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[Drama 2018-2019] Priest, 프리스트


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[Priest] Ep 4 spoilers, Yeon Woo Jin x Jung Yoo Mi x Park Yong Woo




1. [+72,-2]
Someone should perform exorcism for Yeon Woo Jin so that he gets good dramas. It's such a waste. 

2. [+45,-3]
Performing exorcisms in dreams itself is interesting. But they can't confirm if the evil spirit escaped from Mi So's body. The priest's kiss scene may only be just a dream, but it's not right. No matter how much Yeon Woo Jin matches romance genres, this is exorcism.. ㅜ.ㅜ

3. [+33,-4]
I'm not Catholic, but watching that kiss scene made me feel unhappy and unpleasant. 

4. [+14,-0]
I don't get the process of exorcism, and it ended awkwardly. 

5. [+13,-0]
Who picks the scripts for Yeon Woo Jin?? If his agency picks them for him, he has to escape that place quickly, if he picks them himself, he should let someone else do it for him. Every drama he does after Introverted Boss didn't do well. Seeing that he appears in dramas consistently, he could've done a drama that's a hit, but why!!!! Why is he like that? (I'm saying so much because I think that it's a pity for him. He should look at the scriptwriter's previous works before picking the script.) 

6. [+20,-9]
It became a romance drama suddenly;;; As a believer, a priest with romance, that's unpleasant. Even if it's just a drama.. 

7. [+15,-5]
They are going for romance in the end??! I can't not compare the possessed people's makeup and acting for this one and 'The Guest'. This drama can't reach 'The Guest's' standard. 

8. [+10,-1]
The story is going nowhere. What a waste of the actors' acting.. 



Article: Naver 'Priest' Yeon Woo Jin chases out the evil spirit inside of Park Jung Woo 

1. [+171,-13]
Comparing this with 'The Guest', the exorcisms are too weak. And a love line with the priest.. What's with this drama... I like Yeon Woo Jin, what a waste... 

2. [+89,-8]
Are you not going to cast Park Il Do right away? What are the people in charge of casting actors doing? Park Il Do is now resting, quickly get him as a part timer or something. Before he gets another job.. 

3. [+57,-5]
Story is slowly heading nowhere... 

4. [+52,-24]
It's fun though.. I find the 
sunbae priest interesting too.. Priests are humans too, they have pasts too.. This may be weaker than Park Il Do, but it's fun. I was so immersed yesterday that I was surprised when it ended so quickly. I like Yeon Woo Jin. 

5. [+25,-3]
Unable to reach Park Il Do's level. 

6. [+24,-3]
Is the scriptwriter insane? Did s/he forget that Yeon Woo Jin is a priest???? Even if they are alone, he should reject her. But he couldn't even refuse that kind of temptation and kissed her as an exorcist?? This scriptwriter shouldn't be at OCN, s/he should've gone to public TV channels instead... A love line in exorcisms. It's insane. Towards an exorcist... Isn't that crazy? 

7. [+19,-2]
It seems like they've failed to exorcist the evil spirit. And what's with the priest kissing? Seriously..... the story is slowly becoming weird. 

8. [+16,-0]
I'm not sure if they did perform exorcism successfully. Please show us a clear ending. 

9. [+13,-0]
Are they sure that they've chased it out? Is it confirmed? Why are they ending this ambiguously?


p/s: knets gets so pressed with the romance scene; lmao i tend not to care even less... except the positive comment at no.4 (in the 2nd article) which i agreed kkkkkk :D
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Short comment on episode 5:


Emmm.. so the possessed man in this episode seems to have a past that may caused him not able to attend med school or being kicked out from med school or traumatic event causing him to loss confidence/professional recognition to be a doctor. The third one seems fit the story when he called Dr. Ham's "sister" as his mom and cried for her not to die. Perhaps he tried to save his mom in the past, and performed medical error or unsupervised medical procedure that cost his future as a doctor since his mother died. Yeah, well, just a guess since he seems to be quite capable to even diagnosed a myocardial infarction. 


And from the preview, I am starting to question whether the demon lingers in the hospital because of Dr. Ham? (for whatever reason there is). From episode 1 to current episode, all the possessed were somehow related to Dr. Ham - the child she treated, the intern and now the LPN who liked her. I am so curious what is the back story that link the demon, Dr. Ham and OSM, but it is still a long journey for the series to conclude. Now, they are just showing us the full scale chase of the demon, but very little on flashback of any of the character. :weary:


Looking forward for episode 6. :ph34r:


p/s: apparently the man, Seo Jae Moon is a licensed practical nurse (or nursing assistant), not a physiotherapist as I guessed. I am so confused with the scrub attire of the hospital staffs in this series. Haha! :lol:

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I don't know what to make of this episode..  I know demons prey on people with low self esteem but this is just ridiculous.. Now telekenieses, Wow.  But being in the hospital the more souls he can posess the stronger he'll become.. So Min is in for a hard fight alone it seems that the demon wants his soul.. It's going to come down to a  choice him or the good doctor. This will become the fight for his life and afterwards will he continue being a priest in training or hook up with the Doc..

