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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] The Legends 招摇

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I decided to start on this drama since reading all the comments here, and I m so glad I did! Thank you all for all the generous details which piqued my interest, and i binge watch the all the episodes. It's going to be painful waiting for next week's episodes. I m thinking of starting on the novel since there are good comments about it!!


1 hour ago, xienrue said:


The preview for next week episodes is very interesting, making it very torturing wait. Seems Li Chen Lan health is worsening? Somebody understand what is Gu Shu Guang is saying when he tries to force Li Chen Lan to drink the medicine?



Gu Han Guang is angrily telling them to hold down Li Chen Lan, to make him drink the meds even if it means they need to force fed him. He said he has only ever seen two patients who dare to disobey him; one is Lu Zhao Yao who is dead, and one is him Li Chen Lan. And if Li Chen Lan doesn't drink the meds, he can forget about leaving this room.


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In ep 25    

Here’s a recap for ep 32

Watched all three versions and now I am mad! WHYYY DID THE DRAMA TAKE AWAY THE MOST IMPORTANT AND ANTICIPATED DIALOGUE FOR THIS SCENE???? There are 2 times that this couple was met with 'life and deat

52 minutes ago, gyna1 said:


@xienrue Thank you for the preview. I can’t wait for next week episodes.  @RouzmaryYou’re right can’t even watch the preview for 27. Well if you Find the ep 27 and able to view it. share it with us on here. Lol 


 I think this is the best one I managed to find:



@rainnie98  heh, same for me - binge watched all the available eps and then all the info in this post. Novel is next on my list :D

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On 2/27/2019 at 6:39 AM, 12blbl said:


So TV version: iqiyi 

      Web version: youtube

      Dvd version: where can we watch dvd version?


Iqiyi has 2 version WEB + DVD

I thought youtube was the same as iqiyi web until ep 20; Iqiyi showed the binghulu scene but youtube didnt.

TV is TV. You have to live stream. there is no OFFICIAL link to rewatch.cough cough



On 2/27/2019 at 2:35 AM, xienrue said:

From where those GIF are coming from? Tonight episode or next week? Hahahahahaha, really like Zhao Yao reaction when she sees how Li Chen Lan shoots down the bird.

Iqiyi weibo, zhao yao weibo, tv channel weibo.  There are alot of 4K wallpaper stills on zhao yao's weibo. 




On 2/27/2019 at 3:00 AM, arcchidus said:

I wonder if that's because they are saving the line for something down the road?


The drama kept a lot of the original dialogue, but they are swapping orders of when things happen, so I think it's possible they want to use the line later.


Well I still dont agree the dialogue should be cut. However, I do like how the battle consisted only of Zhao and Mo. In the novel, Shen Qian Jin leader of the Raining View Clan was rescued. She was kind of a lightbulb as if Zhi Yan isnt enough. In the drama, they pushed her injury until the divine sect meeting in ep 26/27 (coming ep of next week)

tv preview 1 (tv preview 1.5)
tv preview 2
web preivew 3
web preview 4
new bts 1
new bts 2
fan mv weibo link // bilibili link


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@DontEatMyKimchi Thank you very much for all the links!!!! The fan MV is very gorgeous; and because the quality is better than videos I watched on youtube, I just realize that we will have a scene when Li Chen Lan literally push Liu He sword in Zhao Yao hand through his body :tears::tears:. That episode will break my heart ..... Well, as long as we have a happy ending in the end, I am fine with all angst. The novel kind of having easy way to resolve the problem with Li Chen Lan demonic side; since that novel is Zhao Yao POV, the story practically only revolves in how Zhao Yao finally get her body and live again. If the deviation in drama right now is the way of the author to improve her works, I am all in. I am still liking it so far. Hopefully the actor and actress can deliver

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I love all their little moments this week, but if I had to pick my favorite one, it is the one where he plucked the leaf from her hair and the conversation that followed. :wub:


Bai Lu posted that Zhao Yao well get her face back next week so I'm super excited because we all know what scene follows haha


I got some time and screen-capped some of my favorite shots from the show and made some wallpaper.







I don't like this four day wait LOL

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@miyaism Four days wait is a torture and this torture will be more and more painful for the later episodes ....:tears: I am trying to watch another drama currently to take my mind away from this drama, else I will go crazy from waiting:D


Zhao Yao getting her face back should be in Luo Ming Xuan arc?! Lovey dovey scene please!!! All those MV are killing me with exitement

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It’s funny that Zhao Yao has nicknamed almost everyone around her.


