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[Drama 2018-2019] Priest, 프리스트


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4 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

Then...as for the romancy part..Hm...*biting lips* not my cup of tea..but I think I will still watch it.


I think they won't focus on the typical romance scene.. going smoochy..huggy.. too much lovey dovey scene all that.. naahh..

But, I think it will be quick and fast forward to what happened 8 years ago that caused Priest Moon decided to beg Sister Lee Hae Min to let the demon out. Hmmm... Don't worry... I think next episode you will get to see their bromance.. Priest Moon being all giddy, happy and supportive of OSM getting a girlfriend, to the point of getting married.  :D


8 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

But ah...what happened to the detective anyways? I don’t see him at the last part of the episode though :no_mouth: 


He is back to himself as the demon entered Priest Moon. He mourns in silent cry for Priest Moon death...perhaps blaming himself causing such turn of event :(

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14 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

@ellelyana88 Ah thank you...Man...Detective must have felt so bad for it...but props to that actor who played that detective. The way he acted as the possessed oooohhhh with the tongue and all that....coooooollllll....love it. 


But ah...Moony died..I can’t...My heart...:unsure:


Calling me a bias. But I really want the demon to Target OSM than Dr Ham....Main Male Lead syndrome. But if it doesn’t Oh well :) 

Umm.. Do you think Moony really died? 

I can't help but to have suspicion over his death.. Hahahaha! 

We should always doubt OCN. 

Nothing is true until last episode. Haha!:D

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2 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

I have not watched it yet, but just judging on what I see, even if moony tries to come back. I think he would be back in spirit form. Like you said, they burnt the body already.


I think he would appear again when OSM is going down hill. Like he is losing himself or something, (Dr Ham is Not enough to get him back ) he desperately needs someone to kick him back to the correct path. Then he will come back to do things right.I did it for Guest as well. I am thinking that OSM could do one for the team too. Like what Moony did. 


I am 100 percent certain, what moony did. Did not kill the demon. And in addition, the new sister character might spin the story 360 degrees on the group.


Dear, it's 180 degree :P If 360 you are back to the origin situation :P


Ah, btw, I need to warn you at the start of episode 8, there is the story of first encounter between Priest Moon and the gallery lady owner, Shin MiYeon.. Is quite touching for me (but i am not sure if it touch the same sentiment for you, as I have quite similar personal experience, just in different situation. That's why i left that scene uncommented. Hahaahha). They love each other, each to their own interpretation of "love". Kinda beautiful love Moony have there with the lady. The lady really care for him. 

Too bad, she didn't get to say her last word to him :tears:

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2 hours ago, sushilicious said:

Is it just me...but somehow is super quiet right now...I guess everyone is celebrating Christmas eh? Welp...except for me...singing to myself...


Me: I wish myself a merry Christmas...I wish myself a merry Christmas and a happy new year *sobs*


Merry Christmas!!! And happy new year!


Hi everyone I have no idea why but I chose this as my drama of choice to procrastinate my final exams and now that they're over I'm still watching!!!


My thoughts on episode 8: I am super curious about Father Oh and Dr Ham's backstory! As for Father Moon, I believe the exorcism was a success and they got the demon back into the mother-of-pearl box because Father Moon managed to learn its name... But in order to do so he had to give up being a priest... In the meeting with the old priest who survived the last exorcism and sealing, the old priest said that the devil has priests too and becoming one was the only way to learn its name... So he sacrificed himself :tears:

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On 12/17/2018 at 12:03 AM, sushilicious said:

@ellelyana88 any thoughts after rewatching?

3 hours ago, sushilicious said:

Is it just me...but somehow is super quiet right now...I guess everyone is celebrating Christmas eh? Welp...except for me...singing to myself...



Yooo.. I didn't realize you tagged me until I open this discussion. So, I didn't reply. Hahaha :joy:

Oohh ohhh.. before that, Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrate! And Happy New Year! Can't believe in just less than 2 weeks we are going to left 2018 behind and move to 2019. Did ya'all spent your 2018 meaningfully? :rolleyes:


On 12/17/2018 at 12:03 AM, sushilicious said:


(low-key..was watching it with my mom, and she was like...”What if at the end, Priest Moony comes back as a villain.” I was like omg....hahaha)



That was exactly what I thought too last time, right? What if he didn't die and they burnt different body... hmmm.. it's not possible if the body was mutilated or disfigured (which belong to other person) wearing Priest Moon's attire found in Priest Moon's car and they foolishly did not do any identification test. LOL! (imagination running wild! :lol:)



On 12/17/2018 at 12:03 AM, sushilicious said:

I am seriously lost for words...He sacrifice his chances to get to heaven just to make sure that the demon is lock...

