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  1. The two main leads are definitely dubbed because the voice actors are pretty famous. They both did the same dubbing for the exact same characters in the anime and radio drama; therefore, they are pretty well known to the characters and I think they definitely added another layer of points for both characters in the drama. LWJ's dubbing is by 边江, a very well-known voice actor who dubbed many famous characters and drama and his voice literally can make me swoon lol Usually I prefer actors real voice but I am glad they use dubbing this time because I really think they added more to the characters. I think most of the characters are dubbed, especially Jiang Cheng since the actor's real voice is so soft and gentle lol Wen Qing is dead. They are suppose to be burned to ashes during that scene but only Wen Qing died because the old Jin keep and hide Wen Ning knowing he is a powerful 'weapon' they can use. They pretty much hide him away and concealed his thoughts and mind for their own selfish purpose. Telling the world that they both die but keep him for personal gain
  2. Thoughts on Jiang Cheng (Spoiler ahead): The Untamed ended and based on what I expressed in my earlier post, I am happy with the ending...However, there is this one unresolved business that keeping coming up in my mind...instead of business...I can simply say a person... Before I started this drama, I always feel conflicted on this character...Is he weak? Yes and No, even though he never live up to his father expectation and always under WWX's shadow (Come on! This is unfair, no one can outshine WWX's personality lol) He is not useless and he did build up Yunmeng Jiang Sect again. Is he wrong? He have every right to blame and hate WWX and he knows it is not WWX's intention but all those tragedies of his life is linked to WWX directly or indirectly. Is he mean and disliking? Yes and no, 99% of the time the word coming out of his mouth is mean and harsh but 95% of the time, he doesn't really mean what he is say... I can't decide if I like this character or dislike this character but he had a very conflicted place in my mind.... Until this drama...or more accurately, the last few episodes in this drama. Jiang Cheng...Jiang Cheng...I don't even know where to begin with you but I will have to start with his mother's personality. He inherited 100% of his mother's personality. Putting up a mean and harsh front to cover up all his actual feeling and emotion. Similar to how his mother's personality created the barriers in her marriage to the man that she love and love her back, it is almost the same situation with Jiang Cheng and WWX in which they both care and love each other like brothers but because of all that happened and mainly Jiang Cheng's personality, they can't reconcile as brothers anymore. Jiang Cheng had become my third favorite character in his novel. I have a lot of favorites but if I have to rank them, JC will be third after WWX and LWJ. Why? While WWX is perceived as an antihero who did what he consider right and LWX who is perceived as a righteous deity, JC main priority is always his family and his sect. He doesn't have freedom, or more accurately, his personality and responsibility doesn't allow him to have a choice to stand by WWX or do what is 'right'. He watched as WWX walked further and further away from the 'normal' path and although he understand WWX's personality and doing, he don't agree because he knows the consequences. If he had to chose between WWX or his family/sect, he chose the latter but that doesn't mean he didn't struggle with his decision, he tried to convince WWX. Sometime I felt JC is more sensitive and rational than he appears because he know and warn WWX of his actions. He see that his sister like Jin Zixuan unlike WWX who always think his sister can find someone better. While WWX and LWX is the gem we all admire, I felt JC is more relate-able in terms of reality... I love their conversation in the temple, JC said a bunch of stuff... Should I be grateful to you? You are always the one shining? You own us so much? My parent, my sister, etc blah blah blah You said you will never betray us? blah blah blah Why shouldn't I hate you? blah blah blah To me, JC said a bunch of stuff under anger but what break my heart and what truly matters the most is when he asked..."Why you didn't tell me?... You promise to stay by my side forever and never betray us...you said it..." He repeated it twice. At the end of the day, JC want to bring himself to hate WWX, he needs an outlet for his angry but at the bottom of his heart, the one thing he care about the most and was hurt the most is that WWX abandon him. He thought WWX will always be there for him but he is left alone to face everything. When WWX wipe his tear and ask him to forget but know he won't, JC stared at WWX like a lost puppy, looking up to his older brother for guidance. No matter how much he pretend to be mean and tough, I see a sensitive and lost man who desperately want to go back to the past where he have his family and his brother who he can bicker with and also walk side by side together. Yet, he can't go back to the past and his path ahead is lonely and sad because he can't let go of that beautiful past... Does he hate WWX? No because if he does, he won't sacrifice his life to distract the soldiers from capturing WWX, planning to die from it when he said he blame WWX for his parent's death. No, because he didn't blame WWX for losing his golden core or even plan to tell him. No because when his sister die and he blamed WWX, he still didn't let his sword touch WWX. No because for 16 years, he is searching for him, saying he plan to find him and kill him, but kept his flute by his side with him for 16 years... At the end, they know each other are well and have their own path to continue on... Maybe in many years to come, they will meet again and talk and see each other once in awhile but they can never return to their youthful years...or the brothers they once was... PS: To lighten up the mood, I saw someone comment in Weibo that the drama started off with WWX's first word as "Lan Zhan"...realizing that everyone wanted him dead except for Lan Zhan... and the drama ended with LWJ calling out "Wei Ying", expressing that he will always be by his side. Awwwww...that is so meaningful and sweet (Sorry, Jiang Cheng, I didn't mean to rub it in your face lol)
