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Hey Monarchs! I would like to thank you all for visiting, posting, liking, and lurking on this thread. "The King" has been quite a ride for all of us. Kudos to us for sticking with the drama until the

This thread will probably stay sleepless for a few more weeks....  however it's time for me to say a few words of appreciation to everyone who are here no matter if you were here since episode 1 or ju

This is the episode I've been waiting for in regards to SJ.  I don't even like him all that much - so I'm not sure why I'm so invested.    But he's been dealt the worst hand in this entire s

Posted Images




Lee Min-ho, SBS Drama Awards, said, "Writer Kim Eun-sook, please work nonstop

Lee Min-ho won the best acting award in the mini-series fantasy/romance category.


The "2020 SBS Acting Awards," which was broadcast live from 9 p.m. at the Sangam Prism Tower on the 31st, was hosted by Shin Dong-yup and Kim Yoo-jung as a "30th Anniversary Special."


Lee Min-ho, who won the best acting award for "The King: Eternal Monarch," said, "SBS Awards is a meaningful and familiar place for me." For quite a long time, the year ended here every year and celebrated the New Year. "Many things have changed," he said. "It's been four years since I've been here, and the unfamiliar environment that has changed a lot is unfamiliar and bitter on the other hand." "I hope it will be a new year where many things can go back to their place," he said.


"I want to thank all the people who worked hard for The King," he said. "I hope that writer Kim Eun-sook, who I respect and love, will write a piece of work that will give strength and comfort to many people in a difficult situation as soon as possible." "I want you to work without taking a day off."


Lee Min-ho said, "I hope the viewers and fans around the world will always be happy in the new year." "I will become an actor who works hard in 2021 as an actor who can be more supportive and comfortable to many people."





Top Excellence Award, Actress in miniseries (fantasy-romance) Nominee

Kim Go Eun







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Scenes from Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun that stole our hearts

By Matthew Cage -January 1, 20210






If you are one of the people who enjoyed the story of The King: Eternal Monarch from beginning to end, then you will love reliving the best moments of Lee Gon and Tae Eul.

Among the fantasy stories that took over our screen in 2020, Lee Min Ho’s return to the small screen was one of the most talked about. The K-Drama may not have been a success within South Korea, but outside of South Korea it captured the attention of a large number of people.

There were many points in favor of this series, and although the romance unfolded in a way that surprised some viewers, there is no doubt that Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun’s connection was present.

That is why seeing his most romantic scenes was a pleasure for the fans and even aroused rumors of having an off-camera connection.

If you want to remember this charming couple and their evolution in drama, you’ve come to the right place.






When Lee Gon appears in the Republic of Korea and goes in search of Tae Eul, he is happy to see the person he has been looking for for years, so he reacts charmingly to seeing her and does not hesitate to hug her to end the distance between them, the magic is broken when the girl reacts to the actions of who at that moment was a complete stranger to her, but that does not detract from the scene.


Lee Min-ho finds Kim Go-eun in a parallel world | The King: Eternal Monarch Ep 1 [ENG SUB]





The couple shared a beautiful moment in the kitchen, when Lee Gon showed off his skills in preparing some foods that they could enjoy. When Tae Eul approaches him their foreheads come together in a tender touch.


Lee min ho cooking scene | The king eternal monarch | Episode 6 [engsub]






Tae Eul refuses to believe that Lee Gon comes from another world, so he decides to show him what the place where he lives is like and together they ride through a magical dimension. The closeness between them is charming.



Lee Min-ho asks Kim Go-eun to take a leap of faith | The King: Eternal Monarch Ep 4 [ENG SUB]



After Tae Eul is stranded in the middle of the Kingdom of Korea, Lee Gon goes to rescue the girl and they travel by helicopter, so that no one knows of their conversation they write one on the other’s hand using only their fingers to trace the letters.


Lee Min-ho puts the P in Public Displays of Affection | The King: Eternal Monarch Ep 6 [ENG SUB]




When both characters enter to monitor what is happening in the palace and discover a tender interaction between its workers, so they also have a romantic moment sharing a kiss.


Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun sneak a kiss behind cameras | The King: Eternal Monarch Ep 16 [ENG SUB]




Tae Eul suddenly finds Lee Gon at his house and they suddenly reveal that they have become a couple, the reactions at that moment are charming.



Lee Min-ho earns boyfriend status and meets the dad | The King: Eternal Monarch Ep 13 [ENG SUB]




The moment when Tae Eul is most at risk, she manages to escape but has nowhere to hide so she just waits for a miracle for Lee Gon to find her, luckily her wish comes true.



Lee Min-ho fights his way to save Kim Go-eun | The King: Eternal Monarch Ep 11 [ENG SUB]




Kiss scenes cannot be left out of this list and one that you will surely remember occurred when Lee Gon asks Tae Eul to go with him and live in the Kingdom of Korea.



El Rey Eterno Monarca Capitulo 9 || Escena de beso Lee Min Ho  Kim Go Eun




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[Latest Version 2021] TOP35 "Korean Drama" Popularity Rankings Announced! Recommended for enthusiasts who view 480 books a year.


Hi, this is Sana Shirakawa of the movie writers who admire over 480 work a year.

"Korean Drama" is causing an unprecedented boom. This year, as I spend more time at home, the previously popular Korean dramas are gaining more attention.

Also this year, the content of video distribution services such as Netflix, hulu, Amazon Prime Video, dTV, U-NEXT, etc. will be further improved (Example). Not only original works and other works with which we work, but also the recommendation function makes them even easier.

This time, I would like to present my recommended “Korean Playwrights Ranking” among the Korean dramas that gained attention in 2020 and are still popular today ...


Recommended Korean Drama [6th Place]: "The King: Eternal Monarch"




Introduction to work


A young emperor who came from another world to modern Korea through a gate that connects two parallel worlds. I had a fateful meeting with a woman detective who had hidden power.


Job overview

It is difficult to understand the meaning at the beginning, because this is a story about another person who moves between different world lines and has the same face, voice and blood type in another world, but this drama is absolutely final. I want you to watch history. Undoubtedly, the best experience awaits when you understand all the words and meanings of the final story.


Broadcast year: 2020

Performers: Lee Min Ho, Kim Gown, Woo Do Hwan, etc.


translation from Japanese google



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21 K-Drama Superlatives From 2020


Many things have been up in the air this year. (And no that’s not an airborne virus joke). Travels, studies, work, leisure, relationships, etc. have all been impacted one way or another. But there’s one thing that remains constant and that’s K-dramas. And with that, here is our annual superlative roundup.


Despite the particularly difficult year, we can still find the silver lining and be thankful that we’ve at least had a strong showing in K-dramas to help us get through our stuck-at-home days. We’ve seen plenty of fantasy, sci-fi, and even makjang dramas, though there does seem to be less sageuks this year. Cable channels in particular have gifted us with well-written, well-produced, and well-cast dramas.


To honor the dramas that have accompanied and provided us with healing or have just been a form of escapism, I give you, in no particular order, 2020’s superlatives.


Now before you get up in arms about not seeing your favorite drama, please note that this is not a list of the best dramas of 2020, but rather a fun, silly way to take a stroll down memory lane. So feel free to head down to the comments section and nominate superlatives for all the other deserving dramas!


Theme of the year: Multiple dimensions


2020 was the year that heavily featured shows with alternate/multiple dimensions, though it probably felt more so because these three shows aired one after the other, and suddenly, our K-drama viewings were packed with sci-fi shows about time-traveling and alternate worlds. (Maybe screenwriters themselves were hoping for a non-COVID-19 alternate dimension?)




