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  1. This drama is not so bad. Although I lost interest at EP 20+ coz I realised my cutie pie prince wasn’t getting his cutie pie girl (btw does anyone think that YR looks like a very young Cecilia Chung with a round poofy face n a teeny mouth much like a cartoon hamster or beaver....so cute!).... ...I abandoned the drama n watched Nivarna in Fire 2 to see my cutie pie prince get his girl this time (another cute round poofy face!). After I was done with NIF2 I missed my boy so much I decided to continue with NEF...telling myself it’s ok my boy doesn’t get any girl.....sob. Lo n behold a beeyoutifoo Princess appears n she so obviously n sincerely loves Asule so dearly and purely. Little frowas burst from within my heart!! I’m so happy there’s a ship again! I think XZ is so cool n smart! I love her to bits and totally give my blessings for her to be with Asule. Poor kids Living in those turbulent times really need each other. But I know (even tho I’m at ep 49 only)! (Coz I’ve reading the posts here) that alas theirs is not a happy together ending. Sob. Nevertheless becoz of these 2 the drama is so much more watchable. I find the drama too dark....both literally n figuratively. for eg to me, YR’s fate is horrifying! What a sad sad sad future! Living in solitude in an ugly place eating horrible jellies. And this writer is sadistic to say the least to pick the most cheerful & carefree character to be incarcerated like that. JY’s fate is only slightly better....his dream girl turned into a freaking bird! Wth! As for My boy n her gal.....sigh....what’s wrong with this writer seriously? I hope another writer takes over and finishes the story on a much happier note. There are 2 pairs of lovebirds (no pun intended vis-à-vis YR ;P) readily available and so perfect for each other n so in love.....Not difficult to write this part 2 of the story and give the 4 a happy ending! They deserve it given the hell they’ve gone thru n how good these pp are.
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