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Hey Monarchs! I would like to thank you all for visiting, posting, liking, and lurking on this thread. "The King" has been quite a ride for all of us. Kudos to us for sticking with the drama until the

This thread will probably stay sleepless for a few more weeks....  however it's time for me to say a few words of appreciation to everyone who are here no matter if you were here since episode 1 or ju

This is the episode I've been waiting for in regards to SJ.  I don't even like him all that much - so I'm not sure why I'm so invested.    But he's been dealt the worst hand in this entire s

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EVENT: My Ultimate Oppa - Part 2


Your request has been granted. :kiss_wink: We put up a new My Ultimate Oppa poll!


This time featuring:

Ahjussi oppas, Super Ahjussi oppas, Grandpa oppas and Keanu Reeves


Please vote for your favorites!



re: @Lmangla



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5 KDrama about love in another world that does not know time and space!

The concept of time and space is not applicable here.


Harits Dzulyaddain


Poets say that love knows no time or space. It seems that the concept of space and time is being correctly used by writers and directors to introduce KDrama to the theme of a love story set in another world.


As it happens in another world, their love story becomes even more interesting. There will be many plot twists that will hinder the main characters in their fight for their beloved hearts.


Here are five KDram stories about the different worlds of love between the protagonists. Curious? Just look, let's go!


1. King: Eternal Monarch




KDrama, played by actor Lee Min Ho, who plays the third king of the Kingdom of Korea named Lee Gon, tells the story of a parallel world that is interconnected. Where there are two opposing worlds called the Republic of South Korea and the Kingdom of Korea. Both have modern life experiences, but something that only distinguishes the state system from each world.


Lee Min Ho stars alongside actress Kim Go Eun, who plays Jung Tae Eul, a police inspector working for the South Korean Police Department to Combat Crime and Violence. Two characters meet and reveal each other's personalities. This KDrama also features a second main role played by actor Woo Do Hwan, who plays two roles in two different worlds - Jo Young and Cho Eun Sup ...




Translated from Indonesian google



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The King Look at it again.
It's the most interesting work of Kim Eun Sook that I see because it has a real presence.
And it was the first Korean drama that Za King advanced to the Netflix world ranking. Lee Min Ho's Instagram follower Yabai beating (one who is insane in Lee Min Ho kiss scene)




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10 Second-Lead Syndrome Characters From 2020 We Will Never Forget


In many K-dramas, there’s always that perfect and loving second male lead that we tend to fawn over. Second lead syndrome is that dreaded feeling you get for the second lead of a K-drama who we all know will never be with the girl that he is in love with. He wears his heart on his sleeve, professes his love, and would do basically anything for her, but his affections are never reciprocated. Here’s a tribute to the 10 second male leads of 2020 who we will never forget.


“The King: Eternal Monarch” – Kim Kyung Nam




Kim Go Eun stars as Jung Tae Eul, a strong-headed and fierce cop who isn’t afraid of much in life. That is, until Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) enters into her life from a parallel world. The two engage in a very complicated relationship, and meanwhile, Jung Tae Eul’s long time friend Kang Shin Jae (Kim Kyung Nam) continues to stand by her.


When Shin Jae first meets Tae Eul, he’s taken aback by her humor and charm. Personality wise, he’s rough around the edges and very guarded as a result of his past. But in meeting Tae Eul, he’s able to open himself up and form a long lasting friendship with her, which he realizes later on, is actually real love. He cares about her, and the little things he does for her like buying her favorite ice cream when he’s at the store make him so sweet and memorable.



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Can you guess which The King: Eternal Monarch episode it is by a simple screenshot? Take our quiz to find out

In 2020, Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun made us fall in love with love in The King: Eternal Monarch and we want to know how knowledgeable you are when it comes to the SBS drama's episodes. Take our fun quiz below to find out.


