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  1. I can't believe Netflix picked this up. There are so many things wrong with this show. They are definitely mixing up what's romantic and what's emotional abuse. The reveal made me sick and the fact the girl didn't run after made me even sicker. I am so angry I wasted time watching 11 episodes of this show. It's like the biggest waste of time ever.
  2. Holy crap. I thought I was going to get a light-hearted romance show and it turned out that guy is a possessive psychopath. Who fake someone else's leukemia to make her fall in love with him. And then he locked her inside the house afterwards? Holy crap. There's no redemption from that.
  3. Hey I know there was a link for this earlier but can someone provide the tvb link again?
  4. God if she has amnesia I would have just thrown my phone across the room. This isn’t supposed to be a purely romance story only. QY himself said so. I think wuxia story is muddled but not by romance. It was muddled by all that political intrigue. It’s the political intrigue that causes all that angst in ZM and WJ relationship, none of it existed in the original.
  5. Yeah it was definitely as his Tai Shi fu said he is the only one who is able to get everyone to work together. So I think Ming cult kept him for that. And i I don’t think I like the last two episodes that much. Too much mellodrama and not enough pay off. Also I felt like they should have at least one scene to show him deciding to leave. Cause he didn’t leave right after the cutting of the chair. He left some time after that after he was able to finish the war. Finally, YX didn’t even get a proper ending? Disappointing since he is so cool. The only thing that I kind of like was the mirroring of WJ with YX. When YX was told by his girl to not talk to her again he really didn’t, but WJ was like I don’t care what you think, I going to find you again no matter what. So unlike YX, he got his happy ending.
  6. He isn’t saying anything new that we haven’t already discussed in the last 60 pages. Here are my takeaways - one of the reason why the show is addictive is because of all the changes they made starting episode 40. - show was appropriately changed for the time and age - the way the show is changed the viewer hates WJ in on earth episode and love WJ the next. He thinks the director is trying to create a different type of WJ/ZM romance - one where WJ truely loves ZM and one where WJ and ZM have to overcome huge obstacles to get together - the changes are based on history so it’s not changed randomly - best thing is WJ is able to stay true to his original nature at the end of this show
  7. I like FanFiction too but if you go too far your characters won’t be recognizable and you are just writing original story and not a fan fiction. I really feel like we are approaching that point with some of the characters in this adoption and that’s why people are so upset. If this is just a regular show no one would complain about what’s happening and they would probably all say hey this is pretty good, but because this is supposed to be HSDSS, it’s a bit of a bait and switch. I mean i am I definitely do enjoy the show and that’s why I am here, but I definitely understands the critique.
  8. They say 2000 version captures the spirit of the canon where as the depressing stuff that’s happening really does not.
  9. Woah they are really making stuff up now. :/ there’s going to be so much more out rage on the web again about this.
  10. Am I the only one who think it’s weird Joseph’s left eye is smaller than the other when he looks down? I don’t know if something was wrong with his eyes in those scene or if they are naturally uneven?
  11. They are not married yet because in the preview, WJ said he is determined to overthrow the Yuan kingdom and he is also determined to marry ZM.
  12. Unfortunately it’s getting a lot of criticism for the changes this show made to the story and characterization. The actor got a lot of criticism too but I think lately people are starting to like him more so I think lately he is feeling better about this.
  13. I think it’s after because she did return the pin at that point. They also mentioned not letting ZM go again after so it sounded like they had been apart before that. Maybe they reconciled after WJ’s grandfather died?
  14. It’s too forceful. A good kisser is that main guy in The Legend (Zhao Yao). But I heard that actor is also a player in real life so that may be why, haha.
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