“The King: Eternal Monarch”

Aired on: SBS
Air date: April 17 – June 12, 2020 (16 episodes)
Starring: Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun, Woo Do Hwan, Kim Kyung Nam, Jung Eun Chae, Lee Jung Jin

In the epic fantasy “The King: Eternal Monarch,” there’s a parallel world, multiple doppelgängers, time-travel, a lot of math and physics, and even more product placements that barely bother to be discreet. (Seriously, this drama nearly won a different superlative — most likely to get you to binge on milk tea and fried chicken). When Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho), who’s also the King of the Kingdom of Corea, unknowingly uses a magical alternate-dimension-opening flute, he finds himself in a parallel world. There, he comes across the person he’s been searching for all this time, Lieutenant Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun), believing that she was the person who saved him from an assassination attempt some 20 years ago.



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In 2020, Korean content has grown significantly with video distribution services such as Netflix. This was the year that famous actors like Hyunbin and Lee Minho were outstanding, but will their momentum continue in 2021? Let's take a look at the next work of the actors called "Hanryu BIG4".


It can be said that 2020 was the year that the word "problems and difficulties" is better suited than any other time due to the economic stagnation caused by the new corona virus.


In South Korea, events such as concerts and fan meetings were canceled and the steps of the audience heading to the theaters became heavier, causing the film industry to freeze.

In the meantime, there have been changes in viewing styles such as movies and dramas, and it is also true that Korean content has achieved significant growth thanks to video distribution services such as Netflix.


It is expected that in 2021 one after another will be released films and dramas of "masterpiece actors" that are gaining popularity not only in Korea but also abroad, and especially the long-awaited Hanryu BIG4 action plan. Try.


Lee Min Ho




"The King," where Lee Min Ho was a master of romance (Image Source: King's Official Website)


With outstanding looks, stable acting ability and a strong fan base, "Top-Class Actor" Lee Min Ho has returned to drama in 2020.

The drama "The King: Eternal Sovereign", which is distributed via Netflix, is the first work chosen by Lee Min Ho, who has been working as a social worker instead of the army since the call was canceled. This piece attracted a lot of attention on reuniting with the Uni writer.


This work is a romantic work with a parallel world in the background, and Lee Min Ho enthusiastically performed the science emperor of the Korean Empire, Lee Gong, during the play. His eyes, staring at actress Kim Gown, were "romantic" and he was considered "masters of romance."


It has been confirmed that Lee Min Ho will appear in the American Apple TV + drama Pachinko as his next work.


"Pachinko" is based on the bestselling book of the same name by Korean writer Lee Min Jin in the United States and is produced by internationally renowned performers such as actress Minami Kaho from Japan in Korean, Japanese and English. This is a global project that is conducted in different languages.


Lee Min Ho plays Hans, a merchant who acquired wealth and power by joining with the Yakuza in the play. This has become an important part of the story, and the crew's expectations and public interest are focused on Lee Min Ho who expresses it.


Translation from Japanese google




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Here are the 4 Most Romantic Korean Drama Couples In 2020




In 2020, Korean drama lovers watched series of interesting titles that captivate the heart.

They were either captivated by the story, or by the main characters having good chemistry.

Do you remember at least one couple who is still in your heart?


Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun - The King: Eternal Monarch



Lee Gon and Tae Eul are in a world between zero and one. The world is the border of parallel worlds.


This drama series is Lee Min Ho's comeback drama after the end of his military service.


'The King: Eternal Monarch' is the drama most anticipated by Kdrama fans.


In this drama Lee Min Ho is paired with Kim Go Eun.


'The King: Eternal Monarch' tells the story of Emperor Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) who tries to solve a mystery about the parallel world of the Republic of Korea.


Riding a white horse, Lee Gon goes to Seoul and meets a smart detective, Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun), who reminds him of the person who saved him 25 years ago.


Lee Gon and Tae Eul's romance amazed many viewers around the world.





@Priya Haines Hello, welcome to the thread. You should watch The King! Prepare yourself to be blown away by its gripping storyline, be amazed by its breathtaking cinematography, and marvel at the talent of its actors. :) 

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The best TV shows that dropped on Netflix in 2020


4 JANUARY 2021


From K-dramas to comedies to plain old guilty-pleasures, the streaming giant had more than enough content to let us escape this year. Here are a few shows that were released on the platform in 2020, which we will re-watch again and again

Reportedly, Netflix earmarked more than $17 billion to produce its original content this year. That’s certainly been on full display, with spared-no-expense ingredients—from celebrity executive producers to filming on-location in Paris—all adding up to hundreds of stories so wild they almost made us forget we spent much of this year trapped in our homes. No matter your favourite actor, showrunner, or genre, there’s been a new show for every kind of audience member on Netflix this year.