Zhi Yan= Little Girl & Little Black Ball ( when she wears the black cloak)

Li Chen Lan= Little Ugly Boy

Yue Zhu= Little Round Face

Jiang Wu=Little Short Hair


I’m surprised that she didn’t name Jiang Wu Little Red Hair or Little Red Boy


Zhi Yan calls Zhao Yao Female Demon/Demoness


Jiang Wu calls Zhao Yao/Zhi Yan Little Beauty

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Starting off my very long post, I will name some of the plot differences (as of this week) between the novel and the drama. 


The entire novel was told through ZY's POV as a result you have a very limited scope on MQ's thoughts and his problems were not attentively addressed. The drama on the other hand, introduced a full part of his story.

I like the drama depiction for MQ's degradation to a demonic state, minus the over reused of the clip with chained MQ and black dragon clip. 

The Demon King developed a 心魔 xin mo due to suspicions and mistrust towards his followers. The xin mo characteristic of MQ was first mentioned in the drama during the time he retrieved ZY's lighting sword. The formal name is "六合天一” liu he tian yi sword, a direct translation is "six in one sky" or "six sky in one" (?). The sword had a holy attribute which clashed with MQ's existence as a demon. Thus his demonic side was awaken. This matter was buried until the letter exchanging between ZY & JW. Perhaps it was the feeling of betrayal, doubts and suspicions that provoked his demonic nature once again. From that point onwards the black aura slowly unleashed from within. 

I wonder if the problem with his wound would continue to progress in the drama. The novel is composed of 80 chapters. In other words, it is relatively SHORT. MQ's wounds healed at the very beginning of the last arc. If the drama (55 eps) follows this pacing then this non-healing wound would drag on until the last few episodes.:expressionless:


CG problem complains. 

  • Spoiler

    Tv ver Ep 12.



    WEB / DVD ver Ep 12 


    They aired the TV episode without the CG! 




    The caped guardian said "This black mist/aura, I see how it is." 

    Did they forget the CG because all I can see is MQ's perfectly combed hair. Where is the black aura? 


    Another missing(?) black aura CG #2



    Ep 20. Again another person (GHG) mentioning the presence of the black aura. WHERE IS IT? I DONT SEE IT!




    ep 19. They forgot the CG again. Notice how at the beginning of the gif there was no lighting zaps running on the wound but the second shot had the CG.


    Ok. Last one. 



    Ep 24. These 2 gifs belong to the same time frame. The lighting zap is gone but we finally get to see the black aura. Now then, are CGs done by 2 different teams because there is considerable difference between the smoke/aura. :weary:



LMX was another variable from the novel. In the book ZY chanted an ancient demonic spell to seal LMX. It was a harsh journey. After LMX fell into an everlasting slumber, ZY coughed up blood for three days straight and on the fourth day she was depleted of blood to cough out more. 

I feel that drama breezed over the hardships of ZY. I admit the sword extraction from her heart does look very cinematic, and CG was very much on point but having an extra sword is not a reason for ZY to overpower LMX in a split second. It just does not balance out! Instead of this lazy writing, I wished the drama had spend a few more minutes with the progression of the sword fight. After all these fights are only worth it if the production puts the effort and time into it. 




{Fast forward} LMX successfully regained consciousness. Resurrection of ZY's real body.

{Resealing process}  ZY stabbed LMX in the heart and subsequently chanted the spell. In my opinion, this spell is somewhat like a symbol representing the 'death' of LMX. If the drama omitted this part then what is ZY going to use to seal LMX this time around?  I don't think another sword will be drawn out from her body since she will be fighting with the lighting sword. 




{new spoiler gifs}


The third adjustment, the one I like, is delaying SQJ's injury. Initially, the battle with the anti-demonic relic at Liu's Clan was an investigation which evolved into a SQJ rescue mission. So when MQ summoned the demonic dragon and ZY called forth lighting, SQJ was also presented. The drama removed Ms. Shen Lightbulb from that scene and detained her part of story until the conference of 10  8 divine sect. I have no complaints about this alternation after all it comes down to more screen time solely dedicated to our main couple. 




