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  1. Since My True Friend finished airing last week, it’s safe to make a conclusion now. Although I did not quite like the plots of the series, Jing Ran is another character of Zhu Yilong that I really like. And I agree with kamyzhu. It’s been just one short year and we got to see 4 new dramas and many more events (shows like Phantacity) , tv commercials, interviews, etc. of him, all of them have brought surprises and happiness to me. And that’s also why he drew my attention in the first place: a truly talented and pure actor. He never indulges himself in his past works. The Guardian is just one of his works and he moves on. No “using someone or abandoning someone” involved. It’s just that simple. I have never stopped believing in him. The nomination for Magnolia Awards was a recognition (even though he did not win the prize). There’s a long and promising path ahead of him. I believe ZYL will continue to shine.
  2. After watching 20 episodes of My True Friend, I would say Zhu Yilong never fails to bring me surprises. Jing Ran is a very mature and charming character (and extremely SEXY after he fell in love with Cheng Zhenzhen). I had thought Jing Ran was probably very sensitive and vulnerable just by the looks before I watch the series. But he turned out to be a proud, determined and strong male character. And I just get jealous of Cheng Zhenzhen because he brings that “Roman Holiday”romantic feeling with the character. But sadly, as the second male lead, Jing Ran’s romance will have a tragic ending. Sigh
  3. Yep, it was announced so suddenly! (I heard it was originally arranged to be aired in May, and then the other series got in before My True Friend. But yesterday it was canceled because of the “political” reason. Thus leaving the official weibo of My True Friend only two days to promote it. And it will be airing tomorrow night at 19:30 on both Zhejiang TV and Dragon TV!!! It’s a 48-episode series so the finale will be airing on June 13th. If you remember, the Guardian was premiered on June 13th last year. It’s almost one year down the road since a lot of fans got to know him. And we’ve been treated with so many great roles of him: Shen Wei, Black Robe Envoy, Ye Zun, Luo Fusheng, Chou, Qi Heng, Pang Jia, and now Jing Ran is coming! Just as he hoped last year, he truly does have a promised future.
  4. I’ve read somewhere that My True Friend will be airing on June 12. I’m so excited that Jing Ran is finally coming!
  5. Happy Birthday Zhu Yilong! He’s got so many best wishes today from his fans, friends, colleagues, and brands today! What a great birthday!
  6. He’s got an Instagram account! ZYLoooong! What a cool name! http://instagram.com/zyloooong
  7. I thought I had posted this, but it might be because of my VPN it didn’t got through. There’s always been an ongoing discussion about Zhu Yilong’s fans. I know that you might feel sorry for Avenue X. I liked her videos too. But I must say I started to feel strange about her recently. And not only her, there have been a few really talented fans whom I was following acted strangely. They have been trying to start a fight amongst his fans, mislead the public opinions, or be a fan leader to sell something, etc. So I unfollowed them. From what I know of, it’s because some will get paid for saying something or even selling their accounts. (I’m not saying Avenue X is doing that. But there’s a possibility.) So I don’t trust anyone online, because you don’t know the real guy behind that account, and sadly people can do anything for money. I’m following Zhu Yilong himself, not his company, his friends, or his fans. A particular fan does not stand for the whole fan base. And nothing can change my feelings about ZYL unless he himself does something I cannot tolerate.
  8. It has been announced by Chopard that Zhu Yilong will be invited to their Baselworld 2019 events on March 20-21. He will do a live broadcast on Yizhibo then. And it’s one month away from his 31st birthday, I think he’s gonna spend the day on the set of Tomb Notes Restart. But I really hope there would be some kind of fan meeting or another live broadcast.
  9. The airing date of the Skynet Action is settled on March 12th. It can be watched on Youku. And he also attended an awards ceremony for Dragon TV which will be aired on March 9th.
  10. Well I can explain about the Chinese names. Of course each character has its meaning, but not exactly every name means something. For example, every daughter of the Sheng family has a "兰Lan" in her name, and every son has a "长chang" in his name. Lan means orchid, which is a noble flower in acient China. Minglan can be explained as "bright orchid", while Molan is "ink orchid", Rulan is "like an orchid". In Gu Tingye's name, "廷Ting” is given to every son in the Gu family, which means the court. And "'烨Ye” means glorious. For Qi Heng's name, "衡Heng" means balance. His Zi, Yuan Ruo can be hard to explain, because 元Yuan has many meaning and 若Ruo means "if' or "like". The author chose these two characters might simply because Yuan Ruo sounds good. And in the novel, they nicknamed him "元宝Yuan Bao" (which is a shoe-shaped gold ingot) because the pronunciation is similar. So that's why Minglan sewed a shoe-shaped gold ingot on the knee pads.