Written By Karishma Shetty  Mumbai  Published: February 8, 2021




Lee Min-ho made his monumental drama comeback; post completing his military enlistment in The King: Eternal Monarch, which saw him pair up with Kim Go-eun for the very first time. The tantalising chemistry shared between the pair was too hot to handle for the viewers and it definitely was the highlight of the SBS drama, which has a huge fan following not just in Korea but on a worldwide scale.

As The King: Eternal Monarch continues to be showered with love from fans, we're curious to know how well versed you are when it comes to the popular drama's episodes. Take our fun quiz below to find out:


The King: Eternal Monarch delves into a parallel universe setting and is based on Emperor Lee Gon (Lee Min-ho) and detective Jung Tae-eul (Kim Go-eun). While Min-ho and Go-sun's performances were deeply appreciated, the scene-stealer in The King: Eternal Monarch was undoubtedly Woo Do-hwan as Jo Young, Lee Gon's guard captain and Jo Eun-seob, a public service worker at the National Police Agency’s civil service office.


During a past interview with Sports Chosun, when Min-ho was asked his favourite scene from The King: Eternal Monarch, the 33-year-old actor chose the ending of the fourth episode, where Lee Gon and Jung Tae-eul first crossed over to the Korean Empire, with Gon saying, "I am the emperor of the Korean Empire, and my name, which was chosen to not be called, is Lee Gon," via Soompi.


Don't forget to let Pinkvilla know how much you scored in our new The King: Eternal Monarch quiz and also share with us which was your personal favourite episode from the beloved drama.



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The Best Korean Sci-Fi Drama Full of Exciting and Thrilling Action




The best Korean sci-fi drama seems to have a large following around the world. This is not without reason, because Korean dramas that feature scientific scenes and also carry this technology have a plot that we could never expect before.


As with Hollywood films that feature a lot of science fiction, Korea also presents its best dramas. Instead of carrying out the usual romantic plot, Kdramas also often presents storylines with a stunning sci-fi genre.


Selection of the Best Korean Sci-fi Drama

Sci-fi is a genre that is not inferior to other genres and also has many fans. Sci-fi or what we often call science fiction, will usually mix fantasy with some very riveting technological sophistication.


This is why many people like this type of genre. Because, usually you will find one sophisticated thing in Kdramas, but not in real life.


For those of you who want to watch or are looking for a list of the best Korean sci-fi dramas, here are some titles that you can choose from.


The King: Eternal Monarch

The best drama that carries the sci-fi genre is The King: Eternal Monarch which tells a story about parallel worlds. Moreover, one of the main actors is the handsome and talented actor Lee Min Ho as the King and Kim Goo Eun as the detective. 

Romance and chemistry from the two actors make this Korean drama even more interesting and make even difficult for fans to move on.




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The most beautiful couples in Korean screen in 2020




Lee Min Ho - Kim Go Eun in "The King: Eternal Monarch'


After nearly 3 years of hiatus, Lee Min Ho returns as Lee Gon in "The King". He captivated the audience by his handsome appearance and good collaboration with Kim Go Eun (as Jung Tae Eul). Emperor Lee Gon's love story through space with policewoman Jung Tae Eul once took away many tears.


The romance of Lee Gon and Tae Eul is likened to a whirlwind. Both Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun firmly grasp the character's personality traits, creating moments of drama and sweetness. 






Most Emotional K-Drama Scenes Of 2020, Ranked


K-Dramas are known for being emotionally heavy - and these moments in the past year had fans absolutely sobbing.


2020 was a tear-jerking year. Just as the year was emotional so were some incredible K-drama scenes that had fans reaching for the tissue box. K-dramas are well known for their heartwrenching and dramatic emotional scenes. Often, viewers will go through many of these moments in one episode alone.


These scenes can range from tearful love confessions, maybe even rejections, to the death of a supporting character. Let's not forget the explosive emotion over a character finally admitting how broken they really are inside. Just as the characters pour out their souls with tears streaming down their faces, so are the viewers.