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3 hours ago, sushilicious said:

@mrsj3n have you finished episode 5?


Yes... it wasn't good thoughts after watching it hence I didn't comment to spoil it here for everyone. :lol:


But I do feel sad for Seo Jae Moon. Being bullied at work and him being possessed. 

What a poor chap. :(


@ellelyana88 that's the thing. Why now?

There isn't any clear backstory (Ok. I'm repeating myself again) and the poor child got possessed, got himself to the hospital where Dr Ham is working and all hell break loose after being repossessed?






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@mrsj3n Well, I am already thinking about dropping this drama because there is no real suspense at all. Sure, there is this mystery about OMS's past and his connection to doctor Ham but that's not enough. Moreover, I dislike the fact that father Moon is hiding things from his colleague.

Besides, I can't help thinking that the writer made a mistake by never changing the place of the possessions: the hospital. Everyone who is possessed is either a patient or a staff member, which is a little repetitive. Moreover, I can not buy the whole story with the staff: how can a woman live so closely with two priests? This looks so ridiculous. Then they lie which is a sin. Sorry if my post is so negative. To me, the major flaw of this drama is the writing and that's the reason why the ratings are not so high compared to the previous drama.

I felt sorry for the guy in the episode 5... We can see that he has a trauma, he couldn't save his mother. 

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For now, I am just watching for the sake of watching only and filling my day with one or two dramas.

I will watch until they give us something about the connection in the past which I am most curious about (this may means, I might stay until the end of the series if they insert the back story at the end of the series :rolleyes:). However, for the plot... naahh... nothing much to comment on or anything that's mind-boggling worth to debate about. 


I think the writer is too eager and focused on the "state-of-the-art" exorcism by riding the popularity of exorcism genre introduced by TG which already performed traditional exorcism, but forgot to include impactful plot for audience engagement. The problem may lies in the writer's way of arranging the story-telling which disengage the audience with the bullet-train story line. He pushes too much yet did not bother to pull back as much as he pushed to reconnect the audience.  :huh:



p/s: But, I still find it's funny OSM reciting exorcism incantations instead of prayer and messed up Priest Moon 's prayer. He's still distracted by the kiss :joy:

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@bebebisous33 Yes. My sentiments exactly!

I'm about to drop it too. :confused:

Perhaps will watch episode 6 and see if more will be explained else I'm done with this.


Besides, the characters are not appealing to me as well. 

I am not shipping anyone at all.


That kiss? That scene? Nope. I find it weird.


In the midst of exorcism, we were brought to another scene.

Frankly, I don't understand why do they think the exorcism was a success.

We saw the doctor (erm, can't remember the character's name) having bugs all over her and she's struggling and suddenly there's a change of scene.... 

And they said it was a success.

I was like



So having bugs coming out from everywhere means the exorcism is a success?


So.. did Dr Ham stomp on a bug during her time in the hospital and caused the devil bug to remain in the hospital?




Finally let it out of my chest.



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Just finished ep 5 and so far... I like the show. It hasn’t sucked me in completely where I’m super anxious about the next ep, but it still excites me enough to come back every weekend. I’m kinda annoyed that they haven’t delve into OSM and Dr. Ham’s past bc that’s probably the most interesting part for me right now. Like all the kdramas, there are some cringey/awkward parts and I’m totally fine with that. I want them to expand outside of the hospital bc, as others have said it, it gets repetitive and boring (and eye rolling). I like OSM’s character tho, if he wasn’t a priest, he might be a very chill but fun person to be around. Dr. Ham is somewhat pretty typical kdrama-y, and I like JYM, but I’m still pretty neutral on her character. I don’t know how I feel about the other characters, they just haven’t stood out that much to me but the show wouldn’t be without them. I guess overall, I’d say it’s enjoyable. It’s the only drama I’m currently watching right now and I’m not get be all critical about it. Flawed yes, but it’s really whatever, I’m just gonna watch and be chill about it.



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The relationship with this drama is so complicated.




Sat episode - hate 

Sun episode - like


When I'm ready to drop the drama, it gets interesting for me to continue for the time being as I hate to leave it just like that.  :sweatingbullets:


Ok.. So I'm on board again.


