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  1. Wow they are charging for bits?! Watching all of these really reminds me of how ZZH is 十年硬汉无人知,一朝美人天下闻! I can’t believe how he’s been in the shows biz for so long and only now got to show how beautiful and emotional he can be!!
  2. You can watch it on Youku site. I personally watched raws though since I know Chinese but I did checked and confirmed that they have an international version up as well. The only thing is because they put up hard subs the international version on Youku app doesn’t have the re-edits....
  3. I have been more on douban and a few personal show groups because there’s not enough movements here. But overall I think the show is very good. It’s not perfect but I was super satisfied with the ending and for the characterization.
  4. Episode 32 is now edited. From what I can tell they lowered the volume of GJ’s horrible singing and upped the volume of ZZX emotional monologue. In addition they took out the shot where ZZX was going dragonball z style nail extraction and that ppl complained about.
  5. They released it as an Easter Egg within what can be described as a music video which doesn’t need to go through stringent approval like a show. It’s rather cleaver especially considering they are charging ppl for it, and many fans would be willing to pay 3 Yuan for that happy ending.
  6. From what I gathered, it’s either because BL is not allowed to have happy ending or because a character like WKX — a true to the bone anti hero — is not allowed to get a happy ending. The shown runner confirmed the real ending is in the post credit special though.
  7. Yes. If you pay extra. Also real ending is in a separate Easter Egg for censorship passing reasons!!!!! It’s...
  8. Ep 31 background music for the rescue scene for changed. Imo I think it’s better because before they suddenly started having someone singing right when WKX showed up and then suddenly stopped when he finished fighting — it was ultra awkward imo and really killed the scene’s flow. Obviously some fans are still unhappy. Lol. Anyway from what I can tell changed will be made a little at a time.
  9. It’s not about re editing the ending but re editing ep 31 ans 32 because fans didn’t like them in general for pacing and other reasons which I have explained in an earlier post. The revised version isn’t out yet so I don’t know what will actually be added or removed in the final version.
  10. I think it’s a good thing. It doesn’t happen with most Chinese shows actually... so it shows how much the show makers care about its success. Also if audience rage it’s probably for a good reason.
  11. Not sure yet but I read most negative comments about the part where Wife was drinking after the fall and saying something serious but GJ’s bad singing took a lot of ppl out to the scene. The other is with the nails — it was way too dragonball z for Asian viewers. Falling Cgi ppl can still suspend their disbelieve because of how beautiful WKX is and also I think audience is used to that sort of cgi.
  12. The editor for lots of negative reaction for ep 31 and 32 from Chinese fans and is now re editing. Curious as to what it will be like when that’s done.
  13. No released only up to ep 28 for vip+additional fees, 26 for vip on youku.
  14. The original story wouldn’t pass censorship but more importantly wouldn’t be long enough for 36 episodes. The story line post second half is pretty different than the book at this point, both plot and to some extent the characters... though I personally don’t think it’s to the point where I can’t recognize the characters. Did they change too much? I don’t know... but I mean even the name of the story is different so I expected changes from the beginning. In addition, they added some great fan service in the show that’s not in the book (poison sucking scene, the
  15. Gong Jin was a huge surprise. He was soooo wooden in the other series, I really didn’t expect him to be so emotional and so natural for this role! I really haven’t gotten this into a show for a long time. It’s amazing. I am less worried about the show’s future now because the government news paper released a positive article on the show. As you May guess whatever that news paper says goes. So for now this show is safe.
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