I look forward to GHG's reaction.



Three side notes before I end my long post. 


Remember the that time (ep 25?) Jiang Wu sent another letter to ZY.


In the last lines of his letter, it said "let's meet up (or *come and find me*) on Chinese Valentine's Day (七夕节)." I am guessing that date would manifest to the scene below with ZY and MQ. 




tumblr_pnodda0xak1u1iqoao1_1280.jpg"If you kowtow to me three times, then I will help you" 

This is indeed a beautiful bittersweet scene but NO! MQ you cannot kneel to JW! Oh wait its not just a kneel, it is a KOWTOW! I don't know about the circumstances of this scene but the only kneeling scene  mentioned in the novel was when MQ overpowered and forced JQ to kneel. Why is the drama swapping roles? NO ONE DESERVES MQ's KOWTOW!

At ending song, there was a scene with JW + MQ both 'sending their spiritual powers' to ZY. Maybe that is what the kowtow is for.






Checklist for next week's episodes

A) Drunken Kiss 

B.) The kiss after LXM is (re)sealed away. 

C) Chinese valentine's date


New bts

New Bts #2 Iqiyi link

{update} unoffical bts (filmed by a on set staff member)

unofficial Bts 2 (filming site)

unofficial bts 3 (filming site)


ZY- Zhao Yao 

MQ- Mo Qin

JW- Jiang Wu

GHG- Gu Han Guang (South/Doc)

LMX- Luo Ming Xuan (the guy in the open coffin bathed in blood)

SQJ- Shen Qian Jin, the master of the Rain Viewing 

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@DontEatMyKimchi Thank you for the information!


Yes, I also like how the drama elaborate on Li Chen Lan side of story since we cannot get that from the novel. It makes the love story richer. About his wound, I have this thinking that it is miraculously healed after Jiang Wu is killed and part of Jiang Wu soul is latched to him (based on novel, dunno how they handle Jiang Wu death in the drama) - perhaps because at that time his demonic side getting stronger and finally able to overpower the effect from Liu He sword. Well, I have hoped that since we will get sick Li Chen Lan for quite a long time here, we will get to see Zhao Yao caring for him at some point. In the novel, everything moves very fast. In one scene we get that she worries about his not yet healed wound, fast moving to Luo Ming Xuan arc. Then we get scene of she declaring her love (I think I even remember she proposes to him in a very easy going way), then she disappeared because of Life Returning Pill effect is gone. Then we get Jiang Wu arc and the wound just disappeared ..... (Please correct me if I got the sequence wrong). Not enough of lovey dovey for me!!:(


About Li Chen Lan kowtow to Jiang Wu ....  I don't want to even think about it. I hate that scene. I just hope any lovey dovey between Li Chen Lan and Zhao Yao after she knows what he has been done to help her will be able to wash my bitterness.


Regarding the picture of dating between our main couple, I believe it will be in rather later episodes, sigh .... (but if it is really done in valentine day, then it would be very sweet and ironic for our couple. Lets hope it is indeed so:)) . Because at that picture both have hairdo change and Zhao Yao is even wearing white. I think for Zhao Yao to dress that feminine and "humbled??(I cannot find the correct word) - the change from red theme to white theme is significant for me", their relationship must have progressed to certain level. Right now, Zhao Yao is still in denial and she is still so headstrong in thinking that she needs nobody to protect her.



Is it Gu Shu Guang or Gu Han Guang? I got Gu Shu Guang from machine translation, so perhaps I am the one who get the name wrong .....

By the way, I believe he is South Mountain Lord, instead of West. Nan Shan Zhu, Nan is South right??:D

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On 2/26/2019 at 6:19 AM, frostflower14 said:


Finally found the scene where Li Chen Lan stepped on the 葫芦 bing hu lu, it’s in an uncut version of ep 21.
  Hide contents


Li Chen Lan got really angry when Jiang Wu told him “Little pervert are you angry now? You can’t kill me and everything you own will soon belong to me!” He is so possessive.....:joy:

After seeing him step on the 葫芦 bing hu lu that Jiang Wu was teasing Zhi Yan with Zhao Yao told Zhi Yan  that” Little Ugly boy is really angry this time, whatever happens don’t respond”. Li Chen Lan glanced in Zhao Yao’s direction and Zhao Yao says “Surely he can’t see me”,(it’s later revealed,he totally can) but he just orders Zhi Yan to go back to her room at Wan Lu Men.




