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  1. This drama ranked 3rd for online if I remember correctly. Sigh. Hopefully some kind soul continues the subs but until then, it doesn’t stop me from watching it raw.
  2. @taeunfighting @RealityDream Ok, I’m raising my white flag up! It’s too complicated. I’m ready too for the ending. This loophole in the plot line is ruining it for me as I can’t seem to find any logic explanation behind all this. MH is annoying me. As someone had mentioned, MH is the antagonist here pulling the strings instead of the princes. I just hope they give us an explanation to all this in the end with a HE. Amen!!
  3. I am sad too. I do agree that ZJ stole the show of this drama but I will give TW the benefit of the doubt to see her shine after he pass. Lay’s character isn’t really special but isn’t it supposed to be about TW’s character helping him?! Oh well. Let’s see how it plays out.
  4. But if the purpose of her going back was to remember their past then it doesn’t make sense. Because the real MW was never in love with 13 prince but her cousin. Unless it’s like a past in the past? Maybe this is not the first reincarnation of XW??! Argh. Too much thinking. I guess in this drama there’s no logic like Scarlet Heart. But I guess they’re trying to make changes so it’s different from SH but there’s too many elements: phenomenal wormhole, time travel and dreaming?? I don’t understand that. The most plausible explanation is that there is no logic!! everyone keeps thinking the granny is QX but I think it’s a parallel her from a different present. IDK. All this is making me think of 3 parallel past, present, and future. I don’t see how QX is the key to their meeting.
  5. Mango only has eng subs to 2?? Is anyone planning to provide more eng subs?? Sigh...
  6. I don’t understand this time traveling and dreaming. It’s confusing me. I’m not really sure what they’re trying to achieve here. Especially with 13 coming to the future. I had asked previously that if Xiao Wei lives in the body of MW then does that mean there is a reincarnated 13 prince in the future that she hasn’t met yet? I’m trying to grasp this parallel world of past and present. The past MW has to die in order for Xiao Wei’s soul to go into her. So does that mean when the future 13 died, the past 13 soul go into the future him? Cuz there’s reincarnated people in the present time. That would be my guess for them to have a HE.
  7. Like @RealityDream said, when the meteor shower happened she lost the memories of them but knew she was looking for someone. It was just blurry images that’s why you can’t see 13th prince’s face (one thing always make me flabbergasted is can’t they tell by the voice?). Anyway, you can tell by some of her thoughts. For example, when the emperor her death sentence and the guard took her away, she was at the house (not sure if it was abandoned house), looking at the sky and said that the reason she came to the past was to die for her love. I didn’t watch episode 27-29 but skipped to episode 30. MW was talking to MH and MH asked to bet who is going to be the final winner (for the throne) and she bet 14. MW thought to herself that she knows who’s going to be king and there’s no point betting. My Chinese is limited too.
  8. I’m wondering if she told him or he remembered? My biggest question is will he ever remember their love story before losing their memories??
  9. I understand that she’s teleporting to the past but what I don’t understand and wondering is if he reincarnated? If he did reincarnated then there wouldn’t be this story of them teleporting from past to present and present to past. Unless they’re going to make it like how her soul went into Ming Wei when she died. Will the reincarnated 13th prince died and his soul go into his? That’s what I’m thinking now....lol. Too much assumption with this story.
  10. I watched from YT and other unofficial sites that comes from different source (not sure) but they are all the same to me. Even the one on YT is 40-45 minutes and the other sources the intro was just cut. So far I haven’t missed anything and I’ve assumed it was the same.
  11. I want good quality eng subs!! Hopefully a kind soul will correct the google English translation. Anyone know a site that is accessible to all country especially USA, PM me
  12. Maybe it’s more of a family love? I think she does love her husband but maybe not in a way that she has for Xui Bin.....gotta watch the rest of the episode to see the marriage relationship between them.
  13. Joe Chen playing as 16 year old in Queen DuGu, Zhou Xun in Ruyi and Tang Wei for this drama? Seriously? Why can’t they gonna pick on ages? They don’t pick on the actors but always the actress. Shame on them! But I do agree that Tang Wei is a little awkward but it’s not terrible. She can’t still managed her character well...and like someone said it’s still a long way to go for her young character to mature.
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