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Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

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@siobhannethanks for pointing this out. I know that it's from same production company coz Daylight Ent is considered as heavyweight in drama industry. I hope that ZYL can get more recognition thru Minglan. 


2 hours ago, paopaolong said:


And today, a staff of Tomb Notes Restart posted a video saying that everyone’s got a can of Want Want milk drink from ZYL. 


@paopaolong I notice that I can't find ZYL monthly schedules on his studio page. Did his studio not post one like most Chinese stars do? His studio only posted "Hello" message with his photo every month. How sweet of him to do this, he' s the first actor who emphasizes first on team than director or script like most actors do. The more I watch his interviews, the more i like him.


I saw this interview on youtube and around 7:56 he talks about how it's enough to have experienced this kind of popularity once in a lifetime. He's been quietly acting for 8 years already and he's grateful that audiences like him for this character. As an actor, it's impossible for you to be always at the top. There is gonna be times where you don't act good enough. 


^^ LongGe, what you don't know is that this one time attraction, this one character portrayal of "Shen Wei" is enough for me to follow your works from now on. :D




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Here is the translation for this video                   October 1st, 2018 QQ Music PhantaCity ZYL post-credits      Question

Do you guys know you got a new nickname "海鲜包“?In China, people give different nicknames to fans of celebrities  and fan's nickname usually has something to do with their idol's name or character, and

The reason why fans gave him a new nickname "Zhu Yiyu 朱一鱼( fish)" was not because people think he has 7 seconds of memory (there was a saying in China that a fish only has 7 seconds of memory) . There

2 hours ago, gg9whitediamond said:

^^ LongGe, what you don't know is that this one time attraction, this one character portrayal of "Shen Wei" is enough for me to follow your works from now on. :D



haha what a mood. this is literally me! Anything on Long ge is interesting to me... :lol: 

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@TheRedDragon Thanks for the live streaming link. 


We are getting more and more ZYL magazine cover shoots now, I am so happy for him seeing how his resources for both magazines and endorsements are getting better. And of course, better scripts with directing team will also look for him now. He is currently a complete package right now with massive fan buying power plus talents to back up. 


ZYL's gonna graze the cover of VOGUEme December issue, the BTS shooting will be out tomorrow. And once again, XLB's are gonna clear out inventory in minutes or even seconds again. :sweatingbullets:



Anticipate his red carpet appearance and accepting an award for 'Best Promising Performer' tomorrow at MAHB :blush:





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Congratulations, ZYL!!! Hot and confidence photos warning ahead! lol









At first I thought the pin on his suit is a little shovel (since he is currently digging in tomb lol) but turns out it is an ice cream...yummy...me like ice cream but I like the man wearing it more hehehe


Links to the red carpet, receiving the award and interview afterward



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Congrats LongGe. He's so cute when the host took back the mic.


Brands he wore for the night:

LV - Suits and dress shoes

Tom Ford - Bow tie

Lanvin - White shirt 

Bvlgari - Brooch

Lu Zhou Liao Jiao - Panda 1573 cocktail







And fan art panda and bamboo :)



The panda straw glasses he's holding :P



Meeting his idol Duan Yihong. It's good to see him taking an initiative to say hi to the actor he admires. 

005M7XdTly1fxvr8dkst5g304b07rqv6.gif                     005M7XdTly1fxvr8boivqg304b07rnpd.gif       

   005M7XdTly1fxvqyrc5ufg307s0dq7wi.gif      005M7XdTly1fxvqyshfvog307s0dqb2a.gif


He looks a little tired from official pictures but fan edits are all handsome. 








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here are the clips with English subs. She put them up yesterday super fast. 


My injury is almost healed so I will go back to work tomorrow and I'm saying goodbye to all my surprise free time, glad to have so many new people here keeping things active. 




