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  1. Just finished watching the latest episodes. I do feel sad and pity for JW. He clearly is still very much in love with SA. We can see his frustration and sadness to know his mom got SA to divorce him. And his sadness to know how his mom treated SA from his MIL. He was shocked to learn that SA didnt take any $$$ from the divorce. That's something unlike of the SA he knew. So the info from his MIL has great impact on him. Him asking for SA immediately when he woke up should be a tell tale sign to HR that she is nothing to JW but just a physical outlet for him. As he said to his mom, his biggest mistake was letting his desperation for his wife love that lead him to wrong action and clouded his mind. Chairwoman was also shock to realise just how deep and how much her son JW loved SA. She thought it is something that she can get her son can get over with quickly and be with HR whom she can manipulates. Hahaha ... now each time JW sees HR, his biggest mistakes slaps him in his face each time n haunts him. He will have double frustration at himself. Hahahaha JW will fall in love with the current SA all over again. He will listen to her radio show and get to know the new her. I hope he will not turn evil against JH by his mom. I actually feel so sorry for him for having such an immature and selfish mom and growing up in such a toxic environment. He is clearly a nice guy. I like the actor acting JW. Oh Min Suk can really display such raw emotion, brooding so handsomely, being so flirty and loving at a turn. Would love to see him in a drama where he is the lead instead of 2nd lead. I hope to see if JW can't win SA back, that he gives SA her freedom and be her friend instead n support her in her endeavor ... a way to show his love for her.
  2. HR is evil witch who bullied CA in school. From my understanding, HR used to be good friends with CA and suddenly one day she turned her back on CA and joined the bullies to kick n abused her. CA still do not understand what caused HR to bully her. HR is the one who initiated the kiss in the lift. She practically offered herself to JW in the lift. JW really loves SA. He has his eyes and heart on her since 1st day. SA in a way also loves JW or else she won't feel so betrayed by his infidelity. If she purely loves him for his $$$, she won't care 2 foot about his extra marital affairs. To me, SA seems to guard her heart very closed up, wall it up from getting hurt. Perhaps what she sees her mom with her dad makes her that way. And she is also not sure how sincere JW's love for her. She was slowly opening up to him before the accident. If he had applied the same set of care and concern as TR, he would have won her over. Then again, he was born rich so the only thing he knows is showering gifts to women as all he met so far are gold diggers. I'm pretty sure HR loves JW for his $$$ and status. Unfortunately she offering herself to JW knowing he is married only indicated to JW that she is of low moral and just a play thing to satisfy his physical desire. Even without SA, JW will not marry her but will only keep her as his mistress. JW will be even more attracted to the present SA - her dressing simply gives him the real her than the glamourous SA. From the episode after he woke up, he don't care 2 foot about HR. Did I catch a look of disgust & irritation from him at HR? Perhaps HR demanded him to divorce SA n marry her or else she exposed their affair to SA before the car crash? I am rooting for SA & JW to be back together even though his mom is a witch but I'm hoping she be tamed by SA somehow. Don't like the idea that SA be the SIL to HR. And don't like the idea that HR be married to JW. That girl don't deserve to be married to JW. He is a nice guy with a horrible mom. Somehow I find that SA has more sparks with JW actor than with TR actor. TR actor gives off more of a vibe of a best friend. Perhaps it's the actor Oh Min Suk masculinity aura that goes so with the femininity of SA. TR actor gives a more soft feel.
  3. I was interested in watching this drama but I couldn't stand the hairdo of the lead actress. Whole time I was so distracted by her awful hair style and they try to uglify her. So I dropped it bcos I couldn't follow the story.
  4. The part where CA realised that her mom gave her money not because she really wants her to go for a tour but to hide the truth to protect her eldest sister is just so so sad. My heart breaks for her. In her family, her mother favourite child is the eldest n the father's favourite is the youngest. CA seems like an unwanted child in the family. None shows any concern for her. Outsiders seems to care more for her than her own family ... her best friend, judge Hong & JH. It was so touching when Judge gave her the jacket and gave her a wrap. The look from CA is surprised and deeply touched. Did I see a longing look in her eyes like she wish her mom is like the judge ... showering her with love and concern? The Secretary has no shame at all. So what if the marriage is loveless. SA never forced DJ to marry her. It is he who hotly pursued her n die die wants to make her his. To me, I feel that the secretary is just a side toy for DJ - a mistress to fill his sexual needs. I doubt he has any intention to divorce SA. SA is his trophy. I hope Father Mun will not destroy the evidence to keep his daughter's secret affair. Chairman Hong is afraid of losing the company and her wealth. Company belongs to Judge Hong n JH. JH has interest in running the company. Chairman Hong will be the one who push JH into the co because of her delusional fears. JH is slowly falling for SA. He was smiling while eating rice wrap when he recalled SA.
