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[Drama 2019] A Place in the Sun, 태양의 계절


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6 minutes ago, joan0528 said:

The grandfather and junghee didnot know what CTJ has done..thats why they get mad at TY for coming to the house and blaming them..really evil CTJ together with his son must root to the hell and swim in the fire there, their sins are unforgivable

Yep I know by they I mean KI dad really.


I just put them  together since they are part of the same group that all did terrible things one way or another.


Looks like grandpa is really angry so doe she suspect something?

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It makes me furious how they celebrated the child’s death as the means of winning shimmi foods that was disgusting I can’t wait to see the real revenge from TY unravel, after he learns the truth about Ji Min and SW well he sure as hell won’t want to be part of that family it will take a long time for the mother and grandfather to earn his forgiveness because sure they had no idea he’s their relative but that’s not a way to treat people even if you’re not related the whole family is wicked.


I want SW and TY to team up and finally take revenge because what we seen so far was barely anything from their side now TY has nothing to loose and SW needs to get the hell away from there and get her son back 

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33 minutes ago, dramaninja said:

Preview looks  really intense KI still dont know his place and SW stupid MIL has getting on my last nerve 



Something going to come to ahead soon TY getting more and more suspicious of his own MIL.


Blurb:  덕실은 자신을 걱정하는 미란에게 샛별 사고 당일 아침 통화한 ‘최’가 누구냐고 따진다. 한편, 태양은 미란에 대한 의혹을 품기 시작하고,  샛별의 사고 장소에서 장회장을 본 태양은 샛별의 죽음이 양지 가의 소행이라 확신하고 분을 참지 못해 장회장을 찾아가는데....

Translation:  When MiRan was worrying for her, DS asks who the Mr. Choi was, whom she called the morning of SB's accident. Meanwhile, TY has started having suspicions on MR.  Seeing Chairman Jang at the spot of SB's accident and feeling sure that SB's death was caused by the Yangji family, TY is unable to contain his anger and visits Chairman Jang.

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17 minutes ago, joan0528 said:

@dramaninja its true they lost their only girl grandchild to TY because of junghee husband which she claim she loved because of the sacrifice he done to family and most specially to KI...

How about SW? She see how Junghee slap TY, did that incident wake her up, they are family but they hurting each other hayzzz....

Yeah something going to break soon he will find out something major in the new few eps I feel.



Oh man TY seen his MIL and CTJ together


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54 minutes ago, joan0528 said:

TY already confirm that the person his MIL last talk was CTJ, he see it eirh his own eyes when these two was talking at the cafe that is why in the preview TY enter the choi house and make a scene there..

I'm glad he followed her and witnessed with his own eyes. He has every right to be mad. Even in today's episode, his own wife lied to his face and said that she doesn't know how her own daughter ended up outside:crazy:. He better send them packing when he finds out the other lies and secrets.


SW finds out that her current father in law knows about JM being TY son thanks to KI mouth. She put things together fast but unfortunately she gonna keep her mouth shut because he promised that after they get the company, she can divorce KI and get a complete custody of JM<_<. I hope she runs out and finds JM when she finds out tomorrow about SB death having to do with that douchebag.  Now that should get her moving.


@dramaninja I had tears in my eyes in that scene. 

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Just watched the raw (while waiting for the subs).


I'm so mad with SW - WTH is wrong with this woman! Shouldn't she be acting now and stop being a goody 2 shoes? When does she think she should start acting.. writer-nim is silly to not level up her role in the drama, she is nothing but a 'prop' and the actress can do better - she's done action, she's done revenge - the whole works! What? telling TY that SB is just away for while? What, she gets hurt seeing  TY hurt? Lady, we need you to act.


At this moment DS is smarter - questioning mum on who is 'Choi'? But she is still protecting mum..Yesterday's episode DS did not faint when SB passed on - but she did when she thought TY is her brother. I'm convinced she is just as conniving as her mum - make TY stay no matter what and for the money. Mom and her struggled all their lives so TY's success meant a passport to better life - don't think she ever loved TY.


KI continues to be a silly fool - as of now the drama seems to be fight of Grandpa, CTJ and TY - and the rest are just props and silly fools!


In the preview - MR discovered JM is TY's son - think she will go beserk, too bad lady,  your KI is just a loser, and TY saw u with CTJ


Phew.. relieved.. 



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13 minutes ago, dramaninja said:

That maid is out out for  revenge or something.

Hello everyone

I am the chingu that loves to speculate 



@dramaninja  I was hoping for the maid to be out for revenge. Revenge for Guess Who?? Check in spoils tag 


OTY’s biological father . Lol lol

 why I considered that theory above because she is very nice to Jung Hee and always confiding to Jung Hee to what she saw about KI. She was also worried about why they are mistreating SW right now. I know I am way off my marker but just want to make this thread really popular.  I would this thread to at least have 70 pages or more for a 100 episode drama. 


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2 hours ago, dramaninja said:

I reallllllly hope he brings up CTJ meeting up with his MTL.


