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  1. Hi Anna, I'm already following your FB page, thanks for keep it updated ^^ speaking about it... I've just read that you published the info about the drama " The Rhapsody of A Summer Dream " that will be soon realeased in 2019.... I would like to know if it's a confermed info, I mean, if it's really true I can't wait to see this serie (with eng subs hopefully)... even if our Mr. Yilong was so young back then LOL, but it'll be interesting to see and confront his acting of back then to the actual acting
  2. Hi, I didn't step by for a while... sorry life got in the way XD I want to wish everyone an Happy New Year first of all then... I just want to thanks for all the new intel about ZYL especially those regarding his performance on the new year's eve.... I got crazy with that performance.... I love him so much for his voice and skills with the piano... he's really more than just an amazing actor! I'm still listening him singing and playing the song, all day long LOL I didn't know about his throat condition... and then watching the video where he was there on the piano waiting to start... OMG... so nervous... I can imagine his state of mind and heart... my poor man... he makes me cry... I LOVE HIM SO SO MUCH!!!!
  3. All right I REALLY REALLY REALLY have to agree with you about this!!! I didn't watch MingLan yet but just fhrom the trailer that I saw... I already can tell that it'll really hurt for his character later... T.T
  4. ahahahah yeah! but I also thought... who choose those large trouser for him? with also the bottom a bit unstitched LOL I'd fire his stylist if I were him... (I'm italian so maybe I put too much attention on this small details sorry) it's a bit too much vintage his outfit for this photoshoot for my taste (just my personal thoughts, I'm not saying that he isn't fabulous with it) even if... the colours matches good and all takes second place when you start staring at him and be drawn from his handsomeness and hotness
  5. I'm so glad that Zhu Yilong finally starts to get awarded for his work, it was about time, after more than ten years of great acting, so happy and proud of him!!! These last pictures of him as Wu Xie... geez!!! I'm so looking forward to see him in this role with that goatee LOLOL (even if I know that the wait will still be long) All right... now I've to ask for some help with two interviews of his... please if someone that know or is cinese can have time and is kindly willing to make the translation, it would be so great... 'cause I'm really dying to know what he's saying... The first one is about the drama "Granting You A Dream Like Life" The second is about the drama "Royal Sister Returns" (that I didn't see yet) Just saying... at the moment I'm watching "Border Town Prodigal" and dying over Fu Hong Xue and knowing WHY he has those red eyes... it makes me love Mr. Yilong and Fu Hong Xue, even more!!!!!
  6. OMG we're definitely on the same page @BreezeC about this because when I first saw this pic, I 've got your same thought I WANT TO BE THAT WALL, DAMN !!!! YES!!! EXACTLY!!! I agree with you girls!!! I love him exactly in the way he is, just... well... maybe a bit of long hair? who knows me, well knows I'm a super fans of his long hair + ponytail LOL All right so... for all the new fans who has joined the group... this is my welcome!