Lee Gon Saves A Bloody Tae-Eul (The King: Eternal Monarch)




The King: Eternal Monarch is a jam-packed fantasy with drama and action as two parallel worlds collide in a fight for dominance. While the show had its array of emotional moments, there's one in particular that fans remember. Tae-eul (Kim Go-eun) escapes a kidnapping and possible murder plot in episode 11. But she's badly wounded.


She calls Lee Gon (Lee Min-ho) and asks him to save her. Bloodied and exhausted she walks down the road and hears horses in the distance. She sees Lee Gon emerges from the fog on a white horse to rescue her. He tells his men she's the future queen and unsheaths his sword. He takes down enemy after enemy and catches her in his arms.




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Osan City has emerged as the best 'education, Hallyu, and tourism cradle' in southern Gyeonggi-do

Projects to expand tourism infrastructure, which Osan City has been striving to become the best educational, Hallyu, and tourism cradle in the southern part of the metropolitan area, will be completed in the first half of this year. These projects are expected to not only change the daily lives of Osan citizens, but also play a major role in the Osan local economy as a significant tourism product.

Kwak Sang-wook, Mayor of Osan City, said, "This year will be a year where the reconstruction of Osan City's tourism infrastructure, which has been pursued with all efforts for the past four to five years, will pay off."


The project to make tourism resources for drama sets, which had been stalled due to COVID-19, will be carried out in earnest through the business agreement. Starting in March, the company will provide tourism services for visitors, including the opening of "The King: Eternal Monarch" set facilities and viewing tour experience programs. In particular, the tourist infrastructure around the set will be established as a representative tourist experience and rest area in Osan.



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King: Eternal Monarch 5 Fun Facts


The King: The Eternal Monarch is a fantasy romantic drama set between two parallel universes: one with a democracy similar to Korea's current one, and the other with an alternate universe in which Korea is an empire ruled by a monarch. King Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) and Detective Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun) will not only have a love story, but will also face situations that will force them to work together to protect their loved ones and close the portal between them. worlds.

This drama caused a lot of controversy and caught the attention of viewers, here are 5 Fun Facts About The King: Eternal Monarch.







Screenwriter Kim Eun Suk previously worked with two main characters; with actor Lee Min Ho in Heirs and actress Kim Go Eun in Goblin. He also collaborated with director Baek Sang Hoon on the drama Descendants of the Sun. In addition, one of the reunions that caught the attention of fans was between actress Kim Young Ok and Lee Min Ho, who worked together on the drama Boys Over



Criticism of the production


The members of The King: Eternal Monarch production were forced to apologize and make changes to the drama after some comments from Korean viewers criticizing some elements of the production, including the architecture, for being similar to the elements of the production. Japanese temples.





Another controversy erupted after episode 6, which featured a naval battle scene between the Korean Empire and Japan. It was noted that Japanese warships with Japanese flags were similar in design to the current Korean warships. On May 6, The King: Eternal Monarch released a statement from producer Baek Sang Hoon, in which he apologizes and agrees to revise and change these details during production.


The appearance of "Minomi"


The plush lion doll that appears in The King: Eternal Monarch is a scaled-down version of the one specially created for the drama Personal Taste and inspired by Lee Min Ho. In Personal Taste, the protagonist and love interest of Lee Min Ho Park Ge (played by Song Ye Jin) finds a stuffed Minomi in a store and decides to buy it. Back home, he calls him Jin Ho, the conceited architect Jung Jin Ho, played by Lee Min Ho.





Lee Min Ho's fans liked this plush lion so much that it became one of their "pets" and the signature of the Korean actor.


BTS and their original "cameo"
at the king


In Episode 8, when Minister Goo (Jung Eun Chae) received a letter with a newspaper, she saw a headline that caught her attention: "BTS TAKE THE WORLD."






Through social media, ARMYs (BTS fans) showed enthusiasm when they saw the name of their favorite group, which is currently considered the most famous in the current South Korean music scene.

This original cameo may be related to Kim Eun Sook, the writer of The King: The Eternal Monarch, as her daughter is an ARMY, and in some of her dramas, the BTS boys have undoubtedly been influenced by his daughter.


