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  1. Although I love their bickering interaction, I also like how they compared their business like a battlefield - I find it kinda of cute that the pronunciation of the ML's name is = to a Marshal (arranging and planning strategies of the army) and the FL's name is = to a General (leading the army). It is refreshing to see LYX in this role and I was so ready to see him in a modern romcom lol
  2. Do anyone know is this based on a novel? Just want to know if it is a happy ending and hopefully not much angst - Enjoying the drama so far
  3. I am new to this thread and I didn't manage to finish this drama when it aired because I really can't watch suffering and sad drama plus I heard they cut most of the good stuff but that doesn't mean I didn't appreciate the high quality of this drama. I think this drama is a work of art itself but the theme may be hard for some people to continue watching. When I heard the cuts and the final ending is released, I couldn't resist and watched it. I hope someone who finished the drama can do some review and analysis on their thoughts on the ending - I'll love to hear and read it to appreciate this
  4. I haven't have time to watch this drama but did caught/followed clips of it and I find it scary how realistic the married couple is and how the married man felt - You may think a man that was a playboy makes a bad husband but you may not know that one day as passion disappeared and the love was overwhelmed with things in life, the 'good' man may cheat, 'thinking' he didn't 'cheat' because he didn't desire another woman but that he is just tired of his life with his wife "who is not caring, understanding, and appreciate him". He is a 'good' husband, making money for his wife, his child, and his
  5. The Full (Final ) BTS Special from the production team for TSP Also for anyone who likes to see Zheng Ye Cheng in armor or watched "Royal Nirvana". It is confirmed that the 12 episodes (ending) they cut/prevented from airing is going to be released with the name changed to "别云间" available tomorrow 9/22!!! Fans are very happy lol I just want to see our boy in armor lol
  6. Some conclusion summary from ZYC's studio weibo: Video - https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4549098319643282#&video (Really enjoy watching him waving a sword...if only they can show it all in one shot it will be so nice to watch on screen before all the editing lol)
  7. OMG!!! I just read the funniest thing ever - someone post in weibo on the two pigeon letters that XC send to CY and discovered the writing style and the tone between the two letters are completely different. They are suspecting that the second letter is from their son!!! LOL In the first letter, the tone is more mature and elegant writing saying that since your son arrived in the city for half a month, we both miss you (using their son as an excuse to say you miss her, XC? lol) Thinking your son can be a great general one day, I am thinking about sending him off to the military tra
  8. For anyone that is interested in ZYC's character in Mirror: Twin Cities "Zhen Lan" - since this is a fantasy/mystical drama, my Chinese is lacking on all the details but I think I got the gist of the storyline for him...but if anyone knows the story, feel free to correct me @mblgoh Yep, noticed it right away because I have that on loop in my song playlist lol
  9. @enzek For all of ZYC's upcoming drama, I am looking forward to Mirror:Twin cities the most even though he is the second lead because I kind of know a bit of the story. Thinking about it now, it is going to be similar to XC's character here lol @honeytime Happy Birthday!!! @SC2019 Yes, poor XC - However, i think it is best for both CY and XC because if it is not out in the open, they can still keep their close relationship. If CY found out, it will be awkward between them, plus XC knows how much CY cares and love him even if it is not that kind of love...
  10. Oh boy - It was a work day for me so I manage to sneakily watch bit by bit of the epilogue and I can't help smiling the whole time lol Good thing I am not in the office or I'll have to explain why I am smiling so silly lol Love the sweetest overload - I threw away all the bugs/questions on the plot as I just want a happy and over sugar ending to their love story lol I did not have time to read everybody's post but will definitely read it as I am still not over with this drama - I am tempted to rewatch and maybe create a mv or two to dedicate to it hehe
  11. Please send me the link to the TSP epilogue - Thank you!!!

  12. @SC2019 According to the official weibo site, on the poster below - "Sweet" epilogue will be online on 9/9 8PM china time for VIP member at 6RMB and 12RMB for nonmember - As for the usual Chinese sites that stream dramas, I am not sure will they upload it - For anyone who do see the upload, please share with us
  13. Every time I see this thread updated with a post - I get a little exciting...is it going to air but no lol At this rate, I can only hope for one of the actor/actress to get popular in their other drama and then it may cause this one to air
  14. This BTS really shows how professional both ZYC n HYX are... 2 points 1) At around 0:18, Director ask ZYC: Are you joking around now so that you can save up your emotions for the actual filming? ZYC: No, actually I can't seem to find the feeling/mood, I am scare... Director was surprised and ask: What do you mean you can't find the feeling/mood? Why are you scare? ZYC: I am scare that my acting is not good enough... Director then turn to others and said: I let you all know he is like this now...but once we call out 3...2...1...(meaning when they call 'action' for
  15. Yeah, I didn't notice anything about his darker skin tone until I saw an interview where he joked that his fans think he is too dark and yeah, I noticed some of his co-stars mentioned that as well. I also hope that he didn't take it too seriously because I do think he looks more manly and masculine with his healthy tan skin. He did mentioned that he can easily get tanned and he will try to prevent that - If it is to fit a character that is completely fine to try to have lighter skin tone but as himself, I hope he can be himself and not worry about it. Personally, to me, he looks hot with darke
  16. To help us get through to the 'epilogue', let's look at a few of our couples lovely photos I really like both of their personalities off screen, they appear to be very down to earth and friendly
  17. I actually have a different opinion on his reaction to his brother's death. I felt his reaction is quite realistic. There are actually a lot of aspects to his initial reaction which includes anger, grief, and denial. 1) Angry at CY for not knowing his brother saved her with his life (this anger is on behalf of his brother - His brother sacrificed his life for her but she don't even recall this person existed) Yes, unfair to CY but stripping away the fact they are a couple and thinking in terms of the family of the deceased, I actually found that understandable. 2) Grief that his bro
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