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  1. I just finished the first episode and really enjoy it so far. Agree with @tothestars the cinematography and tone is beautiful - It is so smoothing and comfortable to watch - I decided to give it a try at first mainly because 陈凯歌 is the producer and I love his movie, the demon cat and saw a few episodes of the reality show where he is the judge and created some impressive short clips. He is such a good director and this really didn't disappoint. The plot is good so far and although there are a lot of characters, it didn't overwhelm me but make me more curious about each of them and they all do stands out. Qin Lan is sooo beautiful and I can't wait to see Seven Tan. OuHan is doing good as well, like the fact that he is reserve sometime and arrogant other time but not too overboard and love how he expressed his thoughts and injustice with all the "managers" dealing with their business. Hope to see him evolve... The dynamic between him and his 'sister' is kind of weird because I felt this weird vibe that the sister is more than she seems... @tothestars I am not sure about the carriage as well - I thought at first, they were trying to throw the bomb out the window but it is all locked. But then the nervous student said we can't touch the bomb because it will set it off immediately. I agree I don't know why they don't move to the other cart of the train but I guess once the bomb goes off, the whole train will explode so moving to another cart will not help...
  2. I recently discovered what a wonderful actor Zheng Ye Cheng is from his earlier dramas...I can't wait for his new drama! Photos of wrapping up filming from the drama official weibo:
  3. @paopaolong Thanks for the update summary - I haven't been up to date with Zhu Yi Long's news so your post is extremely helpful. I am aware of what dramas he did and currently filming and hope to see one of them soon. I am excited about the latest drama he is filming, like his new look, the casts, and it sounds interesting I hope to see The Reboot soon...
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