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[Drama 2018-2019] Priest, 프리스트


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  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2018] Priest, 프리스트 - Sat & Sun @ 22:20 KST - Premieres TONIGHT
  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2018] Priest, 프리스트 - Sat & Sun @ 22:20 KST

I just finish watching the episode 1 and i can't wait for the next episode to be subbed. I have watched The Guest and since I'm still coping with the feels on the finale, I decided to watch and try this drama and It good that it feels different from The Guest although it was all about exorcism but still I can find some twist on the story. Great acting from the main leads.

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Hello everyone, I just finished watching the 1st ep and so far I liked it (even though its too early to decide if its worth watching or not :D ) But so far it really does look promising! Can't wait for the episodes to come! Is it just me or the kid's mother looks fishy :blink:

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Just watched episode 1 too...

Trying hard not to compare here as it's not really getting my attention. 


Guess the demons/possession here are pretty random and our brain is kinda safe at the moment since they might not be link. :lol:

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18 minutes ago, sushilicious said:



Let’s start the ball. Have you wonder why  the kid ( possessed )he said to OSM and the doctor that we are all together again?  (Do the spirit, Doctor, osm have some sort of connection? Hm..)


Guess we'll know in episode 2. Lol


There wasn't really much to ponder now except 1) why is the kid possessed

2) The kid's mother

3) what is THAT thing?


I can't watch episode 2 tomorrow during the daytime due to school... I'll join in the discussion latest by Tuesday... don't think I'll have the heart to watch at night. 

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Hello hello everyone~~!

Hope to see more coming in the party..LOL!


I just finished both episodes.

For now, I am gonna keep watching this. :phew:

So far both the exorcism intensity and each lead's background past intrigued me.

Priest Michael / Oh Soo Min (Yeon Woo Jin character) seems to have the same ability as Hwa Pyung to see demon when he was young, but the adult Priest Michael doesn't have that ability anymore. And like Mateo, he seems to have a good knack for exorcism too. 


And again, the-refuse-to-believe-even-I-have-seen-the-real-deal is the female lead. :rolleyes: Haha! Watching Dr. Ham (Jung Yoo Mi character)  questioning the actions of the priests and keep accusing them reminds me of Gil Young. Haha! :lol:


My guess is that, Michael saw his mother died because of possession in the midst of his father disbelief and thus turned into an exorcist priest, while Dr. Ham might've witnessed the death of her family member during exorcism in the absence of medical support, and thus turned her back from believing the existence of devil and possession, and be religious in medicine instead. That might explain how she and Priest Moon knew each other. :ph34r:


5 hours ago, mrsj3n said:

Guess the demons/possession here are pretty random and our brain is kinda safe at the moment since they might not be link. :lol:


It is possibly one strong devil that jump possessed from one person to another. As usual, it dwells in human strong desire, weak mind and resentment. I watched episode 2 without subtitle, I guess the mother might have wish for something she should not have and said something the child may have heard and thus the devil took the opportunity to possess the child.

The devil is so stubborn to not reveal its name during exorcism and even imposing itself as God ("Yahweh" on the glass). 

I think Michael and Dr. Ham have opposite experience with the same devil / entity in the past.  

When the possessed child, Michael and Dr. Ham in the same room in the basement, the devil said that they finally meet again altogether.


On the exorcism scene.. I don't know how many times I clap and clap for the brilliant acting by the child. I am WOWed!

I think someone from OCN might've lurked into The Guest forum and saw our comments about Latin incantations not being used in the drama and incorporate our opinion into Priest (yeah, right :rolleyes::P). The first two episodes were so intense that I am increasing my expectation meter for the following episodes. The cliffhanger, OMG! When the camera seems to be suspiciously keep showing the nurse, from coughing to lying down to sleep, I knew my feeling was right that she is now possessed! She is the one who stays with the child in the car and at the new hospital where he transferred to. I kind of feel that the nurse would be next when I saw the blurry glimpse of her playing with the child at the background when Dr. Ham talking to the mom. Hmmm.. She probably have some resentment towards Dr. Ham. Or something else. Let's see next week what's going to be unfold. :w00t:


Overall, for me, the premiere episodes of Priest a bit lacking in narration (perhaps they are done with Devil, Possession and Exorcism 101 in The Guest) and the background story seems to be not that catching my attention (except that head-twisting scene...phewh!), but their bold move to jump right into intense exorcism by a brilliant child actor and their group seems to consist of more people (than the dubbed Trinity in The Guest) - speed driver / tech geek (LOL), detective, and gallery owner(?) -  does sparks my curiosity how  these people are related to each other. Besides, I also have the same question as Priest Moon - why the devil go after Father Ignatius? It looks to me like the devil want to settle a score with him. 

I hope, within the premise of permitted exorcism ritual, I could see more and more intense scene and brilliant acting of the possessed! :w00t::ph34r:



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@ellelyana88 I have yet to watch episode 2 so I can't comment much but you are right about the background story.

I felt that we were not properly introduced on the possession part and suddenly we were taken to present day. The backstory wasn't strong.


