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  1. So basically the aunt took the sisters after their father passed away thinking that she will gain some money from the funeral n payout. When that didn't materialised, she was bitter about it and started to mistreat them. What a terrible aunt! So SB has to quit school to work to support herself n put her sister to school. We can see that SB actually misses school when she stood outside the school gate. There's a sort of envy, regret and longing in her expression. I feel heartache for our SB. I noticed that she masked her emotion and don't let herself dwell in it or consume her. She will put on her smiling mask on within a few seconds. She reads people and their reactions towards her and will quickly change subject or put on a bright smile like nothing happened or pretend ...she always try to put others in a comfortable situation when it turned awkward for them. She's very touched when someone does nice things for her. Her sister should be more considerate towards SB. She should know that SB is working hard to put her through school and a roof over their heads. She is not like 10 years younger than SB and don't understand their situation. At most they are 2 or 3 years apart only. So how old is SB right now? 18? 19?
  2. First time seeing LiQin dance traditional dance in drama. Love it. She is very pretty.
  3. I'm currently on ep 10. Yes the FL is seriously naive to point of stupid. But i guess it's understandable since she is supposed be the heiress of the family. Lead very sheltered life and is very young. She has a very pure heart and simple mind. Don't think she's very smart. She totally feels believes in her sister and loves her very much. She never once think her sister is just using her and couldn't care less if she dies. Jinyan will be so heart broken when she realised n see the real character of her sister. Jinyan genuinely believes that it's all her fault that her sister had to make the sacrifice on her behalf due to her running away. Because of this, she must rescue her sister from this awful fate to amend her mistake. It didn't help that she keeps having dreams that her sister will die and that make her feel worse like she is the cause of her sister future demise so she definitely has to get her sis out of the Palace. That was her misplaced perception. Why all the guys are in love with her even though she is dumb n naive? Because she has a genuine heart and is naive. And she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Lastly she has that aura of damsel in distress which men of that period likes. The glory of song is airing right now. Unfortunately no eng sub yet. The FL is so badass! She's awesome FL n very pretty too. Drama is action packed n story is very engaging.
  4. LiQin is so good in this drama. Love it so much. Waiting impatiently for English sub. My mandarin is not good enough to understand period drama especially ancient war drama. Croton eng sub will take awhile to come unfortunately. Hope sub come fast so that more viewers can watch it. Such a good drama.
  5. First time seeing JCW act as a wimpy loser character. Couldn't get used to it but slowly DH character starts to show some redeeming points that endear himself to viewers. JCW really acted well in this drama. Hahaha ... difficult to make such a handsome into a bimbo wimpy believable.
  6. When I first watched it, I find the story quite similar to The romance of Tiger & Rose and didn't think it will be that interesting. I was surprised that I enjoy this series so much that I look forward to the next episode with anticipation because we don't know what to expect. What I love about this series is that it shows what is happening to Tian Xing & FL in real world and in the fantasy book world. The suspense is good and the comic relief in the book world is hilarious. FL managed to switch her role from evil bystander to main lead. We see the starting change from the scene where Chuchu tripped on her ball gown and 2nd ML saved her from the fall instead of ML. Then FL got locked inside the fridge truck instead of Chuchu. Chuchu is indeed the typical damsel in distress as per script. I love how the lady Manager rolled her eyes at the hospital scene. Although ML is still interested in Chuchu as per script, he is slowly intrigue by FL. In the real world, do u think the envelope containing the will was fake all along? A ploy done by TX? Or did the assistant switch out the envelope n put in fake paper?
  7. I think there are a few ... - the kiss at the bar after they left the party hosted by Su - there was a bts kiss scene where they had to move backwards in the living room - another bts kiss falling on the couch during day time - morning kiss in bed with topless SL Wish they show all their lovy dovy kisses. Can't seems to get enough them. This couple chemistry is so hot and captivating. Miss them on screen. Recently saw Johnny on variety show "Go Fridge" ... wow, he can even lift Jackson Wang with 1 hand. Even Jackson exclaimed that Johnny is so manly after that. Here are some of those kisses that got cut off from drama.
