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  1. About the photobook, LongGe is definitely paying back to fans. It's definitely cheap considering 280 pictures 2.5kg photo book with a tons of goodies plus 5% of sales going to charity. He's an angel. Currently 120k photo books are sold. I am trying to buy one too, but since i don't have a mainland phone number, i can't enter the shipping address. It looks like i can do international shipping. Does anyone know how to proceed from here?
  2. @BreezeC I can tell the drama production is a quality content from costumes to directing from trailers and cuts that i have seen so far. Daylight Ent is really a heavyweight in the drama industry for those reasons. They have two dramas (Like a Flowing River, and MingLan) the former has raving reviews on Douban even though the genre is not my cup of tea, but I will watch it when i have time. Anyway, I am going sidetrack, going back to MingLan, I have been calling Qi Heng Xiao Gong Ye for his character name coz his studio and others on weibo have been calling that. But after ep 4, I also like Yuan Ruo GeGe, its feel more intimate. We can probably enjoy 10 eps of a sinking ship....with MingLan. ZYL really makes his character really cute and adorable. Just look at him eating haha~~ You are right about that, i always forget about that drama "The Rhapsody of A Summer Dream" even Xiao Longbao tend to not mention that drama when talking about his future dramas, it's always those three -- Minglan, My True Friend, The Lost Tomb. "The Rhapsody of A Summer Dream" is gonna be shelved longer due to korean actress Go Jun Hee. Even though hallyu ban has lifted, i haven't seen any news for dramas with Korean stars. I actually wish Hallyu ban continues coz i like keeping Cent and Kent separate. When dubbing K star, lips and voices don't match so it's awkward to watch. And imo, there's this weird vibe with kstars in c dramas.
  3. I love your @BreezeC analysis of LongGe reactions for the press con. The conversations between FSF and ZYL go like this - FSF - lwoalsdgjaksldf;asf .... right? ZYL - ya, right. FSF - 2l@$()kljaljadfj....correct? ZYL - ya, agree. LOL, FSF is just like Bai Yu trying to liven up the mood. Two funny gifs that I found on weibo When LongGe doesn't know how to answer Vs. When LongGe knows how to answer I plan to watch MingLan after half of the drama completes its run. But I am going to watch his CUT on weibo and follow the drama for now. ZYL's character Qi Heng Xiao Gong Ye is just really sweet. My heart hurts for his character in the drama. He's supposedly MingLan's first love so things will progress towards Second Uncle (FSF's character) along the way. /sigh/ he's so head over heels for MingLan right now. Really, ZYL should do another romantic comedy drama again, i know he has pretty much acted in a lot of different genres but I want to see him in fluffy romance after his new found fame. But then again, he is an actor who wants to branch out more into different characters, so i don't mind him taking on more challenging roles. I am bracing myself for one more drama of him as a second lead in "My True Friend" then no more second lead syndrome. Btw, Minglan douban's rating is currently 8.1, so i hope ZYL can receive a lot of love from his character Qi Heng.
  4. Welcome to ZYL world, new xiaolongbao @meifang89 1 day before The Story of Minglan premiere. Are you all ready to cry with Qi Heng? As a second lead, i am prepared to have second lead syndrome. So much hype around this drama from Hunan TV, iQiYi, Yoku, and Tencent. Hope this drama can be a hit with ratings, online buzz and reviews. I am trusting the production team behind this drama, Day Light Entertainment. I love this Mango TV promotion clip of him doing push-up with one finger. How could he be so cute at 30-year old??
  5. @siobhanne /sigh/ it even trended on weibo. I hope this accident doesn't affect ZYL personally and professionally. I am sure he understands the extent of crazy fans that come with popularity so i really hope he is coping the stress well and that he is surrounded by good people to support him. This is simply a crime, not a fan. You like him for his works, talent, personality and visual but obsessively stalking his every single move is just plain creepy. I understand following him to his official schedules but stalkers need to get a life and give him space to film in peace. I feel painful for him, because popular stars have to give up that privacy in exchange for fame and money. His studio also reposted the Lost Tomb post in exclamation mark that "Safety is first! Safety is first! Safety is first!" three times. Them STALKERS need a lesson for their extreme stalking behaviors.