  5. It's a nice drama. However I can stand the 2nd lead actress. She has an inferiority complex so big that it might just kill her. She likes to wallow in self pity and justify all her actions with self pity n malice.
  6. Could the coffin contained YW? Only him, she will guard his body for dear life. It definitely can't be CM. IU & YJG has a mysterious onscreen chemistry...it's not explosive yet there's undercurrent running quietly n serenely. They don't gives the vibes of Noona & donsang either. Neither vibes of good friends. Their relationship in the drama is kinda hard to describe. CS upright character and MW wilful character on the surface ... they can get under the skin of each other yet they compliment each other. YJG projects a very manly and protective vibes in CS character. He is a scary cat yet he shows his strength when it calls for even though he has jelly legs. Hahaha I wonder what will be their chemistry onscreen when they kiss. Will it be passionate one or a press lips kiss? We know that the bell boy is waiting for his sister to passed on to go heaven with her. So what's holding the bartender & lady housekeeping back?
  7. Hahaha ... I just remembered that CS will be the one who sends MW off so CS cannot die. Perhaps he will shield her from killer and got injured? Princess becomes a thief MR and YW the thief becomes a police officer in this life time. What will our captain be? He killed her whole clan/family - the killer. So likely this lifetime, he will be her protector? CS is her protector. What is the role of the firefly? The firefly only came after the tree came alive, right? Was the firefly there when CS father was there to pluck the flower? The tree suddenly sprout flowers just for CS father to pluck it for CS.
  8. This could really be the possibility. CS has so far brought the people that matters/hated most in her life in present time when the time is right and her heart is ready to accept to a certain extend. CS is the diffuser of the vengeance and hatred of MW's heart. CS was already chosen by Mago since he was a small boy. He is destined to help MW to go to heaven and release her of her demons/unfinished sentiments. CS has slowly inch by inch carved himself into MW heart just like the captain. The last person on the list that she has to forgive is CM ... and that is likely CS. CS cannot come in form of Captain face as MW will not accept and that will spur her to do the worst possible things. Perhaps story will end with CS sacrificing himself to protect MW from the serial killer ie. YW will arrive in time to catch the serial killer but not in time to save CS. It's only when CS died that MW saw the face of Captain on CS face. Perhaps the whole time ... CS face is the captain but Mago cast a spell that only MW sees a different face. Only at the end when MW heart has thawed and ready to let go of hate & vengeance that she sees the real face of CS. What CS sees when water God let him see is not a real8or premonition. The water God let him see his fear. His greatest fear is MW went berserk and do evil that will give her death sentence. What if she kills evil human to protect an innocent human? I don't think that will count as taking human lives. Room 13 lady killed "innocent human" as they didn't directly kill her.
  9. Could SC be CM? Why the old lady decided to match make MR & YW? They were enemies in past life and she killed him. The meeting between MW & YW is so sad. That scene was so touching. She is happy for YW who is happy now yet sad because she cannot acknowledge him in person as he won't remember who she was. Did I detect some kind of recognition from YW from seeing MW? The way he looked at her, there seems to have a tint of sadness as if in his spirit, he somehow recognized her.
  10. 1st video clip WW: It's a fact that there's not enough time to realise the project. Things were not done well is also fact. All these need to be solved. But both of you fighting loudly here do not solve the problem. Can we all sit down and discuss this amicably? KH: I want to discuss it with him but 321 attitude doesn't look like he wants to. His attitude is like a little kid throwing tantrums. 321: Who is throwing tantrums? KH: You! WW: Can both of you calm down! KH: 321, frankly I really accept this attitude of yours. My request/demand is very simple. On my product, I only demand this 3 conditions : 1) Nobody has done it before 2) Nobody has thought of it before 3) Only we can do it. If you can't fulfil these 3 conditions, then please do me the favour and leave my team. 321: Yes Manager/Director 2nd Video - rough translation. ZY interfered in their work I think. She was going against WW in work. KH got pissed off and ask his assistant to look for an office outside for the team to do their work in peace. ZY then fired back at KH that he needs permission/inform the board before he can do this. So KH said "I now formally inform you of this. You represent the board/upper management so considered it as the management has been informed." I think ZY fired back "You cannot make such decision on your own." KH: " I'm the head and person in charge of my division or department, I have the rights to decide on my own. "