  8. At the beginning, I didn't like the character Daehyun as he seems like a typical loser. He has no backbone, weak, low self esteem, coward etc. His relationship with Yeonjoo is toxic from the start. He is someone she is ashamed to show off as boyfriend. She likes Daehyun because she can control him and he is like a toyboy fir her. Someone to date in secret but not publicly. She is all about her. She definitely won't introduce Daehyun to her parents because he is not the ideal husband material with high education from prestigious university or rich background. I'm pretty sure he quit the company because of Yeonjoo. The poor guy can't even be himself in front of his girlfriend. He is even afraid to voice out his real thoughts. He even has to hide from her mom and feels so inadequate & inferior. Their relationship is so toxic and imbalance. They will break up sooner or later. My guess is if Saetbyul is not the part timer, Yeonjoo will be the one who dump Daehyun later. But because Saetbyul is in the picture, Yeonjoo is not going to let a pretty girl take her toy away from her. She cannot be defeated by a lowly person like Saetbyul. That's why she is fighting hard for Daehyun to even lie about Saetbyul bullying her.
  9. I have just watched ep 1. Frankly I don't understand why all the back lash on this drama. I take it as it is n see how it is developed. The drama has a mix of fantasy action like SB kicking a bunch of girls flying high in sky n landing. We all know this drama exaggerate a bit so why take it so seriously. Come on ... in real world which underage students didn't sneak n smoke in public and also ask an adult to buy them cigs. Which so called bad girls in school didn't go n kiss a boy older than her and do reckless actions in our life? In the 1st ep, it seems SB is more mature than her age. It seems that she has to take care of her younger sister and raise her. She works likely 2 jobs to earn a living. Her one sentence to her sister strike a big chord in my heart "people like us gets misunderstood easily by others." It seems like she got used to being misunderstood and judged by people that she doesn't bother to explain her actions. People are angered by the fact that SB knows DH and yet pursue him hotly. Actually in 1st ep when SB pointed her finger at DH heart, he already felt an attraction towards her. He already sort of fell under her charm. And there are dramas out there with worst cheating scenario than this. I find that this SB character has a lot of layers to be discovered. I'm looking forward to discovering more about her.
  10. They could have cut short the draggy story of QQ & WS to develop the background story on between April, Su & SL. Or did they cut out those relevant scenes. Perhaps they realised too late they didn't have enough episodes to develop that story. Frankly I was getting upset with the dragging story of WS mother n QQ which took up so much of unnecessarily screetime. I rather watch more lovy dovy scenes of our OTP. So much screen time was wasted on the stupid annoying WS mother. Goodness me ... she is a teacher and QQ at that time was 14 - 16 years old. Just 1 look at how QQ is dressed, if one is not blind, one can see that QQ has turned out well and make good of her life. She even earns more $$ than WS. The whole hostile takeover of SL co by Su was left unexplained and just kinda brushed off as Su is being competitive and wants to beat SL in the game as SL is like a sore eye to him. WTF
  11. Yeah ... I still don't get it. After he snatched it from SL, then he retired n let others run the biz for him. He still keep all the shares. Actually SL could have forced Su to sell all his shares back to him since the WF co is on verge of bankruptcy without SL's newly developed program. I was so upset that he even try to sabotage SL's backend office.
  12. Finally Reba found a leading man who can lift her without a problem. Johnny can even lift her with 1 arm. The party is after proposal. I think to celebrate their engagement or something else.
  13. Here's some video for us to drool. Didn't know Reba can play piano so well. Heard that she knows how to play violin as well. Hope one day she can play role of pianist or violinist. I would like to see Reba act a mature role like ZF. It suits her to act as a strong career woman.
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