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  1. I found another fan made song I liked. Not sure if I translated the title correctly though, I couldn’t find this term on Baidu. 重饮 (Seriously Drinking) WWX: 哪一轮明月曾照楼头 Moonlight has once shined down on these towers 交错间莞尔风流 Intertwined with a carefree smile 那时笑言的 一醉解千愁 At the time said with a smile, one drunken reverie dispels a thousand sorrows 云深本无忧 何须借酒 The Cloud Recesses is originally without sorrows, no need to borrow wine (get drunk) LWJ: 问岂曰无衣 与子同仇 Asking how can you say you have no clothes? (This line if from a famous poem,refers to the enthusiasm of soldiers) Sharing with you a common enemy 人非草木孰能休 People are not grasses and trees, who can rest? 纵歧路一别 从此难回首 At the fork in the road we parted, from then on it is hard to turn back 落笔犹探问 今日安否 Writing to inquire, today are you well? 年少心事未及思量透 In youth affairs of the heart were not yet considered clearly 便匆匆跌宕一去赴洪流 You had already recklessly fallen into the flood 若这不平人间道 能护你再重走 If you are unsatisfied with the ways of the world, am I able to protect you to retreat again? 可否将痛憾倾力挽救 Is it possible to remedy suffering, regret and losses ? LWJ: 哪一轮明月又照桥头 Moonlight once again shines down on the bridge 心之所向尽如旧 My heart is the same as from the beginning (My Heart is unchanged) 经年暗涌的 醒来都缄口 The years filled with undercurrents flow, awakening only in silence 连一声有悔 也只借酒 Even a word of regret is said in drunkenness WWX: 十六载一梦 翻覆春秋 One dream of sixteen years,overturning the seasons 目之所及仍相候 One gaze within reach always waiting behind 灰烬里捧囬 从此与君剖 Returning from the ashes, from then opening my heart with you 这一生零落 能得安否 One lifetime is wasted, is it possible to be well? 而今欲买枇杷同载酒 Today we buy loquats and drink together 前尘入喉 终不似少年游 Past events enter vulnerabilities (cause pain),in the end we cannot return to our youthful travels 枯守过几番霜雪 落眉睫 满襟袖 Guarding in vain over many seasons of frost and snow, falling on eyelashes, filling up sleeves 可否等到谁来共白首 Is it possible to wait for someone to return, to grow old together? 那一轮明月终照心头 Moonlight finally shines down on my heart 不夜长街遥相望 笑悠悠 On the Nightless City’s long road gazing at each other from the distance, smiling leisurely 梦回天灯共一诺 并肩去 更何求 Dreaming of our promise to the sky lanterns, carrying the burden together, what more could we wish for? 听横笛快意 琴声温柔 Listening to the joyful sounds of the flute, gentle sounds of the zither 愿江湖快意 岁月温柔 Wishing for the martial arts world to be joyful,the years to be kind
  2. I found a page that lists all the available Audio Drama episodes with English subs for Mo Dao Zu Shi, if anyone wants to check it out. (Not sure if I can post link publicly) The extra episodes are hilarious! My favourite so far is the one about the Flower Maiden and the bad poetry Wei Wuxian recited to make her throw him out of her garden and reveal what she really looked like. This part was from the chapter where Lan Zhan and Wei Wuxian take the junior disciples near an abandoned garden that was once famous. Lan Sizhui tells the others about a story he once read about the Flower Maiden.She would gift a flower to people who recited poetry well, but no one actually saw her face. Only one person was annoying enough to make her throw him out multiple times...He was Wei Wuxian!!!
  3. I found an extra chapter in the Audio drama of Mo Dao Zu Shi on YouTube (but can’t find that video again) about Raising Rabbits. Lan Xichen found a herd of wild rabbits when he was resting somewhere in the Cloud Recesses. He took them with him to give to Lan Wangji, so that the rabbits given to him by Wei Wuxian would have some company. Lan Xichen remarks that things will become more lively when Lan Wangji’s rabbits have babies,but Lan Wangji tells him his rabbits are both male! Lan Xichen tells him that the rabbits seems to have different personalities, one seems to like tranquility but the other one seemed more sociable. The sociable one is already making new friends with the other rabbits, but the quiet one is scaring them all away. Lan Wangji says that the rabbit is only protecting what’s “his”.Lan Xichen remarks that he has never seen a white rabbit get so aggressive over its territory. Lan Wangji tells him it’s not about territory!!! He takes his rabbits away because the quiet rabbit was getting so aggressive over protecting its “mate”. I’m guessing all the other rabbits are female...So the quiet rabbit didn’t want its mate to get so popular with the ladies.Ha ha even the rabbits in Cloud Recesses get jealous and possessive.
  4. There’s going to be a The Untamed movie. It’s called The Living Dead and looks like it will show what happened to Wen Ning and Lan Sizhui after they split up with Lan Zhan and Wei Wuxian. I really want the production company to make a “Hook Ghost” movie though. That would be hilarious...