  6. Is this attractive enough for you to buy one of LENOVO? I actually think purple and coral ones are very pretty.
  7. YES!! I was wondering if he will attend any New Year Eve Concert and I am happy it's confirmed now. Minglan is also airing from Hunan TV so double promotion for Hunan TV. Some announcement posters from Hunan TV LENOVO Z5S Zhu YiLong Custom Edition
  8. The Story of MingLan is rumored to air on Dec 24. There are also rumors that Happy Camp has already invited MingLan casts for the drama promotion, so I hope ZYL will also go to promote the drama. I am sure Happy Camp will definitely invite him since he's one of the most popular actor this year ever since Guardian this summer. Happy Camp is aiming for very high viewership for Minglan casts' episode as this appearance will be the first one of Zhao LiYing and Feng ShaoFeng as a couple after they got married. (Rumor is that ZhaoLiying is currently pregnant from her recent photos. She didn't attend her recent modern drama Our Glamorous Time. But i think she will promote more actively since this is one BIG drama with huge investment). Also, there are talks on how starring in Zhao LiYing drama will be a good exposure for ZYL as she's like a rating magnet for her dramas. Minglan is also airing on both TV and online, so definitely more exposure for general public. I have faith in Daylight Entertainment Producer Hou HongLiang to deliver another quality drama like Nirvana in Fire and Ode to Joy. I have seen celebrities attending New Year Festival so I hope LongGe will at least attend one . @paopaolong You are right, i remembered too, i think it was during HIFF backstage interview, he didn't confirm anything. He only said he will be filming The Lost Tomb until early next year.
  9. LOL, my first thought is that photographer should have taken the photo from bottom up to even more showcase his long legs. This pic looks like it was taken from higher angle, but either way, he has long legs as seen below.
  10. Official poster from HIFF account that ZYL is attending on Dec 11. He is also going to be announced as 2019 New Film Promotion Ambassador. ZYL Studio posted this photo with a caption "Side Profile". Monday gift for XLB ZYLxVOGUE ME Monday Call MY TRUE FRIEND OFFICIAL ACCOUNT POST FOR ZYL's CHARACTER 'JING RAN' Crew Diary: In the eyes of producer, Jing Ran is cold and aloof. I want to see how he differently act out Jing Ran's personality different from his. 15th MAHB x ZYL BTS
  11. Some filming snippet of The Lost Tomb: Restart as Wu Xie. We can see the fake mustache. And as usual XLBs have already found the parka he's wearing. Seeing the price, we can rest assured he's taking care of himself warm during outdoor filming in the mountains.
  12. @siobhanne Thanks for creating LongGe forum. Hope you have a speedy recovery. I will try to keep this forum updated whenever i have time. 2018 China TV Drama Awards by Anhui TV announces the first guest lineup as ZYL. The ceremony is on 12/12/18 in Beijing. Some gifs from his previous roles
  13. Congrats LongGe. He's so cute when the host took back the mic. Brands he wore for the night: LV - Suits and dress shoes Tom Ford - Bow tie Lanvin - White shirt Bvlgari - Brooch Lu Zhou Liao Jiao - Panda 1573 cocktail And fan art panda and bamboo The panda straw glasses he's holding Meeting his idol Duan Yihong. It's good to see him taking an initiative to say hi to the actor he admires. He looks a little tired from official pictures but fan edits are all handsome.
  14. @TheRedDragon Thanks for the live streaming link. We are getting more and more ZYL magazine cover shoots now, I am so happy for him seeing how his resources for both magazines and endorsements are getting better. And of course, better scripts with directing team will also look for him now. He is currently a complete package right now with massive fan buying power plus talents to back up. ZYL's gonna graze the cover of VOGUEme December issue, the BTS shooting will be out tomorrow. And once again, XLB's are gonna clear out inventory in minutes or even seconds again. Anticipate his red carpet appearance and accepting an award for 'Best Promising Performer' tomorrow at MAHB
  15. @siobhannethanks for pointing this out. I know that it's from same production company coz Daylight Ent is considered as heavyweight in drama industry. I hope that ZYL can get more recognition thru Minglan. @paopaolong I notice that I can't find ZYL monthly schedules on his studio page. Did his studio not post one like most Chinese stars do? His studio only posted "Hello" message with his photo every month. How sweet of him to do this, he' s the first actor who emphasizes first on team than director or script like most actors do. The more I watch his interviews, the more i like him. I saw this interview on youtube and around 7:56 he talks about how it's enough to have experienced this kind of popularity once in a lifetime. He's been quietly acting for 8 years already and he's grateful that audiences like him for this character. As an actor, it's impossible for you to be always at the top. There is gonna be times where you don't act good enough. ^^ LongGe, what you don't know is that this one time attraction, this one character portrayal of "Shen Wei" is enough for me to follow your works from now on.
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