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Thanks everyone for posting the clips/videos/photos! It is hard to watch all of the related clips at weibo and I mostly miss stuff. Appreciate that you all post it here so I don't have to aimlessly search...hehehe


Now that I actually listen to his interview after the show, I realized something...he answered their questions but in a way, he didn't really answer anything lol I kinda of feel bad for the reporters (nah not really) because based on his answers there is really nothing to write about! He really don't know how to make topic or sell himself lol (which is why we love him so much) 



My stylist picked...


I'll talk about it after filming next year...

Better than last year...

Everyone be healthy...

Didn't see her...

I don't know...

Busying filming...


LOL..I can't imagine writing any interesting topics from this list of responses...hahahahaha...He is just too adorable!!!


@siobhanne I'm glad to hear that you recovered from your injury and don't worry, we will keep this active. Once again, thank you for starting this forum for all of us!!!


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Some filming snippet of The Lost Tomb: Restart as Wu Xie. We can see the fake mustache. :D


61e7f8b0ly1fxwsdrgrugj20c80icalg.jpg  61e7f8b0ly1fxwsdrotzxj20c80icqdi.jpg



And as usual XLBs have already found the parka he's wearing. Seeing the price, :rolleyes:we can rest assured he's taking care of himself warm during outdoor filming in the mountains.  




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It's a long shoot, in winter, in the mountains. So I hope he can be healthy. That parka looks comfy and really warm indeed. I like that he's getting awards and recognitions. And we can see him from time to time on those ceremonies. 

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 I'm so glad that Zhu Yilong finally starts to get awarded for his work, it was about time, after more than ten years of great acting, so happy and proud of him!!! 7027799occhioni.gif1518253953.gif



These last pictures of him as Wu Xie... geez!!! I'm so looking forward to see him in this role with that goatee LOLOL (even if I know that the wait will still be long) 1518254212.gif




All right... now I've to ask for some help with two interviews of his... please if someone that know or is cinese can have time and is kindly willing to make the translation, it would be so great...1518250840.gif 'cause I'm really dying to know what he's saying... 1518253956.png


The first one is about the drama "Granting You A Dream Like Life"




The second is about the drama "Royal Sister Returns" (that I didn't see yet)






Just  saying... at the moment I'm watching "Border Town Prodigal" and dying over Fu Hong Xue 1518253604.gif1518250841.gif

and knowing WHY he has those red eyes... it makes me love Mr. Yilong and Fu Hong Xue, even more!!!!!













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Another event confirmed: ZYL is going to attend the ceremony of Hainan Island International Film Festival on Dec. 11th. So he will fly from Hangzhou to Sanya on 11th, then fly to Beijing to attend China TV Drama Awards on 12th, and then fly back to Hangzhou to continue filming. What a busy schedule! 


Yesterday, there were some (unofficial, probably leaked) videos of him playing basketball with the other actors of Tomb Notes Restart. I’m happy to see the boys got to do some sports together after work. 

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OMG!!! This is my most favorite video of all time!!! Zhu Yi Long practicing his role on his own!!! So adorable and so serious!!! I love it! Near the end he asked the cutest question...



ZYL: All the 97 (People who are born 1997) called me "uncle" now. So the whole stage called me 'Uncle' now. 

Woman: I don't think so. How many are there?... (asked someone else) There is only one...

ZYL: (pointing) 97...97...97...all of them are 97...

Woman: Who said that? There is only one 97...

ZYL: Ah.


Happy now, ZYL? Not everyone is calling you uncle lol Although I am kind of curious...isn't that only a 9 year difference? To me that is not that big of an age gap or am I missing something here, I feel it make more sense for ppl who are born in 2007 to call him uncle lol but ZYL, I think most of us consider you not as an uncle...more like a hubbie...:joy:


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Official poster from HIFF account that ZYL is attending on Dec 11. He is also going to be announced as 2019 New Film Promotion Ambassador.



ZYL Studio posted this photo with a caption "Side Profile". 

Monday gift for XLB :D



ZYLxVOGUE ME Monday Call 




Crew Diary: In the eyes of producer, Jing Ran is cold and aloof.


I want to see how he differently act out Jing Ran's personality different from his. :innocent: 



15th MAHB x ZYL 






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