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  1. What the hell is wrong with these people?! They film such amazing plot/scenes and then in post-production decide to butcher it all and cut apart! WHY???????? And they do that to nearly all the dramas! Certainly the good ones!
  2. Thanx for the welcome Yeah, accumulating the stones is tad trying, so sometimes I cheat and spend some money which I really should use on other things But with these latest chapters being so bloody -when the whole world goes after SS and also the war and after it- I really wonder if they'll make drama NQ in season 2 finally as savage as he has been in the novel all along. Especially considering all the killing he will do. Personally I hope they will, because I really love NQ's character and it's so rare to come across main lead who actually does kill and isn't being all soft & oh-noes about it. Kill 'em, I say XD That's one of the main reasons I love the novel so much. Finally we get ML who kills his enemies properly. What do you guys think of NQ's ability to kill and not be unnecessarily guilt tripping over it?
  3. waiiiiit wait wait wait a moment! What's all this talk of Yehua POV? Is there a new pov or an old one got translated? Did I miss something? I'm curious! I wanna read it too!!!!! @redfoxprincess could you pleas PM it to me too? I'd love to read his pov!
  4. I think there are 2 main reasons: 1. Due to language - because the actors are from all over China, their accent/dialects differ and not all of them speak good standard mandarin, but since the dramas are to be aired in the whole country, they need it to be understood by everyone thus the voice dubbing by professionals. 2. Money saving - it seems China has a tendency to save on budged by filming in one set, while right next door the next set is being built or previous set is being torn down and thus all the noise would be heard, but if it's later dubbed over and no actual sound from the set makes it to the finished product - all is good and thus voice actors dub over the actors.
  5. Hiiiiiiiiiii, everyone! I'll be joining in in all this non-spoilery and spoilery talk about the novel or sometimes just lurk around and appreciate what you share. You have no idea, but I've been looking for you people all over the place, my poor little heart really needed someplace to share my love of the novel I am properly reading it from the beginning, but since spoilers do not bother me and as I was waiting for more episodes of Ever Night to be released I browsed through the chapters starting from Wilderness arc...because I just couldn't resist reading about NingSang So while officially I'm still on chap 70, I've browsed through everything from Wilderness till the latest 818 ^^ Ooooh, MTL? For the whole novel? Awesome, now I can further spoil myself, thank you for the link I'm now off to read the 22 pages of goodies you''ve written so far ^^
  6. It's less about him being handsome, but more about how charmingly he manages to pull off the role - we hate him & yet we love him, sigh.
  7. Completely new to this thread, but just wanted to put in my 2 cents as well. I really did love Ever Night and think everyone did an excellent job The actors did such a splendid job portraying the roles given to them. The director really knew just what needs to be done. The cinematography was breathtaking. And the OST is remarkable. The fight choreography is awesome. All in all, Ever Night is near perfect to me. My only complaint is that they didn't fully portray Ning Que as savage as he is in the novel, here he was more playful & less cruel thou still just as shameless And also NQ & SangSang's relationship - the nuances that made it so unique and enchanting, wish they had paid more attention to it, especially when SS went away and NQ went after her. That was most important of all and yet they messed that up & completely downplayed it. Oh well, still love the drama! And lolz, the drama made me aware of the novel, before that I had seen/heard of Nightfall somewhere in passing, didn't realise it was this fantastic. So as I was waiting for more episodes to be aired sometime before the middle of the drama I went hunting for the novel and started reading it and thus realised what a gem it is. While it did make me realise how much cooler the characters are in the novel, still didn't take away the joy from the drama, even if at times I now knew how they could've done better. Nightfall I love absolutely, but Ever Night also has my love It really is too bad Arthur Chen didn't continue his role as NQ and when I first learned of it I felt kind of betrayed, and felt bad for Dylan Wang since he'd need not only to portray NQ but make his NQ as similar to Arthur's as possible since we know/love that NQ and his mannerism. But since we get to see more and more BTS of Dylan as NQ I am confident he'll manage to pull off NQ's character just fine and we'll love Dylan's NQ just as much ^^ Well, what I'm most happy about is that we won't be left hanging forever with an unfinished story without ever getting season 2 *cough* tribes & empires *cough* princess agents *cough* because we know Ever Night 2 is already in the works and nearly done, wohoooooooo
  8. Hi, guys! I've decide to join this thread as well since I'm super excited for Ever Night 2! So I'll probably be lurking around here & there And since this thread is fairly new for now, will go through the previous 25 pages sometime soon, there are bound to be some BTS goodies there
  9. hehe, thanx for the welcome! I'm pretty sure Bai Qian in PB drama will be the same as in TMOPB drama because she doesn't have that much scenes and her character/personality remains the same thus even if they also adjust Bai Qian to the Bai Qian in PB novel (lolz, that was a mouthful) she'll still be the same we got to know in TMOPB drama. Or at least that's what I think/hope
  10. lololololol ZY should've insisted that what's MQ's should also be hers XD
  11. Ep 38 when MQ found out about the husband and then I assume ordered the sect to do good deeds so as to get rid of the husband...so funny to watch P.S. 37-38 raw is up on mimax
  12. Hi! Heh, I also joined the forum just so I'd be able to join the discussions XD 1. hmmmm I think I stumbled upon TMOFB novel about a year before it became a drama or right before it on Hamster428's blog as I was browsing novels and I think it was all the talk at the time cuz it was going to get a drama adaption At the time I couldn't find it anywhere fully translated because the translations had just been taken down due to the whole plagiarization scandal and thus I kinda gave up looking for it for a while, but then the drama started airing and it was awesome! I loved it! Not to mention Donghua & Fengjiu totally were my faves So while the drama was airing...or was it soon after it finished airing? I found TMOPB novel's official translation on amazon and got it. And then I found out it has The Pillow Books which are all about Fengjiu & Donghua (which were available on Hamster's blog, I think, fan translation) and yup, devoured the books in 2-3 days! Needless to say, they're awesome, can't wait to see it all in the drama 2. I'm pretty sure they're well aware they have international fans
  13. If you enjoyed watching them in TMOPB - no worries, they'll be even more fun to watch in The Pillow Book
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