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  1. Sorry I’m not sure about that. But I heard that the novel will be released soon. And from the sneak peek of the novel, there will be some differences from the original drafts that Nanpai Sanshu posted on Wechat. As for future drama adaptations. They are planning to do Reboot/Reunion 3, Warehouse 11, The Mystic Nine 2, The Sandsea 2, etc. But I doubt any of these plans will be accomplished soon. The author himself does have some mental issues in previous years, let’s hope he will keep good health.
  2. Just a quick update on ZYL’s new movie: Infinite Depth. It started filming on Jan 2, will probably wrap up in April, and is scheduled to premiere this summer! Yilong’s character is called Hong Yizhou(洪翼舟), who is a railroad engineer. ZYL’s TV series The Rebel is going to show on CCTV-8 in March or April. It’s a 40-episode series. He also filmed two other projects as a guest performer. One movie called “1921”, in which he played Zhou Enlai, will also premiere this summer. The other is a TV series called 北辙南辕(I don’t know the English name yet) directed by Feng Xiaogang.
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