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  1. @frostflower14 thanks for your list. I started editing the last few episodes, but it’s really throwing me off haha. I’m going to use your list to help guide me hehe I wrote a short AU story where all the happy WanLu Sect members survived. It’s random and badly written, but hopefully it can help soothe some hearts or give you a smile. Click HERE!
  2. My heart still bleeds for what could have been. My brain hurts from trying to make sense of what happened, but I’m not going to lie, the kids’ clip did give me a smile. I am still having a hard time processing all this as I can’t believe it has ended just like that... If I do have time to re-edit these last episodes, it will probably by a BE one, but at least it’ll make sense in some way. I am going to shamelessly post part 2 of my crossover FMV in hopes that it can cheer up some peeps. Imagine it as an AU where they get to be together again...yes, I took advantage of their reunion kiss
  3. I saw that post and even with my limited understanding I knew it wasn’t good My hopes just went out the window. Be prepared for some badly written fluffy fanfictions as I may need those to console my heart ATM On today’s episodes.
  4. @xienrue Yes, like @bluehibiscus mentioned. It's from that scene in EP11. I just sum it up. With the route the drama took, I would also like to see a desperate Zhao Yao searching for her MQ. Let her suffer a little too haha I don't really write fanfiction, but I am definitely considering it for ZY & MQ! On the other hand, I made some FMVs for this couple I haven't shared here. One for Zhao Yao & Mo Qing, and the other is a crossover FMV with Bai Lu and Xu Kai using their clips from Untouchable Lovers and some other works. I'll post it under the spoiler.
  5. I agree that there is no perfect adaptation, and despite its flaws and everything I will still stick to this until the end. I know the scriptwriters have a quota hey have to meet in number of episodes, but I kind of wished it was more focused on LCL’s demonic turn or evil LCL as that would have led to steamy OTP moments before the big end I know we won’t get the novel’s ending after all the spoilers in the MV, but this is what I wish the drama can end like...
  6. Honestly, I don’t agree on LCL kowtowing to JW, but at the same time it shows he’s human (he’s not human, but you know what I mean) and vulnerable. He has mentioned before that ZY is his weakness and his source for strength. As humiliating as it may be for our beloved hero, if it was to save the life of a loved one I bet not only him, but anyone else would be willing to do the same. ZY IS his entire world, if those kowtow can save her then so be it. It just that it’s heartbreaking to watch those scenes as a viewer. Anyways, he can always kill JW afterwards or ZY can kill JW for him I’m kind of glad they’re putting ZY’s explosions to some good use haha
  7. I don’t mind more fillers as long as we get an equal amount of MQ and ZY together. I really want to see a jealous Zhao Yao because there was none in the novel and she had no competition. Maybe a scene of ZY seeing Lin Zhi Yu getting close to her bae and being like he’s mine and no one can touch him. “I’ve already left my mark on those lips and sealed this deal so back off lady! He will be my responsibility!” @xienrue Yes, agreed!!! I love when costars have great chemistry off screen as well. I guess one thing is also because these two are under the same company so they are like really good friends/costars.
  8. Thanks @DontEatMyKimchi! I loved those BTS clips! It seems like it was longer than what we got in the drama. Will we get one from Mo Qing’s POV (like in the epilogue of the novel) because I didn’t get a clear look in the drama Bai Lu is either so into character or she just likes teasing poor Xu Kai/Mo Qing even when they were just practicing.
  9. He only gives in to her, and the reason she calls herself shameless and her reaction was because I don't have high hopes, but I don't want to be disappointed too LOL
  10. I love all their little moments this week, but if I had to pick my favorite one, it is the one where he plucked the leaf from her hair and the conversation that followed. Bai Lu posted that Zhao Yao well get her face back next week so I'm super excited because we all know what scene follows haha I got some time and screen-capped some of my favorite shots from the show and made some wallpaper. I don't like this four day wait LOL
  11. I feel you!!! I was worried when I saw the previews, but I thought ‘hey, maybe they weren’t going to show it’ and now I’m sad. After he told her he was going to take her away, she said to herself ‘yes, take me away, because I want it and I want you’ and a whole bunch more I was waiting for that scene so i could add to my FMV, but I guess it’s not going to happen now T-T
  12. That date scene got me LMAO. For a villain, Jiang Wu is pretty funny apart from all the mass killing he does. It is part of the past. And like @DontEatMyKimchi, it's one of my most anticipated part too
  13. If I remember correctly, he didn’t give her the necklace until after she found out how she came to obtain it Zhao Yao is kind of dense and she takes a while to realize her feelings for Li Chen Lan/Mo Qing, but once she does she’s willing to put down everything for him. I did not watch Bloody Romance, but Zhao Yao never gets to stab a sword into Li Chen Lan. So no worries.
  14. @hathanhthanh09the library scene was my favorite from EP 10! I loved her failed seduction attempts and her little thoughts. Hahaha. I’m really liking Xu Kai’s sudden change of expression.
  15. Hi @mitri! The person in the wheel chair is Sima Rong @chiyako92Hi there! Same here, I scanned through ‘Untouchable Lovers’ for her. She did great playing two different but such tragic characters. I’m hoping this one will get subbed soon! Hello, @btsgomo I’m also crushing on Mo Qing/Li Chenlan. I love the cuteness and innocence Xu Kai brought in for Mo Qing. I’m looking forward to see more of his Li Chen Lan. Bai Lu is simply amazing as Zhao Yao, but yes the strict censorship is killing the fun a little.
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