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  1. Regarding the live concert, I honestly have not watched that. But from the clips I have seen and people comment here and there, both Cheng Yi and Yuan Bing Yuan actually ignoring each other. In a way, this was an agreement beforehand. So no disrespecting happened here. If you want to place the blame, then blame the crazy fans that forced them to act like this in public. I honestly think it is unfair that Cheng Yi is the only one get the heat from all of this. Just because Yuan Bing Yuang is a woman thus perhaps looks more pitiful, the man is no less of victim than her in this situation. Moreover, I believe this all just a farce, public showing. They should be okay in reality. I heard that this distance was ordered from their company. Anyway, it is illogical to even think that Cheng Yi let popularity goes into his head and acted like that out of arrogant. No one that stupid to act like Cheng Yi did if there was no certain order from the higher up. Especially when his career was in rising state. And his behavior was too much different from his usual behavior in BTS or in his previous interview this years. If you are truly his fans then perhaps you should be more concerned whether he was really okay deep inside. Yes, he might be overdid the "distance act" a bit. But I think this mainly cause by his unfamiliarity on how to deal with the media and crazy fans. Their fans were fighting online before this. And, as I see it, this stage purpose was to dispel the illusion of CP fans. The CP fans of L&R has started to ship them in real life and with Cheng Yi other drama ongoing, this fans attitude was not favorable. Fans needs to understand that the character and the actor are two different identity. Who to say that these fans not already bullying the lead actress from The Promise of Chang An. At this current situation, we better stay put and let those fan war in China died down instead of starting another war.
  2. Hello, too. The acting in those depressing moment is so stellar. So much pain. How Cheng Xu bring his loser brothers to justice is the main reason I will stay here. Cheng Xu reminded me of LIn Shu in Nirvana in Fire. Perhaps when he was not yet an accomplished marshal under his father. So very much looking forward to power play here. To hell with romance and female lead. The moment she married his brother, their romance is ended in my eyes. I don't think they will ever get together formally in this life. She will forever be his sister in law. And I hope become an advisor to the young king is not female lead suggestion. Because I will hate her for that. The throne is Cheng Xu's to begin with. I think the queen (FL sister) in a way know everything?! I am currently so disgusted with her.
  3. I am currently watching this, coming from L&R. I am quite into palace drama and heavy plot. But I suspect I will get pretty annoyed with the female lead later on based on the synopsis. Still staying for the male lead though. Cheng Yi acting is superb so far (episode 9-11 are so heartbreaking). In this kind of drama, the OTP will never get together in this life. Moreover, the female lead will have a son with the King. Why she doesn't take precaution to prevent getting pregnant is beyond me. This kind of drama always give me a female lead like this. Smart at the beginning, then forced to marry, playing hard to get for a while but finally do the intercourse forced by circumstances, and then after getting pregnant suddenly she becomes cold blooded woman who will do everything for her son. Duh!! I am so disgusted to the King and his wife (the FL sister). They tried to cover their sins with kindness. The queen hypocritical way to appease Cheng Xu so that he would not come to her husband is so bad. Hope the drama will show how guilt shadowed these pair of husband and wife. But as I see it, the FL sister will alive and well (I can see both of the women sitting together with the young king in the trailer). Let's see together when the truth comes out, who will the FL sided with? Her husband or Justice.
  4. Already read the article and became annoyed. Tired of this paid review and paid rating accusation. This is my first time seeing a particular popular drama is accused like this. However much money out there, they couldn't possibly buy all the people who commented with passion in discussion forum. Regarding the story:
  5. Xuan Ji character development throughout the story is very interesting to watch. At first, I think she latched herself to Si Feng because he was one of the people that accepted her and didn't bully her. But later on she was unconsciously attracted to him. If not, I don't think she would be that hard working in making Si Feng forgive her after 4 years separation. She didn't know the name of the feeling she had. She only knew she wanted to be close to him and for him to care for her. The drama has very good pace in my opinion. It doesn't feel draggy until now.
  6. Yes, me too. So happy that 3 episodes come out instead of only 2 tonight. So far the drama did a good job in adapting the novel. I even say that I prefer the drama since the characterization is stronger in the drama. The new MV deals mainly with Si Feng and his father. Very much love it. This father son interaction was rather lacking in the novel.
  7. Yes, the drama gives a meatier character background to the male lead. It makes the love story more powerful. Ths is one drama that I am happy to be deviate from the original source. Talking about Ashes of Love, my opinion until today is the actress should have showed a more devastated state of emotion after Xu Feng died and she realized her love. Actually, this is a common problem in chinese drama world. I often watch dramas where the female lead just failed in emoting a crushed and devastated feeling. Instead I got a smiling face (without even a hint of sadness in her eyes), a flat face, a cold face, etc. Nothing hinting that the character feels crushed inside. I truly hope that the female lead in Love and Redemption will deliver.
  8. I have been waiting for this drama since last year. So very happy that it finally aired albeit with lots of pending ever since early 2020. The trailer was very interesting and I was immediately hooked. Then I hunted the novel as preparation. So far I love this drama. The pace is good, the leads chemistry is also good. Perhaps this will be the first drama in this year that I finish without skipping to the end. Other dramas I have watched either has annoying female lead (damsel in distress or holier than thou attitude) or boring story. It is quite refreshing to see the male lead is the one that becomes damsel in distress for once .
  9. I read it raw using google translation. You can find the raw here: https://novel101.com/novels/7eb08b04-62da-4256-9a1f-1b35e6235b49
  10. Have been watching this. I fall into group who prefer iron triangle interaction than Wu Xie solo. In my opinion Lost Tomb is more about adventure and brotherhood, so all this love lines bore me. Why most drama thinks that a main female lead is a must? Not all story is about romance.
  11. Ooo, this drama finally is released??? I have been waiting forever for this. In preparation for the drama, I read the novel. Actually, I hope that they would deviate slightly from the novel since in my opinion the novel is too simple regarding the male lead background and their fated love line.
  12. I planned on tuning on this drama since I like the premise of double twin. But, watching a couple of episodes ...... The male lead acting skill is not good enough to make me able to differentiate the twin. Both FeiBai and Sima Ji? have similar behavior and aura. And I don't like a drama when FL has so many admirer as though she is the best girl on the earth. Will try to watch again after more episodes comes out. By the way, may I know the title of the novel? Thank you
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