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Finished watching episode 6.


1) I literally scream when the female detective shoot herself (of course, because she was controlled by the demon). My heart goes out for the female detective, being killed right from her first encounter with such paranormal scene. :(  The character is short-lived, but seems like she will appear in Det. Goo's dream next episode.


2) So, the members of the team were gathered together due to their past having someone in their family possessed and Priest Moon performed exorcism on them (based on the video in the memory card, that person might be Det. Goo's wife). I think the rich lady and tech geek must have had similar experience too.


3) When I watched the episode without earphone, I was confused by the following 2 cuts. I was confused whether the demon actually a human before this and was trained by Priest Moon (like OSM), and turned to Satan and became an evil spirit. :blink:

Feeling confused and unsatisfied, I watched the scene again with earphone, and I think the  translation for the second cut is wrong, and the first cut is correct. 

Priest Moon let the demon out or go from somewhere in the past. Then, this is a good explanation to me, since in real life, human may accidentally let go of the demon locked in chest, bottles or anything that was used to contain and seal the demon by past exorcist. 

In my culture , it is strongly advisable NOT to open empty bottle with unusual bottle cap (usually tightly sealed cork or wrap in cloth) particularly at the beach side, as it might contain the demon sealed by exorcist and being thrown into the ocean. Usually, precaution should be taken so that the bottle does not float and being drift away by the waves. The exorcist must put weight onto the bottle to make sure it submerge properly to the ocean bottom. But, sometimes, due to the difference of ocean salinity (which influence water density), the bottle might not submerge properly, and being adrift by the waves to the beach. Therefore, we are strongly advised not to open such bottle, unless you can clearly see there is a note in the bottle, and you might want to peek into the note someone left (who knows, you might find your soulmate.. haha :lol:). 

But, yeah, curiosity does kills.  :rolleyes::P








4) I suspect that mother-of-pearl chest is where the demon came from or sealed before this. Or it could be just a tool to catch the demon that Priest Moon could think of. I prefer if the story progresses with the former, the latter will kill the suspense and excitement. :phew:


5) Next episode preview, I was right about Dr. Ham lose part of her memory, and it was 8 years ago. So as OSM. They both clicked when OSM poured the wine (she must have remembered the words, but she can't recall who was it --> OSM). I still stand they were involved romantically in the past. Next episode might uncover part of that past. Dr. Ham seems to be going through hypnosis in the preview. 

And Priest Moon's expression after Dr Ham said the words that someone said to her in the past... hmmm.. what was his deal with the two of them huh? I mean, how can he be so nonchalant when dealing with the two of them in front of him like he knew nothing at all about their past, like he never knew their relationship. :confused:



@mrsj3n  I saw some comments in different free sites that they are hooked with Priest because they are curious with the romance part of this drama. Hahahaha! :D  They are entice with the forbidden or taboo possible love arc which could give them some edginess :rolleyes:


@sushilicious  yeah, seems like intense tug-of-war is happening between you guys and Priest..hahahaha! I hope ya'all will not be too exhausted and drop out. At least stay to criticize some ridiculousness that I deliberately not to touch upon. :P


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Chanting to myself:








Since you start the brain frying... :D


Frankly, how much can we trust the word of a demon?


I don't recall Dr Moon getting to exorcise OSM's mum at all.

And we were all deprived from quite a whole chunk of info from what happened after that fateful night and thrown right into present day.


Back to OSM, again... we were not shown of any of his growing up pains.

But the doctor in the hospital seems to know something about him.



And yet this devil / energumen seem not to be going anywhere and keep getting away despite "exorcism".

So why do they keep saying it is a success?


Now that is why I can't pull away despite some frustration. Lol

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3 hours ago, mrsj3n said:

@ellelyana88 hehehe..

For now, I only want to know what is Priest Moon hiding.

And why is everyone not coming clean about Dr Ham and OSM past.


Yeah, me too. What about their past that is so important to keep quiet about, or being erased in the first place?


2 hours ago, sushilicious said:

Two, Priest Moon. I am very suspicious about him. I’m not sure Is it the subtitles error or what, but as I was watching it I read two things.


1:The demon said “You were the one who Let me go.”


2:The demon said “You were the one who trained me.”


I feel that he has something to do with whatever is happening.


It is indeed translation error on the second one as I mentioned above. The second time i rewatch with earphone, i realized it was translation error.


1 hour ago, mrsj3n said:

I don't recall Dr Moon getting to exorcise OSM's mum at all.

