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Ok TaecYeon 옥택연 | [Upcoming Drama 2024 "Taereung Zombie Village"]


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Name: Ok TaecYeon 옥택연

Nickname: Okcat, Jeemseung (Beast), Choco Taec,

Rich Teeth, OkDaeri, Oktizen, JjitTaecyeon

Date of birth: December 27, 1988

Height: 185cm Weight: 76kg

Blood Type: AB Religion: Christian

Talent agency: JYP Entertainment

KPOP group name: 2PM(Main Rapper)

First Seen: 2006 Superstar Survival Debut September, 2008

Languages: English & Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese

School: Dankook University

Hobbies: Music appreciation, Wakeboarding, Skiing

Specialties: Cooking Fav Food All the food

Ideal Woman: A girl who does her own stuff well/Someone who is on top of their work

Other: He lived in Bedford, Massachusetts for 7 years.

Auditioning to JYP Entertainment in New York City as a model.


[KBS2] Dream High 드림하이(2011)

Mon & Tues 9.55 PM [official thread]


as Jin Guk

Real name Hyun Shihyeok. Always looks outgoing and bright, but deep inside his heart there’s a wound that doesn’t heal.

He was left in an orphanage at a very young age by his single mother. Not long after he was left at the orphanage he was adopted by Hyun Mujin, a chairman of his father’s famous group. Jinguk was not happy in that house, treated like an invisible person. Eventually he dropped out of high school, left home and began living a new life under the name of Jinguk.

While spending time with his street friends, dancing, he accidentaly found himself at Kirin High School audition one day…

[KBS2] Cinderella's Sister 신데렐라 언니(2010)

Wed & Thurs 9.55 PM [official thread]


as Han Jung Woo

A reckless simpleton who was raised by hairy Mr. Chang, 10th immoral lover of Mrs. Song Kangsook.

Mrs. Song is mother of Eun Joo(Moon Geun Young). Fat boy whose weight was almost 100Kg in his middle school age. Nobody had cared him, so he should care himself. He had joined wrestling team as the team gave him food. He moved to baseball team when the team gave him more food. Food was some kind of religion to little Jungwoo. The food, which even hairy Mr. Chang or Mrs. Song Kangsook never prepared for him, was served by Eun Joo. After Eun Joo came to Mr.Chang's home, there is a smoke of cooking. The never ending hunger was smoothed by EunJoo. He decided to love Eun Joo who cared him. So, even after Eun Joo left, he never gave up love to Eun Joo. He decided to grow up as a nice smart man for the purpose of giving royalty to Eun Joo. Then, he came back in front of Eun Joo as a wonderful man.


Feb 2010 - July 2010 : [sBS] Family Outing Season 2

Jul 2009 - Sep 2009 : [MNET] Wild Bunny [with 2PM]

Jun 2009 : [MNET] Scandal

Jun 2009 : [MNET] It's Time 2PM [with 2PM]

Dec 2008 - Mar 2009 : [MBC] Idol Army Season3 [with 2PM]

2008 : KM Pop Magazine

2008 : [MNET] Hot Blood [with 2PM & 2AM]

2007 : XTM I

2006 : [sBS] Superstar Survival [with Chansung & Junho]



[sBS] Running Man[with Nichkhun]

[sBS] Night After Night[with Wooyoung]


[MBC] Fox Butler

[sBS] Gogoma

[MBC] Quiz that change the world

[KBS2] Oh My School

[KBS2] Happy Birthday[with 2PM]

[MBC] Radio Star [with Wooyoung]

[KBS2] Invicible Youth [with 2PM]

[sBS] Hero [with 2PM]

[sBS] HaHaMong Show [with 2PM]

[KBS2] Win Win [with Siwon & Yonghwa]

[MNET] MNET Radio 27/05/10

[KBS2] Happy Together [with Cinderella's Sister casts]

O'Live Show : Top Celebrity [with Wooyoung & Junsu]

[MNET] S-Body Season 2 [with 2PM] ep.1-2

[KBS2] Win Win [with 2PM]

