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  1. I just want to report back that episode 23-24 are extremely satisfying. The show finally trended on weibo with the following tag:
  2. Should be happy ending, the original book definitely had a happy ending, and based on opening song it seems like it will be a happy ending, but like I said the poison bit is TV show only, so I don't know when he will get his cure. On episode 21 and 22 - New adventure and...: Can't wait for 23-24. The thing we are all waiting for is finally going to happen. Finally.
  3. Watched up to ep 20. Thoughts on ep 19 and 20: I also really like how the show continues to show comparison between different views of love, and all the foreshadowing being used. I am very concerned about ML's health. His poison is brand new show territory, so I don't know how they will use that. It better not kill him before he gets to enjoy life.
  4. Think of him more like an ancient world mafia boss (the writer herself made this analogy, obviously there's the chivalry thing with Wulin, but Wulin operates more like mafia than the court). He doesn't do the dirty work himself, but he is more dangerous than the one who is holding the gun... er sword. So... Yeah... It was hard to watch
  5. Very similar to the show actually. He is good at networking with ppl with mutual goals to form alliance, well read enough to know how businesses and governments work, cunning enough to scheme, patient enough to play the long game, and cruel enough to take key people out at the right time to make the rest fall in line. Note: The novel is in FL POV so ML is less flesh out. The ML seems less aware of his own feelings toward FL till later in the book. They also upped the stakes in the show. FL family never died in the novel, nor, I think ML’s brother (if I remember corre
  6. I didn't watch the trailers (they give a way too much sometimes), but I think the setup is pretty clear. Obviously the 2nd ML is getting called back to marry the princess and the princess / court will force his hands so he will have no way but to marry her or his family dies or something. Then ML will swoop in and get the girl (though he might need to get a cure first from the poison that somehow only activate when he is heartbroken).
  7. Just finished up until episode 14. Wow I have not seen this level of friendzoning between FL and ML for a very long time. We are almost half way through and it's purely the guy being silently into the girl, he can't even show it. This unrequited love is killing me.
  8. It's actually pretty good so far. It's a little slow in bits, so I skipped a bit of it, but not bad so far (chapter 6)
  9. I want to talk about the side characters. Is it just me or are they every obviously setting Joo Ri up with CEO guy and the “chicken friend” with the assistant?
  10. Some Chinese fans think the bts stuff counts too since they are on the same counter. Those are avail to watch and shorter. it’s all kind of guess work.
  11. I agree with you. I do think she has ASPD like her bio said. Lots of rich and powerful people have ASPD. It’s said that as many as 5% of upper management have it. Also based on this BBC article... https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20171102-do-psychopaths-really-make-better-leaders It is commonly thought that psychopaths don’t feel any guilt or remorse, but recent research shows they are capable of such negative emotions, but only when something impacts them directly. In other words, if they hurt someone else, they won’t be racked with guilt like someone else might, but
  12. Yes! You can buy two of them here: http://m.yes24.com/Category/SeriesGoods?SeriesNumber=273506
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