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  1. Can anyone tell me the name of the song she was singing for Xingcheng when they were kids? Asking for someone...
  2. It was mentioned that it came from the agency to limit the lovey-dovey interaction due to the first conference back in August. Isn’t Crystal in the same agency as ChengYi? Aren’t they all pretty much in the same agency?! I don’t understand how people were saying that Crystal was outcast during the concert because she’s not one of the same agency?
  3. Thank god I found this! I watched the raw and saw the sad ending and never went back to look for any more videos. Until this!! It just that it sucks to have the happy ending as the epilogue. I’m but somehow it doesn’t seem like the complete episode of the epilogue..is it just clips?
  4. So does the censorship not applied to animations? I would thought so since it’s also on TV. I saw a few eng subs clips of the animation in YouTube but I wouldn’t want to watch it if it’s not being eng subs. I used to watched animations but all those flashes for movements, swords fight, over the top animations are not working out for my eyes anymore. LOL. I don’t mind watching a few short clips.
  5. My same thoughts too. I know the three healed but I don’t know if I missed it in the novel but it never mentioned the fourth one.
  6. I was watching at some MV reaction online but found out that the MV is different from the one in YouTube. I wanna see the other MV cuz that one looks more like the official MV than the one in YouTube.
  7. I already knew that WWX transferred his golden core but my question was answered. Thanks!
  8. It took me two days to read through all the comments. I fell in love with the drama right away but confused as well on the first episode. Anyways, if I remember correctly, someone said LWJ knew that WWX lost his golden core? I’m reading the English translation novel upon hearing that it’s an adaptation. I like how in the drama, they reorganize all the events in a sequence instead of constant flashbacks like the novel. It was all over the place. Anyhow, can someone tell me (I don’t mind spoilers) who transferred his golden core power JC? In the drama, it was WC and I’m assuming it was her in th
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