  11. I probably should not say too much about this, but I think ZYL and his fans have been facing severe cyber-violence since last June. You know, there are some specific accounts on Sina Weibo that are paid to promote/tarnish celebrities. We usually call them “营销号” (YXH). And usually they collaborate with Sina to create some hot searches. That’s why you’ll find they never say anything good about ZYL, and those “black hot search” about him will quickly rise to the top. They’ll even call white black if they’re paid to do so. If you think about it, they have done it many times: back in June, they said his fans were illegally fund-raising for him; in July, they slandered that he had been secretly married; in August, they put the Swkopt thing on hot search to tarnish his look... Then they found these fake stains cannot hurt him, they started to turn to ZYL’s fans. The hot searches changed to “ZYL fans argued with A, ZYL fans fight with B, ZYL fans C, blah blah. “ They will find a teeny tiny thing that a “fan” said to provoke the others, once they “argued”, it’ll draw attention so YXHs will earn money from misleading the public opinions. But first of all, if a celebrity has millions of fans, there must be one or two that might say something improperly. They won’t stand for the whole group. But the YXH will exaggerate on this one person’s single line, and make people believe ZYL fans did some silly things. They will also delete the good comments and push the bad comments to the top. These are repeated many times, then people believe that “ZYL is a good actor, but his fans stink”. Secondly, even if his fans now are really cautious now, they will create a “fan account” themselves to say some bad words about others, then repeat the routine. What’s more, if a B fan or C fan says the same thing, no YXH will post anything about it. If a ZYL fan did something good, no YXH will post anything good about it, either. I just find it really disgusting. I don’t know why he has to face all these slanders and swearings. Just because he has popularity now and a small company that does not have the ability to protect him? Sorry that I rambled too much about those negative things. I just want you to know that Zhu Yilong is a great actor, and a great person. His fans are also a very positive group of people that are greatly misunderstood. Luckily, overseas forums like this one are not polluted by those haters and YXHs. This is why I like the environment here, the love is pure here and we can discuss without distractions.
  12. The finale of the Story of Minglan will be aired today! I’m so glad Qi Heng will have a happy ending that’s different from the original novel! (The first character of him from last June that has a really happy ending, yay!) And he has been announced spokesperson for two brands: L’Oreal and KFC. Usually these two brands love to have many popular stars to promote their products but they rarely give a spokesperson title to them. So ZYL and his fans again proved his business value. The Skynet Action has postponed its airing date. But I think it’ll not be very late. I’m also waiting for My True Friend, which is rumored to be aired in late March or April.
  13. It’s called Substitute Bride (替身新娘), a sketch from the variety show. It’s not an independent tv series. Here’s a link: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av4421773/?share_source=copy_link&p=1&ts=1549247145&share_medium=iphone&bbid=ca1920afef1219ad0a17e5a226801afd In fact, a lot of his works can be found on bilibili.com, but there’s no Eng subtitles. As for Guardian, I just wanna mention that even when they started filming in 2017, there was no plans for a second season, nor did they start filming one. It’s always a one-season tv series. Indeed, they adapted the novel badly with that ending. I’ve read the original novel and I love it so much. I’ve been following the English translation too and I think it’s good too.
  14. It’s gonna be Chinese New Year tomorrow! Stay tuned to CCTV-1 Spring Festival Gala on Feb. 4 coz Zhu Yilong will perform a show about basketball LIVE! Let’s just celebrate the year of the pig with him. (Although the haters are always using pig to mock his family name, pigs are cute animals to me.) It is said that his show will be jointly performed by Li Yifeng, many talented basketball players and street dancing kids. It’ll feel like High School Musical. He’s been rehearsing very hard for it.
  15. https://youtu.be/KHmgtTlQo-o Cuteness overload: Zhu Yilong dancing! Only CCTV can make him dance! And rap! Many thanks to China Central Television!
  16. Good news! I just got the photobook and I can’t stop screaming! It’s larger and heavier than I thought! And it’s really worth 150rmb with so many photos, post cards and posters (originally priced at 300rmb). What makes more difference is the text within the book. Very sincere and beautifully written by ZYL himself. Mingbox also announced that there will be international versions of the photobook soon. So if you are in America and Australia, it’s likely that you can go to the local bookstores to buy his photobook in the future. In the meantime, they have also donated a school named “Zhu Yilong Dawn Hope Primary School” and 1million rmb out of the earnings. And tonight at 19:30 “Straight to Spring Festival Gala” will be aired on CCTV 3. It’s a talent show to select some good programs for the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. ZYL is there as a guest instead of a performer. He might not get a lot of screen time, but it’s just enough to see him appear on any TV shows. As for the Spring Festival Gala, it’s reported that he went to the rehearsal yesterday. However for this big event, nothing is settled until the last minute. So let’s hope for the best!
