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  1. He looks amazingly good with whatever outfit he wears.
  2. It's an open ending. It's up to you, I would like to think that he will be happy and live many years to come.
  3. Last I've heard it will be aired around mid March. But I'm not sure.
  4. Don't worry. I'm sure we all had the same problem at first. Or that was what happened to me. I remeber watching videos on Youtube and feeling frustrated because I didn't know where the clips were from. And of course the lack of subtitles in most of his works is a maddening issue too. So far, the only dramas with complete English subtitles that I've found are Guardian, Letting you float like a dream, Xiao Shi Yi Lang, Story of Ming Lan and the movie Yang and his Summer. Border Town Prodigal and Royal Sister Returns, are only partialy subbed.
  5. Thanks for the info. He really avoid as much as possible participate in variety shows. But that is how he is. And we love him that way.
  6. I've been following your FB page for some weeks already. And I like it a lot. Thanks for sharing all those pictures, videos, and info. ❤️
  7. It's a long shoot, in winter, in the mountains. So I hope he can be healthy. That parka looks comfy and really warm indeed. I like that he's getting awards and recognitions. And we can see him from time to time on those ceremonies.
  8. I didn't know the shooting of TN would be so long. 6 months?! And when did it start? I will miss him! Fortunately we have his previous dramas to help us cope... About that, if someone knows if any of those previous dramas are being subbed, please share. So far, I've found only 21 chapters of Border Town Prodigal and 20 chapters of Sister Returns with english subs. I've found Xin Xiao Shi Yi Lang, but I've watched only a couple of episodes, so I don't know if it is fully subbed. All of them in Youtube.
  9. This is my first time writting here. I one of those who discovered ZYL in Guardian, and got hooked by him. I came to watch this drama because of him. I knew the female lead, I watched her in Whirlwind Girl 2, and didn't have any thoughts on her, good or bad, but I liked her acting here a lot. I think her and ZYL are the saving graces of this drama... actually, not just that, I liked the clothes the staff picked for ZYL and AYX, they both look gorgeous. To be fair, I liked almost all the clothes. At this moment I've seen some of the previous ZYL's roles, I've watched Border Town Prodigal and Royal Sister Returns (whole episodes while there was eng subs, and only his scenes when there wasn't subs anymore) and I feel like he really owns each one of them. When he takes a role he isn't ZYL anymore. It doesn't matter if the plot is messy or without any logic, he become the character, I've read that he does that for Fu Hong Xue he even drank less watter, and he refuse to treat his eyes (the sand was hurting him), because he thought the dehidrated lips and red eyes suited the role better. And about ZYL acting spoiling us... I've been watching the tv show Inhumans kind of like white noise, or something to watch while eating, that I can easily drop when I need to get going. And every single time I see Black Bold, who can't talk so they wanted an actor who can convey emotions through his whole body and face, I can't stop laughing and rolling my eyes. Seriously? Avery single role of ZYL, even the smallest one, delivers more emotions...
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