Drama King: Eternal Monarch bears resemblance to Goblin





The two productions are written by screenwriter Kim Eun Suk and there are similarities in some chapters.

For example, they both have scenes at the Olive Chicken restaurant. In "Goblin", Kim Go Eun's character Ji Eun Tak works part-time at the Olive Chicken Cafe, a restaurant owned by Sunny (Yoo In Na). And in King, the two main characters (Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun) come to the restaurant as customers.






Another similarity can be found in Chapter 10 of The King and Chapter 14 of The Goblin. In The King, the scene in which King Lee Gon disappears for a few moments after confessing his love to Detective Jung Tae Eul inevitably reminds us of the moment when the Goblin Girl cries uncontrollably after seeing him disappear before her eyes. turned to ash.


I hope you enjoyed these curiosities. I hope you enjoyed these funny things about The King: Eternal Monarch, tell us your opinion or some other curious things that you know, remember that you can see it in DGO Feel The Drama.


Translation from spanish google



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Romantic KDrama Recommendations on Netflix, Join Chinese New Year 2021


You can watch some Korean dramas with romantic genres on Netflix. This drama recommendation might be a consideration for those of you who want to spend the Chinese New Year holiday, which falls during a long weekend , on February 12, 2021.

The King: Eternal Monarch

Starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun, this drama tells the story of King Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) who finds a way to enter the parallel world.

One day, King Lee Gon of the Corea kingdom entered the parallel world of South Korea and met a tough cop, Jeong Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun).

Tae Eul's face is similar to the face of the woman who saved Lee Gon's life 25 years ago.

Lee Gon and Tae Eul will fight to defend their love as well as against someone who plans to destroy the parallel worlds.






18 Best Korean Romantic Dramas of All Time


The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)





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Why is this interesting, even though it's an impossible setting? Latest Korean drama wows emotion with detailed script


This time around, from Korean dramas exclusively distributed on Netflix, Mika Hosoya, a screenwriter with a passion for Korean playwrights, chose a work in which a funny setting and an emotional story coexist. There are dramas that pierce the hearts of adults with laughter, crying and reflection.


"The King: Eternal Lord" whose heart is gripped by the fate of "Prince of Hakuba" that transcends time and space.




I want to enjoy both a fantasy setting and a realistic romantic depiction of temperature. The perfect match for such a person is Kim Eun Suk, who specializes in unique sets such as "Tokkebi - Love under the Sun", "Secret Garden" and "Love under the Sun".・ King Eternal Lord ". Boys Above Flowers ~ Boys Above Flowers, followed by Kim Skandha co-starring in Asia, while Lee Min Ho continues to display the star power of Dokkaebi, a drama that has grabbed attention.


Lee Min Ho plays Lee Gong, the emperor of the Korean Empire who lost his father early to the rebellion. He continues to search for someone who helped himself by relying on an ID left at the scene on the night of the uprising. One day he crosses time and space to Seoul in 2020. Meet Detective Jung Tae-ul, the woman in the ID photo. The story of the fate of the relationship between two people who once had a connection with a worldview with a sense of scale is full of passion that reminds us of Dokkaebi.




Of course, Lee Min Ho's beautiful presence convinces in the acrobatic development of back and forth movement between the present and the parallel world. When he appears on a white horse in the modern city of Seoul, he does not feel completely uncomfortable, I think he is a real star who, of course, can say, "I finally met." Because of the "long distance relationship" in the two worlds, parting is always painful. Collecting riddles and hints, you must immerse yourself in a love story that squeezes your chest tightly.


Translation from Japanese google



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I usually make LeeEul/MinEun FMVs but the one I was inspired to make tonight is a KSJ x JTE mini FMV and thought it would be fitting to post it on this thread. 


Some context for non Filipino fans: 'paubaya' means to give way, to let someone else have what was or could've been yours. In the context of this edit, KSJ is letting go of JTE, his feelings for JTE, he is letting her be happy with LG.


YT link: 



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