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  1. @frostflower14 Exactly, they make it into a "what if" situation. It's like they tried to make it look like everything happened in the "mind scape" kinda thing. But the problem is, since that was not the original intent, you can see that they basically just roughly insert the entire scene whereby "MQ fought with ZY and fell into the abyss" into the middle of the scene at the arena where they just defeated LMX and MQ is on the verge of losing control. I agree it is creative in some way lol, but video doesn't flow well from one scene into another due to the cut and it becomes confusing.
  2. Yes, on the plus side, I m also really relieved that it is a HE Can you imagine, on top of the bad edit job and if it turns out to be a BE as well?! That would be a legit nightmare lol!
  3. It is happy ending, but as expected, the scenes are all over the place, like pieces of puzzles that don't really fit together. I think they scrambled the remaining scenes that are filmed to form as fluid of a storyline as they can, but you can clearly tell this is not the way it is originally meant to be sequenced. I really wish they didnt include that final "kids" clip that rendered me speechless no matter how many times i see it....*face palm* To those wondering whether they want to watch this, I would still recommend to watch this drama, since the starting is really good and i definitely enjoyed it! But manage your expectation towards the end. To be honest, while i know not many drama's endings are satisfactorily done and all, but this has got to be the worst editing for an ending i have ever seen. And it is such a pity for something that starts out so great (if I m the author i would be seriously heartbroken to see this).
  4. It's really hard to react. I mean, the first one is a sad ending, but at least it is more properly done. The second one may imply a happy ending, but it is sooooo ridiculous that i m speechless, lol
  5. I agree. It is stupid on so many levels and it just ended up pushing him onto the path of destruction. And the way she was smirking when ZY was beaten up by LMX totally makes me Ahhaha! You can literally hear the sound of sanity cracking in half...
  6. I really hope you are right that they are altering to a HE! But seriously, the sequencing is not only jumbled up, the follow up for each scene is not properly done at all. The scene where MQ lost control, i was so looking forward to that, but ZY just grab him and then it's fine after that??
  7. Same!! Lol! I literally jump to end of ep 54 first, only then i realised there is another episode!!
  8. Correct me if I am wrong, but if i remember correctly, ep 19 is around the time Sima Rong was kidnapped by JW and rescued. At that point, i think LCL still doesnt know that ZY is invisible during the day. When Sima Rong asked about Qin Zhi Yan when he first saw her in ep 15 as LCL's disciple, LCL revealed to Sima Rong that she is actually Zhao Yao. But LCL also told him that she is not completely ZY, only at night she is. And LCL asked Sima Rong if there is such a thing as a soul borrowing a body to return (the term he used is here jiè shī huán hún, literally meaning to reincarnate in another's body/ borrow another's body to return the soul). So it implies that while he knows that during the day, she is QZY and at night she is Zhao Yao, he doesn't really understand the mechanism of it or her invisibility yet.
  9. Thanks for sharing! This week's eps and the preview look really good, that it got me back to being excited about new episodes which I havent been for a while. Definitely miss this feeling. It seems that ZY is starting to be really desperate, and that one dialogue during their fight, with just so few words can make it so heartbreaking...
  10. Now that you mentioned it, i almost forgot we are reaching the end in another 5 eps,! I feel that if they wanted lengthen the drama, they should have put more time and effort in the part where MQ becomes demonic. The struggle would have been more real and angsty here, and like the preview for ep 52, i would love to have more scenes where he struggled desperately on the fine line between his desire to protect ZY and the xinmo inside him who obviously wants to kill her and destroy everything. On a good note, i like the preview for the upcoming eps!
  11. Lol, exactly! I don't mind all the angst and challenges or even one of the leads having to wait some years for the other to come back, but at least give me a solid happy ending (and definitely do not want open ended sad ending where one wait indefinitely for the other). I can tolerate having extra arcs and even unnecessary third party in order to lengthen the drama, but it's definitely a sin when the drama totally deviate from the novel in terms of ending for no particular good reason (as i mentioned previously, sad endings does not mean the ending is more meaningful or whatever)
  12. I haven't watched ep 47 & 48 cause i dreaded seeing their deaths. Surprisingly, GHG and Ah Da have really grown on me, and while they are only supporting characters, I feel that the scenes they appeared in has always been quite funny and interesting. It's weird since ZY is the first sect leader, and the one who recruited GHG and all, but i feel a lack of connection between ZY and them or other Wan Lu Men subordinates. In fact, despite the plenty of arguments between GHG and MQ, i feel that it's MQ who have a more genuine connection with him and people in Wan Lu Men. Agreed, at this point i really just want to move to LCL becoming demonic. From the scenes in the trailer and song MV, i think MQ looks really good when he fully become demonic, and at this point, i feel the full focus will really be on the only MQ and ZY. All other obstacles would probably been gone by the time MQ becomes fully demonic.
  13. I agree!!! The drama did ZY's character so well in the beginning, which is the main reason i was attracted to watch in the first place (I only read the novel after cause I never heard of this series before). When i first ventured into this show, i was just watching some random clips and until i saw ZY. She was such a badass material, so deadly and sharp; i was like "Who the hell is this character"!! The story line after the wedding fiasco has indeed dropped in quality (though i still enjoy random moments due to MQ's devotion). I know some people explained that it's due to her falling in love, but i just feel that the basic strength of ZY's character is kinda missing lately. I do look forward to the demonic LCL arc where the main leads' real struggles are going to happen, and it seems all the other unnecessary elements like LMX and JW will be gone by then...
  14. Lol, I have been asking the same question for lots of C-Drama, like please, it doesnt have to be a tragedy with lots of deaths for it to be considered a meaningful or beautiful ending or whatever the heck they are thinking. In fact, it is OK for it to end it nicely with happy endings and audience will still love it!
  15. Thanks for sharing! Wow i wonder what leads to such antagonism. I actually love the usual funny dynamic and subtle camaraderie between them!
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