34 minutes ago, chubbyfatcat said:

As for Father Moon, I believe the exorcism was a success and they got the demon back into the mother-of-pearl box because Father Moon managed to learn its name... But in order to do so he had to give up being a priest... In the meeting with the old priest who survived the last exorcism and sealing, the old priest said that the devil has priests too and becoming one was the only way to learn its name... So he sacrificed himself :tears:



As for me, I still believe that Priest Moon did not successfully seal the demon back into the mother-of-pearl box. He just managed to get the demon out from Det. Goo's body by sacrificing himself to be possessed. The demon strongly refused to go back into the box, and it would not easily reveal its name in the same way it was sealed by the previous exorcist. Priest Moon's final moment before he shoot himself is the proof. He called for Lord, but he is already possessed by the demon. He resist the demon full possession in the gallery, and went outside lying that he want to get some air. But, actually it was a failure. 


Other than that, his last words (the narration) to OSM that he would be a better exorcist than him hints that the final battle with the not-yet-sealed demon would be with OSM. After this, the demon would strike the member of 634 Regia again by possessing we-don't-know-who-is-next. But before that, they better tell us the whole story about 8 years ago. Don't leave anything! :ph34r:


Edit: The demon has been aiming for Priest Moon. That's why it get Priest Moon to kill himself at the end. Priest Moon may left some notes behind for OSM. If he died, that's means the sealing failed. So, OSM must finish the job in the future using other definite method.


On 12/17/2018 at 12:03 AM, sushilicious said:

-Ham had a localized amnesia same as Seo Jae Moon. Which lead me to believe that she might be possessed.

-If this is right, this will answer as to why OSM became a priest.

-but why did he forget about it as well...


I wonder too, why both of them loss that part of their memory about each other when one of them was possessed. Hmmm...

And why the need to release the demon?

I am too lazy to theorize anything now. I will write again when my crazy imagination come back. :joy::joy::joy:

Edited by ellelyana88
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@sushilicious finally caught up with the latest 2 episodes.

Erm.. really no comments so far.


They fade out before we can see Priest Moon's demise.


And not showing us a body.... I'm sceptical.


Besides, he is one of the main lead..

Won't be surprised if @sushilicious got her wishes come true. :lol:


And now they introduced another key character for OSM and Dr Ham's mysterious relationship.

Hmmm... Sister Lee?

Ok... not gonna fry my brain over it.


Will just sit back and watch the drama. <_<



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[Priest] Ep 8 spoilers, Park Yong Woo x Yeon Woo Jin x Moon Sook
Article: Naver 'Priest' Park Yong Woo chooses to kill himself in order to seal the demon 'tragic death' 

1. [+190,-3] But I'm watching this because I like Park Yong Woo. ㅜㅜ
2. [+167,-2] In truth, isn't it too much to kill Park Yong Woo? This is worst than Kim Moo Yul dying in Bad Guys 2. 
3. [+115,-3] Are there only 8 episodes for this drama? 
- [+9,-0] I thought this was the last episode too. Of course, Park Yong Woo will appear when they reveal the past, but I didn't know that they would kill the lead off so early...... ㅡ ㅡ

4. [+83,-0] I teared up when Priest Moon died. But killing off the lead like that for a 16 episode drama, is the scriptwriter insane? Why did you kill him? Where do I find the fun in watching this in the future? You should've have killed him.. That's too much!! 
5. [+82,-2] Ah, why did you kill him? It's not going to be fun now.. 
6. [+43,-0] But what is the reason for them to not reveal if they have really performed exorcism successfully each time? Did they destroy the demon or did they chase it out? There is no clear indication of it. I don't even know if they have been going after the same demon or are those people possessed by different demons. And I'm not sure if he was really possessed in today'sepisode. Is that done on purpose? 
7. [+41,-1] I don't get to see Park Yong Woo now. ㅠㅠ
8. [+37,-0] I was watching this for Park Yong Woo. ㅠ
9. [+26,-0] I'm one of the people who are watching this for Park Yong Woo. 



Article: Naver 'Priest' Park Yong Woo tells Yeon Woo Jin to look for Moon Sook before he dies, why? 

1. [+239,-1] Scriptwriter, isn't Park Yong Woo the lead? Why did he die so quickly? 
2. [+122,-3] This episode was really interesting, but I had a mental breakdown when Priest Moon died. 
3. [+66,-7] I was shocked when Priest Peter died so early. I wonder if Priest Michael could perform the exorcisms well on his own. 
4. [+33,-2] I've been a first broadcast killer for this drama since its first episode, I was just watching for the sake of it, but episode 8 was really fun. It's such a pity that Park Yong Woo died. 
5. [+31,-6] Priest is really interesting, it's really intense too. 
6. [+21,-2] I was watching this for Park Yong Woo's sake, now that he's dead, what do you want me to do. 
7. [+18,-2] Park Yong Woo was the one leading this boring drama, but he died so quickly. 
8. [+12,-2] I think it's going to be boring without Park Yong Woo... 
9. [+8,-3] It's really interesting. 


p/s: honestly, im all rooting for YWJ & JYM :wub:

Related image

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On 12/9/2018 at 3:00 AM, bebebisous33 said:

@mrsj3n Well, I am already thinking about dropping this drama because there is no real suspense at all. Sure, there is this mystery about OMS's past and his connection to doctor Ham but that's not enough. Moreover, I dislike the fact that father Moon is hiding things from his colleague.