  7. YEAH! I'm still SO into it too... so hard to let him go... so so hard... it's almost like I felt after I finished Guardian... it was also hard for me to let Shen Wei go... well.. actually I think that I still didn't do it completely... LOL exactly!!! couldn't have said it better... happy reading dear, and happy dreaming! ^^ (sometimes it's also enought and good to be able to dream...) eheheh... I can understand you perfectly!!! You don't even know how many screen caps I've saved of him... ZYL's characters are really different but all so perfect... you can't help it but fall for them... agree! For me it'll be hard also let go Fusheng indeed!!! Here just few caps oh thanks dear! actually we are three girls that are working on it so... we can split the work... but also the Viki subbing system is very simple so we manage to do it relatively quickly
  8. YAY! Last night finally finished to watch the serie and I just want to say.. .that I REALLY love it. I enjoyed A LOT and it kept me on the edge of my seat few times LOL The serie is not so bad, not perfect but with a not so granted ending! I love the love story between Tianying e Fusheng... really a big love even if sad... I'm MADLY in love with Fusheng... a gangstar we see through the serie not just from his violent and ruthless side as gangstar BUT and moreover for his faithful, unselfish, respectful, supportive, sincere and loving side... he slowly manages to break through the heart of Tianying and conquer her with all this qualities that none other men has, neither Xingcheng, neither Tianci. The story grows bigger as the serie procedes... until the final climax... I poured a lot of tears along all the way... Fusheng made me emotional a lot of times also and moreover due to the extraordinary acting of our Zhu Yilog... I've hated the great egoism of Tianying's brother Tianci, as much as the one of Xingcheng... none of them has even thought about Tianying feelings... Lan Lan is hateful as well but you really can't hate her complitely... ZYL and his co-star has got a good chemistry, I found good also the actor who plays Xingchang... and not bad also the actors who played the olders... I'll re-watch surely the whole serie once we'll end the italian translation on Viki, I'm so happy and proud of been able to contribute to the translation in my native language for this amazing serie! I found this right now on YT... it's really well done, good watch [it's spoilering so watch it only if you've saw all the eps] [it
  9. REALLY, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! Men with long hair is my weakness... can you imagine how I am now after I've saw HIM with those long, long hair... I'm a mess! LOLOL Oh ok... I imagined was that arc of time because I remembered seeing pics of him for that movie and he had long hair, thanks for the confirmation anyway!
  10. oooooooh.... the first time I saw pics of him in this character I really really had big difficulties to see him behind the costumes and the makeup... really hard time to recognize him I'd love to see this movie anyway but... no sign of it on the web I find him SO SO SO HOT AND HANDSOME in this role.. I've saw some pieces of this drama on YT (no eng subs unfortunately ) and I really like him... with that hair style he's so good even in the tragic scenes!!! All right... and now let's talk about this one... I've saw this the other day on the web... and I was like: "nooo, they got this wrong, this isn't for sure ZYL" but now you @TheRedDragon have posted it here... so.. I had to reconsider my judgement... REALLY IS HIM? OMG!!!!! OMG!!!! THOSE LONG HAIR!!!!! I need MORE pics of him like this!!! someone knows where and when this pic was taken?
  11. All right, first of all THANKS @TheRedDragon for your translation! Then... as you, I think that Yilong REALLY HAS a delicate and beautiful features, no doubts that he could portray such a feminine role, actually with his features I think he can play any character because he's such a camaleontic person in my opinion. Just... I CAN'T imagine him doing a feminine role, with emasculate manners... or better, I wouldn't like to see him acting like that, not at all.... I would be good if he would play a gay role (I really love him in Guardian for exemple, I KNOW that was a Bromance BUT, yeah... I clearly saw the BL)... but not a feminine one... hope I explained myself so I hope, despite all the support for him by fans that would like to see him in this kind of role (and the China censorship), that he'll never play such a role LOL sorry guys, SORRY ZYL!
  12. ahah! this is funny (at the end there is Yilong in his character Qi Heng for The Story of Ming Lan)
  13. ZHU YILONG STUDIO WEIBO UPDATE: The purple-gray suit is always introverted, and the printed sneakers are leaping and moving, and the trend is resounding. Watch the classics, read the fashion, thank you Louis Vuitton for the invitation, today’s secret “VVV” Louis Vuitton VVV Shanghai Early spring men’s suit Blue Turtleneck Zip Top Monogram Galaxy sneakers All By Louis Vuitton OMG!!!!!
  14. OMG!!!! Thanks @TheRedDragon for the livestreaming link some videos: https://www.weibo.com/6472081929/H2OfpFiJd?type=comment https://www.weibo.com/1953009477/H2OmtDw5r?type=comment https://www.weibo.com/1886903325/H2Of2EVky?type=comment https://www.weibo.com/1684446114/H2OGKjQKA?type=comment and the pics from ELLE Weibo
  15. I'd like to share also these two overwhelming mind-blowing FMV I still have my heart that runs like crazy https://www.weibo.com/6502357364/H22xry2t2 https://www.weibo.com/6166554987/H2vSUyDPJ
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