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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Novoland: Eagle Flag 九州缥缈录


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I just finished watching this drama but I'm not sure if it was the last episode that I watched. It ended abruptly with the war between Asule & the wolf tribe. Ji Ye came to help Asule to fight against that old man. Then screen went black n next shot is green land n the show ended. :crazy::blink:


Is that how it is supposed to end???

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@cheekychipmunk_stv Unfortunately that is exactly how the drama ended. The book ends in a similar fashion, except there are more explanations about what happened after as described in my post here@FightSphere457 gave a very insightful analysis into the clues as to who won the battle in this post. Similarly, the changing of the seasons from winter to spring, and the reappearance of Asule's pet which he let go during the battle at Gubei Pass are other clues.


Explanations notwithstanding, I too am irked with how abruptly it ended, which is so anti-climatic after the buildup to the final battle. especially since there is not even any footage of the actual battle itself. That being said, this drama still holds a place in my heart, plotholes and all, because when all's said and done, I still find myself caring for most of the characters, particularly the 4 young leads, and they are the ones who keep me in this universe in spite of it all. I can't help but wonder if the entire viewing experience would have been made better had we been given the originally intended 68 eps. Oh well...

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Just when I had pretty much given up hope of ever seeing it come to pass, a 14 track selection from the instrumental soundtrack + 抹马 the theme song was finally released 20 Jan 2020!  It is by no means comprehensive, and I'm a little disappointed that some of my favourite pieces are not included, but the very fact that it is released gives me renewed hope that Xigua Music would be kind enough to release the full soundtrack. 

Some of the tracks I love include:


The hauntingly poignant motif of 吕归尘 Lü Guichen that accompanies him, and later XZ, particularly in their parting moments...


沉睡的心脏 Heart in Slumber brings back memories of YR confronting JY in the rain before returning his mask and leaving in sorrow.


Meanwhile the heartbreaking strains of 青阳魂 Spirit of Qingyang will always remind me of the moment Suma is struck down on the way to the Eastern Lands...


Apart from the rousing opening theme 青铜之血 The Bronzed Blood, others are the epic 天驱 Tianqu which accompanies the battle scenes, particularly the showdown in the finale, when we hear the thundering hoofbeats of the Tianqu warriors riding to Qingyang's aid in their dire hour of need.


圣殿 Holy Temple depicts the moment YR finally embraces her role as Goddess of War in the ancient temple as she severs all ties with those she loves. Likewise, it is the theme that plays when JY and LGC fought each other almost to the death in the capital competing for the right to control the palace guards. On the other hand, 铁皇 Iron King (YTZ) includes the soaring theme as LGC writes his final words to XZ, YR and JY prior to his execution. 


So many soundtracks that I wish made the cut but did not. These include the aching theme that is always reminiscent of XY and SSQ's love, especially their parting when he begs her to turn back just once, but she never did. Also all variations of the theme of the Winged tribe when YR falls into a trance and performs the dance for the first time; the moment the Snow Crane warriors awaken from their petrified state; when JY bids his final farewell to YR at the doors of the temple; when XZ runs to LGC when she hears he has woken from the devastating battle with LBC... the list goes on. Even so, I am so grateful that these 14 tracks were released after almost 5 months, so perhaps one day, we will hear the instrumental soundtrack in its entirety.

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