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  1. Glad I tuned in today... was planning to do a 20-episode catch up...was really getting bored Here's the subbed preview Preview 98
  2. Wow! the 2 half-siblings are really going berserk. They both have lost it. I don't feel sorry for both of them now. Their parents and both their parents bad deed aside, they are now responsible for their actions. Both have chosen the dark side. Can't help feeling there will a death - DS or KI. More DS as she is now seeing SB in the preview. preview for tomorrow - English sub screen grab https://www.dropbox.com/s/bv130ka7byc0eug/Preview%20episode%2084.mp4?dl=0
  3. It is sad for KI to finally understand the magnitude of his actions. But KI is KI, he never does thing right. And he got worse after finding out he is not a Jang. The KI now is trying to make things right. He is standing up to his crooked dad. Quite excited for the new development but am not confident as the writer has consistently made him a failure. Actually for a revenge drama, am quite disappointed with the revenge theme. I just wished TY had secretly have people trailing Mr Newspaper (after all his experiences with CTJ sabotages), trailing MR for her servility to CTJ and have people checking on his grandpa. Instead in today's episode he was shocked Mr Newspaper Man left him all his wealth... one would have thought he would be grateful for his new found added leverage to bring CTJ down. Our protagonist is too sweet a guy.
  4. Proud of KI tonight... late bloomer, but like @fragglerock I'm worried about his next course of actions. And DS too... the antics of these 2 will surely be karmic moments for CTJ and MR.
  5. Annyong everyone! Can't believe CTJ turned his son into a murderer!. In the preview, SH brain cells finally work when she told the Goof Troop she knows that OTY is JH's child. I certainly don't want any death anymore - though CTJ had at some point in the drama had chest pain. It will be simply a too-easy way out for him. I want him shamed, punished and serve a jail term. Though I feel sorry for KI at this point, I do hope he will man up and admit he is party to "newspaper" man death. As for MR - I really hope she works with TY to bring CTJ down. DS I suspect will be at the mental asylum - karma for MR. 21 more (or + 3 more) episodes to go, and we are done. Certainly saving this long drama for a watch again later. I'm still watching Princess Aurora - a 2013 drama with Oh Chang Suk - crazy drama but really good acting by the cast.
  6. I keep loving this drama, and accepting that its OTY centric and self-realization and discovery of himself, slowly and surely. I'm not angry at SW anymore... My only fear is now for SW, will he forgive her and understand her actions? And he is one cool cat, so meticulous, systematic in his plans and not let his anger get the better of him with all the knowledge he has in his hands of the whole scenario. So Dukshil is now spotting a new look in tomorrow's preview. Just like her half-brother. I reckon a sign of her going ballistic and out to get SW.
  7. love, love today's episode! SW, well done, finally you are showing your fangs. So MR got conned again by TJ - SW has been threatening him and KI with the fact that JM is both TY and SW's love child - and SW knew it all and all out for revenge. 3 shrinking balloon moments for KI - first one, when TY declared he will take over the sacred Jang's residence, 2nd - when SW stopped him from manhandling TY in front of JH, and 3 bears lady, 3rd - when SW screamed at him that TY's is JH's son in their private screaming moments.. just love the look of toothless KI in those moments - but I love the actor, he is portraying his role well. In fact, I love all the cast - and did think this would have been a wonderful weekend drama. SW - I think she did think she lost the camp mamma potential with JH, when JH declared she loves TJ now in an earlier episode, so she lost an ally. But 3-bears, I think is her hope. Someone mention possibility of her being SW's mum, and seriously I'm on board (there's one crazy drama I watched and the butler/secretary/whatever is the mom of the protagonist). Of all the ladies in the cast, SW and her are the coolest - in terms of temperament. Crucial end of today's episode and preview PS: Love that TY is thinking of SW and her actions now. He was a little hasty with his views of SW for the last 45 episodes.. Happy weekend all
  8. Just watched the raw (while waiting for the subs). I'm so mad with SW - WTH is wrong with this woman! Shouldn't she be acting now and stop being a goody 2 shoes? When does she think she should start acting.. writer-nim is silly to not level up her role in the drama, she is nothing but a 'prop' and the actress can do better - she's done action, she's done revenge - the whole works! What? telling TY that SB is just away for while? What, she gets hurt seeing TY hurt? Lady, we need you to act. At this moment DS is smarter - questioning mum on who is 'Choi'? But she is still protecting mum..Yesterday's episode DS did not faint when SB passed on - but she did when she thought TY is her brother. I'm convinced she is just as conniving as her mum - make TY stay no matter what and for the money. Mom and her struggled all their lives so TY's success meant a passport to better life - don't think she ever loved TY. KI continues to be a silly fool - as of now the drama seems to be fight of Grandpa, CTJ and TY - and the rest are just props and silly fools! In the preview - MR discovered JM is TY's son - think she will go beserk, too bad lady, your KI is just a loser, and TY saw u with CTJ Phew.. relieved..
