows up to be an intelligent and charismatic king. In addition to being a king, he was also known as a brilliant mathematician. However, Lee Gon has his own trauma due to the murder of his father.

Lee then accidentally found a door that led him to another dimension, similar to a parallel world, namely the Republic of Korea. when he arrived, Lee was very attractive because he brought a horse in the middle of the city.

This made him get to know Jung Tae Eul. Nammun Jung Tae Eul, who works as a police officer, is a close friend with him.

At first, he hated Lee Gon for his strange behavior, but later they fell in love. Lee Gon transports Jung Tae Eul to the world of the Emperor of Korea.

In the Korean Empire, Jung Tae Eul meets Jo Young, a palace guard with a face similar to Eun Soeb.

Then a lot of things happened, various riddles surfaced. Lee Gon finally finds out that Lee Lim is still alive.

Li Lim exchanged the lives of people in a parallel world, a bad life for a better life, but people obeyed his orders.

Lee Gon tries to return to the night of treason when his father was killed. With Cho Young's help, he won the battle and killed Lee Lim on the night of the betrayal. However, when fate changed and the world was in balance, Lee Gon and Jung Tae Eul were torn apart.

Lee Gon embarks on a long journey to find Jung Tae Eul. He entered all doors in different universes and found Jung Tae Eul in different conditions.




The drama of a talented writer


The drama "The King: Eternal Monarch" is arguably the latest work by writer Kim Eun Suk and director Baek Sang Hoon, whose work is always eagerly awaited by drama lovers, especially romantic drama lovers.

According to the Soompi page, Kim Eun Sook is the author of a number of popular dramas such as The Secret Garden (2010), The Dignity of a Gentleman (2012), The Heirs (2013), Descendants of the Sun (2016), Goblin (2016). ), Mister. Sunshine (2018).

Kim Eun Suk's drama Secret Garden won the Outstanding Korean Screenwriter Award at the 2011 Seoul International Drama Awards.

Kim Eun Suk is working with director Baek Sang Hoon. Previously, Baek Sang Hoon also took part in Kim Eun Sook's drama project Descendants of the Sun.

Desecendants of the Sun won Best Screenplay at the 2016 KBS Drama Awards.




Descendants of the Sun had high ratings at the time, averaging 38.3% nationwide and 40.9% across the Seoul metropolitan area.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho himself took part in the project of the writer Kim Eun Suk, namely in the drama "Heirs," in which he starred in 2013.

Like Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun has previously worked with writer Kim Eun Suk in the 2016 tvN drama Goblin.

The drama "Goblin" itself won a Daesang award at the 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards. The romantic fantasy drama has even become one of the highest-rated dramas in cable television history.


Translation from Indonesian google



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Hungry Korean drama The King "Chicken & Shochu Beer"
“Chicken” is what Lee Gong is addicted to in modern Korea. There is no sweet and spicy chicken in the Korean Empire, so every time I come to the Republic of Korea, I eat "chicken" and go home. In addition, chicken goes well with a mixture of beer called bomb liquor and shochu.




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A scene that thrilled my heart Lee Min Ho, who sadly expresses the weight of pain, loneliness, duty, and fate that Igon must endure after the death of The King Puyoung ...
Lee Min Ho seems to look better in a role with a heavy and deep sadness than a cute looking naive man.




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9 hours ago, nina_mitrokhina said:

A scene that thrilled my heart Lee Min Ho, who sadly expresses the weight of pain, loneliness, duty, and fate that Igon must endure after the death of The King Puyoung ...
Lee Min Ho seems to look better in a role with a heavy and deep sadness than a cute looking naive man.




I agree @nina_mitrokhina!  I think it's hard on him emotionally to conjure those feelings, but I do like him in pain lol.

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Eight Very Successful Korean Dramas to Enjoy on Netflix: Growth Trends in Chile The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)
This fantasy, romance, parallel universe K-drama is headed by the famous Korean actor Lee Min Ho, who plays the fictional emperor Lee Gong.




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Fast-growing Indian OTT market, will K-contents catch up?


India is regarded as one of the fastest growing OTT platform markets in the world. According to global market research firm statista, from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020, OTT platform subscription revenue across India amounted to 29.3 billion won (19 billion rupees, 260 million dollars) in Korean currency. . This is a 58% increase from the previous year's revenue (183.3 billion won). India's OTT paid subscribers increased by 30% in five months from 22.2 million in February last year to 29 million in July. It was confirmed that the number of people increased by 5 million in the month of April of last year, just after India was blocked by Corona 19. Profits from this also increased vertically.

Among these, the demand from Indian OTT users for Korean drama contents was found to be remarkable. Last year's top 10 streaming list released by Netflix India included a number of Korean dramas, such as 'The King: Eternal Monarch' in June...




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Back-to-the-office style inspiration from your favourite K-dramas


Dressing up for work used to be easy, but now that you've gotten used to loungewear, you may have – gasp! – forgotten how to put together a formal or business appropriate outfit.

Luckily there's plenty of style inspiration to be found in your favourite Korean dramas. Here are the best ensembles to consider for your grand office return.