  17. Ah, that Skynet series was shot in early 2012. It has never been broadcasted for 7 years. And in fact it would not be broadcasted ever if he were not popular now. And they moved ZYL’s name from 4th to the lead cast to promote the series. A modern series from 7 years ago can be really outdated in terms of the fashion, makeup, even his acting. So just regard it as a little bonus for his fans. Besides, yesterday ZYL went to record “Straight to Spring Festival Gala”, which will be aired on CCTV-3 on Jan. 26. I’ve read some repos saying that he was quite active and did some surprisingly cute things, but I’d better not spoil it. They recorded for nearly 7 hours, but the show will be cut into just 1.5 hours.
  18. He has just posted two selfies on weibo! It’s been too long since he last posted a selfie (that was before the shooting of Restart). And now half of the shooting schedule has past. And I really like his parka and scarf, which are the same as what he wore last year when he was filming The Story of Minglan. That black parka has BFA logo on it. Unfortunately you are not allowed to buy it if you’re not a BFA student. Oh, and the emoji he used stands for Qi Heng, because that emoji is called “Heng Heng”(an angry sound). I just find everything about him is so cute. His recent schedules: He has also recorded a song yesterday, which will be put online in a few days. And he will go to record a CCTV show called “Straight to Spring Festival Gala” on 16th. He will be still working during the spring festival. And after Tomb Notes Restart, he wishes to do some movies.
  19. That man is actually his makeup artist by the nickname “Pengpeng”. And mysteriously the topic “ZYL playing the piano on his assistant” is trending on Weibo tonight. It is top 1 now. The fans have been nervous about it since nearly every hot search about him seemed to be bad before. This one is neutral at least. Anyways, he’s got more fans because of his performance and also Qi Heng. 2019 is gonna be better and better for him.
  20. I’m watching the Hunan TV New Year Concert right now. It’s gonna be the first new year I “spend” with ZYL. I’m so happy and excited! Happy New Year everyone! 2019 is gonna be awesome!
  21. Just some updates for his recent schedule: 1. ZYL will probably attend the news conference of the Story of Minglan, and then go to record for CCTV’s new year gala on December 25. 2. The Story of Minglan will air on Hunan TV from December 25. Some says his character Qi Heng will not appear until episode 6. 3. He is going to perform a song on December 31 on Hunan TV’s new year concert. 4. On Jan 1, Anhui TV is going to air the Awards ceremony that he attended on Dec 12. 5. I think he will also attend Weibo Night on Jan 11 since his studio posted a video about it. And he’s now filming TNR in Hangzhou.
  22. It will be in Anhui TV on Jan 1st, 19:30-22:30 Beijing time. And the Hunan (Mango) TV New Year Concert is confirmed today! So we can see his live performance on Dec. 31st! The news said that he had been preparing for a month! I just love his attitude and work ethics. If he decides to do something, he will devote 120% effort to it. It must be a very happy new year.
  23. @biskotmeri I was happy to find that he was seated next to HXM too. In fact, they got to know each other for a long time. They were both taught by the same teacher, Cui Xinqin, in Beijing Film Academy. (So HXM is his senpai.) And ZYL was filming My True Friend with HXM’s wife Angelababy. It’s good to see they got to chat with each other. I just can’t wait to see the China TV Awards on Jan 1! As for his recent schedule: the shooting of Tomb Notes Restart is moving from Zhejiang to Fujian, so he’s taking a flight to Xiamen today. I also heard that there is some uncertainty about the airing date of the Story of Minglan. They should have started promoting it if it’s going to air soon. So we have to wait a while for it. The other day, a reporter asked whether he will go to Guangzhou (where the Mango New Year’s event will be held), and he did not confirm the news. Gosh, I wish he could go coz I would want to see him on TV as the new year is coming.
  24. Another event confirmed: ZYL is going to attend the ceremony of Hainan Island International Film Festival on Dec. 11th. So he will fly from Hangzhou to Sanya on 11th, then fly to Beijing to attend China TV Drama Awards on 12th, and then fly back to Hangzhou to continue filming. What a busy schedule! Yesterday, there were some (unofficial, probably leaked) videos of him playing basketball with the other actors of Tomb Notes Restart. I’m happy to see the boys got to do some sports together after work.
  25. Hi girls. I’ve been following this thread, but there was something wrong with my VPN so I was not able to submit a post. I hope it will work today. Here’s a couple of updates for December: 1. ZYL will attend Esquire ‘s event on Dec 4 in Beijing 2. Some say he will attend the filming for Anhui TV’s Celebration on Dec 12, which will air on Jan 1. But this has not been officially confirmed yet. 3. He might also attend Hunan (Mango) TV ‘s New Year Celebration, but again not officially confirmed. 4. The Story of Minglan will be airing soon. So there’s supposed to be a bunch of events by the end of the year for Chinese celebrities, although he is trying to focus more on shooting Tomb Notes Restart, he will still need to show up for some important ones. He’s gonna be busy, but the good news is that we can see more of him. And today, a staff of Tomb Notes Restart posted a video saying that everyone’s got a can of Want Want milk drink from ZYL. He’s very sweet to do that for every crew member. Besides that product is very cute, you can imagine him sharing the milk like a little kid, lol.
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