  9. Such a sad episode today. Pray Setbyul will be ok . Miran is obviously ok based on tomorrow's preview. Will she break her karma and tell the truth; if she does, I think she will consult Mr Jung who has so often been wary of TY and DS's union. Not so impressed with KI's threat to SW today. So like a toothless tiger - all threat just to scare SW just to make him feel better and one up and in control. Glad that he was the one who gave her the warning. Hopefully SW wakes up from her stupor and realizes the seriousness of the situation. KI forgot, if SW leaves, he will go bonkers and be a total wreck.. and probably go cry to daddy-o and kneel before him to bring SW back
  10. Really hope the ‘Setbyul’ singing is not an indication of her ‘farewell’ but more of a comparison of SW suffering alone and TY blessed with family happiness
  11. Today's episode is epic! Disappointment: SW still a blur... too kind, too weak but I guess the title of this drama is "A Place in The Sun" and its TY and KI centric - war of the 2 kings... If its SW Centric .. then I guess the title would be "A warm place in the sun" and too close to "Home for Summer" Karma moments: (1)TJ finding out JM is not his bloodline. (2) And MR finding out about TY and SW past relationship. (3) KI telling TJ - SW knows everything (in the preview) so, she is safe for now Duh moment: (1)JE - always wondered what her big role is in the drama - well now I'm sure she's just the pest to rock the boats, just like her MIL, DIL, MJ and their son (2) so, MR saw JM and didn't recognize JM looking like young TY..even SW acknowledged that JM looked like young TY in yesterday's episode. Misunderstanding moments: a regular in K dramas - (1)TY thought the KI was the one who instructed his deaths - the first and second one (2) SW's MIL being disappointed with her Misplaced moment: (1) KI telling TY, he will punish TY for what 'they' did - KI obviously forgot his 'place' (2) DS in the preview saying she must keep TY by her side (we all know Mr Jung, has blessed "SW marriage to TY" - when he thought KI was the real TY, and has advised MR to postpone DS and TY's marriage) Sad moment: Poor Jimin - mummy SW really need to toughen up!
  12. Just a thought.. So Mr Jung warned TY about impending dangers.. and likewise KI too was in danger, although self-inflicted..so in a way they do share some common fate..in terms of timeline. I'm just as confused as Mr Jung(poor guy lost confidence in his skills) - about the fate of these 2 - same birthdate, same time and why the difference.. the intention of their birth to be at a certain date and time is because of the "golden hour" and to be "king" yet the outcome differs.. perhaps there was a split second or split minute difference.. TJ didn't know he is one lucky guy today as he didn't lose KI today - his only blood relation. Grandpa Jang - showed his humane side by sparing TY, although its not enough to redeem his past actions to create this mess As of now the biggest crook is TJ - he is over and above grandpa in terms of his greed - he failed to see KI is just like him.. a doer, and worst a failure and that KI is not as street smart as he is because of his privileged upbringing (+ genes). Subs are out over at VIU. Looks like TY is not hurt - assistant apologized to TJ. Assistant is a blessed guy, usually in daily dramas they don't get punished in the end... @yamiyugi - was just wondering if SB is an ailing child as she got sick out the blues (cold from sleeping in the aircon) and DS had to send her to the hospital in episode 40 - therefore the inference she may need help from JM at some point in the future.
  13. Worried for JM - the supposedly thought 'blood' grandson. While TY has Mr Jung to advise him of impending catastrophe - SW is still weak to work on her revenge proper. She needs to work with Mom-in-law - 2 angry mothers can work wonders..
  14. MR and TJ sure bred toxic children - although KI and DS are just half siblings And Grandpa Jang - his loss - not knowing he has another grandchild - and maybe more with the 3-bears housemaid!
  15. Grandpa Jang also bumped into TY and SB (while he was 'dating' the housemaid - to find out more about her niece, I reckon he suspects that he has another child?) When he saw TY has a child - he called TJ to stop the 'killing' of TY, but evil TJ asked his assistant to proceed as instructed. Oh no.. looks like TJ will find out out SW and TY's relationship... Hope TY has prepared himself with Mr Jung's advice to him..
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