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  1. What an episode wow such a strong start for season 2, definitely not disappointed! Absolutely love that Seo Jin cheated on Joo Dan Tae serves him right (although hate her too!). Seems that all Joo Dan Tae really wants from the marriage is the merge between the companies that's why he didn't say anything about Seo Jin cheating with her ex husband even though he knew as he clearly has men following her. Am I the only one who for some reason finds Joo Dan Tae's name hilarious especially when other characters in the show say it so seriously? I love how Jenni has changed seems like she
  2. I really hope Shim Su Ryeon is alive, how could she die so easily when she was always so many steps ahead of everyone. Also, that hand that moves in what seems like a morgue seems a little suspicious?
  3. Hold on there's two more episodes? I just looked on https://asianwiki.com/Man_in_a_Veil apparently it ends at episode 107? Is this true? I am so confused That's so true! TP was officially announced dead, SJ is dead and even her baby daddy. I think she has a widow curse
  4. Just watched the short trailers and yup we have more characters like YR! I really hope they have taken some inspiration from The Penthouse and not The Man in the Veil, I am actually surprised TP was able to get revenge when he did absolutely nothing only whined and told all his plans beforehand. Also, remembering one of the episodes where he gave YR the USB he literally could've made copies and hid it in a safe, how would he have known? But yeah this writer was an absolute mess! Got higher hopes for this although we can probably expect amnesia plot, baby switch, someone getting dru
  5. Oh no what is this one going to be now? I really hope if it's another revenge one then they have smarter characters not like TP. Also, YR's character was smart but she was screaming way too much, how has she not lost her voice? Oh wait in one of the episodes she did. Also, would like to add that it was unnecessary to kill Mr. Abs SJ, he is the only character that deserved happy ending in this whole drama. But hey it's The Man in the Veil after all
  6. Are you kidding me ? I haven't watched the actual episode but looking at this thread I am shocked, was there not meant to be a baby? Also, TP and YJ not even sharing a kiss in the finale hmm
  7. Mr. Abs dying? No! He actually seemed like a somewhat decent character although he was a mummy's boy he still understood what she did was wrong and tried to persuade his mum to do the right thing.. So from the cast's photo seem like YR is going to prison instead of the mental asylum, shame. I am currently watching The Penthouse and in all honesty TP needs to learn from Shim Su Ryeon how to take proper revenge, instead of always revealing his plans to the bad guys, I mean seriously make things happen quietly . No wonder he constantly failed, even with his high intelligence he is st
  8. If you enjoy historical dramas then it is absolutely incredible, but heart breaking at the same time. There is no happy ending, so if you do watch it be prepared for that. In a way it is similar to Scarlet Heart Reyo in that aspect. This was the drama that made me fall in love with Korean dramas, before that I could never even watch anything with subs. I would definitely recommend this drama.
  9. I was so confused because they said it will be 102 episodes, so after watching 101 yesterday I was so confused because nothing is sorted. Now it says it will finish at episode 105. By the time it finishes we will be at episode 1009 where YR is trying to marry another rich man that doesn't want her and keeps screaming or looking shocked when something isn't going her way. .
  10. The screaming lady It fits her well. Really don't think she is getting any character development she just seems to get more evil every episode if that is possible. She will either end up in the insane asylum or in prison at this point there are no other options, except dead but it's YR so it's not likely. Your twin is amazing for tagging you in those because Mr. Abs looks so fine in this drama, they should surprise viewers with more Mr. Abs Shirtless scenes. You seem committed to the drama now, got to stay till the end! You got to admit YR is committed to the caus
  11. I started off with watching full episodes up until episode 12 then got bored and only watched around 5-10 minutes sometimes more if the episode was interesting. Since its lockdown have nothing better to do either so spend most of my day just watching that. Literally would skip and they are still talking about the same thing, I have no idea how people are able to watch a full episode I applaud you for never watching it yeah all the previews and this thread pretty much tells the whole story, the actual drama is just repetitive at this point, oh look YR is going to save herself again and d
  12. Started watching this drama this week, finally caught up with skipping past boring repetitive parts. This show is pure comedy the facial expressions TP has been making is hilarious, YR screaming in every episode or saying "What?" looking all confused is honestly just too good. The way they zoom in on everyone's faces at the end of most episodes it's so funny! But why is no one saying more about YJ and SJ dating before and now finding out their are siblings, is that not disturbing to them or what? At this point everyone is involved with each other, such a messy family tree.
  13. What is going on in this drama anymore, everyone is literally betraying each other it is even more difficult to keep up who is on who's side in this dram than Keeping up with Kardashians! It is a little disappointing that DJW and Jamie are not having a lot of interactions especially since they are twin siblings, shouldn't she be helping her brother instead of KHW. Sure her dad is the mad scientist who hopefully either dies or goes to prison, even if he has his redemption arc, it won't make a difference considering how many children he killed must be in triple digits, surprised he i
  14. I am going to start of and say I have a major second lead syndrome! Ji Pyeong is just the cutest, I mean he has been through so much as a kid, growing up without parents and the only person that he has for a short amount of time was Dal Mi grandma. Even in his adulthood he is seen living alone although he is successful, he does not seem to have many friends and the only thing he really talks to especially at the start of the series is that robot thing in his apartment which is so sad. He seems to be a little awkward quirky and a little shy as well, he is not the typical bad guy second male lea
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