[sBS] Strong Heart [with Junho]


[MBC] Star the Secret

[MBC] Infinite Challenge

[MBC] Infinity Girl

[MBC] BodyX3

[MBC] Introducing a Star's Friends

[MBC] Love & Escort(with 2AM)

[MBC] Pretty Boys Generation

[KBS2] Sang Sang Plus

[KBS2] Champagne

[KBS2] Star Golden Bell

[KBS2] Invicible Saturday : I have an uncle

[KBS2] Quiz Expedition

[sBS] Star King


Sep 2010 : Co MCs at Hallyu Dream Concert 2010[sBS]

Aug 2009 - July 2010 : Co MCs [sBS] Inkigayo

May 2010 : Co MCs at Dream Concert 2010[sBS]

Aug 2009 : Cameo with 2PM in drama [sBS] Style (episode 6)


Lotte Duty Free [with 2PM & other hallyu stars]

Eversense(Cologne-Thailand) [with 2PM]

Look optical(Glasses) [with 2PM & T-Ara]

Nepa(Sport Wears) [with 2PM]

Samsung Anycall Nori [with 2PM]

CJone Credit Card

Seoul Tourism [with 2PM]

Everland Caribbean Bay [with 2PM & SNSD]

Dynamic Kin(Beverage)

It's Skin(Cosmetic) [with 2PM]

Super Star K(TV Program) [with Wooyoung]

Calvin Klien [with 2PM]

Oppo(Mobile Phone-Thailand) [with 2PM]

Coca-Cola [with 2PM]

Spris/PONY(Casual & Sport wears) [with 2PM]

Cass Beer [with 2PM & Yoon Eun Hye]

Paris Baguette [with 2PM & Kim Tae Hee]

Samsung Anycall Corby [with 2PM]

Market O Real Brownie [with 2PM]

Santafe [with 2PM]

Hanami(Snack-Thailand) [with 2PM]

Body Shop [with 2PM]

EXR(Sport wears) [with 2PM]

Elite [with 2PM & SNSD]

XTM Shower










Aug 13, 2009 : Yes, I'm In Love - Bada feat. 2PM Taecyeon

Aug 17, 2009 : My Ear's Candy - Baek Ji Young feat. 2PM Taecyeon


My Color - 2PM(Samsung Corby CF)

My Cake/Love - 2PM(Paris Baguette CF)

Tik Tok - 2PM feat. Yoon Eun Hye(Cass CF)

Crazy4S - 2PM(Spris CF)

Open Happiness - 2PM(Coca-Cola CF)

Follow Your Soul - 2PM(Oppo CF)

Cabi Song - 2PM feat. SNSD(Caribbean CF)

What's Your Celebration? - 2PM(Coke Worldcup CF)

Thank You - 2PM(For Hottest)

Boom Boom Boom - 2PM(Seoul tourism CF)

Nori For You - 2PM(Anycall CF)

This Chirstmas - JYP Nation

(special project for JYP Nation Team Play Concert)


TaecYeon Twitter



Special Story



Killer Smile Duam Cafe

Graphic Design and information by EXBOW

***Do not take out without a proper permission and credit***

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Idol star Taecyeon up for Cinderella’s Sister

January 25th, 2010 // by javabeans


Huh. After unconfirmed reports initially spread the rumors, now it has been announced that idol star Taecyeon of boy band 2PM will be making his acting debut in the upcoming Cinderella’s Sister.

This news was confirmed on January 25 via phone interview with a source at the drama’s production company, who said, “To be exact, Taecyeon’s casting was confirmed today, the 25th. The contract hasn’t been finalized, but we have made a verbal agreement. Although talks didn’t take a very long time, both Taecyeon’s side and the production side have made this decision after plenty of deliberation. Both sides think he’ll bring out the personality he’s shown in variety and entertainment programs in a natural way.”