But with the multitude of titles dropped this year, it’s possible you missed a few. After all, if you were preoccupied with binging a heartwarming show like Julie and the Phantoms, maybe you forgot to catch Feel Good. Maybe Dash & Lily, Unorthodox, or Challenger: The Final Flight slipped off your radar while you burned through the content at the front of your queue. From Lee Min-Ho’s long-awaited comeback series to the show that inspired one of our most abidingly popular stories this year, Netflix has given us hundreds of reasons to laugh, cry, and feel in 2020.

So heat up some popcorn, wrap yourself up in a blanket, and let us take you through just a few of our favourite shows of 2020—that you can most definitely still watch in the new year.


Courtesy of Netflix

The King: Eternal Monarch

When a young king is transported to a parallel universe where his monarchy doesn’t exist, he must find a way to navigate our modern-day Korea while closing the mythical doorway that brought him there. The King: Eternal Monarch has Lee Min-ho in the title role, traversing two realities, making for an enthralling viewing experience that is all the more captivating for its status as Lee’s first screen role since being discharged from the South Korean military in 2019. Kim Go-Eun stars alongside him as the feisty, sweet police detective who helps him defeat the forces of evil that threaten their worlds. The King: Eternal Monarch nabbed the top spot for streamed K-drama in India, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore—and it’s well worth going back to see what the hype was all about.


Watch The King: Eternal Monarch now





Watch Tiger King now



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By MJ Jose & Jianne Soriano

January 05, 2021


K-drama mania has hit hard. From black comedies to swoon-worthy romances and historical dramas, there’s a genre for everyone to enjoy. Here we list the most binge-worthy Korean series to watch on Netflix

With the rise of Korean pop-culture including K-pop thanks to BTS and Blackpink and Korean movies due to Parasite's landslide win at the Oscars, there's no stopping the release of more Korean shows, music, films, skincare brands, designers and food.

If you're not yet on board the K-drama train, you might be missing out on some of the best shows to watch on Netflix. But it's not too late to join in the fun and find out why this has taken the world by storm. Lucky for us, Netflix just keeps adding more and more K-drama titles to their line-up. There's just something undeniably addicting about K-dramas, be it the swoon-worthy leads, the diverse list of genres and narratives, the life lessons it teaches us or just the escape it gives us from reality–which feels like something we need during this pandemic.

From romance, historical series to action-packed titles, we're listing the best K-dramas to binge-watch on Netflix.

See also: 10 Japanese Dramas To Watch On Netflix

8/11 The King: Eternal Monarch




The King: Eternal Monarch marks the highly-anticipated comeback of Lee Min-ho (of the mega-hit Boys Over Flowers) after his mandatory military service. It also marked the comeback of popular screenwriter Kim Eun-sook who previously helmed smash hits, Goblin and Mr. Sunshine. The story is about a modern-day Korean emperor, Lee Gon (Lee Min-ho) who passes through a portal that leads him to a parallel world. Here, he encounters Jeong Tae-eul (Kim Go-eun), a feisty detective. The two transverse the different realities that they live in with the threat looming from both worlds.

Anyone familiar with Kim Eun-sook's work knows of her grandeur themes, mostly one that depicts that love can indeed conquer all and in this drama, love wins even if both the characters are from different worlds. The King: Eternal Monarch is all of Kim's signature troupes put together and while many were initially confused with the parallel worlds and characters, the show's lavish setting, spectacular cinematography and the great ensemble make it worth a watch.



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Soompi Awards: Best dramas of 2020


Here is your chance to vote for the prime time k-dramas you enjoyed the most last year.

