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  1. Omg yes why is it so inactive... the drama seems to have a good response... guess not a lot of people wanna discuss it...?? AHAHAH it’s actually pretty detailed, so cool yet cute! But it just makes me think about the condition of the cramped room that our lead has to live in... poor guy
  2. Hhaha yeap our 小白兔 and 大魔王 although jongwoo is more a 小灰兔 now lmao
  3. Bruh I am the same.. my chinese is a bit meh hahaha but u know I started watching this drama cause it was recommended to me by a friend so when I first started watching it, there wasn’t a lot of hype... and then now it’s pretty popular and u can find stuff about it on bb and weibo hhh I’m so glad!
  4. Ahhhh me too me too! I didn’t really think of them that way until the recent episodes where MJ’s obsession is creepily becoming a bit too much and the chinese fans started picking up on the interactions!! Are you chinese too?
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