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Hey Monarchs! I would like to thank you all for visiting, posting, liking, and lurking on this thread. "The King" has been quite a ride for all of us. Kudos to us for sticking with the drama until the

This thread will probably stay sleepless for a few more weeks....  however it's time for me to say a few words of appreciation to everyone who are here no matter if you were here since episode 1 or ju

This is the episode I've been waiting for in regards to SJ.  I don't even like him all that much - so I'm not sure why I'm so invested.    But he's been dealt the worst hand in this entire s

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Where have you seen a lot ...? Here are the names of the supporting actors who shot the drama!


Hello everyone!

Today on B TV, I'm going to take a moment to name the supporting actors who made the drama.

People who flaunt their presence in dramas, sometimes as disagreeable characters and sometimes as helpers.

There are so many supporting actors who are active in vertical and horizontal movements and perform in different ways.


# Lee Hong-nae, who was loyal in <King: The Eternal Lord> but became a demon in <Amazing Rumor>




If you were a fan of the drama "Amazing Rumor", you would be angry at the evil spirit "Ji Cheong Shin" (Lee Hong-nae).

Ji Cheong-sin threatens the four members of Counter, the demon hunter who owns the Amazing Rumor, because he killed the parents of the protagonist of Amazing Rumor (Cho Byeongyu) in the past.

He has demonstrated his presence throughout Amazing Rumor with his crazy eyes and more power than the four-star Counter.

Lee Hong-nae, who played Ji Chong-sin, became famous for this drama.




In fact, Lee Hong Ne previously played an active role in King: Eternal Monarch.

Commander Jo Young (Woo Do Hwan), who was guarding the Emperor of the Korean Empire, Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho), was shot dead. Hopil from the northern part of the empire spoke in the Phengando dialect and showed his presence every time. ...

He attracted attention with modest actions and strength, as opposed to a simple dialect.

At the same time, he calmly stood next to Lee Gong and showed a strong figure.

So, if you look at Suk Ho Pil in The King: Eternal Monarch after watching Ji Cheong Shin in Amazing Rumor, you'll be surprised by Lee Hong Nae's anti-war charm.


Want to know more about his charm? Find two dramas on B tv!


Translation from Korean google



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Arab News
Friday .  February 19, 2021


What We Are Watching Today: ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’



The drama uses real time-traveling theories and concepts

In a world of mainstream K-dramas filled with cliches and reoccurring themes, “The King: Eternal Monarch” stands unique and absolutely mind-blowing.


The romantic-fantasy series has the Korean megastar Lee Min-Ho as the king, Lee Gon, and Kim Go-eun as strong and fierce Jeong Tae Eul, the main love interest and a detective in Korea.


The theme of the show is parallel universes crossing paths. The countries featured are the kingdom of Corea and the Republic of Korea, the two characters belonging to different universes. The king is shown to be loved by all around him and is a mathematician and just ruler.


The drama uses real time-traveling theories and concepts, has an intriguing Korean twist, and a standout performance by Woo Do-Hwan who plays a dual role as the king’s bodyguard in both worlds.



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The King of Hearts!!!


Natasha Scribes
Feb 19


... A few months ago, while surfing through Netflix, one face caught my eye. He had this out of the world beauty, extremely handsome, an intense look on his face. His royal aura made me click “okay” to read more about the series and I got pulled into this marvellous parallel universe by this attractive young king with stunning looks, played by Lee Min Ho.




The series The King: Eternal Monarch encompassed story of two parallel universes and spans over 25 years. The lead character played by Ho (or Cutie pie as his fans call him) was searching for his soulmate for last 25 years. The hot stares that he gives his costar were enough for anyone to go weak in the knees and simply fall in love with the guy after just looking at him. It was mesmerizing to watch this young actor play such a passionate role.




