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  1. She is SSR's daughter, SSR had twins one was MSA and the other JSK, everyone told SSR that one of the twins has died, NAG was the one to only have one child
  2. What an incredible tragic love story, honestly this gave me Scarlet Heart Ryeo vibes couldn't keep the waterworks from flowing. All it took is a month for them to fall in love so beautifully and purely, but it ended so tragically, I think we all knew this drama won't have a happy ending. It's so heartbreaking seeing how Hee Tae has been suffering for the past 41 years without the love of his life, in a way it's truly sad but pure how he stayed loyal to Myung Hee for all those years, living a truly lonely life. Don't think I will recover anytime soon after this drama, so many peopl
  3. The old man was definitely Joo Dan Tae, earlier Lee Ji Ah posted this on her Instagram before deleting it. So somehow the devil incarnate managed to escape from prison somehow, to be honest it’s Joo Dan Tae so I’m not surprised
  4. What the hell at this point kill off Jenny's dad! Thought Jenny and her mum have changed but they're not even feeling sorry for Min Seol A! At this point the whole family can rot in hell! LOGAN LEE BETTER BE ALIVE OR I'M GONNA STORM SBS BUILDING! Seriously, last week everyone was hating on Logan Lee for no reason while he was always the nicest sincere innocent guy and he get's killed off???? LET SHIM SU RYEIN AND LOGAN LEE BE HAPPY! The guy was about to propose this is ridiculous what has has Logan Lee done to Jenny's dad is this a bloody joke! I'm absolutely furio
  5. Truly a phenomenal episode Shim Su Ryeon is officially the most intelligent in k drama series period" I've watched so many dramas and her character is so beautifully written love how strong she is, she doesn't need no man to save her (I know Logan did come save her few times on his motorcycle but that's not the point) she is the ultimate female lead! So happy she is finally back as herself reunited with her twins, it also seems that Logan Lee might be proposing to the Penthouse Queen with that ring in the promo hmmm I approve my ship is finally sailing Logan Lee and Shim Su Ryeon supremacy.
  6. Sorry for my absence chingus @partyon @Wuzetian @Sleepy Owl @twinkle_little_star @joccu @sadthe1st @Thong Thin @Min2206 @Abs_ triggered Decided to attach a photo of the view from this hill I climbed (lmao wasn’t today feeling too lazy ) 620
  7. There's such incredible new technology that leaves no scars when operating which is crazy, anything is plausible to be honest, this drama is getting crazier. I mean next thing we know YH is alive and was hidden by the Head Hunter or something
  8. What are the writers smoking in the writers room , are they for real so apparently a serial killer who is in prison somehow done an operation in a HOSPITAL and transplanted his son's brain to this other random guy he only seen few times, instead of saving his son, are you joking me ??? So instead of saving YH he kills him and gives his brain to a random guy, what plot is that! Now I am definitely thinking of dropping this drama if that actually happened, because it's beyond ridiculous.
  9. Say it louder ! Yes, they found her grandmothers plaster at his house but that doesn't mean he killed her. I mean seriously instead of going around killing people, collect more evidence or send them to jail because she isn't any better than the actual killer. She became the killer.
  10. Exactly! For me he was one of the more interesting characters, he seemed to have many layers and his true intentions were never shown, he also seemed to be capable of emotions as he was crying, but anti social at the same time. Honestly, I am disappointed he was killed off at what episode 7 the drama still has 13 episodes to go. Unpopular opinions incoming : I think I might take a break from this drama for a little bit. I never liked BR character he always seemed so fake never showing his real emotions and pretending to be some goodie two shoes, but it always seems like an a
  11. I am the only one who is actually upset about Yo Han dying? Honestly, I just wanted him to live a happy life show everyone the truth that he isn't a killer and shouldn't be given a label of Head Hunter's son, but no he get's killed off instead by that high school girl who I currently absolutely can not stand because of what she has done to YH! He even lost his baby that he never knew about!
  12. Thank you all for such a warm welcome! @partyon @Wuzetian @Sleepy Owl @twinkle_little_star @joccu @sadthe1st @Thong Thin @Min2206 634
  13. Couldn't help myself but make another entry love this couple far too much and been waiting for season 2 for years now stil hoping it will happen Category 2: “Meeting you again” poster a continuation of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
  14. Category 2: Lonely King and his happy ending The lonely King Wang So who lost the love of his life Hae Soo, has finally found his happy ever after in the alternative universe. (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo)
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