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  1. I am going to shift the focus here a bit on Leo Luo Yunxi's character, Rong Qi...Although I like both leads but I wasn't planning to check this drama out because personally I am a bit tired of long drama lol But then I saw this MV and I have to check it out for Leo...Don't read if you don't want spoiler...
  2. The first two episodes aired and I think it is better than what I expected. It seems to be an easy watch and no cringing moments so far (except for that dancing routine for the real estate company). I really enjoy watching both Deng Lun and Zhu Yi Long's characters. I like that Zhu Yi Long's character is suppose to be a cold and famous interior designer but he is not arrogant and is portraying a very well mannered and polite gentlemen. I like Deng Lun's character because he is suppose to be spoiled and arrogant heir who you want to dislike but then you see him crying for missing his mom, disagreeing to act with his friend to break up with his girlfriend, and working hard to study for the exam...all things that can't make me find his character annoying. I love the scenes between DL and ZYL so far, especially when DL got expelled and throw a fit and the expression on ZYL's face hahahaha I hope to see more scenes of them together hehehe Angelababy is not bad, I think she is fit for a certain type of characters and Cheng Zhenzhen seems to be a good fit for her...overall, will continue this drama and hopefully, it won't get too draggy in the middle, I expect to see some veterans actors and interesting side stories. Episode 1:
  3. I just finished watching the first two episodes and it is pretty decent. No cringing moments or awkward scenes (well expect for a dancing routine from that real estate company...that's a bit...) Nothing really to complain and I would say it is a easy watch. Jing Ran is suppose to have a cold exterior but so far I find his character distant but not unbelievable and not arrogant because of his position or fame. I enjoy that even though he is suppose to be cold, he is a very polite and well mannered gentlemen...well except I think he is a clean freak lol
  4. @moonymoony I saw that news while at work and was so happy and surprise. It is really out of a sudden and it seems to be happening a lot with drama now a days that you are waiting for a drama to air and then suddenly it is airing this week lol I am excited to see ZYL's portrayal of this character...and I miss his ponytail! lol
  5. I just watched the trailer after knowing it will air next week. I am so looking forward to it because both of them is my favorite leads. I like a plot without any love triangle and frustrating misunderstanding...from the trailer I don't see any of this and that is a motivation to watch it. lol btw, I know the male character is suppose to have a cold exterior but I hope I get to see Zhang Yu Jian smile more because he have a heart throbbing smile hehe
  6. Happy Birthday, Mr. Zhu Yi Long!!! Congratulation on wrapping up The Lost Tomb Reboot and can't wait for Wu Xie!!!
  7. Although I love our main OTP, I am going to do a side discussion on Song Qing Shu and Zhou Zhi Ruo. To be honest, I really want them to end up together. Although SQS is not the best guy (at least not compare to ZWJ) but I really don't dislike him as much as I dislike him in the other version. Yes, he is a weak character but at least we get to see the reason behind his character build up. He is a very flawed character. I don't know why if I put this setting in a high school drama, ZWJ is the good boy who have a very sad background but are the most well known boy who got everyone attention while SQS is the boy with a good background but are outshine by ZWJ in everyway and even the girl he have a crush on (ZZR) is in love with ZWJ. He then joined the wrong crowd because of this and make a bunch of mistake and lead him down the wrong path. To me he is a very pitiful character, partially by choice and partially by his character. However, I do think if ZZR return his love, he may not be such a sad character and he may very much heal ZZR's pain. He really loves her with all her flaws. ZZR wants glory and power. Although she thinks she want to be with ZWJ but she never thought about what he wants while SQS would work toward her goal and support her all the way. He does understand her and if only she sees that they are the same type of people instead of hanging onto ZWJ who is not right for her. Also I really like the last scene of episode 48, it is very sad but in a way, it shows that at the end of the day even characters like DMJ and SQS who are flawed are willing to help out when facing the same enemies. I love SQS and his father scenes and the actor who acted as his father is really good with his emotion. Two more episodes to go and I have truly no clue what to expect anymore but surprisingly not that against the changes that they are making to his adaption. Btw, do anyone know the song they are playing during the fight near the end of episode 48? That song was so touching...
  8. @dramagirlslove lol You are spot on. I haven't watch the recent episodes yet but I just ranted out because I just show that scene with the helplessness of ZM pushing the boat...Heat of the moment and guess I ranted too soon... lol but thanks everyone for pointing out that he did at least treat ZM differently in the latest episodes, something to look forward to and that make me feel better...I really enjoy this slightly different version of ZM @GLT I agree that this make ZM much more memorable because we feel for her. @graceeedwardmom Yep, I know a bit about Mongols history and it is completely understandable that they were overthrown and I always think whenever I see ZM's brilliance that if they have a good ruler (a male version of ZM) they will not be doom so soon but I guess I am using a more modern view on ZM treatment because she doesn't represents all Mongols. I completely understand why Ming sect is against Mongols and prejudice against her but I am bias toward ZM lol the good thing is ZWJ didn't see her as a clan but a kind person underneath.
