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  1. I'm wondering the same thing. I really want to watch it. Until they finish filming and post producing Legend of Fei.
  2. Hello everybody! I found this drama while waiting for a friend to keep watching "The Untamed", I was looking through some streaming sites and I saw the thumbnail with the drama poster and I thought I recognize Lan WangJi's actor. So when I checked that in fact it was him I decided to watch it just to see him show more facial expressions. But I must admit I got hooked really fast. So, by the time I find this thread I had already watched the whole drama, but reading @themarchioness recaps I couldn't help myself, I felt like watching the drama again, I'm currently at ep 21. I must say (like others before), that really @themarchioness is the best ambassador of this drama. I truly enjoyed her recaps and, of course, her fanfictions. We all can see she really understand the characters. And of course I liked all the gifs, images and links shared by all the other members of this topic. I'm just a bit sad to find it so late. I don't seem to recall if someone has answered about the book being translated, but if it is, where can I find it?
  3. He looks amazingly good with whatever outfit he wears.
  4. It's an open ending. It's up to you, I would like to think that he will be happy and live many years to come.
  5. Last I've heard it will be aired around mid March. But I'm not sure.
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