Following hit drama The King: Eternal Monarch’s release last year, Lee Min-ho quickly became our male fashion obsession. Why don a regular suit when you can rock a Japanese-inspired cropped kimono wrap jacket, such as this one from Dunhill worn by the actor in a scene from the show?





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K Drama characters who deserve their own spin off


Some characters simply outshine everyone else! They may or may not be the main characters, but they have such a charming presence on screen that you are drawn to them like a magnet! You can like them or you can hate them, but you cannot ignore them! You certainly cannot deny that they are legendary characters and certainly deserve a spin-off of their own! We cherry-pick 5 K-drama characters who deserve to star in their own spin-offs. 


Woo Do Hwan - The King: Eternal Monarch




It is no denying that the series was far more enjoyable because of Woo Do Hwan's excellent double-role. Woo Do Hwan played the stoic and serious Jo Yeong and also the cute and clumsy Jo Eun Seob. I would watch a drama with just these two characters in them.



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The King


Starring: Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun








Korean dramas on Netflix


What K-dramas to watch on the holiday? Here are seven Korean series to binge on Netflix.

Netflix has options for all tastes in its catalog. The platform presents K-dramas from the classic Boys over flowers and The Heirs, to the series on air of the season.


But if waiting one episode a week is not your thing, here is a list of seven complete Korean dramas on Netflix Latin America with 16 episodes to marathon.


The king: eternal monarch on Netflix


If you know Lee Min Ho , you can't miss his latest drama The King: Eternal Monarch . The 'King of Hallyu' becomes Lee Gon, who discovers the existence of a portal to a parallel world. With the help of detective Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun), he will try to solve the conspiracy that killed his father and that now endangers the order of both universes.







Mark your calendars! We're a few days away from The King rewatch on April 17!




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Lee Min Ho finally appeared so sexy! Shirtless and wearing a shirt to shoot a blockbuster is far worse than the drama



Lee Min Ho has been very low-key since the filming of "THE KING". It seems that he can rarely be seen in some public places. Not long ago, Lee Min Ho was in the "GQ" Korean version in 2021 An unexpected appearance in his February issue, a set of blockbuster sexy and handsome, made him a long-lost high-profile.








For this blockbuster shoot, Lee Min Ho also tried some rarer styles, such as wearing a printed shirt in the cover photo, brown The color matching and the unique printing make the whole dress look full of details. The whole set of printed dress is worn on the body and matched with a leather belt, which also gives a lot of bright spots in the shape. The shirt buttons are directly unbuttoned. Make Lee Min Ho a rare sexy time.










A white suit, worn directly in a vacuum, and only one button of the suit is buttoned to show Lee Min Ho's chest muscles perfectly, matched with a necklace, and a whole body shape It's even more unique and handsome, and such a dress should be very greasy for many boys, but for Lee Min Ho, it is just right and handsome.

Most of Lee Min Ho's blockbuster looks are still very impressive, showing his handsomeness to the greatest extent, but I don't know why, I always feel that Lee Min Ho, who appeared in the blockbuster, is far away He who is not in the play is more attractive, more impressive and amazing, and even the style seems to be better than the dress in the play.




Take his first work "THE KING" after his retirement. In the play, Lee Min Ho plays the emperor, and all the usual costumes make him look domineering. The supermodel's legs are also even better. Wearing a black velvet top, a double-breasted design and a small high collar, the whole dress is completely distinguished from the neat and capable suit of the suit, showing a full of extravagance, especially It is the gold embroidery of the collar, which simply highlights the gorgeousness of the whole body.




Wearing a riding outfit on the racecourse is equally outstanding. The dark suit and the unique shirt make Lee Min Ho's own domineering fully demonstrated, and at the same time a lot more Relaxing and relaxing, the riding boots on the lower body make his body proportion look much better, and also make his legs more against the sky. Standing next to the white horse is the real Prince Charming!



After traveling to another time and space, Lee Min Ho's dress is more handsome and fashionable nowadays. The long coat and the design of the suit collar highlight The whole clothes are smart and chic, and the loose version and straight lines make Lee Min Ho's whole outfit look much more advanced. With a shirt, it is obviously a very simple item, but it can be worn by him. Effect.






In this play, Lee Min Ho also wears various styles of coats, heavy woolen coats, matching turtleneck sweaters, thick knit textures, simple This increases the overall sense of layering and details, and the loose and heavy coat makes Lee Min Ho look a lot more gentle and warm. Compared with the domineering feeling, it is more like the neighbor's big brother. Kind and perfect.






I have to say that Lee Min Ho in the play is too perfect, because the character's own charm makes him even more handsome than full marks. In the fashion blockbuster, because of the lack of In terms of plot and character, although Lee Min Ho is still the same handsome, he is a little less interesting.



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7 hours ago, nina_mitrokhina said:
I love the drama "The King: The Eternal Monarch" very much and look forward to the anniversary of the premiere.


This gave me the feels. I will definitely be tuning in :kiss_wink: I also love this drama and I haven't moved on from it just yet

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