  9. Please ignore me if you disagree but I felt like ranting a bit here lol I don't know if it is ZWJ's portrayal or the screenwriters/director or the original novel or what but I am not really happy with ZWJ at this point. The only prior version I watch was with Lawrence Ng and Gigi Lai and that was a long time ago but I remember loving ZM (best female character ever) and felt ok with ZWJ. I don't know what it is but I am irritated at this ZWJ because of his reaction and treatment of ZM. If I remember correctly (I can be wrong), ZWJ should at least show some type of attraction to ZM and even if he doesn't know it, we as audience kind of know that ZM is different and his feeling for her is special. Even though he is nice to every girl but ZM seems different. In this version, why do I feel like he is not only nice but like all of the girls?! Especially since they make ZM more bold and emotional in terms of expressing her love, it just makes ZWJ more heartless and mean in my view. I mean I understand if he is trying to keep his distance because they are on opposite side but if he is really in love with her, in crucial moments, he should throw things to the wind in the heat of the moment. I mean it really gets to me when ZM is pushing that boat away and I just want him to hold her (not like stopping her like a bystander) but hold her like both of their hearts are breaking because they are not meant to be... Plus if he really love her enough he should of think of ways for them to be together. ZM is right, she is willing to sacrifice for him and he didn't even think about doing it for her. Plus I felt like they keep discriminating ZM because of her background, while Ming sect was in the same shoes before (being misjudge by all the righteous sect as evil). It just seems soooo unfair to her and this feeling is completely different from the other version. In the other version, I am fascinated by her brilliance and she is always one step above everyone. She is arrogant enough to care less of what other ppl say except for ZWJ. In this version I just want ZM to move on and find a better man and not suffer so much. ZWJ better redeem himself big time...and did I see a great big smile on his face at the wedding with ZZR??? WTH? Somehow this is making me feel like he is not in love with ZM until later on when she had to satisfy and 'die' before he loves her...which is kind of sad. This is not about which girl sacrifice more to get the guy but the guy willing to accept he is in love with someone very different and opposite him and overcome the obstacles to be together...sigh...
  10. Anybody have any spoiler of this drama? I am quite fascinated by Liu Sui Feng since episode one but I am on ep 8 and I felt he is really not that big of a role in the drama. I mean he plays an important role in the detective area but there isn't anything on him personally. I want to see more of his character and some development instead of just being a great detailed detective who likes pretty girl. Even the second main girl character have a side love story line developing but I don't see anything for Liu Sui Feng, which is my favorite character...So I am just wonder is there any spoiler on him?
  11. Yesasia is the only site I know of...maybe someone else will know more...good luck!
  12. @qjysI know exactly how you feel...I learned about Avenue X and felt really sorry for her...and I started staying away from his fans as well... I am not saying 'all' his fans are like that but I understand when you are in the spotlight there are both good and bad, just like there are good and bad fans/followers...I really don't want to get into this topic much because I just want to enjoy 'liking' and 'admiring' ZYL and if you get into things too deeply, that initial feeling will be tarnished. It is like when you really enjoying watching a drama and then you look too deep behind the scenes and learned about all this politic/shady stuff behind it, you just may lost your enjoyment from the drama even if it is a very good drama. As long as I enjoy ZYL, the person and admire his talents, I don't really want to focus on stuff that will dim that feeling especially on fans that he have no control over. As long as he didn't do anything that will tarnish my feeling for him, I am fine lol Btw, anyone know where to watch Skynet Action? I'm not a VIP member of Youku but I can't even find episode one which should be free
  13. I just saw that Skynet Action should be airing on 3/12. Anyway, also just want to post two Ads. Normally, my internal thought would be like "Pen are too dirty to put in your mouth..." Now, when ZYL does it, my thought "Oh my god, he put the pen in his mouth...I need a fan!" lol Normally, my internal thought would be like "Drinking with a straw is a very normal thing..." When ZYL does it, my thought "OMG! OMG! That expression on his face and the movement of his throat...my heart!"
  14. Yep, he is still filming it and if I recall correctly not until April? Since they also have to do a lot of post-production with this drama (all the special effects etc...) I would say the fastest will be the end of 2019 or 2020. As much as I am excited about it, I keep myself away from it because I know it will be a long wait and don't want to get over excited lol Do anyone know what's up with that old drama which was suppose to air? Skynet Action? I was looking forward to it and I heard it was postponed...
  15. @Leigh Perry It is easy to find his videos on youtube but I'll still post it here so we can drool together lol KFC L'oreal Extra lol Zhu Yi Long and the Reboot crew celebrating his co-star birthday! I think he needs another slice of cake lol
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