  5. There’s going to be official The Untamed plushies for Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian. The release date is 20/10/2019. The one English site I found that sold these was kind of overpriced, so I decided to buy through Taobao instead. Try searching on eBay and you will find a way inflated price.The Taobao page that sold these didn’t seem to take PayPal so I used Superbuy to preorder them.Not sure how much international shipping is going to be though, hopefully not too much... In case anyone else wants to buy through Superbuy the link for Wei Wuxian plushie is. Just copy and paste link into Superbuy search window https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=600378412490 The link for Lan Wangji plushie is https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=601002043815
  6. I was bored so wanted to find out what 泽芜君 Lan Xichen’s tittle actually translated to in English. 泽, I think means lustrous, as in shiny and wet looking. 芜, according to the dictionary I looked up means overgrown weedy patch, but that didn’t make sense. So I think 芜 is part of the word 蘼芜 which is a type of herb with fragrant leaves.泽芜君 means Lustrous Fragrant Herb Lord, I think.
  7. Anyone remember this guy? He is Su She, once a disciple of the Gusu Lan Sect who betrayed them to form his own Sect. Except his techniques very closely resembles those of the Lan Sect and were but a poor imitation. So even the junior disciples of the Lan Sect looked down on him (Lan Jingyi openly mocked him in front of the other sects and wasn’t told off for it). Su She was once saved by Lan Zhan during the incident with the water monster in Caiyi town. During the invasion of Cloud Recesses by the Wen Sect, Su She showed his true cowardly nature so he left in shame. Su She was always jealous of Lan Zhan, whom he thought looked down on him (but Lan Zhan was cold to everyone beside his family and Wei Wuxian so Su She was no exception). He tried to gain the same kind of fame as Lan Zhan by dressing like him and imitating his demeanour. Su She even named his Guquin after himself to imitate Lan Zhan whose Guqin has the same as himself. Su She became Jin Guangyao’s right hand man because he was grateful Jin Guangyao actually remembered his name. His Sect was on the rise because he had Jin Guangyao’s support. In the end it was kind of sad he died trying to protect Jin Guangyao just because he acknowledged Su She’s er talents. Theres a song called 魔道神兵录 (Record of Demonic Cultivation Godly Weapons ). It’s about all the named weapons in the world of Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation and what they say about their masters (it’s too long and hard for me to translate all of it). The song mentions Su She whose sword is called Nanping 难平(Unappeasable), it was broken by Lan Zhan when he struck it with Bichen. Either Nanping was low quality or Su She had depleted most of his powers kidnapping Nie Huaisang (and what a mistake that turned out to be!) 平生 不曾有薄名 This lifetime, my name was never famous 肝胆中沉寂无人听 My courage in silence no one has ever heard 折剑 终究意难平 With a broken sword, in the end my wishes were unappeasable 酬一人愿向孤行 To repay a person, willing to die alone
  8. Here’s a link to a translation of an extra chapter, From Night to Morning. WARNING contains graphic “you know what” scene https://bigbadredpanda.tumblr.com/post/181909145601/mo-dao-zu-shi-extra-from-night-to-morning
  9. Someone mentioned that Lan Qiren was being compared to a farmer whose cabbage was dug up by a pig... Here’s a illustration of that concept I found somewhere!
  10. What the ending scene should have shown....
  11. An illustration of the side story of Wei Wuxian and Lan Zhan’s carefree youth. Wei Wuxian used to go stealing lotus pods from an old man who used an oar to whack him. Lan Zhan was invited back to Yunmeng by Wei Wuxian but he declined (Wei Wuxian wanted to lure him into getting whacked by the old man with the oar). Instead Lan Zhan went to pick lotus pods by himself somewhere else,because Wei Wuxian had told him they taste better with the stem still attached ( the lady in the lotus pond even told Lan Zhan they tastes exactly the same as the ones without a stem). Big brother Lan Xichen was surprised to see Lan Zhan so happy, but managed to control himself enough not to taste one of the seeds from the pod Lan Zhan had left on display. So he thought they must taste better indeed if Lan Zhan is so happy...
  12. How Lan Sizhui was raised by Wei Wuxian vs Lan Zhan.... Planting him like a carrot so that he could grow more little friends to play with vs raising him with the rabbits...
  13. I think it’s mentioned somewhere in the book the Lan family name does not mean blue. It’s half the word for temple 伽蓝. The original patriarch of the Lan family was a monk who met the love of his life in Gusu, so he left his life as a monk and founded the Lan Sect. But because he used to be a monk, he made up 3000 family rules. Although they are now one of the four largest Sects their family banquets are more somber than funerals and the food is really bland. The headband everyone in the Lan family wears is supposed to represent self restraint and is taken off only in the presence of their destined person. There’s a bit where Lan Zhan used his headband when he was drunk to tie up Wei Wuxian, to the shock of the younger disciples. They are surprised Wei wuxian doesn’t know the meaning of their family headband, he always thought it was for decoration or something...Wei Wuxian tried to ask Lan Zhan if he loved anyone when he was drunk, when he asked “What about this” while holding Lan Zhan’s sword and pointing at this face,Lan Zhan said “Mine”. Wei Wuxian thought he was talking about the sword (ha ha)
  14. There’s a reason why Cloud Recesses prohibits alcohol! Here’s what happens when the men of the Lan family get drunk.....
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