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  1. This drama turns out to be pretty good. I can't wait to watch ep 12. Ep 11 ends with a very satisfying cliff hanger. Hahaha ... dying to see how Lin Meiya daddy's long legs going to make her ex boyfriend suffer. What a horrible guy. Dump his girlfriend to climb corporate ladder to be with Chairman's stepdaughter and scheming with her to take over the co. Can't wait to see noth of them fall flat on their face. Lin Meiya has 3 guardian angels with her: Ou Lin/yan, her daddy's long legs as well as her best friend in France. All happens to be from wealthy family.
  2. Throughout the whole drama, it is about this pop idol justifying that he can write n sing songs and do his C pop to world. So we see him struggling to showcase his worth to see him lost his voice and then on rooting him to road of recovery. Instead of seeing him go on stage to show the world that he is an artist in his own right and not because of his father's wealth, they throw in kidnappin of zhenzhen which is truly unnecessarily and him rescuing the girl instead. What I would have love to see is just 1 song he wrote and see on stage to the world at the end of the drama. Instead we get a song sung by 2nd lead n then just a short clip of a video of his latest hit that had everyone so happy. Suddenly the CEO with his wife is no longer again st him and everyone suddenly love him again. To the end was too sudden ... the usual nice flow was disrupted.
  3. The ending was rather weak. Wish we can see the ending where he can sing his latest own music live and won the prize. I enjoyed the series so much but the ending leaves me rather anti-climax.
  4. Is it possible that Lee Sol is RG mom? The man who left him outside orphanage was his father? There might be a possibility that Cha Si An might be his step brother. So Lee Sol might be their mother who is no longer around on earth.
  5. I love the way MR laughed when they had dinner together. TJ told MR ... you are already quite drunk. MR laughed out loud ... such girl laugh. Never heard her laugh this way. So unladylike yet so cute ... like à kid having fun.
  6. Just watched the latest episode. My blood boils at IS speech at Foundation Dinner. She took off her shoes n said she will take off her CEO title n position when talking to staff n be their friend and family. What a hypocrite! MR was thoroughly disappointed in IS. It was that speech that sealed IS fate forever. Her wish is granted. MR will have no dealings with her nor will she ever acknowledge IS as her mom. TJ is so so cute. I love how the actor is able to act so innocent as TJ and how TJ kept denying that he knows So Hee (the granddaughter of some big mogul) with that innocent look on his face. Too cute. How he skipped n run to have dinner with MR.He sure pout so prettily. That kiss is oh so sweet ... MR didn't really push him away. It was a very weak attempt. If she really wants, she will definitely kicked him or gut him in the lift and not let him kissed her for 10 floors. Either the the kiss is really long or the lift is super fast ... I hope there's a time jump and MR went abroad for study n later came back n meet TJ again. But this time, TJ already Director or President and MR is a big shot in the competitor company. That would make the story more interesting.
  7. IS let her pride and emotions get in her way of judgement and managing the company. TJ told her that MR is a devoted worker to company and an asset to Co that she shouldn't lose. Did she listen to it? No. She just want her revenge and to teach MR a lesson for rejecting her offer of friendship and get close to her.
  8. It is even more hilarious when she was shooting at MR about her lowly untitled background wanting to climb social ladder to chaebol status. Omg! The class act from her. She should look at the mirror before she preach this "'s h i t" . How disgusting it must be for MR to hear this from her own mom. I'm surprised she didn't vomit right there. I feel so embarrassed on IS behalf because MR know who she is and where she came from. She ain't chaebol princess background. She was just a famous news anchor before, abandoned her 6 year old child just to marry up - she is exactly that social ladder climbing "b i t c h" she was preaching to MR.
  9. Just watched yesterday's episode. Omg! IS is so mean to MR. She is just making herself to beyond redemption in MR eyes. The lecture she gave MR about how one's background is important to succeed and be the Executive. A dirt remains a dirt with no refinery in taste n knowledge. To be President or Executive, one has to be from a noble background and not a poor upbringing background like MR. Boy... that makes my blood boils ... like she, IS, is from a chaebol family to begin with. Talk with so much pride and arrogance. She was a nobody and she dumped her daughter MR for money and social status. No wonder the Chairman likes to put IS in her place. Not that I like the Chairman. The conversation IS had with Chairman in the buggy was disgusting. She like she was same status as Chairman. She forgot she was like the office workers in the past. She obviously needs to lose everything. I'm sure she is this nice to TJ since young is because she wants to train him since young to be under her thumb and in her control later when he takes over the Chairman position. She is a devious woman and petty. It's good that TJ is seeing the different sides of IS through MR. For now he only thought SJ is MR mom. Wait till he finds out that IS is the biological mom of MR and how she abandoned her MR and the sufferings and humiliation she gave MR, he will not respect her anymore. MS is making my blood boil. She is meek in front of her MIl but behaves like a tigress with her mom like her mom owes her a living. How she treat SJ is disgusting. Is it that difficult to keep the house clean after work? Put laundry to wash at night. She can't even get her husband to help out in the house. SJ is just too nice to MS that MS takes SJ for granted. She kept saying her mom poor thing ... slog all her life but MS didn't do anything to make SJ life better. She puts all her demands on SJ without an ounce of grate fulness. She is worst than MH. MS behaves like she is entitled and whenever things go wrong she blames it on SJ. She has not done any self reflection. If SJ can raise 3 kids while running a restaurant...a lot more tiring than MS working long hours in bank, MS could jolly well do the same. She just want to come home to a clean house and meal cooked and laundry done. She is just plain lazy.