And we were all deprived from quite a whole chunk of info from what happened after that fateful night and thrown right into present day.


No, he didn't get to exorcise OSM's mom 'cause his mom jump out the window as soon as Priest Moon arrived. 

There's possibility Priest Moon managed to seal the demon in between after OSM's mom incident and 8 years ago. Then, 8 years ago, something happened. 


1 hour ago, mrsj3n said:

But the doctor in the hospital seems to know something about him.



I think the psychologist may not know anything about OSM's past. He might have seen OSM in the past during university years with Dr Ham, as an ordinary student, as Dr. Ham's boyfriend (since he is her senior). Dr. Ham might have consulted with the psychologist, talk about the hole in her memory or something, perhaps mentioned to him that she came to the hospital to search for something missing in her memory. That's why the psychologist made a remark to OSM, did he came to the hospital because he doesn't remember as well (like Dr. Ham). 

I am thinking that the hospital probably where the main event of OSM's and Dr Ham's past occurred. 

There should be a reason for the demon to keep staying there and prey on the people in the hospital. *scratching my chin*

Well, we just have to wait they tell us about that in future episodes.. 

*telling my impatient self to wait.. wait.. wait..*:joy:


1 hour ago, mrsj3n said:

And yet this devil / energumen seem not to be going anywhere and keep getting away despite "exorcism".

So why do they keep saying it is a success?


For the individual possessed person (termed energumen), yes, it is a success since they managed to drive the demon out from the person body. As long as the person does not show any sign of being possessed anymore, it is a success.  That's why both the priests always make the cross mark on the person's hand / wrist after they are done with the exorcism to seal any path of entry to prevent the demon from repossessed the same person.  For place exorcism and to seal or "chain" the demon from possessing other people, that would need another task.  

So, @mrsj3n, to answer your question and frustration -  they exorcised the possessed, but they didn't banish / vanquish the demon back to the underworld, nor even seal it in any container. That's why, the demon is still there. They need further plan to catch it as it is quite superior. 


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I will wait after I am done live stream episode 8, then I would give my comment on this week's episodes. Haha

They seems started to uncover what happened 8 years ago. 

As I expected, that mother-of-pearl box is indeed was used to seal the demon in the past. And somebody might have opened it out of curiosity or for the purpose of testing for something. My main suspect was Priest Moon. On second thought, OSM may be possible too. 


Another thing, I think the ghost corporal Jang is indeed her spirit asking Det. Goo to catch the demon, not Seo Jae Moon as he misunderstood as. Unfortunately the demon took advantage of Det. Goo's emotion instability, and thus use his daughter as a bait for him to "surrender". 


My biggest question for episode 7 is, who is this Sister Lee Hae Min that they are waiting for which they need to get rid of the demon before she come. Hmmmm.. :ph34r:


See you guys again after episode 8.



Episode 8

Dang! That ghost Corporal Jang is indeed the demon and she actually want Det Goo to kill Priest Moon because the priest is the "main culprit" (which also caused his daughter's death).


Now watching the flashback of Shin MiYeon's encounter with Priest Moon.

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After episode 8:


Wait..waittt...waiiitttt...whaattt??? :crazy: 

So, Priest Moon died and will just appear in flashback only in latter half of the drama?


Did he really died??? (still in shocked and can't believe my eyes) :blink::blink:

Will there be plot twist that he will come back as the big bad guy whom the demon completely possessed???

(But, to have him being placed at the memorial, I guess they buried his real body huh? So, not possible for plot twist?)


I didn't even think that Priest Moon will manage to seal the demon in the mother-of-pearl box because this time the demon won't be easily tell its name, yet I didn't expect they drop a bomb to us and killed Priest Moon! :( Instead  of being sealed, the demon entered Priest Moon's body, and Priest Moon resist until he reach the beach and shoot himself as the last resort to kill the demon. However, I don't think he got to banish the demon. The demon will find other people to possessed until it got what it want. What does the demon want with Dr Ham huh? Is she the descendant of the leader who massacre people in past which they told in episode 7? :blink:


Now, the only person who can tell the backstory next week is Sister Lee Hae Min. Uh Oh.. my biggest question in episode 7 is quickly answered in this episode. I think Sister Lee Hae Min may be one of the founder of 634 Regia. She looks so graceful. :)


Next week we will get to "travel" to the past and watch OSM and Dr Ham's romance. LOL! :D

OSM was indeed a med student, and according to demon, he became an exorcist priest because of Dr Ham. Hmmmm...

But, still in question, what actually happened that made them loss their memories about each other completely.. hmmm..


I guess we have to wait next episode then. :rolleyes:

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