  3. My personal thoughts and review of the ending: (Spoiler ahead) I know there were mix feelings and perspective regarding the ending for viewers...but I honestly can say that I like this ending and it is the best way to be implicit of the relationship between WWX and LWJ. LWJ know of his feeling for WWX very early on and it is clear from his actions which imply to us, the viewer, how he feels toward WWX but WWX doesn't know this. All of LWJ's emotion, action, and his life center around WWX but WWX has a very complex life that is full with other peoples and circumstances. Although it is very obvious that he treated LWJ differently, he is conflicted about his true feeling for LWJ. After everything that happened, he is glad and thankful that LWJ stand by his side but he doesn't realize his feeling for LWJ is much more than being soulmate... He automatically assume they will always be together as friends and travel the world together since they share the same goal and path... but when LWJ didn't answer him and simply stand there, at first there was the confusion (Why is he not coming?) then shock and disappointment (understanding that he is not leaving with him) and finally the quiet acceptance of LWJ's decision. However, when he asked whether LWJ is coming with him, I felt that WWX was scared for a minute there... Why is he scared? Why does he automatically assume LWJ will stay by his side? Why would he feel sad? After everything is resolved, everyone have their path to follow. Wen Ning, his follower and friend, left him and he was happy for him. Lan Xichen, the kid he had such a strong bond with, also continue on his own path...He didn't get to say goodbye to JC and JL but he knows they are well and have their own life but why do he expect LWJ to stay by his side? LWJ will still be in Cloud Recesses, they are still friends and he can always go visit him...so why WWX reaction this way? We, as audience, knows the answer but WWX doesn't because he still haven't figure out his feelings yet. I see many people argue LWJ is out of character to leave WWX alone but I agree with LWJ's action because LWJ always live under his brother protection, his brother helped him take care of all the things that LWJ won't want and have to do, giving him the freedom he needed throughout his life, but his brother right now is confused and under shock from the whole JGY's incident. No one is suitable for the leader position and LWJ is only taking it on temporarily until his brother recover. I can't see LWJ leaving the things they are and leaving with WWX to wander the world. Now why can't LWJ ask WWX to stay or express his feeling? Because LWJ will never do that. First of all, he is not 100% sure WWX return his feeling or are just grateful to him as a friend, second, he can't lock WWX up in Cloud Recesses like a prison, knowing WWX is never that fond of Cloud Recesses and prefer freedom. Therefore, it make sense to me to have their separation, for WWX to figure out his feeling and LWJ to take care of all his unfinished business. The fact is even if they are separated at this point, it would not last long because either one day WWX will figure out his feelings and went back to LWJ or LWJ will finish up his businesses and look for WWX even if he have to settle for staying with him as a friend if WWX didn't return his feeling. The way I see it from WWX's shock... then unbelievable but hopeful expression from hearing LWJ's voice and then he turned around and finally that smile, it confirm to me that WWX finally understand his feeling and is happy to see LWJ and his acceptance to his relationship with LWJ. This drama more than exceeded my expectation and it is a very great adaptation to the novel. Under so many restrictions, they manage to make this a true adaptation and stay as close to the novel as possible and keeping the spirit and essence of the characters. All the actors/actresses did a fantastic job, even if some of them are very new and raw, I appreciate their dedication to their characters and trying their best to understand and portray their characters. Great team, great production, and as a result a great drama!!!
  4. Different people have different taste...I think every characters in this drama/novel is unique and memorable. There is just so many layers and mix of personalities to explore which make me love this story. I am still not ready to read the actual novel because I feel it will be soooo much sadder than watching it... and the Yi city arc is a no no for me although I do enjoy it on screen because they didn't dye too deeply into it...although I was scared by the atmosphere most of the time (horror is a no no for me lol) The fighting screens are so awesome and the youngest interaction with WWX is adorable
  5. lol I lost track of how many time I watched the first two episodes to remind myself all the sadness is in the past. This is one of the very few drama that I have to watch real time, literally once I got off work, I need to watch the latest episodes and nothing else caught my attention (I usually can watch two to three drama at the same time) This drama occupied most of my time and I really like both actors as well...digging up some of their older performances during the long wait... the latest episode of variety show 天天向上 (with Wang Yi Bo as host) this weekend will include both Wang Yi Bo and Xiao Zhan...can't wait to see more of their interactions!