  10. TJ drunken confession is just too adorable and cute. I love the reaction of KSY. Both acting are so in syn. I just love a drama when both actors are on same level of acting. I love how MR gave TJ the death look "Just wait till tomorrow how I will deal with you." TJ with his puppy look and so pouty. Gosh ...He sure makes darn cute pouting. How can MR stay upset with him for long when he pouts like an adorable boy.
  11. Actually MoMo fell out of love with Fu Pei when he told the lady restaurant owner that MoMo is not his girlfriend. Even when he stood her up so many times at crucial moments of her life, she forgave him and made excuses for him. However when he denied her gf status ... that was the last straw. GWY has slowly ebbed his way into her heart - he is always there for her when she needed help the most. Watching FP father ... can understand why he always runaway. I doubt he will ever change his ways even if he hook up with MoMo. MoMo is too giving in to him. MoMo needs someone like GWY. Someone who will look out & after her.
  12. I love love this drama. Simply love out OTP. They are very well acted out. I love how GWY set his lab mate (girl) straight n told her to leave his house immediately. Love how he try to find all sorts of excuses to make MoMo stay. I love his subtle smile at MoMo and his adoring gaze at her. Gosh ... this boy is over the moon with her. Hahaha ... he sleep kissed her and I bet he thought he was dreaming. So dreamy look on his face when he look at MoMo. I love how the Prof & his lab mate guy tried to help him to confess to MoMo. The scientific equation just kills me. His mathematical workout is a graph with a heart - so adorable. The guys were like "how can she don't get it?" Aren't geeks confession simple special and so romantic. Lastly the poetry taught by the prof also went flat. That seriously cracks me up. This drama is full of funny moments.
  13. I have a wild theory that none of the girls are SJ''s biological daughter. In the drama, so far I have not heard any of them talk about their deceased father. Neither did we ever hear SJ mentioning her husband or talked about their father. She could have brought MS & MH from orphanage while MR was abandoned at her door step. So far we hAve not seen them do a memorial day for the deceased husband yet.
  14. I skipped all MH scene. Can't stand her immaturityand the way she talks to WJ. She was so rude and behaves like a diva to everybody esp with JB. Initially I dislike JB and thought he was mean to her. As the drama goes one, I feel MH deserves all that from JB at the beginning. She was just plain mean and arrogant towards him. She is such a failure and yet blame everyone for her pathetic life. She should do some soul searching and reflection on her herself. I can't stand her facial distortion whenever she gets upset and scream/shout out her displeasure. She likes to play the victim and the poor thing game.
  15. MR & TJ are both quite competitive. It's cute how they try to out beat each other. How MR can turn from mature corporate woman into a little girl next to TJ. They are both super cute together. I love how TJ pout at MR for ditching him. He is so cute there that even MR can't resist his charms. The way he said :"Ah ... u realised that I'm upset with you." Too darn cute. And how he stormed off like a little boy pouting. IS is really awful. I thought she went to see SJ to find out more of her daughter or to ask for pics of her daughter but she didn't. She went there to warn SJ to stay hidden and her daughter SY (MR) to stay out of her life. What an awful mom! MR is better off with SJ and never acknowledge IS ever. She doesn't deserve to gave a beautiful daughter like MR. I'm not sure if the Chairman knows anything about MR. Old man just don't trust IS. I thought he was preparing a fresh blood young team to serve his son TJ when he takes overy the company. Old chairman is not going to hand over the company. IS just only a seat warmer. In a way it is good that chairman stopped the background check on MR. If IS knows that MR is her daughter, she would likely get rid of her in the Co as she doesn't want her world to be shakened after 28 years of hard work to get where she is now. That's why she went to SJ shop and tell SJ to stay away together with SY (MR) and not to cross her path. MR has been warned by old chairman that he compliments people in front and get rid of them at the back. So he is not hiding anything from her. MR should gather from that statement that she is just a consumable just like IS. I'm surprised that IS still think the chairman will let her own his Co. After working for him for 28 years, she should know that he don't regard her as part of family. If she has worked for him for 28 years, that means she abanoned MR to marry Chairman''s brother and for a better life. Not sure if chairman did a background check on her back then. Not sure if chairman purposely arrange meeting with MR to coincide with IS coming to his house. He might have wanted to show IS that he is eyeing MR as her replacement one day if she is not careful and behave herself. This will make IS eye MR as a competitor. Hopefully IS affection towards TJ is real and not her ways of getting into TJ good books & trust and later control him once he takes over the co.
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