Not being a follower of 2PM, I can’t greet this news with any excitement, and in fact I’m more wary than eager. But, as the drama has by now cast three strong actors in the lead roles — Moon Geun-young as Cinderella’s stepsister (who happens to be the not-quite-villainous protagonist), Seo Woo as the kind Cinderella who seeks revenge on her sister, and Chun Jung-myung as the main love interest — I’m taking this one in stride.

Regarding casting a singer, the production source said, “We can’t say that there were no concerns over the low rate of success for singers-turned-actors. However, Taecyeon isn’t the lead for this drama so we’re expecting him to have synergy with the other actors like Moon Geun-young, Seo Woo, and Chun Jung-myung.”

In the drama, Taecyeon will play an innocent character named Jung-woo who maintains a steadfast love for Moon Geun-young’s Eun-jo, leading to a love triangle with her and Chun Jung-myung. Cinderella’s Sister will follow Chuno and premiere on March 31.

Via Mk.co.kr


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Taecyeon to star in a drama?

by lilchoiboy18 on January 25, 2010 @ 1:59 AM (EST)


It looks like Taecyeon of 2PM will join the long list of singers turned actors!

It’s been confirmed that he will be playing the male lead in the upcoming drama “Cinderella’s Sister” (신데렐라 언니).

Taecyeon will be playing the role of Jungwoo, who is an intelligent, strong, and honest young adult. His character is also a bit naïve and has a crush on Eunjo, “Cinderella’s” step-sister, who will be played by Moon Geun Young.

A representative for the drama said, “Although Taecyeon isn’t an experienced actor, his bright personality keeps him from being overwhelmed by the more experienced cast of Moon Geun Young, Chan Jungmyung, and Suh Woo. We trust that Taecyeon will be able to give life to his character which is why we chose him.”

This is Moon Geun Young’s first attempt at being the antagonist in a drama, so things should be interesting for the very innocent actress.

“Cinderella’s Sister” is set to air this March, so stay tuned!


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Early Photos from Family Outing 2

by GhostWriter on January 25, 2010 @ 10:45 AM (EST)




As the first season of Family Outing ends, filming has begun for Family Outing Season 2. Recently, some photos from the first filming session has been uploaded to the SBS website. The second season is much anticipated because it’s going to have some star power with 2PM’s Taecyeon, SNSD / Girls’ Generation Yoona and 2AM’s Jo Kwon.

The first season was awesome and the second season looks like it’s going to be a blast as well. Check out some of the photos from the first filming session below, thanks to sosiz for sharing the photos.


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Guest alicechen

Just wanted to drop by and say Good Luck to Taec in his debut drama!! Such an eye candy, along with CMH.

I want to see him next to Moon Geun Young...hehe :P She's so small compared to him. Cute couple!

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Thank you for creating this thread!

I like him a lot. He's a very charismatic guy.

I hope he will do well in his new drama and get a lot of dramas offered in the future. :D

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Guest bitter SOOweet

omg i CANNOT wait to see him in a drama.

i think he'll do very well! )#@&%)#@*$)_@#*$)#@&

and FO2... can't wait


can't wait can't wait can't wait! hehe.

he has such a long career ahead of him and to think he's already gotten this far in such a short period of time!

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i am lookin forward to the drama... i was already excited when moon geun young was making a comeback, she is such a great actress... and such a strong cast already..

hopefully, the drama would be a great success... but i gotta say taecyeon's acting i am kinda worried about, but i won't know until the drama airs...

I like the MGY and tacyeon love triangle... that is gonna be cute, since taec is so big and tall, and MGY is so petite...

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Guest candydae

I can't wait to see him in drama.

I always think that he'll get drama offer soon but not this quick. This is great.

I hope he'll pass an idol turn actor wall.

Best luck to you taec!

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Guest zahieyjunki

i'm here to say good luck to Taec for his first drama debut tho they're not in filming yet.

I hope he do well and whatever he lacks off, do take it as experience and work hard to become much better for few years to come.

rules : please don't insert his music activites over here however this is his acting thread so only his acting activities will be post here.

Good luck with this thread.

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