I was wondering why the beginning of the episodes doesn't really match with the ending of the previous episodes and some cuts doesn't make senses. I heard of china having TV, DVD and web version but it has been a while for me to watch a drama with different version so I forgot about it. Until I read the post, I went back to this one website I found and watch from a different server with different version. That website post up the episodes before the youtube official channel. I found that lately the official YT channel has been taking longer to upload new episodes, snippets of episodes, and BTS. 

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7 hours ago, arcchidus said:


Awww - I will once my real life work settles down.

 thanks....but of course, us, non-chinese speaker, appreciates those who do understands in summarizing, recapping, and providing great additional information regarding the novel and the drama. 

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@DontEatMyKimchi omg the CGI complaints, I’m glad you brought it up because there is one scene (in the web version I think?) that bothered me so much...when QQX found out that Zhi Yan got captured by JW and rushed to get to where they are, there is supposed to be CGI added to look like he was using his superhuman speed to get there. But instead, it was just QQX being in a position of running and staying like that for seconds lol. Ugh the editing is a mess, how did they approve this??

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1 hour ago, xienrue said:


Is it Gu Shu Guang or Gu Han Guang? I got Gu Shu Guang from machine translation, so perhaps I am the one who get the name wrong .....

By the way, I believe he is South Mountain Lord, instead of West. Nan Shan Zhu, Nan is South right??:D

Yes I made a typo there, it is south.  顾晗光 is Gu Han Huang, thats the correct pin ying. 


@therewillbeddl  YES! YOU NOTICED. I made an entire list of the awkward editing on tumblr. I shall add soompi list then. 



Ep 14. Ruined the fight scene. Terrible 



Ep 17. That awkward move. UGH




Ep 19. When MQ teleported back to Wan Luo Men, he seems to have changed his outfit as well. 



Ep 22. That legendary pause. Terrible. 


EP 23: 


probably the least awkward one out of the bunch. 



The sword comes flying and then.... mm there's no and then. 



Maybe adding a bit of CG sparkles or aura might be better. 





Some many errors in Ep23. 




Ep 25. Frame shift. 



Ep 26. I really wished the drama production had precisely planned the actors' movement.



MQ's first words to ZY is always:

tumblr_pnq5ttZBnf1u1iqoao5_400.gif"Was she injured?"

tumblr_pnq5ttZBnf1u1iqoao3_400.gif"How is your injury?"

tumblr_pnq5ttZBnf1u1iqoao1_400.gif"Are you hurt?"

tumblr_pnq5ttZBnf1u1iqoao4_400.gif"Did you get hurt?"

tumblr_pnq5ttZBnf1u1iqoao2_400.gif"You... do you have any injuries?" 


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Hahahahahaha! Perhaps because I watched mainly in fast forward mode still, I failed to notice all those cringe-inducing CGI and editing. The one that I noticed is episode 19 when Li Chen Lan suddenly has a change of cloth :lol:


In ep 23, is it only me because I don't think it is Xu Kai hand that hold the sword??? The hand seems to be too chubby to be Xu Kai hand.

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12 hours ago, frostflower14 said:


It’s funny that Zhao Yao has nicknamed almost everyone around her.


Zhi Yan= Little Girl & Little Black Ball ( when she wears the black cloak)

Li Chen Lan= Little Ugly Boy

Yue Zhu= Little Round Face

Jiang Wu=Little Short Hair


I’m surprised that she didn’t name Jiang Wu Little Red Hair or Little Red Boy


Zhi Yan calls Zhao Yao Female Demon/Demoness


Jiang Wu calls Zhao Yao/Zhi Yan Little Beauty


heh, this shows her ego pretty well, since she nicknames everyone as "little" XD



@DontEatMyKimchi woooow, nice! Thoroughly enjoyed reading your long post!


Personally for me, I'm not that bothered by some CGI screw ups, thou of course it would be nice if there were none or so minimal as to not be noticed, but since overall I do like the CGI, won't complain too much.

 I'm way more worried about plot - so that it makes sense with the changes they make/adjust, like the kowtows & the sealing away.



And yeah, I love it when in the drama they show also the male leads side of the story when the novel only includes the female leads pov, that is very much appreciated and enriches the story


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