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guess the abs


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kekeke.... it is guaranteed that any actor who comes back after finishing off his service will be showing off those post-army abs in some angst scene. sometimes, it is the actor who wants to show off all his hard work at the gym... cue - angst scenes! hahahahha....


over the next five days, we will post one gif created by @triplem from  a drama. it is up to you to guess the actor as well as the drama. please put your guess in spoiler. have a laugh and chat with others. this is a mini event which means there are no points or prizes to be won except for lots of giggles. also, some of you are bound to have stills and gifs and if you want to submit and have others guess, please do! let's have fun! 19.gif?w=560

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@stroppyse has a good point with me having so many favourite oppas...


It won't be hard  to guess the actor...maybe the drama might be a challenge ...but it will be fun..and Like I was telling the drama thread on Top Star YB............



Looking forward to spazzing ....tell me your favourite abs scene. I'd happy to take requests if you can find me a YT or vimeo link...



edit: i must tag @USAFarmgirl :D

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7 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

@triplem, of course you would have your current crack squeeze on top, but your longest burning squeeze just one place down. :D


Also, regarding the first abs pic. Have we started or was this the warm up?

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Oh yes I cannot forget my royal hotness . I have so many amazing gifs of him :P   . Wahhh it would be so awesome if they both had a drama scene together where they were competing & showing off their abs .....one can dream 


Anyway this is a warm up round , for fun . Everyone Guessed right of course , that scene is iconic !



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