  6. OMG!!! This is priceless....How do they even think LWJ is a villain...especially the way he looks at WY all the time... hahahahahaha and they were clueless of LWJ's intention....and he is the straightest??? Hmmm...between WY and LWJ I don't think so lol oh I hope they have a follow up after the drama ended so we can see their reaction when all they predicted and perception is wrong lol I mean I completely get it if they think or predict there is something between WWX and Shijie/Wen Qing if they don't know the story but LWJ is just too obvious...His feeling, his eyes, and his wording... I love the latest episode where LWJ said the famous line "I want to bring one person back to Cloud Recesses...bring his back...hide him there..." I seriously didn't expect him to finish the whole sentence because I feel it may reveal too much but they did and I love it so much. And all the concerns and worries he expressed whenever he looks and thinks about WY...Even his uncle and brother knows what he is feeling...one is trying to stop him and one is trying to help him...I love it in when that annoying Jin dude tried to force LWJ to drink and he was totally going to ignore him but WY drunk it for him and when the dude was saying WY was talking nonsense...LWJ who I believe never/rarely talk to these people, came over and defense WY "Is what he said not the truth?" Oh god, it is these minor details that make this such a great drama and loving both leads relationship 100% agree. It is not the weapon that is powerful but the person weaving it...it is not the power that are evil, but the person's heart that is using it... WWX is a very unique and different type of hero who everyone perceived as evil, wrong, and outlier but he is actually a kind hearted person who follows his heart, his righteousness, and his belief. His method and action is out of the norm as the world foresee but at the end of the day, he is still that youth who wishes to punish the wrongdoer, protect the weak, and do right by his heart... He was that young man and his actions from beginning to end shows his character. And it was that pureness and that determination when he say his wishes to his lantern at his schooling days that I felt LWJ truly realized and admire the goodness in WWX. I am not sure in the novel but in the drama, I felt LWJ represents righteous and 'goodness' but compared to WWX, he is constrained by his upbringing and the 'rule' of the world but WWX can forego everything in order to do what he think is right. That's why to me WWX is a hero...flawed but a real hero...and it is no wonder LWJ is affected by him so much...
  7. Seriously can I pleasantly ask all the fake zombies to stay away from my screen and have your swatting of bodies fun elsewhere...Can I trade it with 5 mins of WWX playing the flute or LWJ fighting then seeing these fake zombies throwing bodies around?! I really enjoy the latest episodes even though it is sooooo sad...poor WWX...keeping everything inside...knowing everything change for him but still keep the facade...it hurts everytime someone ask him why he is not carrying his sword and he said he don't want to...when I want to scream that he CAN'T anymore His smile is sooo forced when he tried to smile and only LWJ knows what is going on...but he even didn't know the whole truth...he thought WWX chose this path but didn't know he HAVE no choice...The drama was going all well for me but I can't help but fast forward all the zombies part *rolling my eyes* Also can anyone explain the meaning behind the scene where WWX somehow travel to where a bunch of the 'good' sect captured Wen Qing and why he reacted that way...Is he attracted to all the despair, agony and cry from those people? Also when he moved away from the touch of Nie Huaisang, is he afraid of his dark energy would deflect the 'righteousness' of the other cultivators? Sorry if i have too much questions but this is the only place I know that I can discuss about this drama Btw, when I heard of the name he given his flute and I search online to see what it may refer too...I really want to cry...
  8. I just realize something very sweet Maybe I am the only one who realize it now but I didn't know the difference between calling them by their birth name and courtesy name means a certain closeness and familiarity. Apparently, calling their birth name display a certain type of closest and I realized that LWJ always call him Wei Ying and not Wei Wuxian whenever he is mentally thinking about him. That is sooooo sweet! If I recall correctly, the first time was when WWX is sleeping on his rooftop and he said goodbye referring to him as Wei Ying... I always wonder what is the different but now that I know...I find that really sweet and warm. I felt like WWX called him Lan Zhan almost at the very beginning to get a rise out of him but mentally he also always call him by his birth name. Now I know why the scene when they met after WWX turn to the dark side and it felt strange when WWX called him LWJ instead of LZ because it put distance between them. Btw, I love that scene, the acting, the chemistry and dialogue exploded for me and it hurts. Poor LZ but I also felt bad for WWX as well from his expression after LZ left.
  9. @enigmatic_zephy @shuwei Thanks for the clarification! That explains it. I agree that the 2 weapons are kind of confusing. I guess now the dark aura and energy is within WWX and the flute is his weapon (similar to a sword) to weave his power. I am also looking forward to the present time because I kind of want the sadness to be over with already Dragging it out is just so hard to watch for everyone. I think the present time should have more of our two male leads interactions (however, I highly doubt they will follow closely with the novel in terms of some of the 'contact' behind the male leads) I am satisfy with any hints or eyes communication lol
  10. Anyone know where WWX gets his flute? I am a bit confused because he got the sword from the 'creature' shell and I assume he kept the sword in his pouch...and when bleed into it, it sort of activated the darkness within...we see how the darkness overwhelm him and it keep asking him does he want revenge and then the sword appears, he picked it up... Now my question is where did the flute came from? Did the sword turn into the flute? For novel reader, can I ask the background of this flute?