His perfect face combined with his intense look, makes him so apt for any romantic role. Be it a modern young conman in love with a silly crazy girl or king Dameum from 15th century in love with a mermaid. The guy is just plain perfect! He is tall, has a deep manly voice and with his perfect hooded eyes, Greek nose, envious grin, he has the perfect face for entertainment, crafted by god’s own hands.




Once I watched a recording of one of his stage shows. He was unable to sing because he was having so much fun, you don’t mind the song fiascos because he is laughing, and you are just happy watching whatever it is that he is up to. Even him kicking his colleagues on stage for fun looked enchanting to me. Though I would never imagine other stars doing such stuff on stage, he just looks so normal doing it all.






Since his acting debut in 2006, Lee Min Ho (an actor, singer, and model) remains one of Korea’s top stars and a global celebrity. He has starred in multiple hit dramas and films, won numerous acting awards, from Best Actor to rookie awards. One of Lee’s best work is in The Legends of the Blue Sea, where he has played a reincarnated lover and explored all aspects of acting. He played a comic, emotional, caring son, conman, loyal friend, royal and regular at the same time. The show has it all and Lee has remained impressive and brilliant through all of it.






During the second act of his career (after serving mandatory military service), Lee’s drama comeback in The King: Eternal Monarch was a much-awaited series, and the wait was worth it. His fans have been looking forward to his upcoming projects since he enlisted, and they were indeed rewarded!!!

May he continue to star in more and more series and continue to entertain us. I am sure whatever is next would be as royal and enchanting as he has been so far but one thing is for sure that he is definitely the king of hearts!!!



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Hello everyone, 


its near to 1 year anniversary to this amazing drama the king. 

anyone knew any fandom that plan to send gifts to lee minho, kim go eun, woo do hwan, jung eun chae, lee jung jin, kim kyung nam??? I really wish to participate 


if you know please inform me, thanksss:highonflowers:

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I'm addicted to The King's lines, and I was impressed by crying, laughing, and shy alone, which is the best drama I've seen recently! !! When I saw this drama from the beginning, I noticed it again, but Kim Eun Sook's work is very amazing. If you're looking for a Korean drama on Netflix, we recommend'The King'


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On 2/21/2021 at 7:20 PM, ATW said:

Hello everyone, 


its near to 1 year anniversary to this amazing drama the king. 

anyone knew any fandom that plan to send gifts to lee minho, kim go eun, woo do hwan, jung eun chae, lee jung jin, kim kyung nam??? I really wish to participate 


if you know please inform me, thanksss:highonflowers:




@/leeeulfandom is organizing TKEM 1st anniversary project for all the casts. So kindly DM them on IG if you wanna participate.




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Lee Min Ho’s new drama “The Forever Monarch“ is on the air, riding a white horse and meeting gold and gold, hand in hand to interpret the love from 0 to 1




It is reported that "The King: Forever Monarch" will be aired on the evening of April 16. Domestic audiences may have to wait until April 17 to watch it. At that time, they can watch it on platforms such as Korean TV dramas.



Before the show officially started, the latest trailer of "The King: Forever Monarch" was released. In the film, Emperor Lee Gun, played by Lee Min Ho, started a very special time and space because of an extremely mysterious badge. travel. When Li Gun was 5 years old, he met a man in black. When the man in black left, he just dropped a badge, and that badge happened to fall by his side.

Li Dagon fell into a coma at the time. When he woke up, he found a photo of a woman on the badge, and the name of the owner was clearly printed on the badge. Li Gun kept this badge all the time. He was very interested in the photos on the badge. He secretly made up his mind to find the owner of this badge.


I have been searching for 25 years. One day, Li Gun rode a white horse to a square. It is not possible to ride in in front of this square. Seeing Li Gun riding a white horse, Zheng Taiyi yelled at him to dismount and arrested him. 


