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  1. Zhu Yilong is getting better and better. He’s just got promoted as LV’s brand ambassador today! I heard that he’s the first Chinese LV brand ambassador ever in history. And just after those ridiculous rumors, he got entitled as L’Oreal’s brand spokesman, Product Ambassador for Tom Ford’s Fragrance and Cosmetics, and continued to be the world ambassador of WWF. It’s clear that those rumors were aimed to tarnish his business value (and didn’t work out.) I think those haters just feared that he got recognized by more and more people. Because ZYL just proved himself again by the excellent performi
  2. I heard Season 2 will probably began to show next week. And today, iqiyi posted a Weibo saying Reuinion 2 will come soon on iqiyi exclusively! At least, if not next week, Huang Junjie confirmed that Season 2 is coming in September, so just in a week or two we’ll have some official news I guess. Meanwhile, ZYL’s another show To Dear Myself is showing on TV everyday now. And when you have two dramas showing at the same time, it’s likely to reach to a larger audience. So it’s a good news for Reunion.
  3. I don’t know how you define “famous”, but in my opinion he’s more than famous in China in many ways. He first rose to fame in the summer of 2018. Many youngsters began to know him because of The Guardian. He has been on top of all kinds of ranking lists. His followers on Weibo increased from 5 million to 10 million in a few months. Then at the end of 2018, the Story of Minglan showed on TV. And the majority of people began to know him because of Xiao Gongye. Then he got to appear on CCTV Spring Festival Gala, which was also a proof that he got accepted by the county’s authority mass media.
  4. Date settled! To Dear Myself will be showing on Mango TV (Hunan TV) from September 7, 20:00! Also, ZYL will be attending its press conference on Sep. 6 in Changsha. I can’t wait for Chen Yiming!
  5. Good news: Season 2 has past the censorship and got its permit! So it’s likely that it’ll come very soon. Bad news: Season 2 has deleted another 4 episodes. The detail shows that it just has 30 episodes now. So the entire show has been cut to 62 (from originally 72) episodes.
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