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  1. the cast looked good in script reading and individual teasers, I'm waiting to see them in same scenes now. Recognized Kim HyeJa brother KimYeongSoo calling her ? haha YeongSoo is the only one with different tonality teaser, comical relief indeed Jtbc created a page for the drama http://tv.jtbc.joins.com/dazzling now it's written airing will be in February, a little more to wait than expected hope meanwhile channel will give us regular news waiting for posters
  2. @ktcjdrama it's really too bad you're already busy on that day ... Is too expensive to go to HK or J ? Maybe a little extreme I don't know
  3. Reading threads I realised my English level was really worse than I thought so posts reported to holidays time Meanwhile good news for these countries fans, SoJiSub international tour in 2019 February and March koreandrama votes continue for some days, to keep third place https://www.koreandrama.org/the-best-korean-drama-of-2018/ mbc awards won't let international fans vote ... well we knows it was well received in K, 4th place in this survey mbc made? it seems popular in Taiwan 1st place there
  4. @SonShinAe thanks you for nice answer and uploading all these news. Sorry again SonHoJun actornim looks so handsome in jtbc new drama reading script incredible his schedule it was just before Terius began airing ... I saw the ceremony post with Terius children cast , he's so sweet, I miss actornim in fatherly role it's so heartwarming to see him in these scenes even alone he has a magic effect on fans isn't it, his smile thanks for the great gifs, you can post more if you're tempted and have time about his past dramas Blow Breeze is nice because he's main cast but it's a long drama whereas in replay 1994 sometimes really felt like didn't see him enough (greedy fan remark ) but surely R1994 would be funnier , Trot lovers too, his char there is ... let say... funny these days I just got access to his movie Cercle of atonement but it's so dramatic story, I watched only the beginning for now I watch his old shows extracts , it's better for my mood, so cute, especially when he's singing even if he's a little nervous what do you think
  5. my heart... I don't like YSB even if she changed attitude, ouri JS deserves better but so many bts pictures of them together by the way...... thanks for waking up this fear... by the way about the Insta post with the little girl she says her scene may got edited...
  6. @Yna Suello sorry to not have given you a welcoming answer right away but my English level isn't good so I was waited for more ok time for me to write to someone in particular . happy to meet you an other fan of son ho jun . I really liked his recent roles, JinYongTae and BanDo are my favs chars of him but I have watched older dramas too, have you tried them maybe ? Have you heard about his fanmeeting in Japan in February .. too far for me to go so have to wait to see him on tv soon the coffee friends tvshow on tvn next month Waiting too for his next drama news too "The Light in your eyes", hope jtbc will release some stills soon
  7. I admit I often prefer the real translation of dramas Korean title than the made on purpose different English title. Here no exception I prefer Dazzling , its aura is better for a fantasy romance than "light in your eyes" which has a melo feeling? haha just saying, Still I really hope mood will be more fantasy romance than melo As I am here, dropping by filming staff picture saw in Insta
  8. what happened to the drama English title ? I was used to " Dazzling " "The light in your eyes" is it the official title? Wait~ some other dramas keep first version name If confirmed maybe at least we could keep both , no ? While waiting for drama real posters and stills , an fan Insta post
  9. @nohamahamoud2002 ok you win you even changed your profile picture whereas me I only watched episodes twice I'm such a bad fan Back to drama have to say restroom scene where Ruda said to herself JinSang was an old man depressed me, her spontaneous awkward reaction to the hug in restaurant too. I mean not realizing is one thing but these were so harsh. And now how to come back easily to "we ship" hope ? I mean of course that's what I wish but if writernim dares saying hospital hug is because too much worry for someone who become close (but no more?) so I am happy to see your optmistic analysis of Ruda attitude but haha I need more proofs, drama do you hear me
  10. @Lawyerh @nohamahamoud2002 sorry hopefully I saw your post in the drama forum because ... I'm impressed by KangJiHwang thread number of pages, what a filming bio he must have ~ Let's drop a picture , in fact 3 , as arrival little gift Check more pictures in this naver post, not all new but hehe some things can be admired a lot without problem isn't it http://naver.me/50qlm0Q4
  11. I'm sorry again a coffee truck support news, this time for actor Son Ho Jun who plays Kim YeongSu char. It was sent by drama Go Back Couple writernim Despite coat many noticed his filming outfit "style" I'm afraid char YeongSu isn't really going to be a fashionista ? this is so going to change us from his previous role style Edited Dec. 9th : adding a ... coffee truck news His fans from K forum DC gallery sent a coffee truck and a food truck on filming set
  12. I don't know what to expect of the loveline anymore. I mean writernim doesn't really help us , on purpose ? But maybe they'll just end besties ? JinSang embarrassed because fully aware of his feelings now was too cute and funny. Their collab scenes too. But I quite forgot that when I saw him sad. Ah for Ruda safety he is ok to stay away and do things out of his character , so endearing. I didn't watch this drama in the beginning for this side but now that writernim sent that to us how not to care... Because I care too much I'm late in other thread updates really JinSang effect
  13. that's not fair I watched without having seen those last spoilers & first part mood was It's ok I just almost quit hopefully JinSang with his personality took that crazy decision & episode was saved too Cutie gifs (cutie is JinSang sorry Ruda & Kang ) I should just spam KJH thread if there is one By the way amusement park date filming wasn't made a long time ago so is drama short on delays so preview was just stills or ? Have to say next preview keeps wondering is writernim playing with our hearts ...
  14. Ah maybe writernim didn't want to see JinSang fans sad so Spoiler like if you don't read it it's ok..... Better watch behind the scenes video. Wow the moment KangJiHwan laughed even if short moment but
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