Zheng Taiyi is a policeman. Although her life as a police officer is hard, she likes it very much. Li Gun was very surprised when he saw Zheng Taiyi. He felt like he had found another world. Since then, Li Gong has been entangled. Zheng Taiyi confessed to Zheng Taiyi: "I have missed you for 25 years!" Taiyi collapsed: "I was only 5 years old that year!" The bamboo flute was obtained there, called the Wanboxi Flute, which is regarded as a national treasure.




In the Korean Empire, when the prince Lee Gun (Lee Min Ho?) was eight years old, someone tried to take Wan Bo Xidi and killed his father. Lee Gun pulled from the pocket of a mysterious man in black at the scene A policeman’s work card was placed with a photo of a policewoman named Zheng Taiyi (Jin Gao Yin).


This is another time and space, in Gwanghwamun Square in the Republic of Korea. Li Gong is standing there riding a white horse. Female detectives come to maintain order, but Li Gong pulls her into his arms.Hugged her tightly.


In 25 years, Li Gun found Zheng Taiyi for 25 years. He pestered police officer Zheng: "I have missed you for 25 years!" Zheng Taiyi felt that he had met a lunatic: "I was only 5 years old that year!" This is different. Dimensional love, Emperor Li Gun has been looking for the policewoman, and found another world from one world.



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What makes a K-drama show a hit? Netflix reveals 3 key ingredients it looks for in a story


Korean dramas helped many of us get through a challenging year, and the wide range of titles offered by Netflix can sometimes make you wonder: What is it that makes K-dramas and other Korean content so irresistible?


GMA News Online got a chance to ask Netflix VP for Content Kim Minyoung on what can be considered key "ingredients" they look for in a story, and she listed the following:


1. Diversity

When it comes to great K-content, Kim believes the most important thing is that "the stories are very diverse."

"So we have this time travelling romantic thriller shows like 'The King: [Eternal Monarch],' etc...







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Why are Indians head-over-heels in love with Korean dramas?


K-dramas are more popular globally than they have ever been and are starting to reflect the growth of their audience


Written by Neha Banka
Updated: February 28, 2021




Divya Hulvane’s love affair with Korean dramas began six years ago when, one afternoon, she got bored enough to start watching a show recommended by a friend: Boys Over Flowers (2009). Based on a Japanese shojo manga (comics aimed at young women) by the same name, this romantic series is usually the amuse-bouche that whets novice viewers’ appetite for Korean drama. It tells the story of a high-school girl whose life gets complicated when she crosses paths with four rich boys. “I started watching it, probably on YouTube, and within two to three episodes, I was hooked,” says Hulvane, 29. The Mumbai-based doctor finished the 16-episode series in three days, relying entirely on English subtitles.


Over the last few years, Indians have succumbed to the allure of Korean dramas. These shows feel fresh to viewers used to Indian, American and British content because they offer a glimpse into another culture. Yet, because this culture is set in a modern, westernised context that has recognisable features, the shows also feel familiar. Usually only about 16-episodes long — unlike most American-made series which can go on for years —Korean dramas are also attractive for their tight plots, attractive cast and relatable character arcs.


“When you watch Korean dramas and films, the values portrayed are universal and relatable,” says sociologist Otojit Kshetrimayum, who has researched the popularity of Korean pop-culture in the Northeast. Hulvane agrees. “I started learning Korean using subtitles and I also learnt about their culture. It was very new and I liked how they spoke to their elders with so much respect,” she says...


It is difficult to say whether Indian broadcast channels find Korean dramas a viable venture today, but Netflix’s investment in the genre provides some interesting data. “Netflix brought Korean dramas to an audience who were never exposed to the genre before. And for the already existing Korean drama fans, it has introduced more diverse genres, including non-scripted Korean content,” explains Song Byeong-joon, chairman of the Korea Drama Producers Association, whose company Group 8 produced Boys Over Flowers.