But of course, I'll still watch episode 2 to see if it's worth continuing as right now, I'm still on the fence after watching episode 1.

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Class is boring and I have this in my chest and I need to let it out.


Why is there a deserted lab / hospital right next to the hospital?


Being OCD, I was like... Why isn't the hospital doing any proper cleaning or maintenance????

What happened to the administrative work? 



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[Priest] PILOT Ep 1 spoilers, Yeon Woo Jin & Jung Yoo Mi & Park Yong Woo


Article: Naver 'Priest' Yeon Woo Jin X Jung Yoo Mi, prologue to medical exorcisms... will it be a hit like The Guest?   

1. [+95,-4]
If The Guest is a scary story that my grandmother has whispered to me in the past, then Priest would be like my first time watching a horror movie in the theatres.. They are similar, but the story is different. Both have their own charms. I'm going to be a first broadcast killer for Priest too. 

2. [+46,-3]
I've always thought that Yeon Woo Jin is good. I hope he gets more popular. 

3. [+22,-3]
The female lead is a miscast. 

4. [+19,-1]
After watching The Guest, this one is certainly less interesting and less intense.. The female lead can't act too.. The makeup and details were certainly different. ㅠㅠ

5. [+20,-7]
I hope it becomes a hit!!!!!

6. [+10,-0]
Park Il Do made our standards and expectations too high. ㅠ ㅠ

7. [+9,-2]
Except for Park Yong Woo and Yeon Woo Jin, the rest all bad at acting. I thought Jung Yoo Mi is good at acting, but she's awkward in here. 

8. [+13,-7]
Yeon Woo Jin's acting is good, he's handsome and cute. He does everything. 






1. [+227,-8]
The Guest was definitely too strong. 

2. [+142,-10]
Maybe it's because we've watched The Guest, that's why we have higher standards now. Will they be able to win our hearts who have higher expectations? After watching the first episode yesterday, I said the same thing with my husband, "I miss Park Il Do." 

3. [+116,-5]
Yeon Woo Jin is really good at acting and is handsome. His eye for scripts are really.. And they released the drama at this timing.. But still, I'm supporting them. 

4. [+85,-8]
Not even half as good as The Guest...

5. [+20,-1]
They should've just made a season 2 of The Gue
st instead... The immersion is not even half of half of half of half of half of half of it~~~


6. [+13,-2]
Makes me compare a lot with The Guest. It's sloppy and more than anything, the actors are miscast. I'd rather The Guest 2 came out instead. 

7. [+16,-3]
This isn't even titled as The Guest season 2. Not sure why people kept comparing them. 


  • (p/s: agreed this, ppl need to stop comparing like its getting so annoying, they should at least appreciate the priest cast and move on. :smirk:)


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I think both dramas are good in their own way even though I've only watched 2 eps, and am excited for the rest (that cliffhanger!) but I still like the cast from The Guest better. This one looks scarier with the floating/supernatural effects and without that cheesy scream PARK IL DOO!!!!! 

I noticed there was a bandaid on EH's neck in the beginning even though she only put it on after WJ bit her :huh:  am I the only one who's more scared of the operation scenes than the horror omg all that blood :tired: the possessed people are exciting to watch though!

that whispering voice in ep 2 sounded creepy when I wore headphones, felt a chill when the voice went from my right to left ear. WJ singing Bee Gee's I Started a Joke was so random lol

When WJ wanted water I thought of PID :lol: 

So these guys have their own hideout for exorcism compared to Mateo who exorcises right on the spot? Interesting


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6 hours ago, sushilicious said:

Hahaha. Ever wonder how come the beds in the ward doesn’t have bedsheets? It looks like the kid just lay on the bed itself without any bedsheets.

I think it's some pad or something...

Need to rewatch again

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I agree that the introduction of Priest seems to be lacking somehow compared to TG, although I must say that I did enjoy the two episodes. It is definitely less mysterious because the story didn't focus too much on the past. We only had 5 minutes about OSM as a child and that was it. Sure, we know that the doctor Ham lost her family and met MKS in the past... he might be somehow involved in the death of her family. 

But there is something that I am not sure if I understood it correctly: the child KWJ was brought to the hospital because he was possessed. But then later, he saw a demon (a former doctor without head, bloody clothes) who entered his body. This means that he was after that possessed by a different demon, or what?

However, in the special room the demon spoke to OSM and MKS and he knew them. So was it the demon who hurt the priest Ignatius?  

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@bebebisous33  Yes thers two demons so far.. The first demon that entered OSM mother.. So to assume the doctor that was taking care of OSM motrher came back in a demon form and entered the Lil boys body not factoring in the demon that was already there. I tried to figure out the name that the demon had written on the glass but as you have it my glasses is broken so I can't make out the alphabets to well.. The very first demon is the one that hurt the priest.. I think he's the one that has entered the nurses body.. As of now theres still another one lurking inside him that has quited down for a while which could be the doctor..


I did enjoy both episodes as always OCN never fails to deliver.. 

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