  11. I just simply love it when WW exploded at 321 face big time. 321 pushed n pushed WW to admit that she cheated on him bcos that's just what he wants to hear. Hahaha ... love it when WW got all pissed off and shouted back at 321 that "Yes, I sold myself to KH for that big discount we got for the apartment. And also KH & I, we made love on every corner/area of the apartment." 321 .. you want it, you got it in your face. He is in denial that he is also at fault for the breakdown of their relationship. He begged WW to get a discount on the apartment via connection with ZY. He never questioned how come KH is willing to give them such a steep discount. He simply ignored it because he managed to get such a great big place at a cheap price. WW has on several occasions raised to 321 of the unbalanced of their relationship and problems to salvage it. He in turn just disregard it because he just wanted the same docile WW who never questioned him or voiced her opinions, just follow his plans. KH has repeatedly told 321 that there's nothing going on between WW & him. That WW has rejected him but 321 doesn't want to accept that. In his mind, he already decided that WW has cheated on him with KH. He also refused to acknowledge when KH told him both of them don't own WW and that WW is her own person - she doesn't want both of them. I love the conversation between KF & WW when she went on a shopping spree on household accessories. It's sad to hear that at the beginning of WW & 321 relationship, it wasn't like it is now. Back then, it was more carefree and she dont have restrict herself on simple pleasures nor live on a very tight budget. How she has along the way lost herself in this relationship and what she really wants. Lol ...DW is slowly warming up to KF and falling under her spell. He needs someone like her. It was hilariously funny when DW shouted "It's big and hard, ok. It's big and hard." And 321 came up to him asking ..."what is big and hard?" So far only DW knows that KH & WW have not slept together because he was so annal about his big question that KF & KH shouted the answer at the same time "No"
  12. The banter at the bench is so funny. KH "now that everyone knows that we have slept together. We can do it openly now." "The fact that everyone thought we did it but we didn't ... hmm, we at a disadvantage/suffer a loss (not sure how to translate it from mandarin to English). How about we make it into a reality?"
  13. Watched ep 10, both 321 & ZY are hopeless case. I really wanted to smack 321. He is so cold and unfeeling. His gf came all the way to see him. Instead of being excited n hug her n kiss her to death n head straight to heaven land, he gave her a cold shoulder and was so cold towar6her that I thought he had cheated on WW with his boss - that's why he ignored WW when she came to see him. Telling WW that he has mo time for her and gave her the sour puss face but can be so happy draping his arm around his boss n singing so happily. Sadly he still don't get it why WW is not happy with him. He can still insisted to WW that she is involved in every decision of their plans together. Love it that WW told him ... that's not involved, it's more like she has to follow along whatever decisions he made. Sometimes I wonder if he truly loves WW. The way he goes about it doesn't seems so. As for ZY, she is a nut case. She is out for blood at KH & WW. She still doesn't want to give up.
  14. Just watched ep 8, if I'm ZW, I would be so pissed too. Without discussing with her, 321 just tell her "ok I just have a promotion to head a team of 50 people and I will be moving to work in Shanghai in a few days time. Oh ... our wedding will be postponed to half a year later. Please be understanding, it's for the good of our future. We will still get married ... only later by half a year. It's not a big deal. Btw, I'm not bringing you with me to live with me in Shanghai. You will be a distraction and inconvenience to me. Anyway whether I'm here or in Shanghai, our lifestyle will still remains the sane. You hardly see me at home anyway. You can stay and guard our new apartment like a good doggy." Then 321 proceed to pacify her by try to make out with her without any protection by saying: "Doesn't matter if you get pregnant, we will be married anyway." ZW gave it good to him "So it doesn't matter to you and you expect me to get married with a big belly on wedding day? Then you are going to say .. if not, let's wait till baby is borne or delay further till baby is full month and have a 3 in 1 wedding/celebration?" ZW finally gave 321 a piece of her mind about what makes a relationship. U go girl! ZY is trying hard to get ZW married off as soon as possible so that KH will come back to her. That girl needs a psychiatrist. Love the look on KH face when he saw ZW in wedding dress. Kudos to Jasper excellent acting ... Amazing an actor can summon such feelings and look on his face on call. The chemistry between our OTP is damn explosive. They just have to look at each other and screen burns. Jasper looks so sexy n hot with his shirt slightly unbuttoned. The way he looked at ZW with so much yearning and longing ... that "I want to slowly devour you" look ... just sent the screen on fire.
  15. 321 was attracted to We wei and dated her because she is the first girl whom he went on a date and she paid for her meal. Wei wei is quite submissive and she just follows 321 decision and plans as their common goal when in fact it is his plans & goal. She is just a follower. She was tolerating everything but we can see that she wasn't happy with 321 slowly. It was KH who pointed out how unbalanced their relationship is and that pushed her to face her reality about her relationship with 321 that was nagging at the back of her head. KH only make her faced it sooner than later after she got married. If KH didnt give them his apartment at discounted price, 321 would not have proposed to ZW. 321 has always neglected ZW needs. He only give in when ZW got upset with him. He doesn't discuss or consult ZW in his plans for future. He just decides and ZW just has to follow his plans. I don't blame ZW for getting more and more frustrated with 321. In tonight's episode, we see that 321 is going out-station for his job. I wonder if his boss also going with him. If yes, will the boss jump on him? We can clearly see that his boss has hots for 321.
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