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[Drama 2018-2019] Priest, 프리스트

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I think both dramas are good in their own way even though I've only watched 2 eps, and am excited for the rest (that cliffhanger!) but I still like the cast from The Guest better. This one looks scari

I agree that the introduction of Priest seems to be lacking somehow compared to TG, although I must say that I did enjoy the two episodes. It is definitely less mysterious because the story didn't foc

while ppl fussing to drop the drama, im here still stand to support the cast.      ---   clips    

Hmmm... OSM's mother suddenly show up as demon's follower huh, and not looking any older. 

Did someone resurrect her from the grave?

I am confused as to where the plot is going.. :wacko:


Sister Lee Hae Min is still suspicious to me. 

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20 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

OMOOOO @ellelyana88 Priest Moon is back!


I guess Priest is playing the timeline game, but I’m complaining because I got Priest Moony back so it’s swell.


Huh? Back as in back from the grave or back for flashbacks?


I haven't watch tonight's episode yet. :grimace:

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6 hours ago, sushilicious said:

Soo min kind of got pull back to a few episodes ago back to the swimming pool. So apparently everything that happened after the swimming pool scene got erased? Soo min is the only one who knows it and everyone some of them are different? 


Just finished watching the episode! OMGGGGGGGGG! 

For several episodes were all OSM's dream since the swimming pool exorcism episode!

OMGGGGGGG.... such a longggggggg dream!!! We all were fooled by the demon! Daaaeeeeee baakkkkk!



After episode 12:




LOL! :joy:


My suspicion is proven! From her first appearance, up until latest episode, I have been suspicious of Sister Lee Hae Min's gaze. The gaze looks impure.  


Oh oh.. this episode kinda answer my question I had from last episode. How could OSM's mom still looks young and the same (even considering she is still alive after all) . When I saw it was his mom who stole the mother-of-pearl box, I did thought of the possibility that OSM is actually not in real world. Because of 1 thing: OSM's mom stole it but she never open the box. If she is really the demon's follower, she would have released the demon into the world right away (plus, I have been suspicious of Sister Lee Hae Min since the beginning).


But considering the plot has happened for several episodes, I just dismissed that thought! LOL! Really never thought that they could fooled us for several episodes! :joy:


I am wondering, if the dream OSM had foretells what would be happening in the future (which we viewers had already seen it for several episodes), does that mean Sister Lee Hae Min is indeed the demon's worshiper? Hmmmm... 

From the preview, Moony seems to dismiss the idea about the dream telling what would happen in the future. Perhaps he refuses to believe Sister Lee Hae Min would do that, isn't it? But, the preview cuts showed Father Kwak confirming things are happening as in OSM's dream. Wonder how next episode would be. Things are going to be different I guess. 





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1 minute ago, sushilicious said:

@ellelyana88 I feel that some how this timeline now, something will change. As in like the people. Definitely someone will be different if not everyone thing will be the same.


Yea... something will change. The way they behave, the way they take their action and their conviction.


Can't predict what would they bring onto the plate in the next final 4 episodes. :ph34r:

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EPISODE 13&14:



OSM almost fall into the demon's trap! :crazy:

The demon aims to get one of the priest to become his priest since the beginning!

OSM got carried away with his fear of the unknown future, and went impulsive to seal the demon.

The demon managed to destroy the mother-of-pear box. 


No wonder I feel something was off in earlier episode when the old priest told Priest Moon that he need to embrace the demon in order to know the demon's name. 

The part to know the name of the demon in order to drag it out and seal it is true , but to embrace the demon and be its priest in order to know its name??? :blink: I thought to myself: Isn't reciting the incantation is enough to force the demon to spit out its name??? :blink:

Most occasions I knew of, there is no need to know the name if it is an inferior demon, exorcist can just instruct the demon to get out in the words of God through the agreed channel, e.g., through the toe or nose (but this is not Catholic method). Unless, it is superior demon(s) that stubborn enough and inflicts too much physical pain to the possessed, then the exorcist need to be forceful and intensive in incantation usage to get the demon out (either by making it feeling the pain or get it to spit out its name) and seal it. 



I remember refused to believe Priest Moon managed to seal the demon because I thought, supposedly, when you become a demon's priest/follower, you become its "slave" and there is no way you can seal your "master" away. It's the "master" who have the upper hand on his "slave".  The demon was plotting to get one of them to become its priest in OSM's dream. 

The demon making up layers of lies, yet told OSM the truth about his memory in order to get him confused of which part is true which part is not, as that part of his memory can weaken his will as an exorcist priest. Luckily, Moony come in time to save his faith. Gosh! 

I jumped from my seat when OSM get rid of his cross. :persevere:


The preview!


The whole hospital is going to get infected with chickenpox now??? LOL!

What's with the demon and its grudge with the hospital???

Did the patient  with bloody face that the demon appears as died from not getting proper treatment for chickenpox??? :joy:

Dude, you shouldn't be in vengeance of something the can't surpass the era. Chickenpox have no cure yet during your era. Don't be jealous of the patients in current time, please. :joy:


Okay, I'm done trolling the demon. :phew:

OCN seems like to pull off something in "mass" for its exorcism genre.

Last time we got a mass of zombies in The Guest.

Now we got a mass chickenpox patients. 



Okay, bye!:ph34r:



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Just when things settled ("It's all a dream; let's go on from here to a smooth ending"), there is a new twist in ep 14. And more new questions posed. The devil getting his priest-servant thwarted, Sister flying in earlier than expected, etc. I'm tired asking questions; let's just sit back and enjoy the final two episodes. Hopefully with a happy ending. 

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On 1/14/2019 at 3:04 PM, sushilicious said:

EEEE @ellelyana88 OMO I think i watch too much dramas and I start to grin the possibility of everything. Priest moon close up to the face then a bit dark.. He looks so evil hahahaha. Then the one who is supposedly possessed is a priest?????? 


The demon was aiming to get one priest of its own by manipulating OSM's thought and implanting fear of unknown future through the dream. It almost succeed to get OSM sacrificing himself, believing the method told by the (fake) old priest in the dream. Luckily Priest Moon knew it was a scheme the demon pull off to turn OSM fearful of what would happen and get one of them as its priest. That episode kinda generally taught us the importance to get the right knowledge or fact, so that we won't be easily tricked. :ph34r:

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I will watch tomorrow's ending without any expectation nor any theory.

I will just watch it to know why the demon has been aiming Dr Ham.

What Dr Ham has to do with that bloody-faced patient the demon been appear as. 


5 hours ago, sushilicious said:

Don’t you think? @ellelyana88 Strangely after OSM came back, don’t you think that Moon has been slightly tone down a little? Like he became really quiet compared to the previous timeline.

Yeah, seems so. 

I think his brain is busy scrutinizing the line between demon's game and reality, to the point he shuts his lips. :joy:


Anyway, let's just sit back and enjoy the ending tomorrow. Haha.



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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2018-2019] Priest, 프리스트

In the end, the dream all made sense. I am happy with the ending. 


It was a good ending and story. The young man became a priest to free his girlfriend from the demon eight years ago and , in the end, driving the demon out of the girl again. The story began with the demon possessing Dr Ham and ended with the demon driven back to where he came from, also while possessing Dr Ham.


Granted, I didn't like that the dream was that long, but the drama did get better and better in terms of pacing and suspense. Coming from a show like Guest, the Priest appeared slow in the early episodes. However, I'm glad I did not drop this drama. At least, the Priest appears to be more representative of what a true (Catholic) exorcism is. Not that I am an authority on that, LOL.


Now, onto the next Priest drama starring one of my favourite actors, Kim Nam Gil! 

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