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  1. There were a number of dialogue change and it was very anticlimatic, I'd assume they planned for something bigger originally. I haven't gotten around to the novel yet so can't really tell you more. If you liked Royal Nirvana, maybe the Rise of Phoenixes (Netflix)? It has a REALLY MESSY last arc (last 7 episodes), and I think the writing + pacing could be a lot better, but the acting is definitely superb all around. Nirvana in Fire is a go to favourite for a lot of people, fair amount of politics and beautifully shot and well acted. If you can deal with dry politics, Qin
  2. Different Wu, and that was a kingdom 吴国, the period is Spring & Autumn and Zhou Dynasty. This one 武朝 is fictional, the kingdoms set up + their names look like Song (around 1100s, end of Northern Song and start of Southern Song) with Liao (Liang in the drama) and Jin (Jing) being the other two kingdoms, Xi Xia should be prominent too but I don't think I saw it on the map? Status of women look more like prime of Tang (around 700s), but trying to fit the drama into any real time period would be heachache inducing since it wouldn't make sense.
  3. Sequels usually don't do well. This drama was based on a novel and I think they stretched it out bit too much and somewhat bombed the ending. The author have other novels that has been adapted but they were by different production teams and about different topics (Mysteries of Antiques and Secret of Three Kingdoms), and they weren't as well received either (I liked Mysteries of Antiques though). The director finished filming a 12 ep drama last year, rumoured to be filming a drama at the moment, no news on the scriptwriter. The drama was pretty profitable so I'm sure the investors will try to r
  4. This is the live action. There's also an animated version slated for this year.
  5. Hahaha same I don't remember most of the plot, only bits and pieces, beginning and the end, so I decided to revisit. Happy Chinese New Year to you too
  6. Up to date to ep 14. I'm liking the adaptation so far. I think the initial episode feel little slow, probably because I want to see the robots more. It does set up the romance pretty nicely and gradually though, and expanded on how she came to her decision of returning to the industry. I'm totally okay with cast change since last appledog didn't really match novel appledog and I thought she looked too old compared to dt. New solo and Xiao Mi work pretty well too. Grunt I'm sad to see changed, even though I rather like Wang Anyu. I'm not into robots but it's definitely more interesting to see t
  7. The novel's name is Di Wang Ye/Emperor's Conquest, the drama's first name was Di Huang Ye/Monarch Industry then they changed it to Jiang Shan Gu Ren, then Shang Yang Fu, which is Ode to Shangyang, I think they should have kept Ode to Shangyang tbh, Rebel Princess doesn't stick out.
  8. Mi Qi is also a little weird, I think his characterisation and why he betrayed Qin worked in the drama, since historically it's all a mystery. There are actually analysis about how Chancellor Qi & Chu King Qi are different aren't the same person even though lot of people think they are. Oof, it's really hard to recommend them since most of them are on the dry side, fairly long and made many years ago so subs aren't really available? Qin Empire 2 or Qin Empire:Alliance which is on netflix is about Ying Zheng's great great grandfather, and I think it's the best in the series. I l
  9. Yeah they changed a lot. The first 7 episodes are mostly original aside from establishing relationships, otp's first meeting is different for one (in the novel, Awu gets first good look at him when he comes to save her after she got kidnapped). Wanru and sister-in-law are much nicer in the novel, since there's no drugging and no infidelity. Emperor, 2nd prince and Wang Lin got lot more scenes in the drama since they did lot of scheming so I'm happy for that change, they all died differently too. I didn't even remember Wang Qian existed till she appeared, that's how irrelevant she was in the no
  10. You are super welcome! Glad to see someone watching this and find the info useful. I read up on wiki for the timeline, and several sites in chinese on the other stuff. They didn't really smooth out that bit, I think it was because he didn't manage to protect Dong'er, who was very important to Ying Zheng as well. It's just really dumb though, since the drama talked up Li Si+Ying Zheng knowing everything and planned ahead and it still felt like a huge struggle, I mean regular people had to help lol. Historically, the rebellion was suppressed reasonably easily with 3000 soldiers. Fan
  11. I can't remember most of the details but she definitely fails, she wasn't around for long.
  12. New update schedule! Thursday will drop 32-41, 10 ep. vip will get 2 more update days, sat and sun, so sat~wed, 5 days a week, 2 ep/day, vvip gets 10 ep dump on thursday. The drama will finish a week early for vvip, on 18th, 2 weeks early for vip, on 23rd. Schedule is the same for free members, so it finishes on March 15th. I'm guessing the subs will be same rate too, which make sense, since an ep a day is already a lot.
  13. You are welcome oh yeah if you see it as her family name, that's definitely confusing. For non-vip, one ep a day, up to ep 19. For vip mon - wed, 2, 2, 3, up to ep 27. For vvip, starting from last week, every thurs, 6 ep, up to 31, so if you are up to the latest raw, you'll get more eps tomorrow.