Which dramas will win our prestigious award? Please vote! :kiss_wink:



Your Event Organizers ( @Lmangla and @partyon)

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K-content featured on Netflix is leading and promoting the new Korean wave as a global popular culture. Kingdom Season 2, The King: Eternal Lord, It's Psycho, But It's All Right and Startup topped the list of most viewed content in Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Malaysia, the Philippines and Japan.

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Netflix Expands South Korean Footprint, Leasing Two Production Facilities



Netflix's new production bases in Korea will include six stages spanning 9,000 square meters at YCDSMC


Reflecting the global power and popularity of the country's cultural output, Netflix has spent approximately $700 million on Korean movies and TV series in just the past five years.


Netflix is doubling down on South Korean content, a reflection of the East Asian nation's cultural influence globally.

The streamer said Thursday that it has signed leases on two production facilities outside of Seoul so that it can "feed the demand" of subscribers around the world who are "eager to watch more original Korean series and films."


From 2015 to 2020, Netflix has spent $700 million on Korean content, which included more than 80 shows made in the country. The popularity and reach of South Korean entertainment — from important neighboring markets like Japan and Southeast Asia to Latin America and the Middle East — has made the country's creative output a vital category to the company's global growth ambitions. Recent hits on the service, which were among the most popular TV series in 2020 throughout many Asian markets, include Sweet Home, Kingdom Season 2, The King: Eternal Monarch, Start-Up,  and It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.


Netflix's new production bases in Korea will include six stages spanning 9,000 square meters at YCDSMC - Studio 139, and another three stages of approximately 7,000 square meters at Samsung Studio. The facilities are located in Paju-si and Yeoncheon-gun, respectively, both just outside of Seoul, in South Korea's Gyeonggi Province.



Netflix's new studio in South Korea.


“Netflix is thrilled to deepen its investment in Korea, as well as Korean Films and Series,” said Netflix vp of studio operations Amy Reinhard. “With these new studios, Netflix is better positioned than ever to increase our production of great stories from Korea while also providing a wealth of production-related jobs for talented professionals in Korea’s creative community.”


Most of Netflix's original production in the coming years will be handled at the two studios. Among the project already slated to begin shooting there is La Casa de Papel, the streamer's planed Korean remake of its hit Spanish crime drama Money Heist.


Netflix's content creation partnerships in Korea include deals with local powerhouses CJ ENM/Studio Dragon and JTBC. New Korean-made stories in production or development span titles like Move To Heaven, Kingdom: Ashin of the North, Silent Sea, Squid Game, Hellbound, All of Us are Dead, D.P., and others.



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Soompi Awards: Best and Worst of the Rest (Dramas 2020)


Chingus, welcome to our final poll of 2020. :kiss_wink:  You can vote for:


1) The best C-drama of 2020

2) The most disappointing K-drama or K-drama ending of 2020

3) The best abs in a K-drama in 2020



Your Event Organizers,

@partyon and @Lmangla

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From It's Okay to Not Be Okay to Start Up, here are The Top 5 Most Streamed K-Dramas on Netflix in 2020


By David Johnson
Updated January 8, 2021


K-Dramas have seen a massive increase in its popularity in the last couple of years. Its viewership has increased manifold during the Covid-19 lockdown. Thanks to streaming sites like Netflix, which helped the content made in South Korea find new audiences across the globe.


Since the film industries remained shut across the globe most of 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic, netizens, who enjoyed watching American or British sitcoms earlier, warmed up to K-dramas majorly through Netflix.


Now, we have the list of the top five most-streamed K-Dramas on Netflix in 2020:


The King: Eternal Monarch




Lee Min-ho, Kim Go-eun, Woo Do-hwan, Kim Kyung-nam, Jung Eun-chae and Lee Jung-jin-starrer The King: Eternal Monarch was a romantic-fantasy TV series. It revolves around a modern-day Korean emperor who encounters a feisty police detective after landing in the parallel world through a mysterious portal. The SBS' show was premiered on 17 April. It is the third most-watched K-Drama on Netflix in 2020, overall.


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