  11. In the drama, I think when MoXuanYu was playing his flute to calm down the 'dancing' rock/conjure up Wen Ning, Lan Wang Ji realized that it was him because he played the song that was sing by LWJ in the cave. He is the one who created the song (the ending theme song) so he knows that only WWX knows the song. That's why LWJ held his hand and stare at WWX for so long @DontEatMyKimchi Thanks for clarifying and giving us the details. By the way, can I ask you on something because you seem to read the novel...
  12. I agree with @ForgottenSoulx it is less confusing and I think it is convenient plot device. I feel the drama didn't put too much details on the reviving business that may cause some confusion to ppl who are new to this storyline... Based on the anime, if I recall correctly, Mo Xuan Yu (The boy who sacrifice his soul to summon WWX to help him exact revenge) is an illegitimate son of the Jin clan (the gold/yellow color clan) who is rejected by them and live under the roof of his mother's side of the family where his cousin and his aunt is constantly abusing him, making his life very miserable to the point of killing himself to exact revenge) He learned this dark magic and summon/revive the legendary WWX to help him. The three scars on his arm represented the number of people WWX needs to kill/destroy in order to repay him and the scar will heal once he completed it. In the drama I think there was one more person left (the other two I assume is the cousin and the aunt who was killed by the hand demon/spirit) Spoiler alert I agree...even without the BL aspect of it, the storyline itself is intriguing and going through WWX's journey is motivating enough to watch this drama...hopefully, they won't mess it up...I really hope this is only one season and tell us the entire story because I don't like how they leave us at cliffhanger AND even if they do, they may not film or get the cast back for season 2...so I am crossing my finger because next week, is another climax to the plot and the pace seems fine as of now... but still you never know especially since there is sooooo much going on and so many characters in the past, I am not sure how many room they have on the present...Also I don't recall much spoiler happening in the present (except the development of the 2 main leads...hmmm...relationship) and with that not being able to be translate to screen, maybe they will wrap that up in 2 to 3 episodes? I guess we will just have to wait and see...
  13. I have to be honest...when I first started this drama I have no expectation of watching it for the relationship between the 2 male leads, you know with the sensitive matter of the country...I was solely going in for the story and the characters based on watching the anime and knowing most of the story of the novel (I am a bit afraid to read the novel because I feel it will be very depressing) BUT the scene in the cave really rise my hope up, I didn't realize the production would go so far in pretty much bringing the novel very close to alive in the latest episodes...and when WWX ask do you like Mianmian...I literally shout at my screen..."No! Silly, he likes you!!!" lol Loving this drama so far...But need to prepare myself to whats to come next week *sigh*
  14. This drama is getting better and better... Starting from when WWX and JC returning to their clan and then all the disciples being forced to go to Wen as hostage. I am starting to feel the tense and despair in the air like I know what is coming and afraid for our characters behalf but still know it is going to happen...:( Xiao Zhan is really doing a great job in portraying WWX and I can't help but love the way he stands out when he is standing next to all the other disciples and he gave off this rebellious vibe in a joking matter...I feel so bad for him after being locked up all night with his worst nightmare to come back and pretend everything was ok.
  15. That's wonderful new... I was thinking I have to settle for 4 episodes per week which I found to be pretty hard to bear but now there is 6, much better lol This drama is much better than expected...at first I just check it out and don't have a very high expectation for it but surprisingly the acting is decent, the costume is pretty nice, characters are mostly fitting, and some of the storyline are still intact. A lot of people are complaining the increase in screen time for Wen Qing but it wasn't that bad since this is a 50 episodes drama so they need to add more scenes to other characters. I am fine as long as they didn't add her to any relationship with our 2 main leads....Looks like Jiang Cheng are the one who have feelings for her and that's fine since I know he has no relationship in the novel/anime... It will be interesting to see how it plays out especially knowing what will happen to their clans later on... I don't know why I always have a soft spot for Jiang Cheng even though he is close to annoying sometime but I can't even dislike him because of his conflicted feelings for Wei Wu Xian. I think WWX's actor took me by surprise the most since he really make WWX charming and mischief. As for Lan Wang Ji, I was not impressed at first but he is started to grow on me as he started to develop feeling...hmmm...his friendship with WWX... I was not expecting any BL but am surprise by all the hints here and there...I still don't feel the chemistry like in Guardian but I do like that they are developing something not as basic as friendship but something a little more but not over the top explicit about it... I am really enjoying it so far...and can overlook some of the bad CG...lol
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