  14. fei isn't princess, it's consort technically. wang fei is wife of a wang (king/duke). gongzhu is princess, just daughter of the emperor, there's none in this drama. 长公主 and 大长公主 da4 zhang3 gong1 zhu3 are grand princesses, former being emperor's sisters, latter being emperor's dad's sisters (Joy of Life have grand princess, Awu's mum is technically one but I don't think the drama use this title?). Awu was a 郡主 jun4 zhu3 before getting married, which is usually other royalty's daughters, like emperor's nieces or crown prince's daughters. There's 县主 xian4 zhu3 and 乡主 xiang1 zhu3 as well, which ar
  15. it's 8.1? Winter Begonia specifically got hate in the beginning for producer Yu Zheng (known for plagiarism but also incredibly good at marketing and catching up to trends before the audience is tired of it) + Huang Xiaoming (he have a string of terrible dramas + thought he was in this for quick cash grab). It steadily rose as it was airing, pretty fair rating i think? 7+ is decent for cdramas, 8+ was pretty rare before, now you get a handful or two every year. Douban is decent gauge for how cnet receive a drama, but they are subject to scandals/plagiarism issues/promotion directio
  16. don't binge, you'll have to wait for a week for more episodes if you do! hahahaha i think it's because his hair in Joy of Life look kind of...questionable, the lighting isn't as good either. It wasn't recieve too well with initial broadcast due to age of the entire cast + story (they expected more due to zzy participation/investing + investment level + production team, smarter schemes, less tropey plot), but there's some that end up liking the otp and the acting. It's probably the webdrama drawing the most attention right now, tv dramas have two well rated and reasonab
  17. I'm way way way behind but i think it's fairly unlikely as well. He doesn't have one in the novel and there's no reason to give him one in the drama. The otp semi adopts about 3 kids (for different reasons) in the novel, this could be one of them.
  18. she betrays her because she's in love with the third prince, there's just less reciprocation (even if accidental). and yeah I watched him in My Best Friend's Story recently (featuring Liu Shishi and Ni Ni), and he fits that role more, I think he looks better in modern dramas. He's more of a outgoing fun guy than elegant prince. You are right, no one is really fit to rule the country. Young prince could work, they could help till he's an adult and then retire? Late Eastern Jin so 400ish, royal family's Ma is likely Sima historically. Wang and Xie clan were at heigh
  19. I remember seeing somewhere that the new ending is they live a nice life outside of court, which is for the best. I'm leaning towards this ending since overthrowing dynasty is little iffy to pass NRTA sometimes, and so far Xiao Qi's ambition is downplayed in the drama. Drama otp do things to protect themselves and they are essentially thrown into power struggle, rather than actively seeking power in the novel (which is also use to protect themselves, just pre-emptively). She's a concubine in the novel, but it was different circumstances. (novel spoilers below) I ki
  20. It goes beyond the anime so it feels less anticlimatic, ends the same as manga. The manga is probably still the best but I did like this adaptation a lot. It'd take a little getting used to, and they did change some stuff, so don't expect one to on adaptation. I actually rather like some of the changes they made and really loved how they handled certain events, so do give it a try!
  21. Historical dramas, especially more serious ones that involves politics tend to be harder to get pass NRTA. There's rules for them but they keep changing, and sometimes it's highly dependent on your connections, certain producers can get stuff pass much easier. So a lot of times, companies/dramas end up over self-censoring and we get an inferior product. There really isn't much in this drama that's risky though, apart from one plot point that I think they changed. I think it's far more likely they were trying to get it to air on TV, and it was too expensive for tv channels to risk i
  22. 15 is the age they have the coming of age ceremony back then, and also the age girls marry, so that's basically why. She's bit naive and innocent at the beginning due to being adored by literally everyone around her, but she does become fairly mature pretty quickly and goes through lot of character development as it goes. I just mentally +10 to everyone in the drama (if anything, it was her brother that pulled me out of the drama....), as long as they don't keep mentioning her age, it's alright? As long as ZYW keeps doing decent dramas, he'll gain new fans, so don't worry about it.
  23. I read the novel few years ago, it's a story I could appreciate from a distance but never quite loved, a story that's pretty well suited for adaptation though. I'm on ep 4 I think? it's alright so far, gorgeous cinematography, I'm ehhh about the casting and it's not just the age that bothers me. Zhou Yiwei is surprisingly well fitted for the role, I didn't really expect him to. Zhang Ziyi's aura is too strong, the first ep when she was having a coming of age ceremony, it looked like she was becoming an empress XD I also don't think second male lead was cast well, but I'll live. Story-wise, I k
  24. HAHAHAHAHAH I didn't really look at his hairline but you are right AHHAHAhah. Hilariously enough, Chang Chen was rumoured to have been considered for the role, he ultimately went with Love & Destiny, which is a xianxia. These two dramas share the same stylist, William Cheung, who's an award winning stylist for hk movies in the 90s. He did I think a lot of the styling (usually only for protags) for big budget historicals in the last 5 years? Most of them have them pulling their hair way way back. Love & Destiny and this was filmed in the same year (finished filming in the same month),
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