It is a bad idea.  He need to figure out the connection between CTJ and  IMR and also get to know more about IMR from the orphanage director before busting his mother in law.  Since the orphanage director was surprised that YW was IMR friend's son, he needs to get to the bottom of this.  Also, it would be great to kidnap the right hand of CTJ and find information from him.  Do a DNA test between KI and his mother in law and see if that is her son?  Since DS said that her mother had a secret son.  

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3 hours ago, angelwingssf said:


It is a bad idea.  He need to figure out the connection between CTJ and  IMR and also get to know more about IMR from the orphanage director before busting his mother in law.  Since the orphanage director was surprised that YW was IMR friend's son, he needs to get to the bottom of this.  Also, it would be great to kidnap the right hand of CTJ and find information from him.  Do a DNA test between KI and his mother in law and see if that is her son?  Since DS said that her mother had a secret son.  

True I got ahead of myself lol I am just ready for him to learn something.

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26 minutes ago, joan0528 said:


Remember thatMr.jung said once the King of Yangji married and have a children, his success will be unreachable hence SW and TY marriage will make them more powerful to fight againts yangji.."


YW and SW already have a child between them.  Remember she cannot have any more children.  But in kDramaland, nothing is impossible.    Your theory could come true.  But the aunt's family is eyeing KI position and they won't let it go so easily.  I am more worried about our stupid SW trusting this scum.  I want her to trust her friend and get things done through her.  Reapplying for the passport where he can go pick up is ludicrous.  Unless you have an authorization from the passport holder, you cannot pick up.  I wish she would just stay in the passport office and get it re-issued.  


I want SW to get smart.  She needs to draft a letter to the police, to the share holders , to an attorney, to the news media about the switch and how CTJ and IMR switched the real child and how they tried to kill YW and the entire shebang.  She needs to give a copy to CTJ and warn him that if he touches JM - this will be released world wide and see what happens to his son and himself and his lover.  


I wish YW and SW meet and talk and realize the hit was for TY and since they had guards they kidnapped the grandmother and hence the child died while taking the phone to the said grandmother.  Piece it all together.  I think that will wake up something for SW.  I am tired of seeing her acting like a dumb person.  


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So finally TY is finding out the truth about his mother in law and that his wife lied to him which is going to give him for divorce. Also, everything is in set for KI’s succession so that’s not long till they get a divorce either then, however I do not think KI will be too please divorcing SW he is obsessed with her so that will be interesting.


Now, TY and SW need to get closer as @joan0528 mentioned SW is unable to have  kids, but I think she will end up having another child with TY and that child will be a girl foreshadowing the fact that Ji Min wanted a baby sister, at the time we all thought that’s Set Bul but maybe that will be another child between our pair.


Lets not forget TY still has Sun Holdings and if SW wants to rebuild the group she will have to do it with TY and his company because let’s face it she will have nothing after divorce she is not from a rich family and will not have power nor the money to do any serious damage without getting herself or her son killed.


Excited to see what happens in today’s episode all I know is that the grandfather and TY biological mum will regret everything they did. I’m surprised that his mum is not questioning her husband about lying to her that he doesn’t know who SW past boyfriend was. Also, everyone seems to talk so loud in that house also surprising how no one heard all the secrets yet. Overall need TY and SW back together they have been separated for far too long even in Left Handed Wife they had more cute moments and got together quickly.

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14 minutes ago, joan0528 said:

If the truth not reveal yet maybe it will take 10 more episode to do it,,It will be little bit longer before the divorce will finalize after the merge of two company so while on process TY will do anything to crumble down the yangji group but it is more powerful and bigger so TY might not be able to do it now...after the divorce finalize maybe SW will beg TY to for now drop the revenge and plan for it first, so TY might plan a bigger picture of his revenge (time jump hahaha) 

 That’s too long I need SW and TY just to be together already it’s so frustrating especially now considering he feels like everyone he loved has left him this is the perfect time to for SW to show TY that she does still love him and it was all for revenge. I don’t think TY will be able to take any revenge right now in his state of mind he’s not even looking after the company so I’m honestly not sure what route he can take now, yeah they will probably go away planning something and come back with something good to take them down. However, there’s also Ms Yang who seems to be hiding something and buying shares at the companies so I’m sure she’s up to something too.

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2 hours ago, joan0528 said:

Then while TY and SW is away let them fight together, the choi's , the park family and ms.yang hahaha...

Honestly i think its also better for SW or either TY to talk to mr.jung first about their plan because he can tell them whats better to do or he can just give advice to them same as what he did 13yrs ago to YW...

From the preview it does seem that TY is going to be talking to Mr Jung, honestly everything seems so messy right now don’t know what to expect 


Thank you @dramaninja for always posting previews, I can never find them when I try looking! 


From the videos posted looks like todays episode is full of action TY bio mum is absolutely horrible slapping both SW and TY! She’s so going to regret that, SW though absolutely love her go girl protect your man stand up for him the look on KI’s face though hunni she never loved you, she obviously going to protect the love of her life instead of supporting you 

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