Viewership for Korean dramas on Netflix in India increased more than 370 per cent in 2020 from the previous year, with The King: Eternal Monarch (2020), Kingdom (2019-), It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020) and Start-up (2020) being the most popular dramas in the country, according to the company. A Netflix spokesperson says, “We have been significantly investing in Korean content and are thrilled that the Korean slate available on Netflix has the variety and diversity to appeal to Indians who love great stories. We are happy with the progress but we know we have a long way to go. Netflix is already doubling down on investment in Korean content and we hope to amaze our members with more incredible Korean stories across genres and formats.”


“There is no doubt that the popularity of Korean dramas impacts the production process. These days, people brainstorm whether this will be a successful drama abroad, and so we do ask ourselves whether it will work abroad at the foundation stage itself. Foreign audiences also impact the production,” explains Choi Soo-young, the scriptwriter for My ID is Gangnam Beauty and Cunning Single Lady (2014).


While some productions are created specifically with an international audience in mind, industry insiders attest that the focus audience for most remains the domestic Korean viewer. As the popularity of these shows soars around the world, both domestic and international viewers have also become more vocal in their criticism of problematic portrayals of issues like violence against women, racism, discrimination, bullying and the representation of LGBTQ+ characters in Korean dramas.


Although there are lapses, Choi says that scriptwriters are becoming more sensitised. “These days, the industry is more alert regarding these kinds of issues, because (otherwise, the drama will be) bombarded with harsh criticism on social media in South Korea. Especially with regard to gender issues and the stereotyping of women in stories,” says Song.


Researchers who have studied the phenomenon say that the last decade marked the third — and ongoing — phase of Hallyu, with the rise of newer online content, pop groups like BTS and Korean drama and film formats. And there’s no indication that it will subside anytime soon.


“If Japan is the production base of animation, South Korea is developing as a base for drama production,” says Kim. With Disney Plus scheduled to enter the South Korean market this year, and Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV Plus actively working to produce and secure Korean dramas, the genre appears to be the focus of the biggest names in the global entertainment industry for their next major investment, he explains.



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'My Everything really refers to my fans': Lee Min Ho's affection for his fans





Korean star Lee Min Ho has been a popular figure ever since he started his career as an actor but as many of his fans would know, he is a really good singer as well and has released three albums. While releasing his first album, "My Everything" in 2013, he opened up about what his fans meant to him in an interview with Rappler in which he said, "the title of the album, 'My Everything' really refers to my fans. It's a gift for them because my fans are truly my everything."


Since then, Lee Min Ho has released two more albums titled "Song For You" and "The Day". However, he had earlier said that acting would be his main focus but he might "venture".


Lee Min Ho is massively popular across the world and boasts the most followers by a Korean actor on Instagram. He rose to fame with the character of Gu Jun Pyo that he played in the popular Korean drama series "Boys Over Flowers." "Personal Taste" (2010), "The Heirs" (2013), "Legend of the Blue Sea" are some of the other shows he has acted in.


But Lee Min Ho rose to the league of most popular Korean drama actors after the success of "The King: Eternal Monarch" (TKEM). Recently, a Pinkvilla poll also termed the show as favorite K-drama of 2020, and a renewal of the show is eagerly awaited by his fans.


In TKEM, Lee Min Ho plays the role of a regal emperor opposite Kim Go Eun, which has become a dream team for fans. His comeback with a sci-fi fantasy drama featuring a parallel universe has become extremely popular among his fans, the show also became one of the most-watched Netflix shows.


Recently, the Korean actor recently traveled to Vancouver, Canada for the shooting of his upcoming show Pachinko, which shows Lee Min Ho in the lead role. However, media reports said he is only expected to resume filming for Pachinko in April after his quarantine period ends.






10 Actors with Double Role in KDrama


Woo Do Hwan-The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)




In this fantasy genre drama, Woo Do Hwan has two opposite roles. In the Corea Kingdom, he plays the role of the emperor's bodyguard named Jo Young who is firm and cold.

While in the Republic of Korea, he played the role of Jo Eun Seob, a cheerful and positive civil servant. His acting really stole the attention!



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