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  1. Regarding the live concert, I honestly have not watched that. But from the clips I have seen and people comment here and there, both Cheng Yi and Yuan Bing Yuan actually ignoring each other. In a way, this was an agreement beforehand. So no disrespecting happened here. If you want to place the blame, then blame the crazy fans that forced them to act like this in public. I honestly think it is unfair that Cheng Yi is the only one get the heat from all of this. Just because Yuan Bing Yuang is a woman thus perhaps looks more pitiful, the man is no less of victim than her in this situation. Moreov
  2. Hello, too. The acting in those depressing moment is so stellar. So much pain. How Cheng Xu bring his loser brothers to justice is the main reason I will stay here. Cheng Xu reminded me of LIn Shu in Nirvana in Fire. Perhaps when he was not yet an accomplished marshal under his father. So very much looking forward to power play here. To hell with romance and female lead. The moment she married his brother, their romance is ended in my eyes. I don't think they will ever get together formally in this life. She will forever be his sister in law. And I hope become an adviso
  3. I am currently watching this, coming from L&R. I am quite into palace drama and heavy plot. But I suspect I will get pretty annoyed with the female lead later on based on the synopsis. Still staying for the male lead though. Cheng Yi acting is superb so far (episode 9-11 are so heartbreaking). In this kind of drama, the OTP will never get together in this life. Moreover, the female lead will have a son with the King. Why she doesn't take precaution to prevent getting pregnant is beyond me. This kind of drama always give me a female lead like this. Smart at the begin
  4. Already read the article and became annoyed. Tired of this paid review and paid rating accusation. This is my first time seeing a particular popular drama is accused like this. However much money out there, they couldn't possibly buy all the people who commented with passion in discussion forum. Regarding the story:
  5. I planned on tuning on this drama since I like the premise of double twin. But, watching a couple of episodes ...... The male lead acting skill is not good enough to make me able to differentiate the twin. Both FeiBai and Sima Ji? have similar behavior and aura. And I don't like a drama when FL has so many admirer as though she is the best girl on the earth. Will try to watch again after more episodes comes out. By the way, may I know the title of the novel? Thank you
  6. Agree with this character evaluation. ZZR is certainly depicted as pure and kind maiden in the story, but she doesn't have what it takes to lead. I always see her as this demure and submissive lady. And this is a bad recipe for a leadership. ZWJ on the other hand, in my opinion, has what it takes for leadership. Even though right now we frustrated with him being so naive and wishy washy, we need to admit that he has this charisma that is able to inspire people. His naivety, I think, mainly caused by his unique upbringing. But give him a few years, I think he has potential to be wis
  7. Okay, I know I am so late to the party. Already had in mind to watch this (as soon as it reaches the Ming Cult vs 6 sects arc), but then I got taken away to another drama and that drama took out all my attention until by accident I watch this MV about Yang Xiao and Ji Xiao Fu. ......... I think everybody can guess what had happened to me then ..... I am literally grow up watching Jin Yong drama, have watched lots of version of the trilogy. And I have never felt that Yang Xiao character is that interesting. For me he is just the powerful side character. No more no less. All I interested in
  8. @40somethingahjumma You said my thoughts perfectly. Yes, actually if I want to put it in a bad way, I would say that someone as inexperienced as Yuanshi has no business in ruling a nation.They should have a reagent until he comes of age. In the meantime he can maturing and learn to rule. I also agree in how sometimes someone just has that leadership talent. It cannot be described but people just flock to them. This is happen in real life, too. But it will be difficult in a hereditary leadership. We cannot be sure that every descendant will have that "it" factor. I also has said in
  9. Finally finished watching the subbed episode 49-50. It left me with mixed feeling regarding the ending. 1. Yuanqi Sadly the shows didn't show his conflict feeling when he sabotaged PJ from behind. Yuanqi has great potential as character. His whole life, his mother planted inferiority complex within him. He had no accomplishment that can bolster his self worth. It would be nice of the show showed how he tried to loyal to his country but then he saw by himself the degradation of the court lead by XBS, the foolishness of the empress dowager, and last how naive the emperor was. I
  10. @Wotad @liddi Thank you for translating the documentary for us. It makes me smile hearing Sun Chun comment about LHR and PJ. I am agree with him. I don't know whether it is the character, actor, or both, but PJ just inspired affection. I really wish we get a flashback or something about his childhood.
  11. I have watched the review by the AvenueX too and I have been pondering about that since yesterday. I agree with her about how the last arch feels flat and viewer sympathize more with PJ than Yuanqi, making the ending lacks of emotional complication for viewers. But I disagree with her about LX. In the review, she said that LX is like independent modern woman who has her own ambition and doesn't need man to protect and provide for her. And it is good when a man support his beloved ambition. Therefore LX is justified when she refused to follow PJ if PJ somehow decides to stay in capi
  12. @rhaps Yeah, I can understand your argument about why Yuanqi not guarding Langya Hall. Perhaps it can be explained by: Yuanqi simply didn't have sufficient power to do that. He is not the all powerful Chang Lin Prince back then who commands hundred thousands of army. Yuanqi is without military power in the capital. The only army he has, is the Donghu Yulin army and patrol guard which under his command by proxy only (General Di Ming and General He Cheng). I believe if he tried to mobilize these army for personal interest, it will raise people suspicion. Remember, he was not ready to revolt
  13. @rhaps @liddi Your discussion is interesting. In regard to Langya Hall, it is neutral faction. All country can go there to ask for question. If Yuanqi deliberately put an army down the mountain, I think it will evoke ire from other countries. With his power, he will not risk that. Actually I find discrepancy in this drama about what people think about the might of Chang Lin army. PJ knows that he would be able to mobilize Chang Lin army even without any formal military power. I believe he would still be able to do it without the command tally. But others don't know about this.
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