Besides, I can't help thinking that the writer made a mistake by never changing the place of the possessions: the hospital. Everyone who is possessed is either a patient or a staff member, which is a little repetitive. Moreover, I can not buy the whole story with the staff: how can a woman live so closely with two priests? This looks so ridiculous. Then they lie which is a sin. Sorry if my post is so negative. To me, the major flaw of this drama is the writing and that's the reason why the ratings are not so high compared to the previous drama.

I felt sorry for the guy in the episode 5... We can see that he has a trauma, he couldn't save his mother. 

@bebebisous33  I'm also finding tbis drama going off track.. Now it's seems stupid to me. Loosing interest

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Done live streamed episode 9.


The whole episode showed the flashbacks of what happened to OSM and Dr Ham 8 years ago. No suspense as it was all love-dovey, just like watching typical romantic comedy. 

Apparently, it was not Priest Moon who opened the mother-of-pearl box and released the demon. His mistake was that he left it unattended in the confession room. The one who foolishly take the box out from the basement was Priest Ignatius. :ph34r:

It was Dr. Ham who accidentally opened it while waiting at the church to meet Priest Moon with OSM as they are getting his blessing to get married (Dr Ham arrived first and went into the prayer hall), lured by the demon imitating her father's voice ... and got possessed.

Kinda disappointed by the way they edited Jung Yu Mi getting possessed.. they kinda tone it down, not much of erratic behavior going on. I  anticipated so much to the scene where Jung Yu Mi being possessed, but it such a let down. Haaa :weary:


One question arises from this episode:  What does the demon mean by OSM must die, only then those people he loves can live on? hmmm.. OSM asked why??? in this episode, but we are not being given the answer as Priest Moon dragged him out the room. :confused:


I think OSM probably a descendant of the person who locked the demon in the first place and he has natural capability / talent in exorcism and sealing the demon. Thus, the demon has been targeting him since.

Emm... I don't know what to think of anymore.

I am getting confused here. Hahaha..

But, thus far, my theories were mostly correct except that the event 8 years ago happened in SK, not in Venezuela.

Their memory was indeed deliberately erased and was done by Priest Moon.

Somehow I don't feel the thrills to make any guess anymore. It seems predictable so far on how it goes.

Not much of twists and turns that could caught me off guard and keep on frying my brain.

But... yeah, I will keep watching it since I've come this far. LOL!

Let's see how it goes from here on.


Anyway, is this drama still going for 16 episodes? Or, did OCN cut it short to like...12 episodes? I think this could be wrapped up in just 12 episodes. Not sure how would they stretch the story further for 16 episodes. :confused:

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10 hours ago, sushilicious said:

I want Moony Back alive...sigh..should i skip like ep 9? Because you said it was all about romance, and romance isn't really my thing....

Though it's a flashback episode, u can still see Moony in this episode...emm.. around 20 minutes to the end. 

It was light romance, how they met, fall in love and all those stuff. The dark part is when Dr Ham got possessed. They showed OSM interaction with the devil who showed itself to OSM in its bloody and scarred face with 1 blind eye. But, it was not that darrkkk dark. 


I have only 1 question left for this drama. The same question OSM asked the demon in ep 9. Why OSM? Why him? I will stay until I get the answer for just this 1 question. Haha. :rolleyes:




Now streaming episode 10. I am suspicious of Sister Lee Hae Min. Hmmm. Or should I be suspicious to Lady Shin too? Hmmmm

Edited by ellelyana88
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  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2018-2019] Priest, 프리스트 - Sat & Sun @ 22:20 KST

@sushilicious that person did the voodoo doll thing once to the older priest before the one in the video. Like I edited in my post above, I am suspecting Sister Lee Hae Min. Hahahahahah.

When the scene shows tbe person's hand doing the voodoo thing to the older priest, marking upside down cross on his forehead.. the hands and the clothes looks feminine and there is prayer beads! :open_mouth:

Moreover the scene occurred at the parish. 


Hmmm.. I think it is possible that when Priest Ignatius was so determined to get the mother-of-pearl box from the basement might due to Sister Lee Hae Min told him about it... slyly..

In order to release the demon. But Ignatius had no gut to open the box, and by Moony mistake leaving the box unattended, it was released accidentally by Dr Ham.. 


And when Sister Lee Hae Min heard of Moony managed to seal the demon, she quickly come back huh? I dont think she came back so fast because of Moony's death. 


Well, I might accuse an innocent character. Hahahaha. Seems like with this new development, they will keep it going until 16 episodes huh..





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25 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

Haha okay then :)  If I get to the end will tell you how it ends on the other thread haha. If it’s good or nah. I’m just barely hanging there as well :) 

Alright! It will be good to know at least the ending since I did invest my time to watch till episode 8. Lol

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Heol. I am just catching up. Watched 6 episodes over two days.

Went WTF at Ep 8 and I am not sure where this is going.

I think I will stick through to the end but I am definitely not invested enough to live stream or recap.


*Still looking for a good OCN drama to follow Guest*

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2018-2019] Priest, 프리스트

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