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  1. OST [english subbed] Light From The Dust (opening theme song): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vzqqm6m6SSA Above The Peak (insert song): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0tilcW0JNg The Most Amazing Of You (insert song): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atMhLCD44VM Glory Battlefield (ending theme song): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rExMGpohB6w
  2. The ending scene gave several clues as to who won the last battle.
  3. Yes, Su Muqiu (Ye Xiu's friend) created the umbrella weapon. The way the unspecialized class works is this: "A class without any set class that learns Level 20 under skills from all 24 sub-classes. This adds up to roughly 120 skills in total.To use skills from the 6 different classes, the user would have to switch weapons to the appropriate class. This was bypassed by the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella, which can change forms in an instant, thus creating a true Unspecialized." https://the-kings-avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Unspecialized In order to use the unspecialized character to its full potential you need to have a weapon that can change forms (umbrella). Only Ye Xiu has that, other players don't.
  4. IMO, If you're into gaming or have watched the 2017 animated series beforehand then this show is pretty exciting. However, if you haven't then there might be some confusion as to what's going on.
  5. It requires a lot of $$$ to create those fight scenes. If the producers completely invested in one scene then they won't have money left over for the other episodes. The beginning fights (Ye Xiu vs Spider Boss and Ye Xiu vs Tang Rou) were pretty good imo. I've noticed the way the fight scenes were choreographed is reminiscent of the anime - showing the gamers button mashing and audience cheering them on. I think the director chose this camera setup to give viewers a more immersive cinematic experience and to demonstrate that the characters are playing a game.
  6. Raw episodes are available on maplestage: http://maplestage.com/show/九州縹緲錄
  7. There's still a chance: https://curiouscat.me/eagleflag_intl/post/901259105
  8. Rumor was someone reported this drama which caused it to get pulled off at the last minute. A NEF fan blogger wrote a good description of what's happened: " Giving a more comprehensive answer since everyone's curious (but the short answer is that no one - including industry insiders - really knows what's going on): 1) The unofficial word is that Zhejiang TV is giving it one week - they will continue to air Keep Running reruns this week as Linmon (with the help of Youku, Tencent, and possibly ZJTV) scrambles to get the green light to air again. This is mostly due to 1) ZJTV spent a lot purchasing broadcasting rights for NEF, 2) it's supposed to be one of their headliner dramas this year, and 3) they don't have a backup new drama that can immediately take the slot as they need time to get a broadcasting license as well. 2) What happens in a week then? If NEF still can't get cleared, then that's it - ZJTV will air a new drama, and it'll be pretty much confirmed that NEF won't be airing on TV this year, as ZJTV has the rest of its lineup for the year already set. And the second half/third of the year will be all dramas dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the PRC. 3) You might ask then, what about just an online broadcast then through Youku and Tencent? It depends on the severity of the issue, since technically webdramas and TV dramas are supposed to be held to the same standards now, but Youku just dropped another teaser yesterday, so it seems like they're saying "we're good to go". However, this is a problem for later - Linmon's short term goals will be focused primarily on getting a TV broadcast. 4) As for why the drama got pulled - no one knows. Everyone - the production team, industry insiders, cast, etc. - were blindsided. Jiang Nan confirmed yesterday that he doesn't know why either. The rumor out there is that someone reported NEF to NRTA in the eleventh hour. It wasn't initiated by NRTA because they already issued the broadcasting license and would've been inactive that late at night, but if a third party raises an alarm that they think there might be inappropriate (read: sensitive) content in the drama, NRTA is forced to retract and re-examine (this is supposedly what happened to Hunan TV's Investiture of the Gods too - though in their case Hunan TV just axed it since it was already airing). That's why the solution won't be as easy as "edit stuff out" either - there are a lot of moving parts here in a constantly changing political environment. The NEF production team did everything right, they obtained the right licenses and followed all the proper processes. But the rules changed on them last minute, and while it is immensely unfair, they aren't the first (though this close to premiere is unprecedented), and they won't be the last, unfortunately. Industry journalists don't seem very optimistic at this stage that things can be resolved in a week, but I guess we'll just have to see." source: https://curiouscat.me/eagleflag_intl/post/894103223
  9. Rumors about "Novoland:Eagle Flag" are swirling all over weibo. This article here claimed the content in NEF is acceptable, and the reason it got pulled off was due to being affected by "The Gods of Investiture" drama (which got reported for distorting the original folklore tale). Basically, an accidental collateral damage: https://www.weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404379420486956044 Another article speculated the delay had to do with the college exams (6/7-6/9) and the drama should be back next week: https://www.weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404379831885253536 Without an official statement from the media regulators, it's tough to figure out the facts. Guess we'll just have to wait till next week to see what happens..
  10. There's a rumor on weibo that the drama is tentatively re-scheduled for release next week (on Tuesday 6/11/19). No official confirmation yet, so take it with a grain of salt.
  11. The drama was already approved for release a while back. If govt wanted to pull this off air, they could have done it months ago. Seems weird to pull it right before it comes out. I've actually heard another rumor that it might be related to the date 6/4. And this year especially with the current trade war, there's some political unease around this time. So I think they want to tread carefully. If this is the real reason, then the drama should be ok and will likely air at a later date *fingers crossed*..
  12. China companies aren't good at public relations and don't really know how to handle controversial events. According to this article, the official reasoning was "media reasons" which, IMO, is incredibly vague: http://ent.163.com/19/0603/22/EGPF258A00038FO9.html Personally, if there is a legitimate reason for this delay then I don't mind waiting a couple of extra days. Just hope they don't ban or censor the drama.
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