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  1. The male lead Chang Chen was in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon as Luo Xiaohu, Jiao Yulong’s lover.In the trailer for this drama he does look a little mature looking,but his character his a god so maybe that’s the look the director wanted.
  2. I’m up to episode 6 of this drama and so far i’m really enjoying it.
  3. In this version of Investiture of the Gods,Da Ji isn’t actually a fox demon. She made a deal with Zi Xu who sometimes possesses her to help her seduce the King of Shang. Her motive for being evil is to avenge her family by causing the downfall of the Shang dynasty.
  4. Wow, that wedding pic of Ju Jing Yi from Xuan Yuan Sword is kinda scary. She almost looks like ghost with that deathly pale makeup
  5. I guess Deng Lun’s hair and clothes depends on which identity he takes on. So far up to (episode 3 )he’s been evil Fox Demon King and a fake aristocrat (the pic of him wearing white and green)
  6. @kokodus, it is a little funny we’re all more interested in Deng Lun’s evil fox demon than the actual main character Yang Jian. I guess it’s because Deng Lun is more attractive than Luo Jin and hot evil demons are more interesting than goody two shoes protagonists.
  7. Yes, this version seems to be a very very loose adaptation.Later on Deng Lun’s character Zi Xu and Yang Jian both develop romantic feelings towards Da Ji, so hopefully this drama doesn’t become a train wreck. This story might be a tragedy, since falling in love with the kings woman almost never ends well.
  8. They even made a reference to the poem this story’s title is based on in the trailer.
  9. Deng Lun’s character is a nine tailed fox and is the King of the Fox Demons (his poster says his name is Zi Xu). He seems to be an evil soul sucking kind of demon. The basic story is the King of Shang is a evil tyrant so Heaven sent down a fox demon in the form of a beautiful woman Da Ji to seduce the king and bring down his empire. Humans who have connections to the Heavenly realm and have great power have the potential to become gods.The other versions of Investiture of the Gods usually focused on Na Zha, who helped bring down the Shang dynasty and was rewarded for his efforts by becoming a god. This version focuses on Yang Jian whose mother was the Peach Blossom Fairy and was foretold to bring calamity to the world
  10. This version of Investiture of the Gods seems to focus on Yang Jian as the main character. Deng Lun’s character appears in episode 1, at first as a nice guy who says he is neither god nor demon but himself. He saves Yang Jian and his mother from soldiers sent by the King of Shang to kill them.Howerver, he shows his true colours after killing the soldiers by sucking the soul of Yang Jian mother and attempting to suck out his but Yang Jian’s power stops him.
  11. Can’t wait for this drama, even though the story has been rehashed so many times. I just want to see Deng Lun as a Hu Li Jing (Fox Demon). Hopefully he’s a nice Fox Demon and not an evil one.
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