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  1. Hi, Lilet! Well, I'll be 27 this fall, don't tell me I'm gonna be old too, still feel young
  2. Did the same thing as some of you - didn't want to get stuck on the 2nd break up and be all gloomy until more eps are released & subbed thus patiently waited for more eps to get sub, now I can resume watching my precious
  3. Ahem...I must admit - I couldn't resit and did watch them At first I was like - what is this? spam? some kind of joke?...but when I tried watching one and realised it must be leaked...my self control lost cuz I couldn't resist and so watched them all However, since it's raw...that's basically what it was like for me, just like watching any other drama when raw episodes are out but sub is yet to come - because I will still watch it once it's subbed as well so I would understand it. Thus to me...it kinda doesn't really impact me because I don't know Chinese therefore even if it's leaked, it's just another raw episode for me to drool over and will still watch the subbed one once it's out But it really is sad that the ratings have now gone down for this amazing drama due to the leaks, because those domestically who saw the leaks probably won't watch once it's released officially and rating goes down I guess this is one of the rare instances where I'm glad I'm of the international fan base and thus my watching the leaked version on some site doesn't affect the dramas rating because I don't watch the original on Chinese sites/cables/etc anyway and instead wait for the official sub release and watch that one
  4. From the trailer it did seem like he's gonna fall for Ling Xi and go to the mortal world to probably woo her. Ooooooh, JiuChen said that? Niiiiice Also, so far, the side characters don't take up too much of the screen time which is nice. I like them, but I still mainly want to see my OTP My fav character-couple probably is that Yung Fen who is courting Ling Xi's senior sister and does his best to make her like him, he's a fun one.
  5. Agreed, his look in the mortal world does make him look younger + at least to me, now that he's showing tad more emotions with Ling Xi it also makes him seem more young/human. And while I was kinda disappointed with the look drama gave him, I did like the fact we got and older actor for the role, suits it perfectly. Also, I knew by experience that even if I don't particularly like the actor's/characters look at first, if the actor is an awesome one, he can make me completely change my mind with his acting and within just few episodes make me think he looks juuust fine Such is the case here, now I think he looks near perfect XD
  6. It's super sad that the ratings are low for the drama because indeed - I also do like it better than TMOPB You said pretty much my exact thoughts
  7. wow, you're just full of information - awesome! yeah, raw at work here again, now that ep 7 has been subbed I know her mom is not part of demon tribe but in fact some mountain spirit tribe and are good-ish
  8. The main reason I thought he should've told her was because if she later on believes he killed her...yeah, unnecessary drama that could be avoided but probably won''t be Oh, really? Nice, thanx for letting me know! heh, that's the problem with raw - I don''t get what they're saying (1 word out of 10 does not count) and thus can only interpret from what I see.
  9. lolz, I wonder if after the drama Li Xian will have picked up the habit of eating candy or had so much that won't eat any
  10. Have seen sub up to ep 5 and raw up to ep 24 because simply couldn't resist! The drama really managed to drag me in with it's story, visuals and of course, the cast. I love it! Now with ep 24 we know that
  11. I think it should've been updated to current when it started to air, but have no idea how to go about it.. Recaps would be much appreciated!
  12. lolz, had the same thought about Ling Xi collecting pets and Jiu Chen even supporting her
  13. What the hell is wrong with these people?! They film such amazing plot/scenes and then in post-production decide to butcher it all and cut apart! WHY???????? And they do that to nearly all the dramas! Certainly the good ones!
  14. Thanx for the welcome Yeah, accumulating the stones is tad trying, so sometimes I cheat and spend some money which I really should use on other things But with these latest chapters being so bloody -when the whole world goes after SS and also the war and after it- I really wonder if they'll make drama NQ in season 2 finally as savage as he has been in the novel all along. Especially considering all the killing he will do. Personally I hope they will, because I really love NQ's character and it's so rare to come across main lead who actually does kill and isn't being all soft & oh-noes about it. Kill 'em, I say XD That's one of the main reasons I love the novel so much. Finally we get ML who kills his enemies properly. What do you guys think of NQ's ability to kill and not be unnecessarily guilt tripping over it?
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