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[Drama 2018] Happy If You Died/ Feel Good to Die, 죽어도 좋아


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5 hours ago, philosophie said:

...and revenge intern (is it bad I’m kinda cheering for her? Total long shot theory, but when she got off the phone and said ‘your place will be ready for you’ is it possible she’s talking about KJHs Mima aka presidents sister? Maybe the chaebols fighting for heir position trope?).


Not at all! I kind of like her too. After that phone call it's clear she didn't just come back to Korea because she lost her job in the States. She's already employed by someone else who's more interested in bringing down our evil president than anything else. Although it seems a side of revenge against Baek is the cherry on top in this deal for her. Your guess that it might be a sister of the president sounds solid to me.


It's funny how useless the president is at scheming, even when things are going well for him you know it's only a matter of time until the rug is pulled out from under his feet!

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10 minutes ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

I like the way Kang Ji Hwan's pronunciation of Sibaek. As if he is intentionally provoking her :joy:

Haha, and both of them react like "oh no she gonna say that word " :joy: I wonder who is the person who push Lee Ru-Da.. And Kang decide back to HQ fight for something?? Cant wait for sub come out. :D

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I really like Baek Jin Sang and Ruda together, they are so awesome together :). They have an excellent sense of humour :)




BTS video :)





I like this scene when Ruda wakes up in Baek Jin Sang's house :)




oh my, how can a woman resist Kang Ji Hwan. Sighhhhh. :huh::phew:




next scene, they are happily having breakfast, he is cleaning her mouth with the kleenex, and his eyes are full of emotion, and in comes provocative Kang to disturb this lovely scene  :w00t: ( I am  pulling my hair)



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1 minute ago, The_Doctor said:

That is so idiotic thing to say but at the same time, so Baek Jin Sang thing to say :D



So many wonderful little moments in this show, and some great big laughs like his line at the end there. I feel dropping a recommendation for the series in every other thread, so many people are missing out on this brilliant comedy.


Even Kang wasn't so annoying today. Ok, he interrupted the breakfast scene, but after that he stuck around to help out Lee and didn't push himself at her like before. (It probably helps that she can avoid his invitations for a fancy date now that she's already been on it two or three times!)


Can't wait to see what the fallout from the push is going to bring, and our villainess' next plan will be to bring Baek down.

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2 hours ago, Lawyerh said:


Haha you have my word BJS aka KJH all the way and no turning back. I really like episodes 8, they have this common understanding and she trust him so much and dont even question his ruling with the chicken store. Hes also start fall hard for LRD and get jealous wow i really didnt expect this when i just start watch the drama. And when kang accused LRD like BJS at first shes very convincing but then seems to me she become a bit confuse herself in the end. I also read the webtoon a bit and i think the progress of BJS and LRD was more meaningful in the drama compare to the webtoon. Correct me if im wrong. So im hopeful BJS can get his love. This drama is a hidden gem, im glad i decided to watch.

Yes it is a gem indeed. Here in my country it is aired at 2:50 pm. I dropped all my appointments just to watch it. I can't resist. It is soooo awesome



Baek Jin Sang thinks that Ruda likes him :):D. He doesn't know she is only trying to get out of the time loop :D

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2 hours ago, ktcjdrama said:

BJS is so adorable... look at his pout when asked to sign the MOU.


LRD so happy skipping away with the signed memo. And then resigned way BJS say "cham..." I need to gif for that, but don't know how to make one...


@ktcjdrama :) while waiting for real gifs professionals...









:bawling: I know Luda wants to get out of the Timeloop but that doesn't mean she isn't falling for him meanwhile now that she knows not only office strict him. Her natural attitude with him tells a lot.


Mood if they don't end drama with them as a couple





Ha anyway BaekJinSang can be too such a funny and cute meme :D




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I feel Ruda is more inclined towards Kang. She is more at ease with him :tears:. They are working together at the restaurant, and even Baek Jin Sang noticed that they like each other. His heart is pounding, and he doesn't know the reason but he already seems jealous.


OST part 4


Baek Jin Sang's remark at the end is  very typical of him :) he is so smug and doesn't understand people's feelings at all :)

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